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Great Summary of Choices...

The SAD American Meat Centered Diet is not only unnaturally cruel to animals [google CAFO Animal Factory Farms] & unhealthy for humans, but is also very destructive to the ecosphere. Moving away from the SAD Diet, GMO crops & industrialized farming- along w conservation & efficiency- must be considered if people are serious about preseving ecosphere & their own health & well-being.
Solar power can be used for more than just generating electricity - in many regions sunlite can be directly used to heat water & for cooking also.
For tidal power google 'Salters Duck'- Back in the 1980s its prototype converted ocean wave energy to mechanical energy at a max efficiency of 90% & then mechanical to electricity again at a max efficiency of 90% - thus total max efficiency = 81%. Even if only about half that efficiency can be attained in practice [IE: 40% - 45%] that = the efficiency of a hi-efficiency diesel engine. But like the GM's electric car they've suppressed this technology.
Bio-gas produces methane gas, the cleanest burning hydro-carbon, & organic fertilizer [so we can move away from environmetally degrading petro-chem based fertilizers] from organic waste - so bio-gas addresses 3 issues [waste management, organic fertilizer & clean burning methane gas production {without poisonous hydro-fracking] using one simple technology. Plus bio-gas digesters & solar- panels / water-heaters / cookers -&- even wind turbines - are very scalable from the industrial- to the farm- to the neighborhood- to the home. Scalabity is important in order to get off of their grid & meter.

In order the radically [but non-violently] change or even bring down this system, we're going to have to seize power & control but NOT Necessarily Political Power! The current poly-trickal system is rigged - we've got about as much chance of making substantive changes via this rigged corp-controlled 2 party system [Corp Dims vis-a-vis Corp Repugs] as we've got at beating the house in a Vegas gambling casino! Thus- If the main Bankster banks are Citi-Bank, BoA Bank, Well Fargo Bank, etc - then we need to move our money out of these so-called 'Too Big to Fail' Bankster Banks- into local community banks & credit unions. They want us plugged into their {control}grid & meter which keeps us hooked on coal, oil, mined gas & nuke power- insuring they continue to get more profits & maintain control- thus we need to move toward more localized power via solar, bio-gas, wind, etc- which makes us less dependent on their control grid - as well as preserving the environment. Like-wise for food, we need to seize more of our power by growing more / most of our own food [or at-least buy from more local food producers] - making us less dependent on their adulterated industrialized food control chains [plus it would be healthier for us]. If enough people do this we can break their power- & it doesn't require voting in rigged elections either!


hassanhussein wrote:
America is a trap. You pay so much to go to University to hear a professor tell you that you will not get a job because you are black. And then all of a sudden we have a black president. It is a land of hypocrisy. They want you to feel bad because you are black. They say that black men are the majority in prison, yet the prisons are packed with white Nazis and Latino Cartels. They say that black men are drug dealers, yet the Cocaine, Heroin and even marijuana & extacy cultivation farms are financed by whites.
Fact. Whites are more likely to engage in drug related activity & yet black & brown men are incarcerated at higher rates for such crimes.


The Time For Choice

"People can choose to be ruled by rich men who call themselves “markets” or they can trust themselves to erect public institutions that are responsive to human needs."
This is the stark choice facing citizens at this point in time. Do we choose to submit to High Tech Feudalism or do we choose to struggle and create participatory democracies built on shared work, responsibility and rewards?
Many of us have been angry and resigned to a dystopian future of submission to corporate oligarchs for some time now. Some people are resigned because they believe they have no choice in dealing with devastating job loss, home foreclosure and loan shark style student debt. Others are waiting for Hope and Change to set things right.
All of us are told daily by the mouth of the beast (the media, movies and television) that we have no rights that the oligarchs are bound to respect. ‘Resistance is futile’ they whisper with nearly every television show, book and news article.
As far as the oligarchs and their lackeys are concerned, the majority of citizens are in the same position as free African-Americans in America in 1837. On the flimsiest of pretexts, a citizen’s "free papers" (Constitution and Bill of Rights) can be confiscated, shredded or burned at any time with the citizen shoved into bondage with little or no recourse.
At this moment, we still have the ability to choose, and choice is powerful. We can choose between:
A private banking system that exists only to steal money from working people or a system of publicly owned state and municipal banks that recycles tax dollars back to Main Street, in the form of low interest small business loans, schools, parks, mass transit, health, housing and neighborhood services.
An industrial food system that saturates our soil, water and air with poison, tortures the animals we eat and contaminates the food supply with genetically engineered organisms or public and transparent citizen institutions that protect and maintain vital natural systems such as water, food and seeds, mountains, forests, rivers and oceans.
An outdated and highly concentrated energy system that pollutes rivers and oceans with oil and toxic dispersants, blows off the tops of mountains for dirty coal and “fracks up” fresh water supplies or clean, decentralized, renewable energy from the sun, wind, waves, geothermal and biodigestion.
This window of choice will not last long. It has been creeping ever downward for thirty-five years. Only determined, long-term action by citizens can make a difference. The newborn Occupy movement and parallel movements like Peoples Organization for Progress seem to instinctively know this and have made a choice to act. What will the rest of us choose?


