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The WWII Agenda


The ILLUMINATI (and the Secret Societies), World Communism, World Terrorism, World Fascism, World Socialism, the New World Order, the Masons, the Mormons, World Islam, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergers, the Satanic Conspiracy, and the Kings of the Earth are all run by the BRIDE OF LUCIFER.....
(Revelation 17)

The Military arm of this Theological Harlot leading the world into her idolatrous bed is the JESUIT ORDER. It is the Jesuit Order that runs the world (not the Illuminati or any of the above.) Their "god" is clearly stated to be none other than "LUCIFER". Any other theory is not Biblically sound, but part of the end times delusion sent to deceive those who "love not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ" and who "have pleasure in unrighteousness". (2 Thes.2) 
God has indeed chosen their delusions!! God is NOT mocked!!
Isa 66:3 ...Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.
4 I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. 
5 ¶ Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's sake, said, Let the LORD be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.
66:6 A voice of noise from the city, a voice from the temple, a voice of the LORD that rendereth recompence to his enemies. 

Da 12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. 

Ho 14:9 Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of the LORD are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein. 

Nu 16:30 But if the LORD make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD. 
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[by Jack Chick and an Ex-Jesuit Priest who was under the "extreme oath" of induction, Dr. Alberto Rivera]
Below, Dr. Alberto Rivera tells the story of the Jesuit/Vatican Conspiracy for world domination on behalf of their "Vicar of Christ" (Antichrist), the Pope.
Speaking of the Vatican’s relationship with the Nazi/Fascist Axis Powers of World War II........
"I was a Jesuit under oath, we were told the truth about the Nazi and Communist parties. And I learned why millions of defenseless Jews were put to death. For three years I was briefed by a brilliant German Jesuit, Augustin Cardinal Bea. He gave us top secret information. It was a view of historical events that will NEVER appear in the history books!
(Augustin Bea is in charge of the Roman Catholic Institution’s ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT. He was the "Father confessor to Pope Pius XII ("Hitler’s Pope") and also a Jesuit under the "EXTREME OATH AND INDUCTION.)
Most great Protestant leaders, like Wycliff, Calvin, Wesley, Finney, Moody, Spurgeon and many others, believed the Roman Catholic Institution is "The Mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth." Revelation chapter 17 describes, not ancient Babylon, but the Vatican today.
No other religious system in the world officially calls itself "MOTHER". Even her colors are recorded in the Bible: scarlet and purple, symbols of authority. No other religious system has two powers, both political and religious.
The "Mother of Harlots" has many children. I will tell you about two of them! Both were created and nurtured by Satan through the Vatican to bring death and suffering to millions of people. This is one of the best kept secrets in modern times. The two children of the "Mother of Abominations" are...THE NAZI PARTY and THE COMMUNIST PARTY.
But before I prove this to you, I need to explain why the Jewish people have always been the target of the Vatican. The Vatican has always wanted to move to Jerusalem, because that’s where the true Christian church began. What has stopped her? The Orthodox Jews have stopped her. And that’s why they’re on Rome’s hit list.
A diabolical plot was hatched by the devil himself inside the Vatican to destroy the Jews and their faith. The Pope approved it around the year 900 A. D. Later, Jews throughout Europe faced the horrors of a Roman Catholic inquisition, which continued for hundreds of years.
The Jewish husbands and fathers were accused of heresy, tortured and put to death, while mothers and daughters were raped and abused. The children born were the illegitimate offspring of Roman Catholic soldiers. It was a devastating blow to the Jewish faith. Long before the Crusades, the Vatican secretly negotiated and financed Mohammed (through a Roman Catholic relative) to help annihilate the Jews. But when the Islamic forces captured Jerusalem in the name of the prophet Mohammed, the pope was blocked from moving the Vatican there. Mohammed had called the Pope and the Jews infidels.
The Crusades began. History tells us that these "Christians" fought for God and the Pope to free Jerusalem and the holy land from Islamic control. These Crusaders were not Christian in any sense of the word. They didn’t know the Lord, or His love. They were tough, godless men led y priests to fulfill Satan’s diabolical
Beginning in 1096, they first attacked the Jews in Europe, wiping out entire communities. As they moved toward Jerusalem, the Jews in their path suffered horribly. This Roman Catholic machine showed them no mercy. (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, pgs. 427-429)
They left a trail of blood, death, misery and hate, along with thousands of unwanted babies, who grew up to discover their daddies were Roman Catholic soldiers. This was the plan that was hatched in the Vatican.
[NOTE: This plot was also to corrupt the pure "seed" of Israel, as well as to sow division amongst brethren.]
