Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Liberation Information

Dr. King in Chicago

Bigsmoke wrote:

I can't agree to the vibe I am getting about you against black Africans from ''Unique2'' comments. Correct me if I am wrong but you seem to downplay black Americans contribution to the USA to prove a point.
I'm doing nothing but mirroring someone who is downplaying Jamaican influence in America and the world, I refuse to sit back and watch my folks being dragged through the mud while claims of black superiority by black Americans are being made, we have a god given right to defend ourselves "by any means necessary" (Malcolm X)!... If you wish to throw stones at my community then at least be man enough to have them thrown back at your community, WTF is wrong with that?... An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!

Re-read my post number 274 where I clarified my position concerning this matter!
The Revolutionist wrote:

I have no hatred for black Americans as they are our brothers and sisters who faced the same journey we did to arrive throughout the western world.

... But the law of the land states that "we have a right to defend ourselves if attacked" and it just so happens that we are being attacked verbally by black americans on this occasion, however, I would have absolutely no problem standing side by side with black americans tomorrow morning to fight against white racists...

I see this as nothing more than harmless rivalry which isn't really serious at all, we all fall short of what we could potentially be as a race and we all know this deep down, this includes Jamaicans, black Americans and Africans alike!


Unique2 wrote:

I'm not being funny but it's alright by me if you chose to think of yourself as equal or the same as a Haitian, just don't expect me to go along with it.
Honestly I cannot believe some of the UTTER CRAP that you type... WTF if wrong with you, you must be a bored white man, only stupid whites write rubbish like this?... Either that or you are puffing on a crack pipe while you post?

Going by your stupid theories I can stand you next to thousands of Haitians who (by your words) could be classed as superior to YOU!!!... Better singers, dancers, higher IQ's, contributed more to the world and so on.

A man being superior over another man is a stupid white supremacist theory.

No man can be superior to another man, because while you can do something better than him he can do something better than you, this fact renders all men equal...

You need to be re-educated from the ground up, your whole entire thinking process is completely floored from the word go, this is what happens when you adopt white supremacist false doctrines of superiority over other men, the theory is utter garbage!

-The Revolutionist


Bigsmoke wrote:

In a way I agree. But I just don't want to bash black Americans as individuals many did tho great things I am sure you understand.
But yes I agree the ''Unique2'' character claiming they're superior is just a fail. I wont submit to such nonsense.
I of direct African decent and LOVE my black people worldwide eaually this whole division thing annoys me.
I am sorry if my ancestors sold any of yours but I can't talk for my ancestors. I just find arguments like this offending especially when Jamaicans and black Americans are from the same continent. It is ludacris. The love of my life was a Jamaican descendant girl and my biggest crush is a black American woman.
I can't agree with this argument.
I have already stated many times that I had nothing against Black Americans (in general) but I have the right to point out the ills of black America if they feel they have the right to point out the ills of Jamaica.

It is called "a fair fight".
Bigsmoke wrote:

I can't agree with this argument
What part did you disagree with?... I was just stating that black America should do more for self and be on their guard and not be so concerned with being superior singers and dancers, every-time they have dropped their guard whites have taken full advantage!

-The Revolutionist


Unique2 wrote:

No it's white racist and ignorant pan-Africanist like yourself who are brainwashed into believing the tired, dated ideology that all black ethnic groups are the same an have the same talent levels and capabilities. When all evidence suggest otherwise. This is the age of reason and your still subscribing played out irrational ideologies.
Not really, it is ignorant fools like you who seem to believe black Americans are different from other blacks when actually we all come from the same place, how stupid can a man get?
Unique2 wrote:

It's time that we as African-Americans receive our credit as a unique and multi-talented group. Japanese aren't lumped and catagorized with lesser Asians neither are west Europeans lumped and catagorized with lesser caucasians, so why do some think African-Americans should be cataorized with lesser blacks?
The h____ has you trained like a good massa's guard dog!... Black people from all over the world are in America and always have been there contributing to Black american achievements (many have been called black American) and if you take away all black achievements made by black foreigners or even their descendants, you would be shocked to see what you would lose, you would probably have to STFU... Just get over it "dude"!
Unique2 wrote:

Many black Americans are thinking more, becoming wiser and starting to realise this.
Well ok then, erase all the achievements in America made by blacks with foreign roots and see where that leaves you.... In fact, I think I shall do some research on this matter!