phazex_femaleModerator1 day agoin reply to randymoo05w
D___ right. Some of our black people operate as though they were afraid to step out and take care of their own. Other races are in ya face with this. And you are correct in your assertion--Cali is experiencing the very same problem, even at the professional level. There is so much "bogus" paper-work out there qualifying illegal aliens as legitimate. You are right, it is LONG over-due that we as black people stop contending over "stupid chit" and take care of our OWN. This race and others? Do NOT give a rat's a___ about YOU. Believe that. Do what you KNOW needs to be done to propel our BLACK race FORWARD. Peace.

Note by Me: Pat Buchanan is dead wrong. I mention these word since I agree with the writer on blacks organizing their own community and being able to create more businesses for black people. Pat is wrong since illegal immigration is morally wrong, but immigrants collectively haven't caused Jim Crow, inequalities, and other serious problems in our nation. Supremacists have and corporate power have caused immigration issues also. Also, Pat doesn't just oppose illegal immigration. He want all immigration to stop, which is morally wrong since humans have the right to migrate to any nation period within the framework of moral means.

By Timothy
MsObsidianModerator10 hours agoin reply to Harvey33
I agree with you 100% White women, gays (white gays), and every other ethnic groups besides Black Americans are riding on the coat tails of what your and my forefathers fought, were lynched, and sprayed down with water hoses for. I am sick of it. We as Black Americans need to have an insular attitude like everyone else. We need to pull our resources, stop wasting our money on weaves, rims, and other mess that depreciate and start investing in the guns. Give up the butter folks! We need to start owning businesses in our community, we need to stop patronizing foreign owned businesses in our community. The things we blow our money on, we need to corner the market (i.e. owning and distributing what we spend money on). Yes, all people of color have been victim of white privilege via colonialism and imperialism. However, that has not stopped Asians, Middle Easterners, Black Africans and Caribbeans, and Latin Americans for having a pompous attitude towards Black Americans. As a result of this behavior, we as Black Americans need to stop trying to include everyone in our struggle because our struggle is by no means equal. The inequities are blatant. How is it immigrants can come here and open up businesses in our community? All of that is by design. Look at it ... liquor stores, corner stores, hair stores, dollar stores, ghetto flea markets - most of these institutions are foreign owned. Hell, most of the time they won't even hire us but we spend our money with them. Isn't that ironic, and quite pathetic! Black Americans need to be against illegal immigration. Americans period- need to be against illegal immigration! It is not fair how they can come in this country, breed kids left and right and get American benefits. If it was the other way around, they will go hell and high water to get us out of their country. I feel and the law states to be an American citizen, one must go through the naturalization process like everyone. In the case of Black Americans, we are even more America because we didn't voluntarily come here, our ancestors were brought here. So that makes us unique. Claude Anderson stated in Black Labor, White Wealth that we need to stop calling ourselves immigrants. The American media loves to push that down our throats. WE ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS! We are indigenous to this country because we survived and adapted here. I would like for all Blacks (including Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latin Americans, and Africans) to come together, but they do get caught up in the incessant and ridiculous racial dynamics of this country. They come here already with a mindset or later adapt a mindset where they look down on Black Americans, but is quick to shot kumbaya when the s___ hit the fan. For example, after 9/11 Middle Easterners had their n___ moment and was petitioning the NAACP. But prior to 9/11 they were and still are quick to pull out a bat and be quick to be the same Negroes down who patronize their businesses. This is the type of mess that pisses me off. Like Paul Mooney said "everybody wanna be a n____________, don't wanna be a n________". Pat Buchanan is right, but he words alone shouldn't be the wake up call that Black Americans need. What he said is already known. It shouldn't take someone like Pat Buchanan to make us realize that illegal immigration pose a threat to our economic viability.
