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Human rights and Political News

being granted civil rights by goverment, is not freedom.. you people need to get a grip on reality and realize some things.. slaves are granted rights from their governors.. civil rights are rights the goverment decides its citizens will have.. you people need to stand up for your human rights.. if youre going to submit to the rule of goverment, stop calling yourselves free -longfootbuddy 4 days ago

Civil rights granted by the government is related to freedom since for centuries private institutions enacted corrupt avenues to suppress the God-given rights of blacks and others. So, the people (making up the government) had no choice, but to add new laws to make freedom more avaliable for all citizens. Making new laws to help human beings via Congress is constitutional.

TruthSeeker24 1 second ago

Freedom is granted in an unalienable fashion, but that isn't an excuse to withhold public services to help the poor or anyone suffering in society. 

TruthSeeker24 1 minute ago

The government is of and by the people. The government granting people legal protections isn't immoral. It's immoral if the government violates human rights or acts in corruption. That is why we use policies to make government protect our and our safety net, while trying our best to prevent the government from acting totalitarian. If the government is by and for the people, it should be eliminated of corporate infiltration.

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soultry-soulModerator7 hours ago
This is one day I've never celebrated (Momma did not allow it). Who takes pride/joy in celebrating witches and demons.

I strongly believe this year is going to be an extremely pleasant one for yt folks - they've been very expressive about being racist.


JustdroppedIN wrote:
216 AKA Tha Realist!
Nothing but Love 4Ya!
hats good sister JDI, i'm glad to see you post, i hadn't viewed yours in awhile, but i'm on another beautiful site that embodies and shows REALITY, so i probably have missed some of your posts....

But thanks for the mention and add to this thread, sisters need to know that in the REAL world there are plenty of brothers old and young coming up that adore and cherish black women from dark to caramel, and thats just REALITY....i don't know wtf topix and this pitiful forum is on, but it ain't reality!

I'll see you!

-216 Elite


November 10th, 2011
8:11 pm
To add: it’s so easy for white women/black males to scream @ black women “get over it, each his own, stop hatin’ etc., when black women voice their opposition to the genocide that’s being perpetrated on black, attractive actresses in TV and movies. I can’t remember when I’ve seen a beautiful black woman cast as the love interest for the black actor. Instead, the tv is bombarded by intense love sessions between black males/white women, as if black women don’t even exist!. When show credits are flashed, no surprise to me that white females are the ones doing the casting (pairing white women with black males) and that this pair are the main ones singing “kumbaya”, all is well, deal with it. They finally get to live out their Mandingo/slave fantasies onscreen, all the while training young little black boys watching this scenario to aspire do the same.

training little black boys to do the same in real life…. SHUN THE BLACK WOMAN, WORSHIP THE WHITE WOMAN… the power of the media!


TheHardTruths wrote:

C/S 100%. I believe you may be only the second person on here to understand completely where I'm coming from....And what you just posted is the sad reality blacks face. But there's a silver lining in this dark cloud. In the end, good ALWAYS overcomes evil, no matter how dismal things may seem. And VICTORY is what the NON SLAVE has to look forward to.
ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. It is a sad reality BUT knowing that the UNIVERSE (AND MY GOD) is in charge, that's what keeps me my head up and keeps me "hopeful" (hate that word since the last presidential (s)election).

Every corrupt nation eventually self-destructs from within and this system will be no different. In fact, "they" know this, that the clock is running out on their reign of terror, and that's why they are stepping UP THE GAME,

trying to re-colonize nations of color, attacking and demonizing blacks in america in movies, news, using these negro entertainer/advocates to corrupt our children, promoting homosexuality among BM, instigating cold wars between BM and BW by pushing us into each other in the schoolyard and getting us to fight each other because we don't understand what we are dealing with...and that we are still being victimized by the same system that enslaved us...500 years ago...

"they" know that ONCE the BM and BW UNITE, the mind games and control over us will END...because we will get our sanity back (is black unity just a pipe dream?)

Of course, it's unwise to underestimate our adversaries. They are extremely clever, bloodthirsty, and respect for life, or the witnessed by the BP oil spills...

i'd like to recommend a book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation
I would leave the link, but I don't know if they would let that go thru, but you can find it on Amazon



soultry-soulModerator8 hours agoin reply to whowantz2kno
some of THEE most racist whites are the ones sleeping with blacks....


Control and dominance...supremacy!
Twisted minded bastirds...

