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Al Cuppett on 9/11 (A Must Read and a Classic)



A. B. "Al" Cuppett

US Army/The Joint Staff (OJCS), Retired

RR 1 Box 34-T

Madison, VA 22727

4 Oct 2001 - 11 Nov 2001 (Update #4)

Subject: Eleven September -- The New World Order (NWO) and the United Nations DECREE: "IN YOUR FACE, UNITED STATES, ISRAEL, BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS, AND THE WHOLE JEWISH RACE!"

To wit: Ordo Ab Chao.. A New World Order [Fourth Reich] out of Created Chaos & GOD'S Judgment Begins!


My dear brother in Canada,


You wanted some information? Here it is. Please note this, if you will, "white paper", will be updated, as appropriate, when the info, and it shall, trickles in.


All wars commence as a result of diabolical conspiracies, all employing a planned "catalytic event", or series of events. They never start by happenstance. To wit, a later-suicidal plantation owner from the James River, VA, was provoked into pulling a cannon lanyard at Ft Sumter, SC, thus starting the US Civil War. A suspicious blast sunk the USS Maine and the US and Spain were at war. An assassination and a suspicious ship sinking brought the UK, and subsequently the US, into WWI. A "rising-3rd-Reich", using an agents-provocateur "attack" on a German, near-the-border radio station, by "Polish" troops, sent Germany into Poland, whereas, 2 years later, a 'suspiciously inept' cabal of US govt leaders, failed to prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor. The two incidents, sequentially employed, propelled the UK and US into WWII. The Korean War was a Russian-Chinese "conspiratorial expedition", provoking actions by a surrogate nation, thus to bring America into another war, on the way to a United Nations-led "New World Order" (NWO)." Later, the USS Turner Joy, and another destroyer, would "supposedly" be attacked by [phantom?] North Vietnamese patrol boats, with the resulting Congressional "Tonkin Gulf Resolution" bringing massive US retaliation by LBJ; and the subsequent deaths of 55,000-plus US service personnel. All were ongoing conspirators-instigated conflicts, as the NWO (and the United Nations) marches on towards a establishing a global UN army of "peace keepers" for "world peace". Thus,"...and by peace shall [he, the false Messiah] destroy many." Dan 8:25 KJV-ONLY


Therefore, if we're to believe the Hebrew Bible Code, since it predicted, among many other events, the impact points of thirty-nine Scud missiles in Jerusalem (1991), we must now understand that this same Code has pinpointed the true "global" conspirators in the recent WTC/Pentagon attacks against the USA. To wit, the Bible Code "matrix" implicates a cabal of conspirators, including not only a UN-PL0 cabal, but even "USA"

elements! Friend, this is no mystery, since most US leaders now in power, as with the Clintons before, aren't only violently anti-Semitic at heart, but vehement haters of true "Believers" [born again Christians] across the USA! Hence, 11 September 2001 was not only a "conflict catalyst" and the Divine Judgment of God against the USA (see para 4 below), and its wickedness [as I'll later prove with Gematrial Biblical Numerics], but the actual beginning of WWIII; and the ultimate march towards, "..a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon", in the "Valley of Jezreel", or the Plain of Esdraelon, just NW of modern-day Megiddo, Israel. Be advised, therefore, the final goal of this Satan-led conflict will be the attempted elimination of all Jews and "born again" Believers on the planet. On 2 October it was reported that Bush and Powell will demand a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. This shall not "fly" in Israel, or in Heaven! Mark my words. Prepare for the end!


Understandably, I do want to warn you right here, that you can trust nothing you hear on the TV or read in the press in the US today. For example, Heinrich Mueller, the Third Reich's Gestapo Chief, escaped to Switzerland, with his pilot, and later came to the US. Remarkably, with the help of a collaborator, he bought an estate in Warrenton, VA. Mueller stated, upon being questioned by the OSS in 1947, the he "..could bring about a coup in this country". His premise was that if he could get our press/broadcasting hierarchy down to "four major networks in one city", the news could be controlled, and a coup successful. We now have all major networks from one central place; New York City. Watch how they'll bring about the implementation of the super secret "Continuity of Govt Plan" (COG), and "regionalize" (Divide up the USA into 10 FEMA Regions! Hey, what about the 50 state govts? The UN/NWO is planning to "Backpack-Nuke" those state govt centers, so the ten "Regents" can rule us from FEMA bases!) Note the term "Regional", e.g., parks, hospitals, etc, springing up recently! Believe little or nothing you see on TV, or see in the current NWO-run US press. Multiply the below-exposed "fertilizer" lie 500 times per month, and you'll get the idea of the TV-press credibility problem we're fighting!