Peoples425Moderator22 hours ago
Okay... let's get this straight, basically the idea is that get rid of the people taking the jobs that most "Americans" wouldn't take regardless and expect Black people to take those very same jobs?
Let's not even address the fact that jobs are being shipped overseas with no ramifications and recording record breaking profits while our economy is slumping and our own people are suffering without jobs to support themselves. Immigration may be an issue in a few states, but it's not as big an issue as the corporations that refuse to pay taxes or the ones sending jobs out of the country.
cocoa09Moderator1 day agoin reply to J.R.
White people have stolen from every corner of the inhabited earth. The British amassed great wealth by enslaving West Africans and proceeded to steal America from the indigenous people. The Spaniards, Portuguese, French and the Anglos colonized South and Central America and the Caribbean islands. They stole the sugar, rum, tropical fruit, coffee and anything else they could get their hands on, while using Africans for free labor. The British, French, Spaniards, Dutch, Italians and Portuguese colonized Africa for the purpose of robbing it of its gold, diamonds, coffee, cocoa, salt, oil, precious artifacts, written knowledge, etc., etc. The British stole tea from China, emeralds from Afghanistan, books from Egypt... Need I continue? White people have stolen people, land, priceless artifacts, precious gems, food, the knowledge of horticulture, medicine, monotheism, beverage making (wine, beer, coffee, tea, liquor), and architecture from Africans, Indigenous Americans, Asians and Arabs. White people perfected the art of exploitation. They have grown wealthy and built nations based on the labor of African men, and the ingenuity of people of color. You have nothing to be proud of. You have a disgraceful legacy. So don't talk to us about food stamps, WIC and 'set asides'. White people have never believed in the principle of hard work. You've stolen everything you have. The labor of African men and women provided the basis for what has become the wealthiest nation the world has ever known. Without the presence of Africans the British would have perished in the colonies. And how did they repay us? They raped our women. They murdered an estimated 150,000,000 of us. So don't get it twisted. No social welfare programs could possibly repay the debt you owe. Let me know if you need another history lesson.
None of Your BModerator1 day agoin reply to J.R.
No J.R., its 2011 the year that 50.3% of EBT, WIC and food stamp handouts in America went to WHITE people. It's 2011 the 235th year in a row that there were MORE White folks living in poverty than Blacks, more White folks having children out of wedlock than Blacks and more Whites using and abusing children, drugs and alcohol than Blacks.

The difference? White folks are sitting in those police cars and in the courts to help your worthless a___s beat the rap.

Move along? You first.
And take your half-White president with you.
LexeModerator2 weeks ago
This incident reveals the dangerous mentality behind this largely white mob. People who have survived civil wars, like Bosnia, stress the importance of being around people who look lime you, during violent uprisings. It can easily become an us versus them scenario, with deadly results. Consider the recent incidents where Black men were viciously beaten while hanging out in all white bars...
Probably even a few of the people whom Joseph Stalin accused of being spies really were, but terror tactics injure more innocent people than guilty ones. The same for the McCarthyist witchhunt. MAINLY innocent people were injured, though the witch hunting Inquisitor McCarthy may have also lucked out an bagged a few real spies. You know, it's kind of like fortune tellers. They don't REALL7 know the future; but if you make enough predictions, they get a few of them right just by chance. Then then they ADVERTISE their few successes while ignoring or hiding their INNUMERABLE failures and errors. Such was the casew with McCarthy. The difference between him and Joe Stalin is that most of McCarthy's victims were not shot or imprisoned in camps (though their were some wrongful imprisonments). And we have some Constitutional protections--thoug h DAMAGED by McCarthyism---whic h prevented the Inquisitor McCarthy from creating a murderous totalitarian nightmare in America.