WeElectedABunchOfIdiots wrote:

The OWS protestors have no direction, no leadership, not real purpose... they just want to complain about their lives...
take a shower, get a job and contribute to society...
If the news outlets weren't so desperate for a story, they would be no story.
Maybe they should dig up Anna Nicole and she how she's doing...
It would be a far more interesting story.
Have you BEEN to any of their gathering? Is there literature by the movement that you've read? If not, how do you know they have no direction or only want to "complain."? And how do you know that their complaints aren't legitimate?
As for how "interesting" a story the Occupy movement is, it has apparently aroused the support of people throughout the nation and the WORLD. People throughout Europe, parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America are inspired by (often emulatiing) our Occupy Wall Street Movement. So much so that even the original protestors, who didn't expect it to last this long, are astounded by its wide appeal and apparent longevity.
The fact that YOU are not interested is not evidence that the movement is uninteresting.
moonrose4meModerator14 hours ago

Your really portraying yourself as the typical white racist most minorities already know and hate. Stop being so naive and look around. Blacks and other minorities have to work 2x harder to achieve what a average white person would have bcuz white society automatically assumes who we are the first time they see us. Thugs, H___, criminals, ghetto, welfare collecting, lazy etc/ Therefore we have to work HARDER to disprove those assumptions.

Whites will not and can not understand this, so they just deny it exists.

Whites can be very very predictable. There were polls done in the 1940's to the 1950's asking white people if they thought blacks were treated unfairly guess what they said......NO
Now remember this is before the Civil Rights movement, there was many things blacks and other minorities weren't allowed to do or go. Now, fast-forward to 2011 whites still believe blacks are treated fairly..oh..and now they believe whites are the ones receiving the worst treatment (the reverse racism bullshyt)

Sometimes I don't know if white people are blind or just insane.
AngilixModerator10 minutes agoin reply to Scapegoat4URLife
You can work as hard a dog and die of a heart attack tomorrow. That's bad fortune right? You can work hard as a dog and be successful. That by the same token is good fortune. Belafonte has seen blacks like Cain his whole life. He recognizes him. They hid in safety while others fought, and now they're reaping the benefits, the rights, the opportunities, the privileges, but they are without honor, because they refuse to give credit where credit is due. Instead they credit it all to their hard work.
MDHOTCOFFEEModerator23 hours ago
My roots?
what in the world does a black man dressing in drag have to do with being african american.
freelancepimpModerator23 hours ago
Make no bones about it, white folks are very much aware of white privilege.
Shoutout13Moderator23 hours agoin reply to MDHOTCOFFEE
Exactly what I have a problem with as well as racist infiltrators on this site who try to force this issue of modern post "formal" slavery emasculating of black men by putting them in a dress or hinting that they should to be be in a dress. This should not be treated as if it's acceptable.

As for the attempt to discourage by using the term being "proper"........

For generations we were intentionally artificially not allowed access to educational resources or allowed to even speak or act in a dignified manner because it "offended" racists who were trying to maintain their false advantage.

It's not how articulate and intelligent a brotha or sistah is, it's how the brotha or sistah expresses their intellectual abilities. Do you know where you came from? What your people are going through and continue to struggle with? (You hear that Herman Cain?) Are you passing on insight and information to your brothaz or sistahs?

As an articulate brotha, I have had the problem of people jumping to conclusions until they actually notice not only how I say something but what I say and what I actually do.
I don't blame brothaz and sistahs because I have been frustrated and often disgusted with the fact that many articulate, intelligent often "bougie" brothaz and sistahs end up letting secretly resentful racists flatter and "detour" their ambition, talents and knowledge for their own advantage at the expense of our people.

It is frustrating because I know this doesn't have to be "the way things are". Like so many things in society (and as racist infiltrators prove in their provocative, meddling, intentionally discouraging posts) this is the way things have been artificially "made to be".

In the meantime, Fox recruits articulate brothaz to Trojan horse attack the black community as a racist surrogate while brothaz like myself get stalked, censored and verbally attacked by racists and offline by racists as well as brothaz and sistahs that don't realize what I stand for but are often intercepted by racists who intentionally feed them misinformation.

The practice is more widespread than most people realize.

