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The Poor

The redistribution of wealth from the 1% who have control of most of it to the other 99% who had the biggest share in creating it will benefit the dispossessed across racial lines. If poverty is eliminated, poor people (who come in all colors) with be liberated from deprivation. Only insofar as proportionately ore Blacks than whites are in poverty will it benefit blacks more. But hunger is hunger. How many poor whites would agree to see their children suffer only because to end this suffering means that Black children are also delivered from this suffering. If redistribution of wealth in a cooperative society means the end of unemployment, how many poor and unemployed white workers are going to say "Well if you're going to find work for those blacks too, then I'd prefer to stay uenployed"? Moreover, since progressive reforss will end the tyranny of the 1% over many of the 99% who are educated and middle class, one could argue that here it benefits whites more than blacks. Proportionately, there are fewer educated middle class Blacks like me than there are educated middle class whites. Do you think that I will object to what will improve the lives even of the middle classes just because ore whites--generally being more affluent---will benefit? Providing racial discrimination doesn't come into the picture, I have no objections. Frnakly, I want ot see a lessening of both RACE and CLASS inequality. Any progressive refors leading toward that end will get my vote.



THosr "segments of the left' include students, nurses, hospital workers, teachers, firemen,public employees, employess of Verizon, vets of the Iraq War, Churchmen, etc. The 99% movement that has taken hold in Baltimore is now spreading to Annapolis A pretty broad section of the American people. Oh, the the level of public approval for the 99% movement is HIGHER than for the Tea Party. Perhaps the "left" is the FUTURE of America. P.S. Don't be so sure that the protests will fail. "Left" protests were thought defeated after the dispersal of the bonus army. But those protests, in the form of militant labor activism, actually triumphed in the 1930s. Protests in the 1960s were quite effective also. FoxNews and Right are not frantically trying to smear the movement with labels like "Communist, " "nazi", "unwashed hippies" or what have you without a reasons. Your indoctrinators are wll aware of the potential power of thie movement. And they're scared s____ ! The end of plutocracy? FREEDOM RISING!



MmCarthy was WRONG, and should have himself been punished for subverting the Republic. Another thing comes to mind: Reactionaries screma about BIG GOVERNMENT tyranny whenever it comes to social justice issues like civil rights, universal health care, education, rights of workers,etc. Yet they DEFEND and CELEBRATE real government tyranny such as McCarthyism or the Patriot Act. And I don't recall that many rightwingers were all that upset about COINTELPRO either. Now those were REAL governmental oppressions.s That's ok with the reactionaries. But don't try to use Government to aid the poor, the elderly, working people, those lacking health car. Any governmental action aimed toward SOCIAL JUSTICE, the rightwing loons call big government tyrannny. But McCarthyist witchhunts are ok with the right. Frankly, I suspect most conservatives nowadays to be more like FASCISTS than traditional conservatives. 

Probably even a few of the people whom Joseph Stalin accused of being spies really were, but terror tactics injure more innocent people than guilty ones. The same for the McCarthyist witchhunt. MAINLY innocent people were injured, though the witch hunting Inquisitor McCarthy may have also lucked out an bagged a few real spies. You know, it's kind of like fortune tellers. They don't REALL7 know the future; but if you make enough predictions, they get a few of them right just by chance. Then then they ADVERTISE their few successes while ignoring or hiding their INNUMERABLE failures and errors. Such was the casew with McCarthy. The difference between him and Joe Stalin is that most of McCarthy's victims were not shot or imprisoned in camps (though their were some wrongful imprisonments). And we have some Constitutional protections--thoug h DAMAGED by McCarthyism---whic h prevented the Inquisitor McCarthy from creating a murderous totalitarian nightmare in America.



Shoutout13Moderator4 hours ago
I'm sure that if this hadn't come out in the news, it would have been used against him in the unlikely event of his election so they could switch him out with the white candidate that they had planned to stop the ongoing progress of minority office holders.

Conservatives have the nerve to say people voted for our current President because he's black but have nerve to insult us further by arguing with our rejection of a candidate who is black.

Don't you get it? It's about more than skin color and at one time, there was no alternative but white candidates. So does that mean whites voted for their candidates because they are white? With this recent, revealing insult, it would seem so.

Herman Cain is an Afro-puppet controlled by the Koch brothers:

And below is an article that most brothaz and sistahs are not aware of:


I knew the 'dirt' would come out on this guy, if this is true. He's been the only candidate, who had a 'clean' record that has been running for the klan this!

Let's face it my negroid people...the Black man cannot make it in the white boy's political arena!



