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In the first place, all African-Americans are black, but not all blacks are African-American. Even with the president's being brought up by white relatives, he was never allowed to forget his African ancestry, even in Indonesia where he was teased by other children he went to school with. Whenever he went beyond the confines of his family, he was always reminded that the world saw him as black and still does. As for your comments about black culture, it is very easy to find any two black people in this country whose experiences in life are polar opposites and have only their race in common. There is no one "black experience," because black people are not monolithic in life experiences or circumstances any more than people of any other race are. It's a sad commentary on Herman Cain's lack of self-awareness that he made the stupid comment that the president has no part of the "black experience." It's obvious that he thought this would be a selling point, but it would never be for anyone who knows better, regardless of his or her own race. So, when you think of someone being mentally, spiritually, or psychologically "black," how does that manifest itself from your perspective? When there are black people in this country whose ancestors were slaves, and others who are recent immigrants or with parents or other ancestors who were, along with varying socioeconomic circumstances,
how do you quantify "blackness?" One undeniable experience of anti-black discrimination the president has undergone is the endless stream of racist insults from e-mails and some signs at Tea Party rallies, among other instances. He has been called a Kenyan Muslim, along with other choice descriptions, and his name is always called "unAmerican," notwithstanding that there are plenty of other American citizens with "exotic" names. What it all boils down to is that anyone with traceable and/or visible African ancestry is considered black in this country, regardless of his or her country of origin or how he or she was brought up.
It also underscores that both Cain and Obama are black, an issue that's a non-starter. The real issue is ideology, and the one that Cain shares with the GOP is one that most of us reject.



As an African-American schooled in dissident democratic moral traditions inspired by King I am most entitled to associate myself with him. And, in case you haven't heard, Dr. King was a man of the left--not a conservative. And I recall that Dr. King also bemoaned the fact that "the United States is still behind European nations in all forms of social legislation. England, France, Germany, Sweden, all distinctly LESS WEALTHY than us, provide more security relatively for their people." (WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE: CHAOS OR COMMUNITY, p. 14)

And I'm reasonably sure, given his record and his values, that Dr. King would be demonstrating for universal health care, the right to a job with an income comfortably above powerty, and against those ruinous wars in the Middle East.
He would not be marching with those reactionary tea _____s organized by FoxNews demagogues to thwart demands for social justice.



GoodNewz wrote:

i hate it when people start speculating about what dead people would or would not do. give me a break. now our country should give its people the RIGHT to a job with an income above poverty. whatever happened to the content of a man's character? you think people deserve all of these benefits without merit. that is wrong.
I don't have to SPECULATE about what Dr. King would or would not think. I've READ what he WROTE and SAID. And if you READ King's books, WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE and TRUMPET OF CONSCIENCE you can see that Dr. King was a big advocate of economic rights. Why do you think he was planning the Poor Peoples Campaign and working with impoverished, striking sanitation workers in Memphis when he was killed.
You see, I don't rely--as do most of you conservatives--on a few phrases (mainly taken out of context) from King's eloquent "I have a Dream" speech.
I have taken the time to examine King's social and political views and his moral and philosophical thought to get a better picture of what this PROGRESSIVE American thinker-activist was about.
And if anything he was to the LEFT of Barack Obama. Anyone who has read hs famous speech of April 4, 1967 can hardly fail to notice the profound moral and social progressiveness or radicalism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
And by the way, King held that human beings "merited" certain rights because they are human beings. He once argued that while there's no constitutional right to a job with a living wage, there is a moral and God-given right to these things.
King was a Christian humanist and social radical in the tradition of the social gospel, Abolitionism and the entire progressive moral and social traditions of the United States of America.