Several years ago, Tom Brokaw, on NBC, and I saw it myself, broadcast that there'd been, "25 tons" of fertilizer stolen from a Brewston Mills, WV, agriculture COOP. The then-running NWO-UN-Clintonista press "spin', coming just after the OK City blasts, was to further terrorize the US population! Terrorize the people with the lie there was enough "high nitrate fertilizer" in the wrong hands to, in my inflammatory words -- 'blow up half the USA'! Was this Goebbels-style propaganda "news story" the truth? No! Was it ever retracted? NO!


About seven months later, I visited the local agriculture COOP from whence this "fertilizer" was stolen. After showing them my two federal ID cards and my US Army/JCS Badge-adorned "Purple Heart-Combat Wounded" baseball cap, and also letting them know that my great uncle Bert's family reunion was held about 10 miles away at "Twin Churches", I queried two different employees about the FBI-Janet Reno "fertilizer heist". The answer: "No fertilizer was ever stolen"! It was a "book keeping error", which brought in the local police, then the FBI.. then Tom Brokaw and NBC; nationwide at 6:30 PM! All in a clever sequentially choreographed attempt to terrorize the American public to, eventually, give up their rights. The World Trade Center "attacks", along with more soon-coming United Nations-sponsored terror, will serve to destroy our freedoms as we now know them. All in the name of "peace and security". "For when they say peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail [birth pangs] upon a woman with child [it's not tissue!]. 1 Thes 5:3 KJV. That means the destruction will come as labor pains.. Like, more frequent and more painful with every terrible, perpetrated event!


Here's another example of recent the "sound bite" lies being forced upon us, re the WTC/Pentagon charade:


A press report on 24th reported that the Cockpit Voice Recorder, recovered from Flt 93, reveals the terrorist pilot "spoke to the passengers". However, a 25th press report says that, "All 8 flight/cockpit recorders are too badly damaged to produce reliable data"? Why? The terrorists surely conversed in the cockpits, revealing they weren't from bin Laden's "camp"; thus, their true bosses, as identified by the Bible Code, must be kept secret from the American people if Bush is to have his "war on terror". Note: This war will be the catalyst to bring Islamic terror to every Jew, and many other "politically incorrect groups" worldwide! (See Para 2 below)


Another "sound bite" report says they found one of the terrorist's passports intact near the WTC crash site in NYC? Give me a break! It's lies and more lies, just like the [me mocking them] 'Great West Virginia Fertilizer Heist' above! The US public will believe anything on the TV news! Just like my "sheeple" wife will believe only what/anything she reads in the newspaper! ANYTHING! [Note: You'll never hear a word about the black boxes again on national TV; unless, after they read this, they go into "damage control mode" to discredit me.)


Legally speaking, based on "Judeo-Christian ethic" and English Common Law, all of which we owe to ancient Hebrew/Jewish people, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word [or fact] be established". Therefore, let's start here, relating individual reports seen or heard by individuals, or telephoned/written to me since 9-11-01:


Postulation: The WTC buildings were destroyed by a reported "implosion", but in this case, it was actually "timed-sequence incremental" (TSI) charges within the THREE, not just two, buildings. All circumstantial evidence and testimony from on-scene citizens, and reports from the scene, prove it. Moreover, WTC Building Number 7, forty stories high, which was not hit, nor on fire, "collapsed", "live and in full color", before our eyes, exactly as the two others. "Heavy dust" did it?! Right!! There's more to follow on this issue, however the comments of a career USMC ordnance officer, seeing it live on TV in my residence were: "They just blew those three buildings up!" This ought to awaken somebody! The Lord promised to "set a snare" against the NWO.. Will this be it?


Furthermore, a Red Cross worker reported he was told by a federal agent, "Do not deviate from anything other than what's in published news reports." It's TWA Flt 800 all over again! In that case, in order to silence two ex-Arkansas State Troopers, on their way to Paris (this info per the prestigious "Miami Herald") to spill the "Clintonian-Arkansas beans" about Slick Willie, to the "Le Monde Magazine", something had to be done. Nothing could be allowed to jeopardize "The Clinton's" tenure in office; such tenure thereby assuring the ongoing betrayal of the USA to the NWO/UN One World Govt. Therefore, a UN/Soviet-piloted chopper, using a "smart" Soviet-made Continuous Rod (CR) Warhead Missile to "cut the plane in half", with a "**K-Kill", killed the "informers", and keeping Clinton in office. The rest of the TV/press Flt 800 lies everybody has heard already. For brevity's sake just a couple of the actual facts of the shoot down will be covered here. **(Kinetic energy-driven ("hula hoop-like" and welded) rods, leaving no explosive residue inside the target aircraft. Clever huh!?)


