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Positive Energy Part 2

Here is some very interesting stuff I recently came across. You guys might wanna check this out!!!

NIGERIA'S dogged cultural researcher, and erstwhile senior special assistant to the President on Arts and Culture, Catherine Acholonu-Olumba recently teamed up with India’s computer engineer and IT specialist, Ajay Prebhaka, winner of several awards as an upcoming computer "whiz kid" to undertake the most painstaking and ambitious cultural research project ever carried out on the shores of Africa.

Their research which took over four years of hard work, Vanguard Arts gathered, began with the discovery of strange inscriptions of universal symbols on 350 ancient sacred stones in the forests of Ikom in Cross River State, Nigeria. This triggered off the suspicion that Africa must have been home to an advanced culture in pre-historic times. Eventually, Prof. Acholonu linked up with computer engineer, Ajay Prabhakar to bring about marriage between science and culture. The journey of the two scholars through the body of African ancient artifacts and the ancient records and scriptures of lost races of the world such as the great civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, Hindu, Cush, Akkadia, Chaldea and Mesoamerica, looking for missing links on Africa’s contributions to the history or pre-history of mankind, resulting in a full length book entitled Garamma: Stone writings of African Adam.


Beautiful women on the video. Why should black women care what men of another race think about them ? It's time that black men start honoring the women that look like our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, etc. Other races cherish their women. Any feature you want can be found in the black woman. The black woman is the mother of mankind. It all started with the black woman. Also, those of us with kids gotta start teaching our kids to love themselves. The media is not our friend.

Our Black Improvement Media site hosts multimedia presentations that support our mission of improving the lives of people of African descent.


African Americans wield considerable consumer power

The 41st Annual Legislative Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Conference week’s activities set the backdrop for the announcement. Flanked by civic, business and legislative leaders, Nielsen and NNPA executives spoke about the relevance and importance of the information shared in the report and the fact that it will be distributed in NNPA’s 200+ publications, reaching millions of readers and online viewers.
“We see this alliance with NNPA as an opportunity to share valuable insights, unique consumer behavior patterns and purchasing trends with the African-American community,” said Susan Whiting, vice chair, Nielsen.“By sharing, for example, that African-Americans over-index in several key areas, including television viewing and mobile phone usage, we’ve provided a better picture of where the African-American community can leverage that buying power to help their communities,” she said.“Likewise, the information points businesses in the right direction for growing market share and developing long range strategies for reaching this important demographic group.”
Consumer trends in the report include facts such as:
· With a buying power of nearly $1 trillion annually, if African-Americans were a country, they’d be the 16th largest country in the world.
· The number of African-American households earning $75,000 or higher grew by almost 64%, a rate close to 12% greater than the change in the overall population’s earning between 2000 and 2009. This continued growth in affluence, social influence and household income will continue to impact the community’s economic power.
· African-Americans make more shopping trips than all other groups, but spend less money per trip. African-Americans in higher income brackets, also spend 300% more in higher-end retail grocers more than any other high income household.
· There were 23.9 million active African-American Internet users in July 2011 – 76% of whom visited a social networking/blog site.
· 33% of all African-Americans own a smart phone.
· African-Americans use more than double the amount of mobile phone voice minutes compared to Whites – 1,298 minutes a month vs. 606.
· The percentage of African-Americans attending college or earning a degree has increased to 44% for men and 53% for women.



MsNewNew wrote:
Good evening my people!!
When you’re ready to mingle and discuss issues relating to US and the world around US... check out the site of a real Black forum where you can relax and be yourself. Guest and unregistered accounts are not allowed to view forums.
I am a strict administrator, so I will not tolerate any trolls. And as administrator I know the trolls are nosey so I'm showing them what I want them to see on the outside. I promise you we are not wasting our time creating threads about whites. This forum is about US, for US. I do not require or expect you to be on 24/7. I prefer you to live your life outside of the internet.
Threads to uplift, enlighten and to inform
Your own personal blog and gallery
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Profile page with friends List
I am black African living in Africa and I will be glad to register myself in your forum.I am very glad than you invited your Africans cousins into it and I suggest to you to invite the others blacks from the diaspora too(carribeans,jamaicans,haiti ans,etc...)peace.

-bourobou prince


bourobou prince wrote:
I am black African living in Africa and I will be glad to register myself in your forum.I am very glad than you invited your Africans cousins into it and I suggest to you to invite the others blacks from the diaspora too(carribeans,jamaicans,haiti ans,etc...)peace.
Thank you! I appreciate your suggestion and they are truly welcome.

