Sunday, November 6, 2011

Standing Up for Wisdom

a_x_e wrote:

Corporations create employment, wealth and independence.
Government creates parasites.
Corporations are suppose to create jobs that's simply not happening
the reason is big business and corporations are sitting on all
their profits,afraid of another downturn in the economy.Couple that
with the fact that a great many of them pay little or no taxes and you have an economy that will not and can not grow.If the economy can
not grow more people will look to the government for help or starve to death.I know you are a humanitarian and you would not want that to
happen and The government doesn't create parasites an economy that is stagnant does.



sandman21 wrote:
I find it difficult to even respond to your posts because they are void of any substantive facts that I could even rebut. The first post rants of spiritual denouncements and the occupy movements? Ok fine. Do you also embrace the acts of the 11 women who have been raped at those protests? Do you also condone the civil disobedience and the violence against our police officers? Do you approve of the countless innocent business owners whose way of life and means to support their families have been seemingly permanently interrupted? Are all those people not part of your 99%? Shameful!
The second post accuses conservatives of being impervious to reason. I gave you the opportunity to prove with a credible link that those nasty koch bros are associated with the tea party and you chose not to bother.
I'm sorry I have to laugh at you, I feel like I'm debating a 3rd grader. lol.......Maybe I could tie half my brain behind my back and we could make it more fair.
My posts are full of relevant facts and good, rational arguments. If yuu are unable to rebut my arguments it is because they're too sstrong and you're too dumb. Moreover, Savant REASONS and leaves the ranting to mental incompetents like yourself.
Actually, if you debated a third grader it might improve your skill. It is good to practice with someone ABOVE your level. Even a second grader might be able to help you.
As for as Koch brother and other corporate links to the Tea Party, they've been reportedly numerous times even in the media...well, mayber not in FoxNews. Too bad you don't have half a brain to tie behind your back.
And what "acts of the 11 women" who were allegedly raped are you speaking of? If they were raped they were victims of athe actions of others? And are you trying to imply that they were raped by the 99% protestors? Do you have evidence of that? Or do you simply make things up like your buddies in FoxNews?



As You Said- Before We Point Fingers at China & Russia...

WE MUST NOTE That- 3 Major African countries endorsed UN Res 1973 IE: Egypt [but the Egyptian Elites think of themselves more as Arab so-called 'Middle-Easterners' {a geo-poly-trickal term coined by the Brits & Yanks in just the last 100 - 150 yrs w the advent of the Suez Canal} than Africans -&- the Arab League {AL} headed by the Saudis & Qataris SOLD Khadaffi OUT- BIG TIME {notable exceptions Syria & Algeria]- Nigeria [as you noted- which also Just Voted w the US, France, etc Again on a UN Resolution against Syria- which the Russians & Chinese did Veto]- & S.Africa [IMO- Jacob Zuma regrets this especially after he's likely been chewed out by Mandela privately - Zuma didn't go for the ole Okey Dope this time on Syria]. So, by having the AL vote against Khadaffi [and as you noted even the Iranians & Hezbollah didn't support Khadaffi nor at-least loudly cry foul on this F___-US NATO assault on Libya - They act like they're NOT on the US' {s}Hit List TOO] & w those 3 very important African Countries Voting FOR UN Res 1973- this effectively let China & Russia off the hook by abstaining... Hey they're econimic & political animals, NOT champions for Justice for African & 3rd World Peoples! But Then- Why did Brazil also abstain [rather than vote NO] even though over half of Brazilians are of African ancestory - For the same reason they've been complicit in Haiti w MINUNSTAH - they don't want to piss the US, UK, France off too much in their bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council....


White men can be like this too.
Once I was chatting to this white guy and he asked me if he could take me out for a drink. I declined politely, and he asked me why I wasn't interested. First of all I said he wasn't my type. Then he kept pushing on, and eventually I told him I wasn't really interested in white men like that. So he starts going crazy, calling me a racist b*tch, and then he said, "well, you know you're not going to find a black guy who treats you well, are you? Would you rather have a black man who takes all your money, has 10 baby mothers, always in and out of prison, and can't resist white women?" I told him it was my preference, which I was entitled to. Then, I kid you not, he turned around and called me a "racist, n****r b*tch". Seriously! I said the only racist person I could see was him.