Skii that is true Americans voted for George W. Bush, he is greatest example of the anti-intellectualism in politics. Its clear that Americans in general don't like smart intellectual people especially when they happen to be people of color like Obama. Its obvious that white conservatives have had enough of this slick talking socialist. Huckabee claimed Mr. Obama is " sharp enough to talk a dog out of a meat truck ". Racist white conservatives don't like these uppity negros, their unconscious biases only manifest themselves in the form of anti-intellectualism.

This is precisely why black people shouldn't confuse themselves and view black conservatism as being identical to white conservatism. Looking closer you realize anti-intellectualism is actually the overt chauvinism of the blissfully ignorant. McCain's appeal to anti-intellectualism via Joe The Plumber propaganda, ended up causing more embarassment than actual gains during his campaign. Recruiting a dingbat like Sarah Palin was genius, because her anti-rationalism and pure emotional bigotry, would appeal to working class whites who reside in the red states.

Anti-intellectualism is an American problem in general, however black people must not pretend like we have no desire for ideological/cultural homogeniety. This type of anti-intellectual populism keeps white racism alive, denying there is such sentiments amongst blacks is the literal equivalent of saying you never heard of Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka. These attitudes prevent racial equality in society, because they undermine African American merit, a black embrace of anti-intellectualism is essentially collaboration with the enemy.



Note by Me: BET is never, ever equivalent to the KKK, but I get this guy's other points.

By Timothy

I just spent the week in New Orleans, the powerbase for one of the most talented, powerful and destructive forces in the history of music: Lil Wayne. I’ve admittedly bopped my head to the tunes of Lil Wayne in the past, feeling the same guilt that any man might feel if he were to enjoy a crack pipe or shot of heroine, knowing how these drugs destroy families, individuals and communities. In other words, I consider myself to be a Hip-Hop insider, and I simply hate the idea of being labeled as a hater. But as a father and Black man who has seen too much death and devastation in my family and so many others, I had to say that “enough is enough,” leading me to candidly discuss my decision to walk away from certain styles of Hip-Hop music.

BET, the media company that targets Black consumers, but is ultimately controlled by a predominantly white organization called Viacom, is not exactly on the same page when it comes to their assessment of Lil Wayne or any other artist (i.e. R. Kelly) who can be directly linked to the holocaust occurring within Black America today. Given that models of profit maximization rarely call for any assessment of the negative externalities that result from unethical corporate behavior, the executive committee for the BET Awards made the interesting decision to give the greatest number of award nominations to Lil Wayne, the man who said that he would (among other things) love to turn a woman out, murder her and send her dead body back to her boyfriend. Oh yea, he also said that he would kill little babies, have sex with every girl in the world, carry a gun on his hip and “leave a ni**a’s brains on the street.”

It might be almost feasible to overlook the “kill little babies comment” were it not for the innocent three-year old boy who was shot in the head by a 21-year old Black male in my hometown just a couple of weeks ago – these atrocities are all too common in quite a few neighborhoods across America. Also, the music might be considered simple entertainment were it not for the fact that millions of Black youth who had their history stolen during slavery actually look to Hip-Hop music to tell them how to dress, talk, think, act and live. There is no high school speaker more popular than a Hip-Hop star.

The Ku Klux Klan has been regularly criticized for encouraging violence against African Americans and terrorizing our community. But the truth is that the Klan doesn’t have much power anymore, and their thirst for African American blood seems to have waned a bit. At the same time, Lil Wayne and artists like him have made a habit of encouraging Black men to shoot one another, to abuse or murder women, to consume suicidal amounts of drugs and alcohol and to engage in irresponsible, deadly sexual behavior.

As a result, Black men are the most likely to die of gun violence, mass incarceration continues to decimate Black families, drug addiction and possession ruins Black lives in droves, and HIV is the leading killer of Black women. So, the truth is that Lil Wayne-like artists and the corporate armies producing this weaponized genocide have killed more Black people than the KKK ever could. So, by accelerating, financing and supporting the “Lil Wayne gospel” to a community that is already dying, BET has effectively positioned itself as a new and improved version of the KKK.