Each time the Crusaders attacked the Holy Land, a generation of outcast Jewish children was born, thus wrecking the Jewish blood lines. The psychological impact on these Jewish mothers and their offspring was disastrous. With their husbands dead, these poor women were near starvation trying to support and raise these children, who were a constant reminder of the horrible tragedy that had befallen them.
These children were forced to be baptized Roman Catholics. The Vatican had plans for them. Having no fathers to guide them, the children became rebellious. Everyone looked down on them. They felt no loyalty to the Jewish faith, and were emotionally scarred for life.
The 5th Crusade, called "The Children’s Crusade" of 1212, was one of Satan’s cruelest acts against the Jews.
The Roman Catholic Institution was keeping an eye on these kids in Europe who were half Jewish and half Roman Catholic. When the time was ripe, these children were conned, along with others, to win Jerusalem for the pope. At long last they felt wanted.
Priests, holding a cross in their hands, and quoting Psalm 8:2, inspired these little kids to follow them. An army of children grew into thousands as they marched to Southern Italy. Many died on the long trip because of blistering heat and lack of food and water. Before they were loaded into ships, many were molested ( "Children’s Crusade", by Gray. Pub. by William Morrow & Co. Inc.). They were homesick and miserable.
These poor little kids were about to get the most brutal shock of their lives. They had made a fatal mistake......they trusted the Pope.
We (the Jesuits being briefed by Cardinal Bea) were told a secret deal had been made. When the children were safely aboard the ships, only then was the horrible truth made known. They were sold as slaves to the Moslems. WHY? These children had been baptized. The Pope gambled that when they grew up they would rebel against their Moslem masters and join in future crusades to capture Jerusalem for the Pope. "This crime was an abomination in the eyes of God. The Word of God calls the Roman Catholic Institution THE MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Rev.17:5). Satan guides and manipulates this system.
Why does the Vatican want to move to Jerusalem? Why leave St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s throne in Rome? After all, wasn’t Peter crucified upside down outside of Rome, as the Vatican had told us for centuries? Aren’t his bones in the Vatican? Unfortunately something rather embarrassing has come up in recent years. The Apostle Peter’s grave was discovered in Jerusalem on the Franciscan Monastery site called "Dominus Flevit." ("Peter’s Tomb Recently Discovered in Jerusalem", pg. 3, Published by F. Paul Peterson) What a bummer for the Vatican, it is hard to keep that a secret!
Now let’s talk about another deadly enemy of Rome...the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches. The trouble started about the year 330 A. D. But for a clear picture, let’s go back to the crucifixion of Christ. After the death, burial, resurrection, and return to heaven of the Lord Jesus, His true church (those who really loved Christ, the Scriptures, followed His teachings of love, and spread the faith), suffered terrible persecution. Despite the persecution, God’s hand was upon the true believers. Their numbers were growing. The Caesars tried to stop the movement but couldn’t so Satan set up a phony Christian church to control them through fear and tradition. This would destroy the true Christians with a false system of Christianity.
Here is how Satan pulled it off: The Roman Empire was falling apart, so the Caesars changed their robes and put on religious costumes. But their Satanic, religious system remained unchanged! They simply gave their old gods and idols new names. Jupiter became the Apostle Peter and Venus became the Virgin Mary. ("The Big Betrayal", Chick Publications; "50 Years in the Church of Rome", by Chiniquy) [see 1 John 2:18-19]
Because of the heavy persecution, the true church of Jesus Christ had been functioning underground since 70 A.D. In 313 A.D., the emperor Constantine issued his decree of tolerance. Some Christians surfaced. When Constantine set himself up as the pope, the Christians knew this was an anti-Christ (a false Christ). He tried to pull the Romans and Christians together by mixing Satanic Baal worship with the teachings of Christ. What came out of this mess was the godless Roman Catholic system.
The real Christians knew Satan had created a religious monster and had called it Christian. They knew it was phony, Satanic and totally unscriptural. To save their families, they fled to the hills. The true church of Jesus Christ went underground for almost 1,000 years.
When Constantine retired, he gave the bishop of Rome the title of Sumo Maximus Pontifix, making him pope. Constantine moved to Byzantium in Turkey in 330 A. D, gave it a face-lift, and called it Constantinople. He remained loyal to the Roman Catholic System, sitting on the 7 hills of Rome, fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 17:9.