NearFuture wrote:

Yes, although this is White America there arr still loopholes for us to support us and teach our youth and build a better legacy for blacks. If all blacks realized what the goal is and that's blacks supporting ourselves and making a power structure life would be easier.
You are right, but if we take a good look at blacks throughout the west today you will see that we now seem to be loosing what little of our black identity we had left E.G. IRR is on the rise and blacks are starting look whiter and whiter, also Africans and black Diaspora's are becoming more distant to one another and seem to have a lot of animosity towards each other...

The truth is blacks are now more likely to brag about their white or mixed heritage than their African ancestors or history.
Another example is, if you ask a black person here to post pictures of a beautiful black woman, they will post pictures of either a mixed black or a black who clearly has some admixture instead of a full African or dark skin Black woman, this is 99% of the time... This is one of the effects of mental slavery and racist teachings that black is ugly, they will only post what whites say is beautiful... This is only one example.

NearFuture wrote:

Like i've said many times blacks are 2nd class citizens in America like all minorities and the longer we are stagnant and do not make improvements we will stay behind. Many blacks are too comfortable and swear that America is for them disregarding the many times it has been against us.
It makes me laugh to hear whites talk about how blacks are violent and so on, but look at how they treated blacks when we were non violent, they were lynching our people and racially abusing them in every-way possible everyday of the week... Look at those thriving non violent black communities of the past like Rosewood and Tulsa, whites destroyed them, that is how they want us, non violent and passive so that they can easily round us up... We must realise that their agenda and ours are not the same, they want to hold onto power and keep white supremacy going for as long as possible and they expect us to tow the line and help them in their quest.

Everything they tell us to do or everything they force feed us with is to help them stay supreme, they are not about to power share and we need to realise this!... The white system is our enemy and always will be!

-The Revolutionist

Actually, they can be worse than the men. At least the men show it openly. The women on the other hand keep it bottled up and only let it out when things don't go their way. Its like smiling at you with a knife behind her back.



DimePiece" on 3/24/2009 2:46PM
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Alan you are so ignorant, disrespectful, and full of hate. You talk about black people need to clean out their backyards, the same goes for whatever race you are, white, blue, green, red, yellow, it doesn't matter what color you are. You have whites raping and molesting our children, incest, killings in our schools, eating people, (Jeffrey Dalmer),children having children out of wedlock, (Look at Sarah Palin's daughter), and the list goes on..... I just made that point to you. People of all races have issues and problems. I love people of all races, only if they don't disrespect and show hate towards me.

You said, "Black people should stop taking up for the black criminals. There are innocent black people that are hurt, locked up for no reason, or killed over crimes they didn't commit everyday! The police get away with it most of the damn time! There are good cops and bad cops no matter what color. Black people have every right to be OUTRAGE and to stick up for their rights! Black people voted for President Obama because he is for "CHANGE", intelligent, someone who has BRILLIANT ideas, wants to help and put this country back on track. I voted not because of his skin color but what he stands for. I am black, proud, and it was a historical moment for me! Not just blacks but people of ALL RACES VOTED FOR HIM! So, if a black person voted just because he is black then they had every right. That was their chose! That's not being racist at all!

Yeah, everybody has opinions but, but have respect for others and don't show hate! You really have your nerve talking about another race. People of all races should do their part in making this a better world! It's people like you ruin a good forum and are distractions, talk about things that aren't RELEVANT, and try to get people of message! You are in lack of KNOWLEDGE !

Your comments are racist! Racism is sad and exists. It's a shame that people can't Respect & Love one another! It's something you and other people like you just can't do! Your still living in the PAST! Get with the program of NOW and be a better person!


It's true, a lot of white woman our racist. They finally gave me a white woman supervisor. She knew she was being used to set me up, but she didn't know that she was going to fall for me for real. She did have a pleasant personality at first. She used to be a pretty woman when I first started working at this job, and before she became my supervisor. Everybody liked her, black and white folks. She sought of had that CNNs' Greta Van Susteren personality and looks. She also switched up like Greta.

Also like Greta, she began to age. That's when she became my supervisor. After they finished training her, my evaluations suddenly dropped to negative. That continued for 2 or 3 years. During that time, every time a sister would come into my cubical that I was close to, she would toss documents on my desk like I was a dog. One time while she was handing me a document, our hands accidentally touched, but she couldn't pull her hand back. Her face turned red, but she looked at me so relaxed, as if she forgot we were at work. It was like she was letting of a load. I tried to pretend it never happened. Everybody knew she started liking me. Co-workers were asking me if I had been flirting with her.

Of course I'm not there no more, however I came out on top. That's another story. What was sad was during the time this white woman was putting me through all that trouble, these Uncle Tom, half Uncle Tom, or whatever type Negroes they were, felt sorrier for her. They were claiming that the white man was putting her up to it, and that wasn't her personality. Bull!