It’s one thing if BET reports on the activities of Lil Wayne or even has him as a guest on their network; we all know that celebrities increase ratings, and as a Business School Professor, I understand the need to pay the bills. But by publicly rewarding his behavior, they are encouraging every record company executive and Lil Wayne wannabe to go to the lab and manufacture more musical poison. As a result, there is some 10-year old boy putting down his textbook to watch the BET Awards, and effectively attending the Lil Wayne School of Black Male behavior. Years later, when this boy shoots another Black man in the face, infects one of his many “hoes” with HIV, ends up in a prison cell, dies from a drug overdose or beats his girlfriend to death, we will be able to link his behavior directly to his formative years, when we cashed in this child’s future for higher shareholder returns at Viacom.

Perhaps a day will come when those of us who know destructive music when we hear it – will actually have the discipline to draw lines and seek accountability – rather than look the other way. It’s not as if you can argue that Lil Wayne is actually GOOD for Black America, and it’s small-minded to justify a man’s reckless behavior just because he’s wealthy.

Charles Manson is considered one of the most vicious killers in history, yet he never actually murdered a soul. He has been in prison for 40 years because he convinced others to commit murder, controlling their minds through comfortable words and charisma. If Manson had been given the platform supplied by BET and the rest of corporate America and a license to share his rhetoric without restraint, he could have caused the deaths of millions more. So, by publicly rewarding and applauding the words of Lil Wayne, BET is giving his beloved message a level of power and penetration that is fit for a king – most interesting is that Wayne’s endorsement of killing women and children is far more vicious than anything Manson ever said.

So, the next time we turn to the KKK, Tea Partiers or the Republicans as the greatest enemies of Black people, we might want to take a look in the mirror. By cheering for those who recite lyrics that encourage us to kill our babies, we are effectively sleeping with and protecting the enemy.

-Humble Guy

IwillbfreeModerator2 hours ago
This is what I'm talking about! The hell with wearing your pants below your a___!!! We need to instill this program all over the u___d snakes, so our young boys can become MEN!


Co-opting activists has worked well since '60s but can't buy all

I've been an observer of activists being co-opted since the 1960s. It works well to peel off some of the leaders, but enough people didn't rationalize and get co-opted so the various movements kept on: civil rights in South, women's movement, teachers' union start in early 1960s in NYC, antiwar movement (also had Dem pols scared in the 1960s as the antipoverty program died in the War on vietnam), and disability rights movements and the movement to stop police brutality. The warning is perfect, Glen Ford.
Also, Paul Street has a good breakdown of the 1% and $ with footnotes, new article, on Znet: www.zcommunications.org/znet
Update: HuffPo sub-headline top of home page, Sat. 10/15, 5pm is How Obama will use Occupy Wall Street Against Republicans in 2012. The Occupy Wall Street folks will not be used.
And I'm happy to say that Disabled in Action (The url is)* .disabledinaction.org is going as a group to join the Occupation event in Manhattan tomorrow. I'm too ill to go, but there in spirit.
*I did not get to the site with www.disabledinaction.org from here but was able to via google, typing in Disabled in Action.


Interested11342 wrote:

And the dems founded the kkk, so? What about now? If you believe that the democratic party is better for you, you're lost.
The Democratic Party did not found the KKK. The KKK was founded by former officer in the Confederate army. Probably the founder was a member of the southern branch of the KKK. But the Democratic Party, like the Republicans, was divided into into right wing, centrist and left leaning elements.
The KKK members would belonged to the right wing, segregationist wing of the Democrats. However, you also found (and still find) KKK among right wing Republicans. And this especially so after the Civil Rights movement triumphed under liberal Democrat administraions of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Not surprising, LBJ stated that with the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the South would probably be lost to the Republican Party. It was, especially with the "southern strategy" of Richard NIxon (and later Reagan) of appealing to white racist resentments to win over formerly Democratic white voters. Dixicrats became Republicans. Some started moving in that direction with Republican rightist Barry Goldwater, an stauch foe of the Civil Rights Act..
The fact of the matter is that the RIGHT, both Democrat and Republican, have been opponents of civil rights and racial equality.
But there used to be moderates and liberal left in BOTH parites.
There still are right, center and left among Democrats. Republican Party has been hijacked by the Right. And the most deepseated, stubborn and adamant forms of racism have nearly always come from the Right.