Here's another point: Since JP-4 jet fuel fumes, no matter how hot they're heated, will not explode, how was it possible for TWA 800 to be brought down by a "fuel tank fumes" explosion? To wit, what you saw when the B-767 hit the WTC Tower was jet fuel, not exploding, but burning, still moving at about 200-225, not "520", MPH, as the spin doctors would have you to believe. And JP-4 jet fuel kindles far below 2000 [spin doctor-press reported] degrees! The buildings were designed to withstand a Class Four Fire, above 2000 degrees. That the fires were "2000 degrees" is pure hype to support their bogus "collapse" scenario.


Moreover, the TWA 800 disaster was also carefully covered up by the Illuminati/Jesuits, with the help of the Chief, New York FBI Field Office. To wit, he was chug-a-luggin' a "few drinks" at the "Friars Club", which isn't a Baptist/Methodist, et al, facility, but a Romanist "watering hole", when notified of the disaster. Moreover, TWA Captain Stacy, then TWA's Assistant Chief Pilot, professionally assisting in the investigation, was arrested after he took a seat cushion cover that had "exotic missile fuel stains" soaked into it. Stacy even wrote a book about it all. They had to suppress that evidence as it would prove the UN/Russians were involved, since they're the only ones who have, today, an operational CR missile in their weapons inventory. We now use only HE warheads. Further, the chopper which launched the missile was employing a radar "spoofer", thus, was invisible to FAA radar. This same technology is being used by "Treaty on Open Skies" (TOS) aircraft as they spray bio-chemical agents across the USA. (See para 2(a) below) Moreover, the truth about the UN/Russian helicopter units, now hidden in the US, had to be kept secret at all costs; because there aren't supposed to be foreign choppers, on "black operations" missions, killing US citizens! But they are/will be! How about that?


Subsequently, Mrs. Linda Cabot, who was featured on a national TV talk show, had her high quality photo, of a missile streaking towards the plane, forcefully taken away from her. This was done either by 'Reno-directed' federal agents, or by Clinton-imported-into-the-USA, UN "Cops on the Street, or "Project Harmony" cops, or "Community Police", as ordered by a "Basement Cabinet" member (See below). Note: The entire TWA 800 investigation/cover-up, including Waco and Oklahoma City, and many other "operations", was controlled by "parallel government 'cabinet members'", whom we know to have been operating from Washington from/in the White House/EOB, since at least 1993; with the advent of the Clintons. This can be circumstantially proven by the specific events centered around the little-known, helicopter [two, HE missile] attack on anti-Clinton attorney Mike Benn, in Dallas in 1994. [Note. This expos� of the UN, and it's "parallel government" operations out of DC, controlled by the "Beast in Brussels", could be put into a 700 page book, but must be stopped somewhere, if I'm ever to get it on the street.] (See Para 5 below)


1. The "signature" of "Controlled Demolitions", i.e., explosives:


(a) The mother of a member of an "elite" Emergency Med Team, dispatched to NYC to assist related to me her son's comments; when he returned after only two days due to mental trauma from the horrible spectacle unfolding: "We expected to find many mangled bodies from collapsed buildings, but instead we found inordinate/massive numbers of body parts. In fact, truck loads of body parts". Another "witness" reported the same phenomenon. The body parts are the signature of powerful explosives, and such had to have been generated by the explosive forces noted above.


(b) I personally heard at least one fire fighter interviewed in the first 30 minutes after the "collapse" say: "I heard an explosion and the building started falling down." Moreover, the fire fighters knew there was no danger of collapse, as they'd been in many skyscraper fires, therefore they toiled without fear, not knowing explosives were set to go off; destined specifically to cause maximum terror, horror, and shock within the USA. What the fire fighter heard, and we all saw on TV, was the first small "incremental" explosive charge, one thousands to come, sending out, in a "skyrocket-like" display, concrete chunks. Each chunk was followed by dust particle trails that were the result of concrete having just been blown into countless molecules of cement dust. You saw it all, including Building Seven, which will never again to be shown on/in the TV or press! Late comment, 10-30-01: A trucker 1/4th mile away stated that the TV coverage deleted the "tremendous noise" that accompanied the "collapse". Sure, 5000 two-pound charges going off in sequence would make a lot of noise! A cover up, and what's here should suffice to "uncover" it all. Prepare for the end, the "four [Apocalyptic] horsemen" ride!