I was about to lose everything if I had lost my job without a backup plan, and I could have wounded up in the streets, in a shelter, or even dead. But these black bozos' were still singing that white woman oppressed by white man song, and couldn't except the fact that she was just another white racist who loved Ronald Reagan, and defended the government for not responding to the Katrina victims.



NearFuture wrote:

Wow Rev I must say that that really is a different way of looking at it I'm going to put this in some threads if you don't mind.
That's cool bro, I don't mind at all.
NearFuture wrote:

We are messed up and because of stereotypical archetypes whites seem to think they're entitled to tell us how we should act.
The way people act is usually a product of their culture which is past down from generation to generation, also, the environment we are raised in helps to determine the way we behave to an extent.
Most races have culture that has been passed down for thousands of years where it has been refined naturally over a period of time teaching them how to behave and where they fit into society, but not us.
Our culture, dignity, heritage, self pride and self knowledge was beaten out of our forefathers and replaced with a culture of inferiority, they were not taught how to act like respected members of this society by the white hogs, blacks were taught that they were inferior animals bred for being slaves...

The trouble is, elements of these teachings are still echoed by white society today, E.G. we have low IQ's, we are violent, we are ugly and so on... If we continue to listen to these teachings, we will stay the way we are, in "Mental slavery" forever!...

This "inferior slave mentality" has also been handed down to most us for generations, E.G. instead of your parents teaching you your great history and how to succeed in this society, they taught us "never to trust blacks", whites have good hair, worship a white jesus, African is a wasteland, blacks cannot run businesses, many black girls are being taught by their mothers to look for men with money, but they are not taught to stay away from criminals who have money, or even how to be wives, or fathers are not teaching their sons how to be men because he wasn't taught how to be one himself and so on... This is the legacy of slavery passed on and the mental damage will last for hundreds of years to come unless we act now!

Did you know that the slave training and mentality was designed to last for up-to 300 years after slavery?...
NearFuture wrote:

The fact is us blacks need to change the way we think about white people and find refuge in our blackness. No more subconciously giving them attention. They feed of our drama and it makes me sick that they aren't satisfied yet and blacks have not realized their purpose for trolling.
The fact is we have to go to whites for "EVERYTHING", they made sure of it, not only do whites try to tell us how to act, they try to tell us which leaders we should and should't listen to, how to spend our money, how our history is taught to us and what kind of our people are attractive, they even dictate which of our celebrities deserve our attention, which of our singers and rappers will be best, who we worship and so on... We have a long way to go to being independent, no other race is controlled so much by whites!... This is the legacy and control of the slave master perpetrated by white society today.

We have to reject whites dictating ANYTHING to us, just like other races do, then we will begin our healing process... But until then we are screwed!

-The Revolutionist


NearFuture wrote:

Exactly, they act like petty black crime rates are affecting America and the world when in reality the white government is planning and implementing more control on society and stealing resources from 3rd world countries, along with many more terrifying plans. And for what? Control of the masses.
That's correct, whites have a history of using blacks as scapegoats for their failing economies and societies. It is their governments that are the cause of their miseries but yet still white will take it out on blacks instead. We are not residing in their countries in large enough numbers to affect their economies so adversely.

Two million blacks live in Britain against sixty two million whites, yet still they want to blame us for the sh8t state of the British economy.
The same in the states, we hear them stating that blacks are not paying much taxes and are causing tax rises due to welfare being paid to millions and millions of blacks, however, there are 20 million whites and about 6 million blacks claiming welfare!!!...

... So who is costing the taxpayer more?... black unemployment rate there is around 16%=(6,000,000), whites at around 8%=(19,700,000)... but the way some of these whites talk you would be forgiven for assuming that black unemployment rate was at 90%!!!...

The fact is that most blacks are hard-working law-abiding citizens who make tax contributions just like anyone else, but all whitey wants to do is use us as scapegoats for him failing his own economies due to greed!!!...

Petty black crime costs the Government a few millions each year while white crime, example, big business fraud, CEO fiddling and various other white collar crimes cost "billions" and have even brought down banks and caused stocks and shares to tumble and rates to rise, but yet still it is blacks and petty street crime that are the main focus lol.