Its time for us to gather our villages and concentrate on what is needed to grow, because it does takes a village. Too much is going on for us to be wasting time with a race that is on a mission to distract us from our purpose.

We have a lot of good threads going on. I also have a network thread setup to help promote your business or to give tips.

I will activate any new member soon as possible. We kinda come and go on the site since there are so much other things that has to be done in our daily lives.


NearFuture wrote:

I want you to watch this:
African Historical Ruins - you never see on TV part 1/4: ...
African Historical Ruins - you never see on TV part 2/4: ...
African Historical Ruins - you never see on TV part 3/4: ...
I can't find part 4/4
Thank You!!! I have done so much research on Ancient History. I'm sure there is a lot more I still dunno but I'm noticing much of what we've been taught has been lies & there has been many cover ups of the past. This only lets me know that there is something about us that we're not suppose to know. Plus AA's has had our Identity completely erased as well which is also suspect.



Redefined wrote:

How Inner-City-Kid Farrah Gray Became A Millionaire By 14
Farrah Gray got his start selling hand-painted rocks. Growing up in inner-city Chicago in the 1980s, Gray grew accustomed to days "when the only thing in our refrigerator was the light that came on when you opened the door," he writes in his book, "Reallionaire."

Agree. Black kids tend be very innovative & creative. We need keep our children minds Healthy & away from all the negativity. Here is another similar story.


Cortisol and Your Body

Prolonged high levels of cortisol can lead to heart disease and other health problems.

Cortisol is an important hormone in the body, secreted by the adrenal glands and involved in the following functions and more:

Proper glucose metabolism
Regulation of blood pressure
Insulin release for blood sugar maintanence
Immune function
Inflammatory response


Benefits of Meditation for Stress Management

Throughout the day, when we experience stress, our bodies automatically react in ways that prepare us to fight or run. In some cases of extreme danger, this physical response is helpful. However, a prolonged state of such agitation can cause physical damage to every part of the body. Meditation affects the body in exactly the opposite ways that stress does, restoring the body to a calm state, helping the body to repair itself, and preventing new damage due to the physical effects of stress.



Blacks need either a new leader or representative like MLK or Malcolm X that is not a puppet like Jesse and Sharpton or their own media that is black owned unlike BET. The reason I say this is because black people are out of order. We have a lot of problems and many of us have the perfect solutions but because we are so disunited we have no one to go to or to depend on to get the solutions distributed out so that we all can be on the same foot. A leader for all blacks to look up to that tells it like it is and someone we can TRUST to bring us out of our mess would be key because we would all be on the same foot by getting our solutions frome ONE source. If not a leader than a black owned media that is HONEST and has 24 hour shows of blacks improving, the solutions we should make, and the steps we should take to get out of our mess. This media would not show regular trash reality and fictional shows like other stations but is there for the sole purpose of giving blacks the information we need so we all can be in one accord and work together. With this leader or media in place blacks can say things like "I was watching *black owned media name* yesterday did you see the new black business that's coming up? me and my family are going to go check it out and make sure our money is benefiting us" or "*Leaders name* gave a good speech about how we can improve our kids education and boycotting distasteful rap music". We would all be on the same foot, watching the same thing, getting the same solutions, and moving towards the same result! and that result would be a black power structure being formed to improve ourselves in all areas of life. However, blacks will have to be able to listen, commit to improving themselves, and bringing the teachings to fruition. I have more to say but I'll let you marinate this in your minds.

-Near Future

MsNewNew wrote:

Thank you, I will...! Hey I created and own a Black forum that’s very positive, fun and PEACEful. It’s new and growing and it’s about US for US. We have engaged discussions about the world/local news,African mythology/Black Nationalism,the arts, business/investment and from sports to relationships that affect the Black communities. You and anyone who would like to join are welcome.
I realize this site hasn’t been an African American forum since 2006, if you scroll to that year you will see when it all changed and it will never change back. So do you wait for change or do you change your surroundings and create what's best to change you. This was the only reason I return back to this site to give black members another option. I just had to switch my strategy up by posting and allowing them to announce my site that I added to my avatar. ;)
There are members from here and the other site on my forum with a stress free attitude. We all realized this site will bring out the worse in you. But hey, just something to think about.
Btw Guest and unregistered accounts can not post or view the threads on the forum…
Have a Blessed Day!

And don't reveal CRUCIAL details of our plans to THE ENEMY (who are secretly and openly racist non-blacks AND black slaves) lest they try to circumvent and prevent you from carrying them out.



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