Friday, November 25, 2011

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Yes, it was that wild and that out of control in America just less than 50 years ago. It's sitll wild in some parts of the USA today in 2011 and 2012.

By Timothy

When Men and Women of color love each other unconditionally in it's puriest form, that is the most powerful force in the universe and known to mankind. Fam. Love is as strong as death is! Hotep.


Yes,excellent view.Black men STOP 'blaming ' Black women and Black women STOP 'blaming' Black Men.Black gender war is INSANITY. Counter white supremacy and replace it with justice.


Thanks for raising the profile of this wonderful sister,Ida B.Wells,our beloved heroine.She saved many lives & showed us how to resist.
  • @yorubablk3
    Well sister ida b wells was definitely one of our most beloved sister warriors in our time,but this discussion was about the lynching that took place on December 3rd,2010 to the young brother frederick jermaine carter, and the queen here in this show made sure to wrap around this discussion, the heroine acts and courage of our brothers and sisters of the past during even worse conditions, and tie it into why our people of today arent awake enough to realize it ain't no different

  • Beautiful women on the video. Why should black women care what men of another race think about them ? It's time that black men start honoring the women that look like our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, etc. Other races cherish their women. Any feature you want can be found in the black woman. The black woman is the mother of mankind. It all started with the black woman. Also, those of us with kids gotta start teaching our kids to love themselves. The media is not our friend.


    IwillbfreeModerator14 hours ago
    Pharmaceutical companies aka [DRUG stores], and pharmacists [DRUG dealers] are the BIGGEST LEGALIZED 'distributors' on the planet, givng out those pills and other DRUG RELATED prescriptions, are killing people, just like the street dealers, who are killing our people with the same chemi(kills) they are dealing at Rite-Aid and Walgreens.



    Lindsey Lohan is one of the biggest drug heads, in hellyweird, and gets off ALL the time!


    Malcolm KyleModerator7 hours ago
    Not only does the US have the highest rate of incarceration on the planet, but the racial disparity of arrests, convictions and imprisonment have become grossly pronounced. Nationwide Afro-Americans are arrested, convicted and imprisoned disproportionately. Thirty-seven percent of drug-offense arrests are Afro-Americans, 53 percent of convictions are of Afro-Americans, and 67 percent -- two-thirds of all people imprisoned for drug offenses -- are Afro-Americans. This is depute the fact that Afro-Americans do not use drugs at a perceivable higher rate than white Americans. - 8.2% of whites and 10.1% of blacks use illicit drugs.

    Much of the voting rights & victories won by the civil rights movement during the 1960s have effectively been eroded. Nearly 5 million people are now barred from voting because of felony disenfranchisement laws. The United States is the only industrial democracy that does this.

    Drug prohibition has become a successor system to Jim Crow laws in targeting black citizens, removing them from civil society and then barring them from the right to vote. If harsh sentences deterred illicit drug use, America would be "drug-free" by now. But that is not the case, and never will be. The drug war has given the "former land of the free" the highest incarceration rate in the world and disenfranchised millions of citizens. It is a cure worse than the disease.

    Don't expect them to pay attention to violent crime. It works in their favor and the court still gets paid when they arrest the killer, while the victim family does nothing but suffer. Just look at how many people get pay checks when someone kills another person or other people. Why would they want to stop it?


    Shangri LaModerator2 hours ago
    What is happening, what has always happened, is a plan that was certainly put together years in advance, directed toward removing the black population from the planet. Crack was introduced to the black community by the controllers. Guns were, alcohol, gambling and perversion is handed to us on a silver platter and the messengers (rappers, the so-called singers on stages today, actors, women who have been made the biggest stars by being the most sexual) are paid handsomely for their work. Trust me, the money that our favorite rappers tease us about because they have it and we don't, is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the real money that the controllers have compiled, largely from the free labor and torture and dehumanization of our enslaved ancestors.

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