We blacks must asses every piece of information about us given to us by whitey, he is deceitful and deceptive... Their governments do not want the majority public to see them as failures or they will lose power, control and possibly the breakdown of law and order, so they have given the majority population (whites) an alternative reason for their failing economies (blacks)... and most whites are stupid enough to swallow this, hook line and sinker, while the few smart whites who can see the right through the bulls88t are busy occupying Wall Street!!!...

-The Revolutionist

Women are like children Tim; some of their rights should be suppressed. Even in the Bible it says the woman is the weaker vessel. Men protect women; women don't protect men. Therefore, in order to protect a woman, a man(a real one that is), must check her hand and take away some of her rights.

No woman in a relationship with Kashta has the "right" to go outside at night, without me, without my permission. My woman goes nowhere, especially at night, without my supervision, just as I would not allow my 8 year old to go outside, without my supervision, at night. Tim, men like you are the reason so many women get killed by serial refuse to accept the reality that women are targets for rapists, murderers, and predators. Women are far more vulnerable than men and always have been.

As far as education, educating a woman gives her a big head. She thinks she has a set of balls and is your equal just because she has a degree. My philosophy is to keep women "dumb." Only the BLACK MAN should have a Masters or Ph.D., not the Black woman, only the Black man should be CEO, only the Black man should be president. Gaddafi said it best in his "Little Green Book," women just need to stay the hell home, raise our kids, and do what they're told. If society functioned like this divorce rates would fall and everything would be all good. Instead, we have a bunch of feminist career feminazis who think they're me now that they're college grads. Now you know why America has a 60 percent divorce rate.

This is an interesting discussion. If a man wants to protect a woman in her life legitimately, then I have no qualms about it. Most reasonable people aren’t talking about a man having the right to be a man without emasculation or political correctness. People are saying that a real man comfortable in his own skin wouldn’t be threaten by a woman progressively living their lives in education or a specific occupational endeavor (as long as the woman has great character). All humans have natural rights and there are limitations on human behavior. I agree with you that a man or woman can’t be nihilistic and do whatever he or she wants. Although, I do believe that massively suppressing legitimate rights of females doesn’t equate necessarily to a more stable society. Many nations in the Middle East have collapsed or suffered near collapsed, because of the suppression of basic human rights (among men and women).

Even Afghanistan isn’t in the Utopian stage when it suppresses the rights of women also.
Women are different from us men since we men on average are bigger, stronger, we have different hormones, we have different phenotypes, we have different genetics, and we have different emotional compositions. You have proven this eloquently.

Yet, we are equal in the sense of having equal worth and equal value. All people deserving equal right is no hindrance to manhood, but it’s a benefit since 2 strong people of opposite genders can unite to make a better, more firm society. I am a type of man that believes that my manhood isn’t defined by how much I suppress real rights from women, but how I promote justice and assertiveness among all genders. Also, I believe that females should have items of self defense and be accompanied men in certain areas for protection. No reasonable human being disagrees with legitimate protection of women. A real solution is promoting more tolerable conduct among both genders. Both genders should be afforded real respect. The divorce is so high because of socioeconomic factors, cultural reasons, materialism (as you have proven), economic issues, and other reasons like more people lacking a respect for the institution of marriage. The Black Man should have power as a CEO, President, or any leader. Yet, without the black woman giving birth to a black man, none of these things are possible. The Black Man can’t exist without the black woman period; therefore we owe a lot to sisters by that alone.

By Timothy


Geoff says:
Judging people “their time” is a cop out in my opinion. The same was said of Lincoln, when as early as 1786, organizations had been founded to protest the practice of slavery in the United States. For instance, the Pennsylvania Abolition society, whose members included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and the Marquis de Lafayette, was one of the many abolitionist groups that assisted fugitive slaves in their attempts to find freedom in the Free States. The most famous of them all is John Brown who was hanged for seizing “the government arsenal at Harper’s Ferry,Virginia, in the hope of igniting a general uprising of slaves” in 1859 Native Americans such as the Ottawa Indians, Seminoles, and Shinnecocks also joined the movement to freedom. Of course, there were many African American themselves who persevered and risked persecution for this cause. Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas and William Still are just few of the African Americans who led the road to freedom. Other important people in American history who were Abolitionists include Thaddeus Stevens, Alan Pinkerton, Henry David Thoreau, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and William Lloyd Garrison.
To excuse racism and hatred by judging him “in his time” is to disregard the many who were righteous in “his time”.