Bluebonnets-Thistle wrote:

Because ACORN atrocities and corruption pales anything else.
It is child's play compared to the gross criminality and corruption of corporate America. But corporate America-- a cesspool of exploitation, corruption and criminality--owns the media.
Acorn is basically a organization involved in empowering the poor. That's why it's subject to corporate media vilification.
And that's why you right wing fascists hate it as much as you love Herr Glenn Beck.



jjaj wrote:
I am insulted that they think black people, Latina, and young adults do not see what they are trying to do. This is 2011 Jim crow. It is a plan of the GOP which does not shock me since I know they have no problem being the lying scumbag sorry excuse for Americans they are
These right wing exlusionary measures must be fought both in the courtroom, and by methods of civil disobedience



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you have that wrong a woman makes more money on child support than alimony..child support is tax-free... you pay taxes on alimony.... kim knows what she is doing she is not a dumb blonde don't get it twisted

No, he isn't. You people are ridiculous! First you push the anti-black Obama, Herman Cain. That shows how out of touch and racially divisive the Republican party is. Cain was not to show diversity, he was used! Then you have Bachman and Santorum who think the black family unit was better off during slavery??? If that wasn't enough, you have that evil witch, Ann Coulter, saying "our blacks" are better than your blacks??? WTH?? Can you say "Clueless!?

Now you all, in desperation, are pushing Newt Gingrich, who has more intelligence and experience than the other Republican lunatics, but is morally bankrupt. This is a man who shut down the government because he didn't get his way. This is a man who was removed from his position as speaker of the house. This is a man who made a contract with American based on family values and morals but left his sick wife, suffering from cancer in the hospital. This is a man who's wife went on WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS because he didn't pay child support! This is a man who pushed for Clinton's impeachment for lying about a blow job who was getting blow jobs in the parking lot from his aide. lol.





THe reactionary: YES! "Genuine equality" like the man stated, not special benefits no one else can get due to their race. Libs and dems perpetuate racism by creating a black history month, and incentives for black people that others cannot get due to their race. That's not genuine equality that's racism. Their making the clock go back. I'll go a step further. Segregation was bad, forced integration is bad as well. Let people do as they please.


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Yes, Holy One, everything except the Goddess, The Queen, The Revolutionary, The Supreme Being. Unfortunately everything except for what you all are! If I am the last Afrikan Man on the planet praising your name, my last breath will be.....I Love Black Women!!!
awww...Bro. Majadi...lol.

its so awkward, to me. Black women have been through so much, and brothers like to take disrespect toward a woman lightly, still.
brothers like to use the lame excuse that its in his nature to like women, even to the point of looking at her like some object....therefor treating her like an object....less than a human being that she is.

its a struggle, and as I am becoming more aware of myself, reading a few books and articles on feminism and the oppression of women coupled with what we know about African history, well.....oppression of women is implied when just calling myself a woman. Man, as a term, is accepted universally, while woman, as a term, is very distinguished and discriminate.

We need to go back to the first chapters of How Europe Under-Developed Africa. When Walter Rodney talks simply about how two People can develop just fine, the only thing that stops it...is when one oppresses the other. And just as it is applied to nationalities, it finds a comfortable place with gender.

Its one of those struggles, Bro. Majadi.... we need to organize ourselves and raise the consciousness of our brothers AND sisters.




whether guilty of the accusations of sexual harassment or not, his little buzz word in his response,
triggers that "one phrase" clue of guilt, like Max von Sydow's remark to Tom Cruise wife in Minority report,
and 'Who is Rolo Tomassi?" in LA Confidential, this candidate, in front of national television, instead of saying "I emphaticaly deny these charges!" says "I reject these charges" like he is the judge dismissing the case.
Herman Cain is a very dangerous man, to the Black community and the nation.
He is a proud representative of the new post 9/11, Boule’ negro, and the republican revolt aggrandized in the present media environment, indicative of the “Comedian” in the Watchman, he expresses the new bravado of misogyny
with his smirks and grins as his blonde haired blue eyed defender, makes public claim to the alleged fallacy of the charges of sexual harassment.
The oligarchy has paved the way for creation for a laissez faire attitude about the denigration of women with TV shows like “The Playboy Club” and “Pan Am”, and a laissez faire attitude about the denigration of Black people with the endless court shows, Jerry Springer type programs, and Tyler Perry “Millenium Minstrel Shows”.
As head of the National Restaurant Association, it would be no stretch of the imagination that he would without blinking an eye have the same type of pugnacious defensiveness about exposes about the fast food companies in his former association that pushed GM foods on folks, vegetables and fruits grown in slave labor conditions and animals as meat that no longer, due to depravation of sunlight, walking space and genetic modification resemble anything like a pigs, cattle or chickens.