-The Revolutionist


Unique2 wrote:

No one you named made an improvement on anything. They came up with equal localized versions of things local physicans were doing in other areas. They didn't added or improved anything in their field of study.
What has anyone with Jamaican roots done that has benefited man?
Listen you half-witted parrot, what is Black America doing for self?... Forget the rest of mankind, what are you doing for each other that will enable you to sustain yourselves if you were cut off by whitey?...

With a growing number of "right-wing militia groups" who are arming themselves this is something Black Americans should be considering rather than "we are better singers and dancers" LMAO.
You black Americans have a history of getting caught out

US facing surge in rightwing extremists and militias
Right wing groups multiplying wrote:

extremist "patriot" groups "came roaring back to life" last year as their number jumped nearly 250% to more than 500 with deepening ties to conservative mainstream politics.

Is black America going to sing or tap dance their way out of these growing issues or are you going to wait for whitey to protect you?... These are more important issues than your stupid irrelevant superiority competition when whites are starting to secretly murder black Americans, even tying blacks to pick-up trucks and ripping them apart...

Get your priorities right, your singing and tap dancing is irrelevant to us, you house Negro!

-The Revolutionist


b6l9q wrote:

You mean marcos don't you? That's the only one I can see fitting this statement of yours, lol.
Marcos is a "raving mad dog" foaming at the mouth, I wasn't referring to him, it wasn't he who stated that "Black Americans are superior to other blacks", no, that stupid honour goes to another Black American, he knows who he is!

From what I have read here, this idiot has also managed to drum up support from other Black Americans and it is this bunch of "retards" who are supporting "Black American supremacy" that I was referring to.
b6l9q wrote:

I even doubt their(AA) understanding on how white supremacist tactics work in the first place. They themselves are still been victims of it in a daily basis unconsciously as a lot of us are in this forum without excluding you to the equation. Your very English language itself is a basis of white supremacist tactics. So, how can some Brainwashed Black Americans as you have put it be using white supremacist tactics against you?
It is simple, creating more divisions amongst black people is a tactic that whites have used ever since they set foot in Africa encouraging tribes to raid their neighbours villages for slaves... Also the "divide and conquer" rule is a tactic used by many Western Armies today, ESPECIALLY the American army;
Divide and conquer wrote:

Geronimo was an Apache from the desert in Arizona. Like his fellow Apaches, he was an expert at what is now called "guerilla warfare". He fought all his life against Mexicans and American settlers until the U.S. Army came and divided his people and took his freedom.

The tactics of divide and conquer used against the Lakota and the Apache are now used against the Sunni and the Shiia. And these tactics work!

Also, when you join the British Army the first thing they teach you is that "divide and conquer" is the best way to defeat an enemy without even having to fight! The Americans even used this warfare on the British lol...
Divide and conquer wrote:

The use of American divide and conquer psychological operations (PSYOP) is older than the United States. The first American leaflets aimed at the British during the Revolutionary war attempted to divide the Hessian mercenaries from their British overseers by offering land, food and money to any soldier who deserted.

This tactic was also used on black slaves (light skin vs dark skin, old vs young and men vs women) creating tension, this stopped many blacks from forming large rebellious groups that could cause trouble for the white man.

Now, any Black man promoting superiority over another black man has the "SLAVE MENTALITY" which was given to us to keep the white race supreme over us!!!

The "light skin negro" considered himself better than the "dark skin negro" because massa gave him a higher status on the plantation, he didn't realise that the h___ was exercising the divide and conquer rule against them all!

This is what this black American is bringing to us, White supremacist tactics and the slave mentality!

Ok, as you keep begging and begging and begging for it I will "hit you up with a little sup'm sup'm" just to wet your appetite!

Dr. Albert Lockhart of Jamaica created an internationally renown eye drop to treat glaucoma which has help save the sights of Millions of people around the world, and it was made from Ganja extracts!

A Jamaican Engineer Joel Sadler has created a new style Prosthetic limb that has been voted one of the top 50 inventions, is helping many amputees walk again.

Award winning Jamaican animal genetic scientists (Dr Lecky) helps small farmers around the world with new techniques of breeding cattle.

Dr Conrad Douglas (engineer) creates the worlds first multi-variant continuous pilot plant which is used to process bauxite and helps with the extraction of Aluminium from the rocks which will benefit millions in the trade of mining for metals

... and so on and on, lol.

The truth is blacks are viewed as inferior around the entire world, so whatever you Black americans think you have done to lift us from the bottom of the pile please share it with the rest of us, you have failed "MISERABLY" to show us any great things black Americans have achieved that is unique to black America.

Your greatest effort so far has only been "black american scientists" lol.
That is a useless argument as there are black scientists and inventors all over the world and there are many foreign black scientists in America contributing towards black American achievements.