Some of us has gotten so caught up with what the media is telling us that we have forgotten where we came from. Google black couples and they will show IR couples. We are living in a vain world created by them. This is why we have to continue teaching our children their heritage by showing them pictures of our past. Teach them that black is beautiful. That the word black do not mean you are evil. Most important learn our history for yourself.


of course we are. i notice that black women typically view ourselves as sexy as hell, no matter our size, complexion, facial features, etc...whereas white women stay whining, "ugh, i'm sooooo fat" over some damn love handles or a little tummy pooch or some cellulite on their thighs (when in actuality they'd be considered thin by society).

i think it's awesome that we're so self-assured in our appearance, considering the attacks on our looks that other races (as well as our own) bombard us with on the regular. but we SHOULD be self-assured, being that we truly are the most beautiful women on the planet. :)

SimplyComplex_87Moderator20 hours agoin reply to freelancepimp
not to mention our other features as well: kinky/curly, voluminous, bouncy hair that can hold various styles, full lips, high cheekbones, smooth, brown complexions that come in a large variety of shades, slow aging skin, muscle definition (if you work out).......yes, we are blessed!

SimplyComplex_87Moderator18 hours agoin reply to vinnievinniebangbang
i didn't speak on "overly juicy" or "tragically thin" women, so are you referring to what i said in my comment or what someone else said?

i agree with you though...another great thing about black women is that we come in a variety of sizes, and whether a woman is large, medium, or small, she can still have a nice shape due to the genetic makeup of the Black Woman.

it's just that black women who aren't video vixen thick or supermodel skinny aren't typically featured in the media. extreme body types are typically hyped up (due to the historical hypersexualization and objectification of black women), while "average" is usually only seen as attractive outside the spotlight, in common folk's world.
Shoutout13Moderator1 day ago
That's because, despite the mindgames and comments of jealous racists, most Black women actually BELONG there. They actually are hot. That's why many white women immitate Black women and often also try to allure Black men.

I can't speak for all Black men but I know I speak for many Black men that are downplayed or censored by the media when I say

"Give me the real deal any day".

I also say that:
"A truly strong Black man does not fear a strong Black woman".

soultry-soulModerator23 hours agoin reply to Shoutout13
"A truly strong Black man does not fear a strong Black woman".



Shangri LaModerator5 hours ago

The point is that too many black women, as well as other women of color around the world are the victims of white supremacist propaganda and are fed messages throughout life, through all forms of media that the so-called beauty of white women is the only form of acceptable beauty. Hollywood, the fashion industry, the music industry and on and on and on, are racists and do all they can to make certain that the "white look" is desired by all. As far as white women trying to look black, although those in charge do and say everything to tear us down; even low level people like yourself, it cannot be denied that the beauty, strength, style and flair of black women is desperately desired by those who have everything based on human/racist manipulation throughout the world. No matter what some jive racist/stupid male says, we know we are beautiful. White women know that black women are the most beautiful, too. hence tanning sprays, beds and lotions, butt implants, lip thickening, lusting after black men as if it is a contagious disease, wanting black babies, biologically or through adoption; but to admit it would turn your worlds upside down.

Most of the white women, or white men for that matter, showing any kind of style and flair in, usually have a black woman or man in the background teaching them what to do. Whether on stage or in the streets.

That's the difference.

Racists whites have an agenda & that is to further project their insecurities onto us. I know for a fact that many whites don't really like themselves & this is evident by how they admire the fakest hollyweird stars who spend millions of dollars to make themselves look as unnatural as possible because they hate their natural selves. Not too mention many racists whites hate their birthplace hence why they spend so much time trying to make Africa look so undesirable when Europe is far from a paradise. When you think of paradise, you don't think of any Euro Nation & they don't either which is why most popular vacation spots are on Islands where people of color are indigenous too. Don't let these self hatin' heathens break ur spirit because they will if you allow them too.



BLACKstarPAYNEModerator15 hours ago
1. The BLACK WOMAN is the mother of ALL civilization

2.The BLACK WOMAN is the most beautiful woman on the PLANET

I got nothing but love for ALL of my beautiful BLACK SISTERS

That pretty much wraps this one up for me.


confidence doesn't stem from others' validation; it comes from within. and while i appreciate black men who genuinely admire the beauty of the Black Woman, let's not get those men confused with the men who objectify black women in song and dance...they're not appreciating beauty, they're just thinking about sex. not to mention the black men who only "appreciate" our beauty when we have lighter, whiter features and long, straight hair, but talk down to women with natural hair or dark skin.

we should all be able to discern these types of men so that we can recognize and appreciate the genuine ones.


germandog21Moderator18 hours agoin reply to _A_
Please!!! Here you come with ripped logic again. Taking a break from newsone, hasn't changed a thing for you. Firstly. cain has been a more anti black prick than david duke, has discounted the potency of racism ( until the women he molested began coming forward), so there isn't a good reason for anyone black to defend his piss poor judgment.