However one must realize that, like Clarence Thomas, this latest expose’ may not be the end of his career but the beginning of it, and to the global oligarchy it may even be a rights of passage.


This is not the first time Kim has said stuff on the borderline...She has called NeNe gorilla before,she said the n-word(on the radio I believe?),she wanted to do blackface for a photo shoot cause she believes she's a "black woman trapped in a white woman's body"(b___h really?),this season on the bus she called the tour director guy "n___y",and plus she does talk anyway to Sweetie(but Sweetie is stupid though)and notice how she never talked that way to her past assistants who were white on tv... Kim,like some white people,work their way into black circles or get cool with a black person/people and pretty much start saying whatever they want and unfortunately some black people allow it.


Kim has reference to black people eating fried chicken on the show. Kim daughter kept saying fried chicken to a black worker on the show. These are signs right here Kim is a racist. Season 1 she said she wasn�t about to sit around and eat fried chicken �b___ who said anything about fried chicken?)

-A Woman

this isn't the first time Kim has made a stereotypical comment. On season 1 of the the rhoa Kim made a statement talking about how "she doesn't wanna sit around NeNe & eat chicken". If Kim feels she's more superior than the other women she shouldn't be on there. I also think that Kim's slave Sweetie is dumb for allowing Kim to treat her the way she does.

-A Woman


TheHardTruths wrote:
One thing I would say is that blacks need to stop allowing themselves to be brainwashed against each other by our ENEMY'S media.
Black people who are REAL in their efforts to help the black community (and not secretly a Tom/Jemima slave employed with "makin' sho' dem slaves don't be gettin' no ideas") are viciously filleted in the WHITE CONTROLLED media, by being slandered and libeled left and right.
They ARE NOT going to promote and give positive reports on ANYBODY who is sincere in helping our community, esp. not anybody black. PERIOD.
And the MEDIA is what they use to brainwash black women against black men and vice versa. They want us to continue to see THEM as the standard and as our saviours. And they're going directly after our children.- "The Princess and The Frog" -Need I say more?
Turn off your tv's and radio (FOR YOU CHILDREN'S SAKE) OR AT LEAST stop instantly believing the negative reports on our people. Your media is well known for bold-faced LYING to you.
And hurry up and spread the word of wisdom to our people because they're getting ready to outlaw and shut down EVERYTHING in order to make it impossible for us to to communicate effectively with each other.
I've been saying this for the longest. Yeah it's a real coincidence that the first black princess is with a non-black prince, yet the villian is a black man. I had a crazy idea of African diasporas some how recoinciling with a part of Africa and building a black power structure but that thought gets farther away as i see how big brother taps into our phone calls and internet sites.

-Near Future


Fair Guy, as an engineer, I'm assuming your work in a corporation or institution owned and operated by Whites? If this is true, as a Black man, you should not have to go get a job working for White guys. Blacks should own their own engineering firms. See, what Negroes have never understood is that working for the White man, within his organization, WILL NEVER allow the Black man to gain true equality. The White man owns the organization, and this is the key to his power. This is his "center of gravity." The problem with Black folks is that they don't own organizations, other than churches and civil rights groups. We don't see enough research institutes, or think tanks, owned and operated by Blacks. This is because [many] Blacks don't think. A Black man believes he is doing something when he graduates from college and gets a job as an employee(serf) working for Whitey. True power is when groups of Black men can work together to create corporations and institutions they control, organizations that are not owned or staffed by many Whites. The Black man's biggest problem is that he likes living in the shadow of the White man. Black men will never be equal to White man as long as they are riding Whitey's coat tails, or standing in his shadow. I will teach my son to GET OUT of the White man's shadow and build your own enterprise, one that belongs to you. I will teach my son to own the goddamn company, not work for it. Damn! 