For as much as we have been mocked and given little recourse in the past (my own mother and father for as intelligent as she is and he was before passing away, as recently as their generation, literally were not allowed into the "public library" because of the laws of the time) it is unfair to paint being "proper" i.e. usually articulate and intelligent as a "problem" when it is applied specifically to black men and women. Why should we have to be an exception when it comes to potentially positive social and intellectual attributes?

This reminds me of the recent article that tried to hint that blacks who dressed well looked "white".

Obviously a backhanded compliment which is of course a disguised insult.

In addition I consider that there is no "substitute' for a real black woman but I see so many brothaz falling for the lie whether it is NewsOne's encouraged interracial articles or population limiting same sex practices that would allow racists to flourish at our expense.

Have we been attacked by racist mindgames for so long that we are now desensitized to artificially playing them on each other in order to forward someone else's agenda?
ASKARIModerator3 hours agoin reply to Shoutout13
Shoutout13 - You and many other intelligent, progressive brothas and sistas are why I joined this site...To read and exchange our ideas on current day affairs..

Thank you and everyone on this site who share the vision of bringing clarity and insight to the events shaping our lives....

Let's not get discouraged nor respond to the infiltrators who attempt to get us to waste energy or intellect responding to their ignorance or hate.
Shabaka TecumsehModerator10 hours agoin reply to Noba Q
lol Noba tell me, if not for the white man, would Tyler Perry still be hustling videos out of the back of his car? Hint: he made the majority of his money AFTER he went "mainstream" in the movie theaters. Does he have a "pre approved" contract with the white studios? Meaning they have to approve what he puts on the screen. I know a lot of "brothas" who worked out of the back of their cars, but they didn't get very far because they had nothing to sell to the white man for his twenty pieces of silver. A white culture will always buy a black man in drag or a fat black clown or a process head. As for his "community" business..he sold his wears to what I believe are people lost in supersition and ignorance. I don't think that's anything to be really proud of..


big mike M wrote:
On top of that, couldn't the Africans just use guerrilla warfare?
Absolutely Big Mike. I've spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how the West Africans could have won. Okay, let me say this. In addition to the Musket taking forever to reload, when you fired it, the Musket produced a bunch of smoke. What does this mean?

It means each time you fire you give away your position! The Europeans didn't invent smokeless gun powder until decades after they first arrived in Africa. This means a skilled African bowman, or group of them, could have sent a barrage of arrows right into the area where smoke was being emitted, and they would have killed a bunch of White soldiers each time. In contrast, a bow is almost completely silent and releases no smoke, meaning your position is not compromised. It is almost like being a sniper.

Oh, one more thing. African warriors like Samori Ture, Bai Bureh, and Shaka Zulu won battles against Whites. The reason these guys lost the war is because they were often betrayed by their own people(Blacks have a long history of stabbing each other in the back, just look at Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson), so in many cases the Africans would side with the Europeans against other Africans. If guys like Bai Bureh, Samori Ture, Shaka Zulu, and Menelik II had all teamed up, forming a unified continental front, the Europeans could have been pulverized and forced back to Europe. Had the Africans combined this with capturing and reverse engineering European technology, there is no telling what Africa would look like today!

-Kashta Bureh (I don't agree with him on every issue, but he's right on this issue)
SimplyComplex_87Moderator4 hours ago
so now my "roots" include being a miserable, broken, abused, lost woman who is waiting on a man to swoop in and save me? oh, and having a looney loudmouth for a grandmother?

how insulting that Al Sharpton would place all AAs in such a shameful box like that...
pantherg08Moderator20 hours ago
What the h___ is regular black folk? I dont like his movies and shows because they are poorly written, acted and is just plain coonery and childish to me. I tried watching his shows, they just suck!

I guess my proper a___  will just stick to Spike Lee movies..