The liberal media, Barack Hussien Obama, and white Republicans are irrelevant here nor are THEY on trial. If it makes you happy, newsone was quite exhaustive in coving that jewish democratic congressman that was posting his naked pictures on the internet, who stepped down.

Let's get real here.......most politicians only get caught up with one woman. Herman is unique as he wants to be prez, with no political experience, with a clear pattern of sexually molesting white women, have paid huge settlements, male witnesses have sufaced, 4 women coming forward, and those cain pressured into sex & those who don't want the HUGE media attention, will never come forward.

Next, you must have been gone......Rick Pery and his "niggerhead ranch" was covered thoroughly, from every angle, within several articles over time, and everyone who had something to say about it, including cain.

Everyone can believe what they wish.......However, when ONE allegation of sexual midconduct arises, you can give the benefit of the doubt, but when SEVERAL victims come forward, it indicates a pattern.
It seems consistent that CAIN'S MOLESTING PATTERN is also consistent with why he has not brought his wife forward, in the open, so we could all know other candidates.


Dubbadub wrote:

did not fail humans.
Oh, my, but you've written a very bad word in the American lexicon. Communism and Socialism are no, nos in this country. The big, bad, boogey man, lol.
The problem with commmunism is that each individual is different. Different in intelligence, abilities, desires and work ethic. I am against communism because of that. Some will always put more effort towards attaining goals than others. Even the bible states if they will not work, then they shall not eat. There's no point in rewarding those who choose to do nothing over those who put forth more effort. Now, once again, not all are capble of doing certain things, like doctors, lawyers, clerks, teachers, professors, etc. These types of careers or jobs require an education, committment and years of hard work. There are other jobs, where more technical ability and training is required. All can be useful to the system and that's what we have here in this country, it's just presented another way, lol. However I believe those that put forth extra effort or extraordinary effort, should be compensated accordingly. I believe capatailism would work if people weren't so greedy and that's the bad thing about a capitalistic system and that's greed. Unfettered and not restricted by guidelines, cost can rise so high that the average citizen does not have the ability to pay. Their incomes do not rise at the average of services, products, or basic necessities. Then there's jobs or the lack of them and how are gov't could have allowed these jobs to be farmed out to other countries where slave wages could be paid is dead wrong. Then, the powers that be in this country have the nerve to say that pay raises, government restrictions, health care and other employee benefits are the reason for their moving jobs out of the country. What they don't tell Americans is that the countries they move these jobs too, although not communist countries, practice some form of socialism. People are provided in these countries with some of their necessities and of course, these corporations don't have to pay for them (like corporations using slave labor in our prison systems with the taxpayers picking up the costs of food, clothing and medical care for the inmates) things that working folk in this country do without!
The only solution is for working people to rise up in arms, let the politicians know they're not happy and that changes need to be made and made fast. They need to be reminded that although the corporations fund their campaigns, we, the voters, push the buttons that allow them to get into office and remain there.
It's coming, because people cannot maintain anymore. The system didn't fail, the greed of the people representing the system and hoaring themselves out to corporate interests fail the system and the American people.



Recognizing common interests and common enemies.

“Frederick Douglass did not split with the white Abolitionists. Instead, he created a center, a focus, for mobilizing free and slave Blacks to speak in their own voices for their own freedom – as defined by themselves. But he remained the closest comrade to every white abolitionist that fought for the cause – or died for it, like John Brown.”
Excellent article. Excellent point. Bear in mind what industrialist Jay Gould, a contemporary of Mr. Douglass, boasted:
“I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half."


MeangrlModerator18 hours agoin reply to germandog21
Thank you! This is just a simple case of chickens coming home to roost. Cain had it all figured out and was so cocky that he admonished African-Americans, the state of racism today (as non-existent), the poor and other minorities and forgot that rich & black in America still = N****R to many. WHY am I NOT surprised these women are WHITE?
cocoa09Moderator16 hours agoin reply to Meangrl
Exactly!!! His contempt for his own people is despicable. His desire to please white people is all he cares about. I knew these women would be white. Approaching white women inappropriately in the workplace is consistent with his obvious desire to BE white.
cocoa09Moderator17 hours agoin reply to _A_
There is no reason for us to be loyal to a disgrace like Cain, whose contempt for his own race is palpable.