-Kashta Bureh


Note by Me: Not all whites are like this, but I get the point.

By Timothy

moorishprinceModerator2 years ago
Willie Lynch (look him up if you don't know the name) would be quite pleased with all the self-hating Negroes today! He went to great efforts to psychologically convince us that we were inferior to whites, not good enough, and that "white is right, always".
All of you who say that you will only date or marry "white", perpetuate this idea of inferiority! Truth be told, you hate yourselves on the subconscious level, and all who share your ethnicity! The foolish Negroe imitates what he/she sees and follows what's popular at the time, incapable of understanding the way in which you are being manipulated by the Wiilie Lynches of today. You have been psychologically manipulated by the media to accept and choose to be homosexuals. Likewise, you have been manipulated to prefer whites over and above your own! You shame, disrespect and spit in the face of our ancestors who suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the forefathers of the whites that you choose to indentify with today. You foolishy believe that things have changed, that we're all the same, but what you don't understand is that the nature of of whites have never changed. They still believe that they are better and superior to you, and you, the foolish Negroe, accept and act acccordingly.............

info-moetry said:
Your own statement above should tell you that your message of 'spread love and not hate' is aimed at the wrong people!

But i guess trying to convince your own not too hate was too much of a task to take on, so you figured you'd come here and test us and see if we'd spread love.........

i hope this concludes your test study!
Bravo. This is what i find annoying the task of telling caucasians not to be racist is to mammoth of a task so she preaches to Black people. I bet if she heard a caucasian be racist she would stand silent yet if a Black person retaliated Hilda would be the first to start preaching love. i swear they come to Black forums just to spy and see what we're saying. The fact that Caucasian sites are too racist and hateful for even a caucasian to post about love and peace just shows how hateful they are. I would feel sorry for NICE people like Hilda but in my experiences give it time and she will show her true colours, turn racist and blame you "horrible" black people for making her that way because "SHE TRIED". Always the same pattern TIME never changes it.



The Big OModerator3 hours ago
What do white people talk about when there are no black people around? They talk about black people. Of course, black people is not the preferred term. I have been around white people at work and in the army and they forget I am in the room and the N-bombs start flying. and then they catch themselves and say something like, "there are white n__________s, too."

White people talk about black people 24/7. Whenever 2 or more white people are together and there are no black people around the conversation automatically turns to how can they mistreat or abuse and confuse black people.

That is why when 2 or more black people are huddled together at work the white boss will try to break us up because they think we are doing the same thing as them; but we are just usually talking about some silly s___t.

I like to say, yt folks think 2 or more Black people are plotting or up to no good!!!


It's wonderful to see an organization, which is supposed to help maintain a positive image of black americans, co-sign and nominate a person who made money off of modern day minstrel shows.

It shows that many black support savage coonery, and the embarassment that goes along with it. I hope Book of Eli wins.........that was a PHENOMENAL movie.

Absolutely terrible. Spike lee is the best black director still around.

-Brother meph (I don't agree with his views on women, but he is right on this issue completely)

Frederick Douglass: A Precursor to Liberation Theology...