Late notes: 11 Nov 01: (1) It was reported to me that of the many FBI and Secret Service agents assigned to offices in the WTC complex, all but one in each office were absent from their offices on 9-11. [As you continue to read, this point/issue will clarify itself.] (2) On 11/11/01 a militia member vehemently complained/questioned, on the Net, about why "Mayor Giuliani was banning, under threat of arrest, all video/photo taking of the WTC crime scene"? Well, if the above 2 items are true, it's the same "cover up mode" as OKC, when they buried all the building debris in a land fill, and put a 24-hour guard on it! (And that's "1st person" true!) Now you know why

the young lady had a dream (which follows below) about the WTC scenario, and why the Hebrew Bible Code included "USA" involvement in 9-11.


(c) A police officer wrote me a letter as follows: "The entire NYPD Bomb Squad was killed in the collapse of the first Tower". This would indicate, if they were there before the plane hit, they must have been called when somebody found suspicious [explosive] devices. Moreover, professionally, it would have been near-criminal to have sent the entire bomb squad to one location to assist in a non-explosive related operation; since there could have been a requirement to have a bomb unit somewhere else in NYC. If, however, the entire squad was there it must have been in response to a critical report of one or more/many discovered explosive devices. The time of the bomb squad's arrival must be checked; and that data must come from the actual lips of the official who dispatched the squad. No other source can be trusted as NWO "press control" is in full operation in NYC.


(d) By personally researching the tactics of the NWO in the last 9 years within the US, I can see through their 'press presented' scenario. I saw the "explosion" the fireman heard, when the dust and chunks of concrete began to fly ["implode"] from just below the burning section. The generation of massive dust concentrations is the primary signature of "incremental" (TSI) explosives being employed. Human beings hurrying near these explosives would have been cut into pieces, exactly as noted by the EMT Tech in Para 1a.


(e) From two separate reports: One employee, and I know the man's best friend's mother, on the 30th floor, states that managers with "bullhorns" were telling people to stay in their offices, as "there is no danger". He took the stairs and is alive. A second report states that another employee heard instructions to go back to work from a "PA system". Either way, the conspirators, with the help of "parallel government/cabinet" operatives (those terms to be defined below), were striving for a "maximum kill ratio"; thus, bringing more outrage from Americans, goading them into a war that will eventually involve all major powers, and bring about the near-destruction of the USA, via bio-chemical and nuclear attacks! Mark my words the day you read this!


(f) Related, but critical-to-the-case, information: The US Congress is now hurriedly passing a bill to pay up our UN debt. Isn't that rather odd, since they'd refused for years to pay up? What's up? They got the UN's "WTC message", just as the Senate got the "Sony Bono" message, and the Service Chiefs got the "**ADM Boorda Message." Cooperate with our One World Govt "programs" or else! To wit, Bono was taken out by "operatives", and never hit a tree; while Boorda had three bullets in his body. Both were set on bringing the Clintons down, but by different modes! They were neutralized! You just don't know truth! I have the circumstantial evidence to prove it all! **Understand that Admiral Boorda was a Jewish patriot who gave his life for the USA!


2. The PLO-Islamic "Throw the Jews/Israel to the Wolves" Connection


(a) On 25 Sep, the press reported: (My paraphrase) 'Bin laden says that any US attack on Afghanistan will be a declaration of open season on Americans and Jews worldwide!' This is the "link" from the terrorism in the USA to the Mideast scenario. Although Bush is building an "alliance" with Arab nations, the tide will change drastically just when things, "publicly", are "looking good" for us in the "anti-terror battle". The PLO-IDF conflict soon will "escalate" and we may make some attempt to help Israel. Then the Islamic-Arab "alliance" will play the "oil card"; that is, "Hey USA, drop Israel [and the Jews] and you can have oil/gas for your 2001 [perverted] lifestyles". Moreover, if we attack any Islamic country the specter of terror will spread across the USA, be it the activities of real Islamic terrorists, or the imported UN/Soviet agents-provocateur in the USA! The likes of which not one American in 10,000 know about. To wit, it won't be Arabs flying the 'press-propaganda' "crop dusters", which are setting us up for bio-chem horror, but rather, operational "Treaty on Open Skies" UN planes/choppers spraying pathogens on us. See for chemtrail info, or run "" for/on "chemtrails"). Note: As soon as Bush strikes any Islamic target, every Jewish Synagogue, Hillel Jewish Center, and yarmulke-wearing Jew, will soon be an Islamic target! So said bin Laden!