*In my best faux Southern, jacked up, s___ sounding accent:*

"If you don't have a jawb, if you're not rich, don't blame Wall Street, blame yo'self!"

What makes you think we should have any sympathy whatsoever for this worthless son of a b___? Aside from his cringeworthy, conservative views, none of us should condone sexual harassment in the workplace. This has nothing to do with Gloria Allred. This is about Herman Cain's bad judgment, indecency and lurid conduct, so don't get it twisted.


 don't believe we have to prove anything to anyone but ourselves.White people in general are going to think what they want to think,regardless of how you carry yourself.Latina and Asian women have MEN who hold them in esteem,AA men are different.
I would'nt waste my time trying to convince a group of people(who already have a superiority complex) That I'm required to meet their standards of what is to be considered..Good enough???
Every morning that the creator kiss me with the breath of life is all the confirmation I need.Allow no man or woman, to ever make you feel the need to prove your worthiness to them.

-denita d


Mr Zaius wrote:

That is 40 million to many. Churches and private organizations exist to help people that need it. The government is notoriously inefficient so how can they be expected to distribute what others have earned fairly?
The government is there to protect the sovereignty of the country, period.

The economy is in a hole because of oppressive government regulations. Gas is $4.00 a gallon because of the EPA. Businesses are running to China and India to escape a 35% tax rate and BS environmental regulations.

I believe they can. They did before 1965.

The government has no place handing out what I have earned to people who vote for people who promise to give them what I have earned.

Where does The Constitution provide for this?

We spend more than any other nation on providing public education in the world and it is a dismal failure. How is dumping even more money a solution?
How does taxing business even harder end in prosperity?
You do not seem to understand that Reagan policies saved this nation from Democrat Jimmy Carter {Obama the first} and lead to the boom we saw from 1988-2009. Democrat government regulations are what crashed the economy by forcing banks to take on people who could not pay back the loans.
I agree with you that over 40 million people in the USA on food stamps, etc. are 40 million too many. I don’t have it, but I don’t knock the next man having it if they need it sincerely. Now, we just disagree on how to decrease the numbers. You agree with austerity and I believe that comprehensive public and private programs can decrease these numbers (like job training programs, housing assistance, and other real system to develop economic growth). Churches and private groups can help, but not everyone goes to church and not everyone is even a Christian or has access to private groups.

Therefore, a more comprehensive solution is necessary to give help to as many human beings as possible. Inefficiency has existed in the government because of corporate influence, immoral laws, and other evils. Private corruption and inefficiency have existed and you conveniently omit that from BP to Bernie Madoff’s acts. No one said that government is perfect, but government should be part of the solution. The government has more of a responsibility than just protecting our borders. The government as Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution says that the government federally (beyond just state power) can promote science, build roads, have taxes, deal with currency, and deal with infrastructure. The Great Society programs decreased poverty in half from 1960-1970. The Vietnam War, globalization, the ignoring of sending funds to help the poor (as Dr. Martin Luther King admitted that funding imperialism while neglect programs of social uplift can cause America to have spiritual death), and other reactionary policies haven’t made the Great Society programs completely effective.

The economy is in trouble because of reactionary policies, speculations, Wall Street crimes, extreme globalization, and bad regulations (as not all regulations are evil). No one says that every regulation is fine, but we need some of them to prevent pollution, water poisoning, fraud, and criminal actions. Businesses are running to China and India for their bottom line primarily or to seek profit. The wealthy have had record wealth causing record wealth inequality, there is record low taxation on the super wealthy, and we have transnational corporations still whining. The CBO report shown in October 25 found that the richest 1 percent of all U.S. households saw a 275 percent increases in their income between 1979 and 2007. This is more than doubled their share of the national income. If you want all environmental regulations gone, expect possible animal extinction, more mutations in our ecosystem, and more death in our society. I believe that private groups can solve our problems, but they can’t do it alone.

Before 1965, we had child labor, slavery, the elderly dying by lack of health care, etc. therefore; progressive efforts were utilized as a necessity to enhance our standard of living. Even before 1965, the federal government created the Homestead Act to give government money to fund settlers in the West Coast. Yet, we heard the bootstraps routine from reactionaries. Without such funding, the West wouldn’t be as developed as it is today. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution promotes taxation period. Slight increases in the super rich (not every business) has caused (in conjunction with tax cuts for the middle class plus investment or using money to help people) prosperity, because it worked in the past. I don't believe money alone can solve our educational problems in public school, but it's a start. We can use cultural development, unique programs, tutorship, and other means to help students not just money.

