Sunday, December 25, 2011

Words of Inspiration


Malcolm X on Senator Barry Goldwater's chances in the upcoming election

Malcolm X explaining Black Nationalism in interview

Malcolm X speaking in interview about the necessity of adopting guerilla warfare against white oppression

Malcolm X speaking in interview about Cassius Clay's involvement in Islam and his own personal falling out with Elijah Muhammad

Malcolm X speaking in interview about allegations that he is on the lunatic fringe of the American Negro Movement.






I always tell my brothers- reach within like Ali did- he told himself every day how great he was - look how far it help him ascend - daily positive affirmations and mantras are key to keeping a strong mind, family and village- ONE TRIBE ONE FAMILY- ZALUTE BLACK KINGS!
you are awesome black queen the desire of a black king
you stay in place befor the waters that we drink everyday
what else compare to your love and energy my queen?dm


Make that change. The work of Chiek Anta Diop was even more revolutionary than G. M. James. He set them all straight at the 1974 UNESCO symposium on Km't (Ancient Egypt) and the overall biased scholarship on Africa and Africans (AAs included).


Thanks for the video goddess....The black man can't be great without our queens(earth).....and thats always....


AngeliBlaque.....I want to thank you DEARLY for the hard work & profound truth that this vid presents to us (Black Men). It was truly uplifting watching this vid & knowing that a sister supports her brother/black man with every fiber of her being.
May continued blessings of favor, love, wisdom & guidance greet you always. -E-

Timothy wrote:

Why is this not hard to understand. If a man wants to be like their enemy psychologically and collectively plus disown their own women, then that man is scarred for life (if he won't recieve that wake up call). Some men haven't been taught the truth about masculinty. Some men feel that masculinity is about going along to get along or acting docile (especially treating non-blacks better than people of your own race). Yet, true black masculinity is opposing publicy and privately white supremacy, fighting for justice, and promoting the great value of women in our own race. Real people of every ethnicity place a high value of their women. So, it's common sense for the black man to do the same for black women. Black women are worldwide too in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, etc. I don't believe in embracing naiveity though. We can't sugarcoat our complications and Kashta eloquently pointed out these issues (I just disagree with him on other issues). No human being is perfect. Both genders have issues that we need to take care of. Although, a real solution is for both black men and black women to work together in fighting for improvements in the black community excluding the gender wars (that promotes division and an Eurocentric supremacist ethic of white supremacy & materialism). Umoja and Co's new book called "Black Love is a Revolutionary Act" talks about this gender war issue in more depth. I recommend that book.
Some say that we can't win. Once, people said that American slavery would continue forever. These people were wrong. Some people said that Jim Crow segregration would last forever. These people were wrong. Others said that a black man (regardless of what you think of him) can never be President or the First Lady of America could never be a beautiful, strong, and highly intelligent sister. Of course, these folks were wrong. If in a period of less than a century, we can witness the end Jim Crow and allow a black family to be inside of the White House, then we can certainly make the black community much stronger than ever before.
Black Separatist wrote:
What is your opinion? me personally believe they never changed & its about time they show there true emotions and evilness.
I thought I was the only black person who thought this way. Thank you for bringing this topic to light. As an african woman, I see this in africa a lot. Whites love to go to africa and learn our dances and stuff and we are welcoming, but the other way around it is not as pleasant for us. Non-blacks do love to steal our culture. How many times do you see a black family disown their child for interracial dating, but there are many non-blacks who would.


People who laugh at, gossip about others, or would like to see you do bad etc., have low self esteem themselves. They project their own sense of self worth on other people. Talking bad about people, makes them feel superior.

You completely misunderstood my video. The point that I was trying to make was that that there is no point on black men hating on the thugs, because society doesn't really differentiate between the two anyway. In my opinion, brothers shouldn't even WORRY about how some other black man may look to other people, and just worry about THEMSELVES.
Most people can already tell, most of the time, the good black men from the bad ones, it's just that they don't CARE either way.

That's why black people should discard it and treat each other better as Black people and stop beating each other up because we are not white.The terms 'good hair''pretty boy' etc based on how close to white or 'mixed' a Black person looks should b discarded and normal Black people should b loved & embraced.Places where Black people live & congregate should b places of peace & refuge 4 Black people.Until that happens,'white supremacy' reins supreme n the minds of Black people.


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