Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Alot of these artist know exactly what they are doing!!!!We tend to think they are dumb..Some are,but at least half of them know exactly what they are doing..ALL EXECS KNOW THE DEAL FROM THE START


  • @brooklynmagi I believe that at least half of them know as well. I have someone arguing with me about this very topic on my Rihanna video. I believe that some are under a type of spell but I do believe that many of them are straight sellouts!

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    Mac-7 wrote:

    Conservatives are informed and, unlike many liberals, not afraid to think for themselves.
    The defining charactistic of 20th and now 21st Century liberals is their blind devotion to big government.
    Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Obama, Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein were all far more to the left than the Founding Fathers and the average American.
    Lefties may not believe in God, but they do beleive in Heaven.
    Or at least heaven on earth after they have driven all the conservatives out of our society.
    In fact, Adolph Hitler belonged to the EXTREME RIGHT--and identified himself as such. Hence he was an ally of other right wing extremists like Franco and Mussolini. And there was support for these fascists among a part of conservative America in those days. Even the conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill had fond words to say about Hitler before he felt threatened by Hitler military adventures. A lot of conservatives in Germany within the business community felt that Hitler was a useful tool againsts socialists, communists, trade unionists, dissident liberal intellectuals, and various other groups whom the American right also loves to hate.
    Moreover, Hugo Chavez is not a Marxist-Leninist like Stalin or Mao. He does seem to be a socialist. Barack Obama is neither a Marxist nor a socialist. Saddam Hussein was neither a socialist nor a Marxist, but a fascist. He brutally crushed socialists and communists and trade unionists, and received considerable support from our CIA to carry out his repressive tasks.(CIA also helped train Saddam Hussein's intelligence forces, and I seem to remember that it was a conservative official of the Reagan administration who described Saddam Hussein as a "moderating influence in the middle east.").
    The fact that you lump together men of WIDELY different political and philosophical persuasions and affliations--including people who were utterly antagonistic to each other--suggests that at least in your case Conservatives are RIDICULOUSLY UNINFORMED and either unwilling or unable to think at all. Unfortunately, backward, uninformed and mindless conservatives like you are more COMMON that one would like to believe.



    Dec 1 2011 - 7:21am
    What Mr Husseini is outlining is the difference between a Real Journalist & a presstitute. The hypocrisy of US & NATO & their MSNM Media presstitutes [including Al-Jazeera] regarding the Saudis & Bahrainis vs Syria, Libya & Iran is obvious & stunning!
    On a slightly different Note: In May 2009 I watched a 'Face the Nation' interview [I think the CBS guy was Bob Schieffer] w Dick 'Darth-Vader' Cheney talking about Cheney's role in approving [authorizing it & now boasting about it] water-boarding & other Extreme Interrogation Techniques [IE: TORTURE] on KSM, etc. He responded that the 'Program Was so effective because it "Saved Lives" ' & that 'KSM was an evil man- the mastermind of 9-11 that "Blew-Up the WTC"... ' Schieffer went on about how water-boarding is now seen as torture [DUH] IE: pretending to ask tough questions. MY first reaction when Cheney said this was: 1} If KSM was the mastermind of 9-11 & the number 3 guy in Al Qeada behind Osama bin Laden {whose legend was just 'officially' killed off this past May} & Ayman al-Zawahiri- & thus had direct access to them & water-boarding was so effective that it saved lives- then why hadn't the Bush / Cheney gang caught &/or killed neither bin Laden nor al-Zawahiri [Remember 'Wanted Dead or Alive' & 'We gonna smoke em out of their caves...']?! 2nd} NIST had recently issued their final report about the collapses of WTC 1, 2 & 7 where they concluded [if you believe them] that those WTC's had Definitely NOT been BLOWN-UP! My question to Darth-Vader 'Dick' would have been did you not know about the NIST report, then why are you contradicting it by saying that the WTC had been BLOWN-UP?!


    Not all whites are bad, even Malcolm X is personally educated on the issue, and the reason he changed his religion; because its' teachings were inaccurate. Amerikkka government teaches all race, color, and creed to fear one another to keep the real civil revolution focus against them. Instead, the people fight amongst each other; government job well done - so don't be fooled. Research Cointelpro. Peace!


    oh yes you can and bring back the genuine Republicans of the Grant era, put some Southern states under the military administration and much more Black people in the local assemblies.
    The present false Republicans but true Corporate carpets and racist dummies would join the ol' Southern "Dems" quickly.

    You would call Dwight Eisenhower a Commie today in a tea-party or Nuts Gingrinch meetings. Those are true "skunks" (in their racist mindset) and certainly blatant "idiots" (in economy and foreign policy).

    a whiteboi


    Once more for the record: The Nazis IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES as right wingers, and white OPENLY and EXPLICITLY warred against the left. They SAID (many times) that the loathes liberalism because in their minds it led to socialism and communism. And they saw (and SAID that they saw) the Jews as evil carriers of the disease of liberalism. Liberalism with its emphasis on equality and freedom for all led, so the Nazis thought, to even more radical ideas of equality and freedom that evolved into Marxism.
    Moreover, liberal and Marxist ideas alike reject ideas of RACIAL SUPREMACY that were cornerstones of Nazi ideology. But German fascists also knew that in Europe, including the Germany, socialism was much or popular with the masses than in America. Hence they found it tactical to adopt the label NATIONAL socialism as a deceptive phrase, but which emphasized NATIONALISM over CLASS. Anyone who knows anything about modern socialism knows that socialism emerges historically out of the struggles of the popular classes for freedom from feudal and capitalist class oppression.
    And it attempts to go beyond liberal limitations of "bourgeois democracy" to a more radical democracy of a cooperative society.
    Now what's disturbing is that I find that ONLY in America must one explain as simply as possible these ELEMENTARY facts about history and traditions of sociopolitical thought.
    CLR James was right: We are technologically advanced, but socially and politically backward in our development as a nation.


    Sinajuavi wrote:

    A colony of Israel? That's what white supremacists in the USA say.... the USA govt is ZOG (zionists occupational govt).
    Yet again your attitudes show up as more in line with Nazis than any "left".
    This Congress and the Rep-tea-party candidates are indeed even more fanatical Zionists than the Prime minister of Israel.

    You do not listen to US politics ?
    The absurd, insane and btw traitorous statements of Nuts Gingrich, Romney and Bachmann were a proof for the universe.
    Believe me the insanity of these statements, their overt anti-Arab racism, have shocked deeply outside the USA : European media have all underlined that as another proof of the madness of all Republican candidates.

    i have recognized your own statements in the crazy Nuts Gingrich speech so i bet it was AIPAC written.
    Or are you the personal writer of Nuts Gingrich ?

    a whiteboi

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