Sam its true white people pay good money to see n_____ act like this. This is exactly why the worst kinds of hiphop sell the most records. Black people continue to look pass this ignorance because of the millions of dollars being made from it. But the sole reason we avoid speaking out against someone who is making tons of cash, is because it only results in accusations of being jealous of the wealthy- meaning the argument is rendered futile automatically. The old Jewish white guys that control mainstream rap music, determine what the records are going to sound like, and if the record isn't radio friendly ( Dumbed Down ), its not going to get any promotion.

The profits are too large to be concerned with, how this degrading representation makes black people look. In a materialistic society like ours objective measures are held in higher esteem than subjective measures, this is why we can look pass ignorant shit. But if white people didn't consume so much of this ignorance, don't you think rappers would have to stop dumbing down lyrics and start emulating the intelligent wordplay of rappers who have intellectual prowess like Andre 3000, Jay Electronica, Common and Lupe Fiasco.

These intellectual rappers don't necessarily give white americans confirmation about black intellectual inferiority, so their creative artistry suppposedly isn't a true representation of black people in racist white peoples eyes. Whats even worse is that black fans of commercial rap music even believe socially conscious rappers are square and uppity and their complex lyrics alienate the black people who identify with the anti-intellectual redneck culture of machismo called "The streets" . This black redneck culture has been commodified via mainstream rap music, thus the black inferiority complex has been commercialized in this racist society.

Unconscious racism is prevalent, and white americas unconscious racism is exactly what killed hip hop culture, and black peoples own internalized racism only adds fuel to the fire. Mainstream rappers use their wits only to brag about how many hoes they have, these men use their intellectual prowess for self dramatization, hell even use their vocabularies to downplay educational attainment. A genius way to put ones intellect to use allegedly.Icon_eek



BLACKstarPAYNEModerator23 hours agoin reply to RACISTIwbfreeASmitty
"You can't be that much educated when you get everything you say from books "

Are you kidding me? Reading is the cornerstone of education. And as far as i can tell, most of us that graduated from high school, and went on colleges and other places of higher learning were taught out of BOOKS written by mostly WHITE people. So i would say that most people that grow up in the USA have been very well schooled on ALL of the GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS of white people. Which makes us more than aware of what anglo-saxons are able to do.

It is because you have filled all of your books with open racism and white supremecy that many SELF AWARE black people choose to REJECT you as decent people. Many of us simply do not find you to be agreeable to exist with us in peace. YOUR HISTORY in YOUR BOOKS, has taught us this. So this may be why many self aware black people choose not to discus OUR issues with white people.


Note by Me: I am not a Democrat or Republican, but I see where Anne is coming from.

By Timothy

Interested11342 wrote:

And the dems founded the kkk, so? What about now? If you believe that the democratic party is better for you, you're lost.
At some point, at least some of those Democratic KKK members became Republicans. While there were undeniably Republicans who
took part in the Civil Rights movement or aided it, there were also Democrats who did so. By the same token, there have been both Democrats and Republicans who have worked to hinder it. The GOP's record of 2011 has been about cozying up to the corporate class at everyone else's expense, and that overshadows the good they did in the past. I love the way people harp on the honorable past of the GOP and the dishonorable one of the Democratic Party, while apparently ignoring the fact that their roles have been reversed. By that logic, blacks may as well not be part of the American system, since the system once tolerated slavery. Apparently, people who harp on the past believe there is no possibility of change, which causes them to ignore what the GOP has become.

As a black woman, I see nothing in the GOP of today that would induce me to vote for them. While they decry welfare for the poor, they have no problem with corporate welfare. There are Democrats who think the same way, AKA Blue Dogs, but the party as a whole is much more inclusive. They are far from perfect but they are indeed the "lesser of two evils." If we ever do again vote Republican, Herman Cain is not someone who would induce us to do so. He is a success as a businessman, but politically, he is as dumb as a box of rocks with all the crazy things coming out of his mouth. Furthermore, he seems indifferent to things that are about progress, including the very Civil Rights movement that has been instrumental in the success of him and other African-Americans.
He is affiliated with the empathy-and-ethics-challenged Koch brothers, which is another big mark against him.



whowantz2knoModerator1 day agoin reply to Scapegoat4URLife
"There are plenty of people with the mindset just like yours saying that whites are trying to emulate black folks"

Wait, I have the extra chromosome, yet I JUST told you that I don't think whites are trying to emulate blacks? I just smashed that comment of yours and explained exactly where my mindset is at, but you chose to ignore that in order to make your failed point? Ahhhhh gotcha! You're one of THOSE types!

