The problem with America today, both with Blacks and Whites, is that many of you think things have changed in terms of race relations.........and they have..........on the surface. Blacks today can go into the hospital and get medical treatment from White doctors, we can eat in restaurants alongside Whites, and we can stay in White hotels, these are all things we could not do 150 years ago.

BUT.....and this is a very important point to understand, Whites are master chess players, especially those European and Whites who are elite members of society. Europeans are master chess players and this is why they dominate the game itself and why they are in the position they are in the world, because they play chess, not checkers.

The White establishment realized in the 1960s, with the rise of militant Black organizations like the Black Panthers, that African Americans were not going to tolerate open inequality, racism, and hostility from Whites, everyone saw this with the Civil Rights movement.

So the White establishment, being the master chess players they are, decided that they would give the Black man "concessions," meaning that he would give the Blacks a crumb from his table to shut them up. The Whites integrated the school system, created anti-discrimination laws, equal housing, affirmative action.........the works.

But as I said, the Whites are brilliant strategists. While giving the Blacks all these concessions, what so many could not see is that the White establishment's discriminatory practices were simply being taken under ground.

Affirmative Action and the token system allowed Blacks to work along side Whites in companies, but the companies are still White owned, have a majority of White employees, and Blacks are kept in a marginal position with a glass ceiling and less pay than Whites.

While desegregating the school system, the White community simply reacted by moving to the suburbs and providing more funding to White schools, leaving inner city schools underfunded.

In the political arena, more cities allowed Black mayors, and the government begin allowing more Black senators, congressman, etc, but these were tokens and the majority of the Congress, senate, and house of representatives have always been White.

On top of all of this is White privilege, which comes from the fact that Whites already amassed great wealth from the U.S. in terms of land, gold, silver, and other resources, and passed this all down to their children. Even when Blacks got "equality," Whites still have the advantage because many White children get inheritances from their parents, while many Blacks do not.

And let me not get started on the criminal justice system, the White controlled government and banking system controls cartels in Central and Latin America, allows them to be shipped in the U.S. and distributed in Black neighborhoods by Black dealers, then when Blacks become addicted or sale these drugs, the same criminal justice system arrests them and throw them in prison, where they can then produce cheaply made products by corporation in the form of penitentiary slave labor.