(b) 24 Sep: In newspapers Falwell and Robertson are being characterized as "domestic terrorists", and hate mongers for saying God's judgment is on the USA. Well, friends just check the "elevens" in the "count" below!!


3. Gematrial/Scripture Numerics prove God's judgment began in earnest on 11 Sep 2001


A study of the Authorized Version (KJV) will reveal a supernatural numeric code within. It took a mathematician 40 years to prove it, and I've been "watching", not using it, since 1988. Those of you who've been given a copy of the "code" will note that "Eleven" is, (1) "Judgment", or (2) "The [Divine] Judge". Here's the "count", using the "numbers" that fell out on 9-11-01. Right now the mathematical probability of the attacks NOT being God Almighty's Judgmental Hand is about one trillion to one. Without a lot of editing here they are:


(1) 11 Sep 2001; (2) 9/11 = 9+1+1 = 11; Day 254 = 2+5+4 = 11; (3) Remaining days: 111; (4) The twin WTC towers actually resemble an "11"; (5) Both towers were 110 stories high. Note: Jer 50: 21 says: "Go up against the land of Merathaim" ("im" denotes plurality). This literally might mean, "The land of the 'rebellious plural' or 'twins'" -- Twin towers? (6) Flight 11 hit the first tower. (7) One flight had 92 passengers = 9+2 = 11. (8) Flight 77 is a multiple of 11. (9) New York was the 11th state to join the Union. (10) "New York City" has 11 letters; (11) "The Pentagon" has 11 letters. (12) One flight had 65 passengers, 6+5 = 11. (13) The flag was flown at half-staff for 11 days. (14) The digits in Executive Order 13223, which addressed measures resulting from the attacks, add up to 11 (1-3-2-2-3 = 11). That, at this count, is 11 to the 14th power. Figure the odds. I guess that tops "trillion" and hits one in one quadrillion; i.e., that the attacks were NOT the Judgment of God! And there may be more elevens in the scenario. Note: There shall be more attacks, and worse, until they force Bush to declare martial law. Jews and born again Christians take heed, as you are the soon-coming targets. Note on 11-1-01: If George H.W. Bush declared a NWO on 11 Sept 1990, that's exactly 11 years to the day! THINK!


(4) Hebrew Bible Code input (see the P.P.S at the end)


The Biblical Math analysis above, proves the attack was the judgment of Almighty God on this wicked nation, just as recently prophesied to be coming by "Elijah the Tishbite/Elijah the Prophet", well before this ever happened. The Hebrew Bible Code "matrix plot", ran on the WTC/Pentagon attack, reflects that the UN and the PLO were the prime perpetrators. [Those two groups want, among other things, a scenario in the USA which will prevent us from helping Israel when the war starts.] Bin Laden was NOT found in the Code "matrix". Since the Bible Code was able to successfully predict the Gulf War Scud missile strikes on Jerusalem in 1991, it stands to reason it could pinpoint who did, or did not, participate in the WTC attack. It did just that, and it was not Bin Laden. He's just the bogey man for this "war", and the soon coming martial law scenario. What you're seeing on TV is a very cleverly crafted propaganda campaign. There are many other "elements" in the "code matrix" which I'll try to report on later. However, it was a Satanist-inspired action, and it apparently included a [Code-identified] duped US "elite unit" which, when ordered to do a "counter-security exercise" went in and planted the "exercise-only" [and which they thought were dummy] explosives. (See Para 6 below) There is much info to be revealed, but it comes in bit by bit; and takes time to be articulated so as to "snare" these devils!


5. The plot thickens, or better yet, it has been "thick" for years!


Another "report" stated that the "FBI had been put in charge of WTC building security two weeks prior to the attack"?? What follows will articulate the "modus operandi" and intrigue of the NWO and, as once Ollie North-identified, the "parallel government" operations that have been on-going in/from Washington and Brussels, at least since the Clintons came to power in 1993.


To understand the complex "choreographed movie set" of what's been recently happening, yea, even for decades, read on: At Waco, an FBI HRT member told his Quantico buddy that "We, and the BATF, were all backed way off on the 49th day, and somebody else came in and machine gunned & burned the place down". However, Butch Reno took the blame for the "suicides", etc. What this little "press-assisted" trick did was pit patriotic (armed) Americans against "federally employed" (armed) Americans, because it was later discovered by an infra-red (IR) film, shot during the final attack, that machine guns/tanks were used! Question is, Who dunnit?