The idea that Frederick Douglass was an non-theist / atheist is quite a stretch - though apparently he did vigorously challenged stereotypical / traditional religion- particularly slave-oriented Euro-Christianity as espoused & practiced by white racists! In fact- Douglass was an African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME Zion) Church clergyman, who stated that "God is our common Father and Creator" - "the Most High, who is ever the God of the oppressed..." Those are hardly the actions & words of an atheist! [Note: I once had a person commenting here @ BAR insist to me that Mark Twain also was an atheist- but according to Wikipedia: > Though Twain was a Presbyterian, he was sometimes critical of organized religion and certain elements of Christianity... stating that '"If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be – a Christian." - Twain also stated that he believed in an almighty God & that "the goodness, justice, and mercy of God are manifested in His works," but also that "the universe is governed by strict and immutable laws..."]
Of course there are these Douglass quotes: 'I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.' [Which is same vane as what the old folks use to always say- 'God helps those that help themselves' & 'If you make one step God will take 2 extra steps for you'.]
And Also: 'I can see no reason, but the most decietful one, for calling the religion of this land Christianity. I look upon it as the climax of all misnomers, the boldest of all frauds, the grossest of all libels... - I assert most unhesitatingly, that the religion of the South is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes-- a justifier of the most appalling barbarity, a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds, and a dark shelter under which the darkest, foulest, grossest, and most infernal deeds of slaveholders find the strongest protection. Where I to be again reduced to the chains of slavery, next to that enslavement, I should regard being the slave of a religious master the greatest calamity that could befall me...I...hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land.'
Yet this does NOT confirm that Frederick Douglass was an atheist - just that he critiqued in no uncertain terms white racist slave oriented Euro-Christianity [or Christianity as practiced by white racists- enslavers & oppressors]. IMO: 'Frederick Douglass: A Precursor to Liberation Theology'- by Reginald F Davis, hits the nail on right the head:
[> Liberation theology is a major theological school of the 20th century. However, such theological developments do not occur in a vacuum, thus one should be able to look back into the past and see evidence of such thinking and acting among people of the past. Such as the case of Frederick Douglass. We label Douglass a liberation thinker not because he constructed a systemic theology, but because in his speeches, writings and actions he hit upon parallel patterns of thought of liberation theology. Moreover, Douglass lived his theology. His life was a prime example of what the oppressed can do to gain and secure freedom. His was a carefully considered and philosophically (and theologically) sound program of argument and action for emancipation. Douglass formulated the idea that liberation could not be left to chance or 'miracle'- it was something that his oppressed people must strive for - for themselves. This would be a very significant insight, for it is part of this insight that forms the foundation of liberation theology... Douglass criticized main-stream Euro-Christian denominations, which were linked to preserving the system of white supremacy. Douglass maintained that liberation must begin with the oppressed liberating their own minds from the ideas of their oppressors. This meant rejecting the prevailing interpretation of the {slave-oriented Euro}Christianity of his time and reinterpreting theology based on a fundamental committment to the liberation of the oppressed. Like a true liberation theologian, Douglass rejects any interpretation of faith that justifies oppression. Douglass also stirred the masses into action by rejecting a "pie in the sky after you die" mentality; he maintained that the oppressed must be ready to struggle for their liberation. Nevertheless, Douglass maintained a deep faith in the Biblical call to 'Set the Captives Free' {that's one of the main verses of Bob Marley's 'Exodus'}... " <]
Thus, as Reginald Davis deduces, Douglass should more properly be viewed as a forerunner to Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X [aka Minister Malik al-Hajj Shabazz], Rev Dr ML King, Bob Marley, etc... who used their belief in God to inspire them to take a valiant stand for the liberation of their people! And though they may have rejected slave-orientated Euro-Christianity - that is NOT the same as rejecting the GOD IDEA! - IMO: One can not find any Afro-centric scholar, institution &/or society prior to 1500 ACE- IE: before the beginning of Europe's all out assault on the indigenous peoples of Africa, Asia, & the Americas, Australia, etc- [and would be hard pressed to find any prior to 1900 ACE] that espoused atheism / non-theism. IMO: atheism is basically as Euro-centric as Catholicism / Euro-Christianity - it's just one claims to be scientific & logic based while the other claims to be faith-based!

These anti-women people have serious issues indeed. It's the sign of the times.