How am I just as a nazi or KKK member when I am not at all interested in exterminating any others? See YOUR brethren can't just leave blacks alone, they MUST interfere, kill, rape, maim and murder instead of just falling back. That is not my mindset. As for my being a 'hypocrite sinner', again, you are wrong, (like most whites!). I don't go around blasting people's actions or words then turn right around and do just as they are doing. When you can PROVE to me that I've done that, as a grown woman, I shall concede and consider myself corrected. But I can tell you son, you will not ever find me back peddling or stammering in my POV. Anyone on this site that really knows me can tell you when I'm set, that's it, I'm done.

And being is that I do not practice any faith or religion, I don't play into the 'sinner' thing. That would mean I have to go back over everything I've ever done that was 'wrong' according to someone else's standards, and apologize or repent for it. "Not I", says this black p____y cat. Whatever I've done, trust me I wanted to, loved it, would do it again, and never apologize for it.

My theory of white genetics isn't absurd at all. Get cha pen and paper out homie, school is in since you wanna go there! Whites are WEAKER genetically than blacks. You wrinkle faster, you can't absorb the sun like we can, your skin is thinner, y'all age like a m_____ too mayne! I mean a woman of color can be 5'6 at 175lbs and be all a___, hips, thighs and breasts, but let one of YOUR women go beyond 100lbs and she looks like a STOP sign about the body. Where did Multiple Sclerosis form? In WHITE genes, where did bone density deterioration find it's first and MOST cases? In WHITE genes. Do you see my pattern here? Deterioration is prevalent in white folks. Not to mention the FACT that you all can only produce WHITE people which goes to show that your genes are on one track and can't reach past a certain point of productivity for yourselves. But ohhhhh black folks can produce EVERYONE, always have and always will. There is a reason why WE are the original man and woman on the planet, and we are STILL HERE. That's genes baby, white folks just can't do that.

I'm sorry if you find my post offensive for speaking on the NATURE of your people. And far be it from me to hunt, search and dig to find the 'good ones' out of all of you. A friend of mine used a great analogy in regards to white folks.....If you have 10 mice in your home and you know there are 10 of them. But you only ever see 8 mice. Do you try to save those 2 that you never see OR do you just get rid of all 10? White folks have been and are COLLECTIVELY devious ass people and one or two 'good ones' doesn't make a difference to me. Furthermore, white people are NEVER objective when it comes to blacks. If you all see ONE young black male with his pants saggin and he had a gun, then guess what? EVERY other black male you see with baggy jeans on gets harassed regardless. As for your comment about whites annihilating blacks IF they felt like this dude does.....NIZ! Whites would never get rid of all blacks because you get too much from us! You have learned from us, we are responsible for OVER 3/4 of the very inventions you use right today from washing your asses properly to flipping on a light switch in your home, to having a stop light on your city streets. I wouldn't get rid of people I have been using forcefully for decades that I have now talked into WILLINGLY working for me. I said whites are weak, not dumb. Why should they get rid of the very people that have always taken very good care of them....

Once again, I am black so therefore I have no POWER to be racist nor practice racism. Racism is a SYSTEM in place that operates the ideology of white supremacy. And I also have no intention of making YOU or any other white person take me seriously. Frankly, you don't have to. I don't need your allegiance, acceptance, open arms, embracing, approval nor understanding in this world in order for MY life to operate smoothly as it does.....Again, go tell that to some shufflin negro who cares.....

soultry-soulModerator1 day agoin reply to Scapegoat4URLife
I would like to share with that my company has a Race & Social Justice Initative and every department has been required to watch as a department & discuss a three part video series... "Racism: The Power of an Illusion".

In this video there are numerous world reknown scientist that places their reputation on the line with substantial evidence that Blacks are genetically superior than that of other races on so many levels - especially physical, and DNA.

One thing I got out of this: Yt folks do not like to discuss racism, they do not want to be confronted with any thing other races view as racism. A lot of yt folks believe there is no racism, and that other races are being too sensitive regarding whatever the situation is at hand.