Subsequently and sadly, Congressman Dan Burton's "Waco-IR" investigator-expert, Carlos Gugliotti, was strangely murdered in Laurel, MD, thus putting an end to the Congressional Waco inquiry. The judge believed the Clintonian-British lie of "sun reflections, not machine gun fire", thus, the machine gun-tank employment issue was covered up by the press, with the help of the UN/NWO, and the Clintons; but not before armed patriots blamed armed FBI/ATF agents for the horrible deed against US citizens! Therefore, the NWO/UN conspirators, have cleverly, once again, pitted armed Americans against armed Americans! Note: The IR evidence of the machine gun/tank shootout issue had to nipped in the bud, because if brought to the fore, some loyalist Congressmen would demand to know WHOSE machine guns and tanks they were! They dare not let people know that thousands of UN troops are in the USA - NOW! Are you getting smart yet!? To wit, all four SF/Delta Force "Waco observers" are now dead; along with 2 additional "elite force officers" to make it less obvious.... just so Congress could not question the Army officers then present that day. For they too, as the FBI already testified, also would have said, "The FBI [US forces] did not fire a single round that day". No, but UN forces did! Read on.


What really happened was that from about the 49th to 51st days, UN combat elements (then, and now in-country) from Task Force Six, at Ft Hood, were Brussels-ordered (via the clandestine White House data link to the "Beast" headquarters in Belgium) to the scene, where they shot/burned the Davidians, and 17 kids to death. The operation, cleverly covered up by the press, was many fold; with only three discussed here:


One: Demonize, via the press, in all "sheeple American" minds, anyone who believes in weapons as a means of self defense/freedom. Koresh had firearms! Remember, worldwide, the UN always collects weapons when they arrive. They sure did at Waco, and they plan the same here! Note Clinton's anti-gun campaign, and watch for another one to begin here in the USA soon; especially if NWO agents in-country can successfully assassinate a leading popular US political figure, on video tape no less, with a firearm! They're planning it! Ed Note: As of 5 October, it's reported, from VA Beach, VA, that ammo manufacturers are recalling 5.6mm (.223) and NATO 7.63mm (.308) ammo from local US stores. They say the "troops need it", when they're actually keeping it from US citizens, who're planning to defend themselves from the in-country UN/Russian troops!


Two: Again, using the same process, demonize anyone who has a bible. Koresh, though far from being scripturally correct, had bibles! So at Waco, they successfully demonized firearms and bibles, and anyone associated with either. To wit, spiritual power comes from the bible (a bible, the AV-1611) and physical power comes from a gun barrel. UN in-country, now hidden, armed forces plan to take both from us very soon, and our freedom as well! The WTC scenario is just part of the "terror and paranoia" generating process. All has been meticulously planned.


Three: Using Waco-like scenarios, to ideologically, early on, pit armed Americans (in-the-know-patriotic citizens) against other armed Americans [employees of the federal govt], so upon a martial law declaration, and when the subsequent UN hoped-for shoot out goes down, it'll be Americans against Americans. When the pieces stop falling, the black uniformed "national and federal" police, actually USSR/UN troops and cops, will drive out of hiding and pick up the pieces. [No pun intended but the body pieces in NYC are part of the "plan"!]


The same goal was accomplished on the "Night of the Long Knives", midnight, 30 June 1934, when the (armed) SA Storm Troopers killed off all the (armed) loyalist Weimar military colonels and generals; who had the keys to the German weapons armories. They pitted (armed) Germans against (armed) Germans. When the pieces stopped falling the black uniformed SS, hiding in the wings, came in and killed off the SA leaders and successfully took over the weapons -- and the country! The same method is being used here. It's just a little more difficult as we have a Constitution with a 2nd Amendment. The Germans did not, hence it'll be bloodier here.


Before tying in the "FBI security" issue we must discuss OK City, wherein the same task was accomplished by craft and deceit; all of it covered up by the press, the "parallel govt", and with the help of other NWO ideologues (traitors) in Oklahoma. To wit, just as a starter, the 'parallel govt" was directed by "Co-President" Hillary, and her "16 staffers" for 8 years. She has/had "domestic policy" of the USA. Don't be stupid and argue, get "Unlimited Access: FBI Agent in the Clinton White House"! Proof: In Feb 96, four of her staffers had to be driven to work, in a 20 inch snow, in Humvee 4x4s. What's she running to require four critical operatives at work? The four staffers supervised the other 12 "Basement Cabinet" members, who were running the domestic side of the govt for the NWO! Wake the Sam Hill up America, many of you are about to be led to concentration camps you don't even know exist; paid for by your tax dollars! S-u-c-k-e-r-s!