... Even somalian scientist (the poorest of the poor) have contributed to the scientific world let alone the rest of the black populous and there are a s88t load of Somalian scientists and Doctors in America;

We are still patiently waiting for the illusive evidence of "Black American superiority" to appear, I suggest you get on with it and show us this evidence!...

My guess is that you cannot, mainly because we already know that Black America is a metropolis of international blacks who have been immigrating there for many years to take advantage of the white mans super economy!... Half of your so-called achievements so far have been by blacks who are either immigrants or have immigrant parents!

You are no better than anybody else in the world, you have the benefit of large numbers but yet haven't even made good use of that fact, you all spend your time arguing about who has "good hair and good features or light-skin" and who has "Indian or Creole family members"!... If we ask you to show us a picture of a beautiful black woman, you show us pictures of mixed race American women lol...

You all spend your time bashing each other and stating how you hate one another (american males and females) saying you prefer whites as partners lol... None of this shows so-called "superiority". It shows the classic "slave mentality" and a people who have been destroyed mentally who now hate themselves and each other!... This is the picture the rest of us see, but if you have some greatness to show us, let us see, we are listening and watching!
-The Revolutionist


Shoutout13Moderator1 day ago
Add-on comment: Anyone else notice that even though I had multiple "likes", NewsOne tried to pull this comment from the article?

Says a lot that you downplay me pointing out attempts to "normalize" the feminization of black men yet you don't make time for an actual missing 5 year old female?
Original text pulled from attempted deletion (Fu real,tho.....Wassup,Claudio?)

What's that say about NewsOne's agenda?

First an article with a doctored and knowingly insulting, disrespectful photo of the President kissing a dude.

Now an article about a Black man who tries to "normalize" Black men in dresses by presenting it as acceptable "harmless entertainment".


Many have already seen the above Oprah clip with Dave Chapelle
talking about how producers tried to pressure him into wearing a dress.

Many have also seen the clip below that shows that racists want non "sellout" influential Blacks kept silent. Dave Chappelle on "Inside The Actor's Studio" talking about Martin Lawrence (mentioned earlier in the above Oprah clip interview).


Worse yet, defending someone whose family made a fortune exploiting a Black man's misfortune and continues to exploit Blacks.

Oh, never mind. Birds of a feather. While typing I just got the "link".

You need to stop copying and pasting irrelevant information from wikipedia without doing more thorough research!!!...

Dj battling started in 1950 in Jamaica when a Soundclash contest between Sir Coxsone Dodd’s “Downbeat” and Duke Reid’s “Trojan” invented toasting long before Dolomite (Rudy Ray) or James brown.... there was none who toasted before these Jamaicans!!!...

It was another Jamaican Dj called U-roy who in "1970" popularised toasting with three hit songs.

Kool Herc ordered "Coke La Rock" and "Clark Kent" to utter crowd-pleasing rhymes at parties over his breaks while they toured the bronx... Hip Hop and Rap was born from Kool Herc!!!...

Kool Herc was also followed around by a youth called Grandmaster flash who is from barbados and also another called Afrika Bambaataa, who was born of Jamaican parents!... They also helped to spread this new form of music!

Kool Herc is credited with pioneering Hip Hop, there is no debate necessary here concerning this subject, it is an historical fact!

-The Revolutionist


smittyboy7Moderator13 hours agoin reply to irvingtonp33
You right interracial dating allows the white man to live out his sexual fantasies of women of other races,especially black women.White men love degrading women, even his own women.


I would just like to say that I have nothing but love for my true good black brothers and sisters in America and I do respect that (you) just like the rest of us have played your part in the black struggle to raise our "slaves status" world-wide, so I do not want any black American to take anything said here personally!

However, you have made a very Profound statement which must be addressed, and that statement was "black Americans are superior to other blacks" which really isn't saying much considering the black status world-wide is the under-class!

Nevertheless, so far you have given us "Singing and tap dancing", "leaders begging whites for equal rights" and "scientists", even many of them are immigrants or children of immigrants.

So (quite frankly) we have yet to see real justification for you calling yourselves "superior blacks".

We require solid evidence of "black American superiority" something which you have done that no other blacks could possibly achieve regardless of numbers. There are 40 million blacks in America and possibly another 180 million in south America, more than anywhere els except for Africa so we expect there to be more individual success stories from your continent,(common sense)... If you put 200 million Jamaicans on the American continent (north and south) we would of cleared the place of whites by now!