Reagan saved us? Reagan caused millions of people to be in poverty in his first term with ca. 10 percent unemployment in 1982. The deficit increased rapidly in his 2nd term. Reagan did cause our GDP to increase in his second term. Carter couldn’t stop the inflation started in ca. 1965 growing rapidly. Volcker closed the money supply causing the recession via the FED not Carter. Carter gave the rich a tax cut and deregulated trucking, railroads, etc. These actions didn’t cause economic growth. Obama compromised with the Republicans and this hasn’t caused massive economic growth either. The economy now was crashed by reckless speculation via big banks being involved in a derivative market.

-By Timothy


MsNewNew wrote:
Yep! So far he has been an active member on an African American forum going on 7 years. Seven YEARS... This will be his legacy he will tell his grandchildren when they ask what did you do with your life when you were young and all he can say I wasted seven YEARS trolling while posting hate and the only thing he will have to show for those seven YEARS are saved folders and files. Which he will still have when he reach 65.
Will he come back to spin this, oh course... this is his life. What else do he has to do.
What a life, huh! Seven YEARS!!!
LMBAO... That no life having racist Jackass spends a lot of time on black forums everyday, he once told me that he works for 10 hours a day... How is that possible when he spends longer than that on topix everyday?

The reason that fool is here monitoring conversations between black folks is because of fear, fear that we are going to say nasty things about white people and create a black revolution against whitey.

This is why the CIA and FBI destroyed the Black power movements, they labelled the Black panthers a threat to white society and worked to destroy it using various campaigns, here was their memorandum:

In August 1967, the FBI initiated a covert action program -- COINTELPRO -- to disrupt and "neutralize" organizations which the Bureau characterized as "Black Nationalist Hate Groups." 1 The FBI memorandum expanding the program described its goals as:

1. Prevent a coalition of militant black nationalist groups....

2. Prevent the rise of a messiah who could unify and electrify the militant nationalist movement ... Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Muhammad all aspire to this position....

3. Prevent violence on the part of black nationalist groups....

4. Prevent militant black nationalist groups and leaders from gaining respectability by discrediting them....

5.... prevent the long-range growth of militant black nationalist organizations, especially among youth. 2

The white bogeyman is watching our every move, everyday in every-way he can, even black music and films are heavily monitored and censored by them... Ever heard the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"... They keep a closer eye on us than they do any other race on earth... Why would this be?...

-The Revolutionist
Mr Zaius wrote:

Wow, imagine having to work and care for yourself without a big daddy government there to give you food stamps and a section 8 ghetto slum apt to live in. Imagine keeping what you earn so you could afford to educate your children in a private school where they would learn more than gay rights and what slave carried supplies for George Washington.
It is truly hilarious to see you simpletons led around by your fat noses by millionaires like Nancy Pelosi that employee illegal aliens and non union workers on their massive vineyards and winerys. It is like watching a horse chasing a carrot hung in front of his head.
LMFAO@ "Food Safety".
There is nothing wrong with a person to live their lives without governmental assistance if they desire to. Yet, not all people live in the exact way and in the exact same fashion at every circumstance. Some people need more assistance than others during life's journey. Government shouldn't be a false god neither free markets either. Also, more than 40 million people have food stamps, Section 8, etc. Many of them have these benefits not because of laziness or reckless behavior, but because of the effects of an economy in American society. Some people by no fault of their own lost their jobs and are struggling. Charities and private non profits alone can't solve this problem. You need private and public instruments in fighting against poverty & economic depression conditions.

I believe in keeping what your earn, but even the Constitution says that taxes exist, funding services exist, and government exists. If you work, you have to pay taxes and many of these taxes are used to enrich the lives of the poor, the elderly, and the disadvantaged in life's road. As for Democratic hypocrites like Nancy Pelosi (legal immigration is fine with me, but without unions, we wouldn't have many of the economic & labor rights that we cherish today. Also, food safety isn't a sin. Having no regulations to protect our food is suicidal), you are right. We shouldn't justify that behavior, but I'm not being a Republican just because some Democrats have engaged in hypocrispy during their political experiences. You have the right to educate your child in any place, but it's common knowledge that radical solutions are needed to improve public education (without austerity measures). Many public schools are having major successes. Also, Reaganonics and trickle down economics not working are embraced by anti-intellectual, ignorant peoples. There has been a higher tax rate on the wealth during the Clinton years and between 1945-1975 that have caused an economic boon.

-By Timothy

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