KodyakModerator16 hours ago
I agree he should be honored. He's shown that black movies can be big box office. But his movies are slapstick, one dimensional and embarrassing. Just because he gives black actors jobs, that's supposed to excuse the blatant mammy and minstrel stereotypes Perry supports and portrays in his movies? And Sharpton attacking Perry's critics is like saying black people shouldn't be allowed to disagree with each other or have our own separate opinions. Not every black person identifies with the characters in these movies. I didn't grow up rich but I certainly didn't come from some of the backward acting folks in Perry's movies either. Don't try to lump us all together.
MrAnderson9 wrote:
I'm sorry black women, but your attitudes have taken it's toll on your worth in terms of relationship material, and even casual sex material.
The Modern day black woman is such a washout that even black lesbians have made it clear that they too prefer non black women. Wanda sikes for example, and many others.
It's sad to see the value of black women be at an all time low like it is now, black women aren't even being featured in movies anymore, and aren't even leading the charts in R&B and Soul music.
Back in the 70's/ 80's, and even early 90's black women were thought of as exotic, strong, and loyal. Now that's how men feel more so about white women.
Most of these black women have the mentality of racist wm, and they may be fun for them on the internet and bashing places, but at the end of the day, it's everyone's choice what they let into their actual lives, and nobody wants these black women around.
Black women are 70% single and rising, and the least chosen for IR. Even immigrant women are chosen in higher numbers than these women are.
All the new commercials and sitcoms don't have black women, but have bm and non black women. The music industry too.
Black women are officially the least desired women by all groups of men.
I can answer in many ways and here’s one. Black women collectively don’t have bad attitudes, they just keep it real. I rather deal with a person that’s honest and keep it real than a plastic, Barbie looking person that only wants me for sex or money. The reality is regardless of your lies, most BW are with BM and vice versa. There are issues in the black community, but the black community still exists very strong in numerous arenas. The value of black women is always high. Racists and white supremacists may view black women low, but a real black man will view black women’s value as very high (since without a black woman, I wouldn’t be here). Black women have the most reliable and decent group of people I have been around. Also, even Wanda Sykes would disagree with your views on black women too. Black women are in tons of movies and what does Hollywood have to do with black value? Nothing. Many black women are leading the charts today like Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, etc. Now, what does this have to do with the worth and value of black women? The answer is not a single thing. Most black men love black women more than white women. For you to place white women as some stable of beauty and power is embracing a slave mentality. I will research to see if your 70 percent stat is accurate since I don’t believe you. Even if that stat is real, does this have to do with the value of black women? Nothing, since the value of black women is still strong since all people are equal with dignity.Why are you using IR for some arguments for? The fact is that the highest divorce rates among blacks who go IR are BM and WW. It’s a fact that many IR relationships (not all) consume of self hatred, lust after non-black flesh, low self esteem, and ulterior motives (look at Tiger, Toomer, Tiki, OJ Simpson, and others to see the files). In those relations, the non-black spouse viewed the black person as having low value or a financial coup. Many commercials and sitcoms show black women like Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Monique, of course Jennifer Hudson, and tons of other sisters. Black women are the least desired women of racists. Black women are the most desired among black men and other real men who view black sisters as not inferior to vanilla. Also, black women have been the most strongest supporter of black men (during the Maafa, slavery, Jim Crow, the civil rights movement, the post-modern world, fights against police brutality, fights against stereotypes, and the battle now for Black Unity) not white women, Asian women, Latina women, or any other woman. It’s a disgrace for a man to stereotype women of their own people to get some social kick. Black women are always Queens, they are true original women, and they are forever beautiful.
-By Timothy

MrAnderson9 wrote:

Little Timmy's doing exactly what i want him to do. It's good to show the contrast between Good BM vs Good BW.
Notice how none of the BW challenge the BS from bad bw like you...
Thus proving my point even further about BW.
If you want to believe in offensive stereotypes about BW, why do you care. You obviously have an obsession with hating women of your ethnicity. Also, immoral people exist in non-black people. There are non-black people that lust after wealth and are golddigers as well. You don't mention this and you don't mention the problems in other communities. No one said that all black people are perfect. No one is perfect. People are just saying that you are in error to believe that no black women are in Hollywood, TV, commericals, no black women have the capacity to have an intellectual stimulating conversation, or black women lack doing anything of value.

This good vs. bad thing is a distraction. The real issue is about making solutions, building a better community, and having true black unity based on interaction not assimilation (including love without malice). If a man doesn't have love for women that gave him birth, then that man is a disgrace. I do what I want to do without being down with an anti-woman men's movement. You can believe and follow that anti-BW all male "brotherhood."

I decline the invitation to join that women hating "brotherhood." I rather be a sucker for love for justice than a sucker for death of my people.

I wear the label proudly.
Umm you are incorrect when you say that Africans sold their own people into slavery. That is a Eurocentric cover up. When the Europeans entered Africa, they purposely started wars between different groups as a way of getting slaves. So when these Africans sold other Africans, they weren't selling what they considered to be their own people, rather they were selling captives from war or people from other groups. Just because they were black doesn't mean they considered themselves one people.

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