The only solution that we can use to refute these women haters is promote Black Unity in constructive means. The only reliable ally of the black man historically is the black woman point blank period. Black women have supported and aided us unconditionally. Sisters were very instrumental in many of black cultural movements from abolition to the civil rights movements (and other movements of education reform including movements against police bruality). Sisters promoted social justice for a long time as well along with us brothers. With 2012 approaching, a lot of black people are waking up. The handwriting is on the wall. Tons of blacks I know reject the lies, the stereotypes, and the deception. As for the Klan Parenthood person, abortion is an important issue to discuss. Yet, that issue is never an excuse for us blacks to be reactionaries. We blacks historically have been progressive. Yet, I respect human life, but I don't respect war mongering, unjust wars, and economic inequality.

Truth is better than fiction. Love for black women is greater than false stereotypes about females, and victory will be a reality. Black love is one great means to defeat the aims and goals of nefarious supremacists.

-By Timothy


This is the same black community that Herman Cain dissed by saying those of us who vote for Democrats are "brainwashed," so why should he get our respect in return? In addition, he is not unique in terms of being successful, since there are other blacks who are even wealthier than he is and who are on both sides of the political aisle. He did himself a disservice by running in the first place, because he had to know that his past would come back to bite him in the worst way.

He's also doing himself a disservice by allying himself with the Koch brothers and their philosphy that benefits only the wealthy. When you make sweeping generalizations about blacks in terms of wanting handouts and entitlements, you have absolutely zero crediblity and deserve zero respect because you have bought into a bunch of nonsense. We would be doing ourselves a disservice to embrace someone who is not only ethically challenged, but also woefully ignorant about national and global affairs and revels in it, like Palin. The GOP made a big mistake when they picked Palin, thinking it would bring them the votes of large numbers of women disappointed with Hillary Clinton's loss of the Democratic nomination. They made the same mistake when they thought Cain's being black would bring them large numbers of African-American votes. In each case, they have failed to realize it's about ideology and not racial or gender identity.


Savant wrote:

My post#1532 offers an ANALYSIS, and the obtuse Sandman replies as usual with personal insults and pointless accusations.
He can't refute what I say so he resort to the common right wing reply that "You're unpatriotic, You hate America,"etc. How tiresome these moronic rightists are.
Oh yes: I don't believe in "collectives" or "collectivism". I believe in COMMUNITY and a cooperative society.
I totally share your belief in a cooperative society and community. Those are concepts that right wing nut jobs simply cannot get their minds around. They seem to go for the kind of short-sighted selfishness that the GOP in its present form embraces, and I also believe that only a personal catastrophe in their lives would induce them to change that way of thinking. The pointless insults which also have no basis in reality are their way of lashing out when they don't have a leg to stand on in the first place. Getting personal is yet another way of lashing out, and it indicates immaturity among other things.



Ramsan wrote:
be fruitfull and multiply.
EXACTLY. And it's also a great way to drive the devils INSANE! They completely CHIMP OUT at the mere thought of even 1 more black baby being born. AND I LOVE IT!! LOL

Black people should have babies just based on how HARD their enemies try to convince them not too.



Meetup ceo says Occupy will help small business.

Aren't most small business in 99% too ?

Read More:
You're a CEO in support of these protests, isn't that an awkward spot to be in when they've been labeled anti-corporate?
Not at all. And I should also make clear that any support that I have is not with my Meetup hat on. As a CEO, the way I think of Occupy Wall Street is that it's about seeing a true capitalism winning over a crony capitalism and that a strong economy comes from a level playing field for small business and the middle class. It's like the 1% of business versus the ninety 99% of business. Ninety nine percent of businesses are in worse shape because the 1% of business is in a winner take all mentality. Everything that everyone says about the 1% and 99% applies to the world of business too. You can't have a strong economy without a vibrant ecosystem of small businesses. Occupy Wall Street is about the corruption of the economy and the corruption of government by the 1% of business. The movement is not anti-business or anti-capitalism



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