I suggest that you locate the video series - I'm not typing any lies to you - all truth.




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If he can close his eyes and not be able to tell the difference between a white supremacist and CONSCIOUS black person, then he knows not what he speaks of Soultry.

I dare him to show us just 3 cases of where mobs of blacks have LYNCHED any whites and threw a d___ party to celebrate it! I mean brought out their kids and family like it was a d___ Sunday at the park! That is what cave supremacists do, not us!


Mark says:
Yes. Read Donald Dewey’s excellent 1996 biography where it says:
NBC producer Hal Kanter was shocked when Stewart insisted on firing black actor Hal Williams from The Jimmy Stewart Show. Kanter recalled, “One day somebody comes running into my office and says you better get down and see Jimmy, he is absolutely furious. I go down to his dressing room, and he’s really hot. The problem was he had just found out that we were casting Hal Williams and he related that to a script for a show in which there was a cop lashing into the professor character. ‘Blacks are bossing white people all over the country,’ he says to me angrily, ‘and now we’re going to have the same damn thing on prime time television? A black is going to be lecturing me with millions of people watching? No way. I get casting approval and Williams is out.’ I couldn’t believe it. Aside from everything else, he’d screwed up the shows, because Williams had been hired to play an FBI agent on another episode. But his anger about the thing was frightening. He acted chagrined when I told him about the mix up he’d made, but both of us knew that he’d let one cat out of the bag that he would have preferred not to. He didn’t have an easy relationship with blacks even as fictional characters.” Others had seen the cat at least in the bag for some time. Director John Ford had picked on Stewart’s Achilles heel during the filming of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Readers of interviews over the years may have been struck by everything from his descriptions of the antics of “dusky” housekeepers before World War II, to his complaints during the 1960s and 1970s that motion pictures had fallen under the influence of special interest audiences, among them “teenagers and colored people.” Beverly Hills friend Leonard Gershe recalled, “I don’t think there’s any question that Jimmy was uncomfortable with black people. But I wouldn’t lay it all on Indiana, either. This is Beverly Hills, USA. It is possible to go to dinner parties for years and, except for maybe Gregory Peck’s home, never run into a black person, even the rich ones like Sidney Poitier and Quincy Jones. When you consider that Jimmy has spent almost his entire life in either Indiana or Beverly Hills, and is of a certain generation, you’re not talking about someone who figures to be particularly sensitive to race. Like a lot of people with his kind of mentality, any kind of militancy, like the civil rights demonstrations in the 1960s, made him very uneasy, were just another threat to the way he was used to living, like admitting women to Princeton.”
Stewart’s problems with black people are also described in the more recent biographies by Michael Munn and Marc Eliot.


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I couldn't respond to you up top.....about your 'becky psyche' thing....

There is no 'becky' in my psyche. As I stated before, I'm too well planted in my mindset to ever be bothered by what some of you black males do. I have a friend, black guy, been cool with him for almost 9 years now and he only dates and married a white woman.

But who does he call when she puts him out the house? Who does he call when she wont let him see his son? Who does he call when she hacks into his emails and text messages because she's insecure, over weight and doesn't trust her token black stallion husband? ME...I'm the BLACK woman he calls every time, with every nuance and COMPLAINT about his coveted "Becky". So no sir, a black guy with a white chick doesn't bother me at all because I know too many black guys who catch HELL when dealing with them. I don't know collectively which race of women is the better or 'best' one, but I sure in hell know it's not the white one.....

Now you have a goodurn.... :)


the black community has beaten racism to the point where they can start and we all of us can start attacking economic inequality. we must redistribute the wealth. and today with people like lil wayne and jay -z at the fore front of black culture we stand no chance. they perpetuate the abundance of oppulence and materialism that keeps us subservient to the capitalist fat cats. VIVA CUBA LIBRE. VIVA LA REVOLUCION

Brother Kwame Ture is a hero who uplifted African people in the world.
Brother Kwame Ture inspired us and he wasn't scared to die for our struggles in this earth.
Brother Kwame Ture was full of heart and he brought a change in our lives and African people, shouldn't forget this great king, leader, soilder, father, scholar and hero of our culture, our history and our families.
You are my hero and soilder in our struggles, Brother Kwame Ture, 1941-98.

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