DimePiece" on 3/24/2009 10:48AM (in reference to the racist Tammy Bruce)
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What a IGNORANT, DISRESPECTFUL, and HATEFUL individual she is! For her to call the FIRST LADY "TRASH" how disrespectful and ugly she is! First Lady Obama has a lot of "CLASS". She is the one that is "TRASH". How dare she! She is just jealous because, Michelle Obama is First Lady, is married to President Barack Obama, and has it GOING ON! I hope her A__ gets fired! First Lady Obama and the public deserves an apology! People that do or say evil, disrespectful, ignorant, and hateful things to other people something bad will always come back DOUBLE and you will not be BLESSED! Believe that!!!!!


Shoutout13Moderator1 hour ago
The way they formed that spin-off Tea Party and used it as a way to attack blacks without it seeming to come from them shows that this is untrue.

Where were these "concerned" people to call Bush Hitler when he started the trend of bailouts at the expense of roads, bridges and our country's infrastructure and without a taxpayer vote?

The GOP mostly uses blacks to attack other blacks and to mask their often racist and obstructionist policies.

One of the fake people's movement's founders (the Koch brothers) is not only against blacks but against workers' rights in general and secretly funds campaigns to undermine them the same way Rupert Murdoch instigated the Patriot act and illegal wiretaps for which he is still not being held accountable by the very media that he controls most of (what's that tell you about the "real intention" of the patriot act?).

The GOP is the new black like a noose would be a new necktie.

I'm still not drinking the Kool-Aide.


HelloWorld3 wrote:
I did not need to hear all of this bs. I clearly said they must not be smart then. Dr king and malcom x wtf mention someone else. Who obama ? The mixed bm ? I was saying MAJORITY of successful bm aren't with bw. Therefor they aren't so "smart" as kashta was saying. If they were smart they would be with some type of black women. Foreign american something. But not all successful bm who aren't with bw are dump or stupid for being with a nb women. Love has no color. But for the majority they CHOOSE to be with a certain woman it doesn't "just happen" like ir relationships should.
You don't have to listen or read my words. It's part of the freedom of speech for me to express myself. Most black men are with or married to black women. Even most so-called successful black men are married with sisters, so that white supremacist lie doesn't work on me. I can name more than Dr. King and Malcolm X. I can name Denzel, Kwame Ture, Michael Vick, Forest Whitaker, I can name Bill Cosby, I can list Dr. Claud Anderson, brothers in my family, etc. These people are smart and strong with sisters. You have the right to go out with who you want. Yet, if a person does cross that line, that person shouldn't on some pro-black family stuff (or some bash BM mentality) if you cross that line. If someone crosses that line, that person shouldn't stereotype their own people in the opposite gender. People will make choices. Only a minority of black men are with non-black women (and vice versa) and you know this. White people have higher rates of IR than black people do. Love has no color, but color is a reality. Racial matters didn't end in 2008 and self hatred should be fought against. Gender unity among males and females is more important than seeking approval from vanilla to be P.C. We don't live in some Kumbaya Utopia since Sean Bell, the 6 year old girl murdered by crooked police in Detroit, and other recent events proved that we don't live in some post-racial society. Why are some of the "love has no color" types are some of the most admamant haters of Black Unity and Black Power?

It makes me wonder. Well, we know the reason why.

-By Timothy



my hat's off to jmarie and all the lovely black ladies on this thread!!

finally, I'm hearing what I've been promoting for years.

STOP SUPPORTING BM WHO DO NOT SUPPORT YOU. Do not see their movies, watch their TV shows, buy their music CDs, books, magazine articles, or sing their praises.

You are right when you say these Latina, Asian and white females will NOT support BM entertainers financially -- only YOU will so the question is, when will black women stop allowing US to disrespect you?

Because, believe me WE won't support any BW who disses us publicly. Anytime a BW does that, the average brother is THROUGH...

Also, let me add one last ingredient to this pot called "HYPE." The mainstream media DELIBERATELY promotes and provokes these "wars" between BM and BW to divide and conquer us, to demoralize you, and to get YOU to blame all of US.

These "producers" script all these so-called "reality" dating shows, and the black participants are TOLD to pick non-blacks, especially as the winners.

The fact that they do it willingly and eagerly is a whole another story (because they are sick and self-hating), but don't fall for the hype, most BROTHERS prefer you (and that includes me, obviously).

And after the cameras stop rolling, these mixed-up couples go their separate ways, paychecks in hand. It's all about the MONEY for them and DIVIDE and CONQUER and promoting WHITE SUPREMACY for the white media.


crammasters , July 15, 2010 11:08    








Jeter gives a word of wisdom and encouragement to the ladies of the Long Beach Poly Track team. Very good advice given...listen up.

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