Back to OK City. First of all, an ANFO bomb cannot cut reinforced concrete past 23 feet. "Tim's Truck Bomb" was 35 feet from the building. Sadly, the NWO conspiracy has to accomplish "objectives", among other things, in any terror-causing scenario they perpetrate. One goal, as noted, was to pit armed Americans against armed Americans. Check out the meaning of "Hegelian Dialectic", and you'll get the 'drift'.


Subsequent to "OKBOMB", as the govt called it, the patriotic (armed) community soon found out from General Partin, a Dept of Defense Directed Energy Expert upon retirement, that fertilizer couldn't do what they saw on TV! Just as the planes and fire did not do to the WTC building what you thought you saw, and were told by Brokaw/Jennings/Rather on TV! However, there was a little known fact that the patriotic (armed) community found out via short wave radio, etc, that you, as a TV-watchin' press-brain-washed citizen did not know: That was the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms Unit (BATF) in the Murrah Building was NOT in the building on 19 April 1995! The reaction to that by the patriotic community was, knowing that something more than fertilizer did the deed, "..those dirty feds, they put contact charges inside the building for Clinton and blew it up!" That was their reaction, and that's the exact react reaction the UN wants; that is, armed American citizens pitted against armed American govt employees! Circa Germany in 1934!


(6) The "WTC-USA" Connection


The Hebrew Bible Code "matrix" reveals the "USA" was also a participant!? This was an 'elite unit', which I'll not identify. As noted above in Para 4, there was a "counter-security" exercise probably "basement cabinet" ordered against the [reported] "FBI-security". What gives?


Here's what gives. The (armed) patriotic community is smart enough to know the buildings were blown up. So the "cover" story for their personal consumption, will hinge on the "FBI-Building-security" report. They will immediately, if they don't know about the in-country "agents-provocateur", declare that, "Government agents did it again, just like at Waco and OK City!" The "elite team" probably did put a few, [they thought] "dummy bricks" of explosives into the building. But the majority of the explosives were planted earlier, possibly even when the building was built. They even had an architect [all ready and waiting to] "pad" the story for your TV "consumption". NWO ideologues do abound, thanks to the Jesuitic corruption of God's True Word, and the resultant sweep of Evil across the land.


Here's where non-spiritual, "unsaved" people get lost: A report from Nevada reveals that a young lady had a vivid dream about the "towers coming down", and told her daddy, "The man with a white beard and one eye in his head, helped destroy the buildings!" They didn't understand what she was talking about until the family walked into a mall and saw a caricature of "Uncle Sam" with a "white beard and a Cyclops-style eye in his forehead". The girl exclaimed, "There he is dad, that's the guy in my dream I saw destroying the buildings in New York!" Thus, the "USA" tie-in by the Hebrew Bible Code. The 'elite unit' was the "USA", identified as "Uncle Sam".


6. Additional info: The now-strange and subversive "Mt Pony Bunker" in Culpeper,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, VA, had prolific chopper activity on 11 Sept! This is replicative of choppers in and out of the FEMA Base atop Peters Mountain the day of the OKC bombing! This is indicative of massive UN operations in the CONUS, as the FEMA base (and the 33 others too!) is manned/guarded by UN/Russian troops. The Mt Pony facility is supposed to be a "US Archives" facility, so why the choppers? They were flexing the "Continuity of Government" (COG) Plan for take over of the USA, when martial law is declared. I have warned you for eight years! As noted, choppers were operating at the Cismont, VA, (Peter's Mtn) FEMA base the day of the OK City bombing. Why? They were practicing the COG takeover plan! The WTC attack was, in layman's terms, their "cue" to start practicing their "exercise" plan!


Be further advised, that UN "national/federal police", as we were warned by loyalist federal agents two months ago, are now patrolling US airports! [The Democrats are now demanding Bush fund "federal police" at airports; which will 'legitimize' the UN cops that probably are already stationed there, funded under three foreign police programs under Clinton!] I also have very recent reports from an Illinois police officer that "they", the UN cops, are arresting "wanted" individuals and taking "contraband" out of cars at traffic stops in Illinois and Michigan. This is also true of busses recently stopped in Oklahoma by these same "black uniformed" cops, with "no insignia" on either their uniforms or their vehicles. In Illinois, the traffic stop was, "set up on Rt 53, North of Wilmington, IL; and another on a road South of Wilmington".. "Those weren't Wilmington IL, police officers. I have seen those guys and they're not that physically big". I warned in the second video I made that "Safe and Sober Stops" by US constabulary [cops/sheriffs] forces would serve to desensitize the US public to "traffic stops". Thus, the people will be caught off guard, thinking the cops are "just our cops checking for drunks". It'll be too late to run when the Russians pull you out of the car, having checked your SSN and found you on the 'subversive' "Red or Blue List". --- That's it until I can get more time.