You have to identify something that you have done that is unique to Black America not the fact that you have larger numbers of successful individuals.

-The Revolutionist


Shoutout13Moderator1 week ago
Concerning one of the behind the scenes "string pullers":

By the way, it appears that Murdoch has thrown his son to the dogs to try to save himself.
Personal message to Rupert as someone hacked and stalked (how I found out about the white supremacist roots of actual flash mob style stalking) because your propaganda machine disagreed with me and found me "intellectually threatening" and "racially unacceptable". Personal message as someone that didn't do drugs but ended up being drugged in a staged attempt at discrediting. Personal message as someone who has had his financial life turned inside out needlessly by a racist stranger.

I will continue to watch.

I will continue to wait.

I will continue to remember.

And now having continued to point your indiscretions out and expose your games and agenda, others will also.

Remember to push for better media coverage of Jahessye Shockley even if Murdoch's media empire and his "army of paid online bashers and racists" try to paint the picture as impossible. The only difference in a resolution to her case as opposed to her white counterparts is ongoing, public, prominently placed exposure of her story to the public instead of settling for the falsely justified apathy and inaction.


On Laila Muhammad (a sister reporter being disrespected by a you know who. Some of them never change. He won't say these words to a white woman that's for sure. Stay strong sister Laila -By Timothy):

whowantz2knoModerator14 hours ago
I woulda checked his a___ on the spot for that one. Before I cut my hair I always HATED for everyone to automatically think my hair was fake just because of the punk a___ media and the way they've brainwashed EVERYONE into thinking a black woman can't have long, natural hair....

I commend her for playing it cool though....She's better than me!
Well I commend her too for keeping her cool. Also I would stress that it is far better to laugh off a missunderstanding than to find yourself standing in the unemployment line because of a "hostile work environment." However, I'm sure she said something to him off the set after the cameras stop rolling.     
-A Person
irvingtonp33Moderator8 hours ago
Why is the white anchor making her "hair" an issue anyway?

What's next asking her if she use "summer's eve".

Simply no respect for the black woman in the workplace.
nana593Moderator13 hours ago
His bald white a____ was very unprofessional.

You never joke about a woman's hair.

He wouldn't have said that about a white chick's hair.
whowantz2knoModerator8 hours agoin reply to irvingtonp33
Thank you.....Her hair had NOTHING to do with the news.....
cocoa09Moderator7 hours agoin reply to KhalidX
I don't play in the snow either. ;)
nana593Moderator13 hours agoin reply to moonrose4me
The main issue is he was rude as h____.

Even if she was wearing weave mixed in with her own hair his comment was to belittle her in some way.

He would have never said to a white co worker "Nice hair color job" or "Beautiful extentions"


Mau-eeModerator6 days agoin reply to Cora Chadwick
Most of what you said about the Liberals is the truth-but what do the repubs have to offer? I will give (the repubs) credit for not hiding their racism-but it is still racism. The repubs are only for the rich-so even you po'white t___  would not fare w/the repubs. After all this is Amerikkka-your parents didn't do anymore than most Blacks of that era did-that wanted their children to have opportunities that they did not have. I guess you can say that Al is a "shiftless negro" w/a job-unlike so many that do not have one. When you do manage to succeed against all odds-I was taught by my parents-to reach back & help someone else. Since when has "words" ever stopped a Black person from doing what they need to do. Jackie O/jim crow-didn't stop MLK/Malcolm X from TCB. You should know-if you are a female-what does hair "fried, dyed & laid to the side" have to do w/a person's convictions? I would hope "uncle thomas & cain" will defend you- like you have them.
Shoutout13Moderator1 week ago
I agree this time overall with Dr. Boyce's summary in the form of a fictional letter from Cain.

Leave it to the Republican/newly artificially created Tea Party that tries to validate racist resentment with their invented concept of "reverse discrimination"

to try to likewise "reverse engineer" someone they view as a "controllable" and "non threatening" sell out into what racists believe Blacks would see as an "acceptable alternative" and then market him as a "desirable" trendsetter.

Cain is just the the next step of the "Sarah Palin, me too, look we can also be inclusive, hey look he's also Black and I'm sure that's the only reason someone would want one of your kind in office" -type of strategy.

By the way, had Hillary Clinton won, I believe Sarah Palin would be promoted by the Koch brothers as if she were a "rocket scientist" the same way Cain is promoted as a "black alternative".


soultry-soulModerator18 hours ago
"president’s thinking is based on his “privileged” background."