In The Messiah's Name, Shalom and Am Yisrael Chai! ___________




P.S. Report from somewhere: A soon-to-die cell caller aboard the Flt 93 B-767 that crashed in PA stated that the terrorists all had on "red scarves". Is this typical attire for bin Laden "troops"? Or some other group?


P.P.S. There's a report that working with/using the Hebrew Bible Code is now a considered a UN "hate crime!" Yeah, they hate TRUTH! The "Code" proves God gave Abraham/the Jews a piece of land - FOREVER!


The author served 21 years with the US Army, on six overseas tours, including 5 consecutive "joint service" tours; then serving nine years as a Joint Staff (OJCS)/Air Staff/Dept of Defense "Action Officer", and "Command and Control Communications-Intelligence Evaluator" in the Pentagon. He speaks five languages; having traveled/been stationed in over 30 countries, and is probably the only individual in the US who can claim 19 years of "joint service" duty with the Dept of Defense/The Joint Staff. Just a few awards include, not "I love me awards", but only to prove he's "Been there - and done that!" are: Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, 1984-1990, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, et al, Vietnam - 1970-71 -- Copies of citations/awards/decorations available, if requested.


10-11-01: "AWACS" - Five NATO AWACS planes are over the US "helping us". We have 33 of our own. Why NATO? They won't squeal on the "chemtrail spraying" aerial tankers; and they'll have our planes shot down, by at least [CONFIRMED!] 24 operational MIG-29s, now in the USA, if we, private or military, fly against the UN "occupation" forces. Once again, clearer: The UN ("TOS") bio-chem-spray planes flying here can "spoof" civil FAA radar! They can't be radar-seen! But an AWAC's radar cannot be "spoofed" by the foreign planes; so since our USAF guys would discover all these UN planes flying over the US, Bush allowed the NATO/ETAN AWACS overhead. Therefore, "our" military guys will never discover the AWACS spraying us! To wit, the NATO AWACS in Yugoslavia did not tell our SAR (rescue) guys where to look for Ron Brown's down plane; thus, the Soviets got there, killed Brown, and slit Airman Shelly Kelly's femoral artery. The Pentagon knew she was alive! She had witnessed that Brown was alive before they gave him the "dry ice bullet" in the head.


14 Nov 2001: ("USA" involvement in WTC as noted by the Hebrew Bible Code) -- A FEMA "response team" director being interviewed, stated that "FEMA was ready", and we even sent a team to NYC on the "10th of Sept"!!! Also, on 9-11, Prez Bush was reading a book to school kids in Florida, when notified by staffers of the WTC "hits". He didn't even flinch, but kept on reading the book to the kids. Did the CFR members/leaders in our govt know.... or what!!??


21 Nov 2001: Late update: A news piece from - - from 9 Nov, reveals that fire fighters responding to the 9-11 disaster found (my paraphrase), "no water in the nearby hydrants". When telling superiors, and asking why, they were told, (my paraphrase), 'Be good boys, and don't say anything. We have a (and here it is again) '"national security" issue here''". Yeah, The National Suicide Act of 1950".


Another late item: It was reported to me that of all of the FBI and Secret Service agents having Field Offices in the WTC Buildings, there was only ONE agent on duty in either of the offices when the 2 buildings were detonated. Was the lone agent "manning the phones" the only Christian/Jew in the two offices)? Again, the parallel govt strikes once more. Read the OK City/BATF section above. BY the way, the CIA had offices in the Number 7 WTC Building, but managed to scoot out before it also "collapsed". The buildings "collapsed all the way to the 5th basement, all the way to the subway! This is only possible by controlled demolitions! Welcome, USA, to the UN's One World Govt!!




















A.B. "Al" Cuppett

US Army/The Joint Staff (JCS), Retired

RR 1 Box 34-T

Madison, VA 22727


12 November 2001






The following pages reveal a portion of what happened on 11 September 2001, to include excerpts from Waco, Oklahoma City, and the shoot-down of TWA 800, which are set forth here to let you see what is going on in the USA.


Moreover, it appears that the "crash" of the American Airlines A-300 Airbus today, was also a part of the rapidly encroaching "United Nations Take-over" scenario we all now face.


Have a good time reading the next 8 pages. Your life, and even your soul, depend on finding out what's about to envelop the USA!




Al Cuppett


Bronze Star - Purple Heart Medals, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971

The Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, 1990
















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