This right here is funny as hell. Most Blacks know dayum well what Perry really wants to say in terms of his statement indicating the word "Priviledge". This word has been directed towards yt folks for over 400 yrs. Perry wants to say, "The President has not lived liked the Black life, of 2nd class status, poverty, social, economic and injustice hardship...however, I will group him in the category with the rest of the Black folk and disrespect him by calling him pathetic."

Boy yt folks are coming hard...and we MUST be armed and ready for this pending race battle! War has been waged 400 y o and the battle is on...


dorothyModerator8 hours ago
Barack Obama did not have a privileged life. This sound like Donald Trump talk being delivered through Slick Rick Perry who has nothing else to offer. It appears that he is offended that the president is so intelligent. Among Republicans, intelligence is no longer needed to become president of the U.S. As Herman Cain said: "America wants a leader! Not a reader!"


Big Mike, the USA never had a chance of winning Vietnam, period. The Americans lost even before they put troops on the ground, and unless you've read the military history/strategy books I've read, you won't follow what I'm saying. Wars are not won based on how many enemy troops you kill. Wars are not won based on who has the biggest guns. Wars are won based on who has the best strategy. The Vietcong/North Vietnamese Army had a superior strategy and that is why they won, it wouldn't have mattered if the USA resorted to nukes, they still would have lost. Of course, the USA could never use nukes in Nam, the reason being that they would have killed many civilians, in addition to enemy troops(The Soviets could have retaliated with nukes as well). The Vietcong wisely blended in with the local population, and the American troops couldn't tell enemy from normal civilian. The USA was also fighting on terrain the Vietnamese knew better, and the Vietnamese had the will of the people(very important in war). Finally, wars are extremely expensive and eventually they bankrupt a nation.........why do you think Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the Gold standard in 1971? It was because the costs in Vietnam were exceeding America's gold capacity.

-Kashta Bureh


Radar-DreamerModerator6 days ago
funny how cain could claim racism when he is the one who claimed that racism doesnt exist and that blacks on ly use it as a cover up, wheeeeew cain just ate all of his words because now he is claiming racism and judging from what he said before, he as a black man is just using the race card as a cover-up, or a pity party. cain has had to eat his own words. its also funny how the folks who fought against giving cain affirmative action are the very ones he is choosing to represent," white conservatives" if it wasnt for the black and white liberals cain never would have been able to advance his career with god-father's pizza and other positions he has had........cain is a HYPOCRITE
Shoutout13Moderator6 days ago
in reply to Cora Chadwick:

Cain's not rejected because of his education or business skills. He's not acceptable because he insults Blacks with the lie that racism doesn't exist. He's not acceptable because he misleads when he says that if you are unemployed or not successful it's your own fault but doesn't tell people that his propaganda is from oil billionaires (the Koch brothers) who stand to benefit from this fake guilt trip. He's not acceptable because he contradicts himself by saying that the sexual harassment allegations are "racist" after telling blacks that racism wasn't holding anyone back.

See the offense?
Discrimination is just as serious, hurtful and offensive as murder, arson, or rape.

Imagine someone saying rape doesn't exist (used only as an example here only for comparison of an equally serious, hurtful and offensive violation) and telling someone who had been the victim of rape to "stop complaining and be a better person".

What he knowingly did in an intentionally dismissive manner was no different.

When he said that the women's allegations were racist after trying to establish racism as a virtually "non existent" condition, he said the equivalent of "I said rape doesn't exist but because this happened personally to me, it was rape." Can you imagine how real victims of these acts would feel?

By the way, many of the arguments that you cite about his skin tone or the fact that the women referred to are blonde would evoke the racism that Cain says isn't holding anyone back except specifically just him as a "special black".

Ironic that the same racists who dismiss the President as being elected "because he's black" try to force feed us arguments to force the acceptance of this "black" man (yet you don't seem to see how offensive it is to have people act as if one Black man is the same as the next).

And if you are so interested in "moral uprightness", what do you think of Clarence Thomas' wife making an unprovoked call to Anita Hill after the fact to further harass her?

Or do you just acknowledge the educational achievements of and decency of those you wish to promote and choose to skip Dr. Hill's credentials?

I noticed you seem to go out of your way to be "offended" by reactions but block out the original "actions" to which people were responding.

As for serving God, even when I don't agree with them, I pray for those in authority. In that regard, I can only speak for myself.


KhalidXModerator22 hours ago
Cocoa09 is a true solider and does not support the Koch brothers and other issues you spoke of. You cannot attack the black queen . Speaking of the Koch Brothers. Here is whatthey make. BOYCOTT THIS ALSO.

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