As time went on, a split developed in the Roman Catholic Institution between Rome in the West and Constantinople in the East. Constantinople became the head of the orthodox church. They became bitter enemies. In 1204 A.D., the godfather, Pope Innocent III, raised up the fourth (Encyclopedia Britannica, Macropedia, Vol. 5, pfs. 305-306) Crusade and attacked Constantinople. His crusaders smashed the city and it’s people and looted everything they could get their hands on. Instead of coming back under the pope’s control, the Orthodox survivors cursed the pope and pulled farther away. As time passed, the Eastern (Russian Orthodox) churches fell under the protection of the Czars of Russia. The Roman Catholic Institution felt if the Czar and the Orthodox Church would not submit to the Vatican, then they should be destroyed just like the Jews.
By 1491, the religious Godfathers, the Popes, had been ruling over the kings and queens of Europe for centuries. It was a dark time in history. Things were becoming unstable for the papacy. Unrest, and rumblings of Protestantism were in the air. At this time a little boy was born in the castle of Loyola in the province of Guipuzcoa, Spain. He was a Spanish Basque by the name of Lopez de Recalde. This boy grew up to change the world. He called himself Ignatius of Loyola. He was the founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit Order). He also created the Illuminati (Alumbrados). He became the first Jesuit General. Because of the way he strengthened the Roman Catholic Institution, he was made a saint in 1622. Ignatius de Loyola was a Satanic genius. He built an army of priests completely dedicated to discipline and order. They soon became the most dreaded religious strike force in history. They were the special forces for the Vatican.
The Jesuits have captured and broken nations. They have started wars and murdered kings and presidents, including Abraham Lincoln ("Fifty Years in the Church of Rome", by Chiniquy, Chick Publications). The Jesuits will do anything to destroy the life or reputation of anyone who dares to stand in their way. They have been thrown out of almost every nation except the U.S. ("The Secret History of the Jesuits", by Paris, pg. 74, Chick Publications). where they are very active in controlling politics, U.S. immigration, etc.
Their job is to make every man, woman and child on this planet fall on their knees and claim the pope is Jesus Christ here on earth, and submit completely to his power. The Jesuit General is referred to as the BLACK POPE. He actually runs the Vatican behind the scenes and Satan guides him. Most of the books that expose the bloody history of the Jesuits are either missing, destroyed, or out of print. Not only books, but ex-Jesuit priests are either in hiding, disappeared or dead. Have the Jesuits been busy in the 20th century? What you are about to read will blow you out of your socks.
In our special sessions in the Vatican, we learned the true story behind Communism. The loyal Communist Party members would go into shock if they ever found out that their great heroes, Marx and Engels, who wrote the Communist Manifesto in the 1800’s were actually coached and directed by Jesuit priests.
Augustin Cardinal Bea told us that the Communist Party was formed by Jesuits for one task. At the proper time they were to destroy the protector of the hated Orthodox Church, the Czar of Russia! It was for revenge! The Communist Party was secretly bankrolled by agents of Rome (the Illuminati) in order to create another major power loyal to the Vatican.
Before World War I, a strong force of wealthy Jews was maneuvering to regain control of Jerusalem. The Vatican was furious. Once again the Jews were blocking their secret attempts to move to the Holy City. These Jews fighting against the Institution would pay for their stubborness. So the Jesuits constructed a master plan that would not only annihilate the European Jews, but would turn the world against them. A new abomination came into existence. We were instructed that the Jesuits directed certain Jews who were loyal to the Pope to write a document called the "PROTOCOLS OF ZION." (Behind the Dictators", by L. H. Lehman, Agora Publishing, 1942). The Mother of Abominations had created another masterpiece. This document would pave the way for the coming inquisition, even if it would cost the lives of millions of Roman Catholics.
In the early 1900’s, France really blew it in the eyes of the Vatican. France made a political deal with none other than the Czar of Russia! The Pope and the Jesuits were furious. France had been on their list ever since she had dumped her Catholic king and become a republic. But this deal with the Czar was the LAST straw!
In the meantime, the power of the Orthodox Church was spreading into Bulgaria, Rumania, Greece, the European part of Turkey, and Serbian Yugoslavia. The Vatican had to bring France to her knees, and stamp out the religious competition in the Balkans. The solution was simple. The Jesuits would set up World War I. ("Secret History of the Jesuits", by Edmond Paris)
The Pope was backing Germany, so when the Kaiser (a good Roman Catholic) asked the Vatican if he could expand Germany’s borders, Pope Pius X and the Jesuits gave him their blessings. Just after the war began, Pope Pius X died on August 20, 1914, making way for the next godfather. Pope Benedict XV replaced him in the Vatican. He also was a friend of Germany, and so the war to stop all wars was under way.
Satan, guiding the Jesuits and the Pope, had German Roman Catholics killing French Roman Catholics. The godfather could care less how many Roman Catholics died. He was only after power and revenge. Germany was fighting France, England and Russia. Then the U. S. got into it. The war lasted four long years: 1914-1918. Europe was ruined. Satan, working through the Vatican, had put millions into hell.
While men were screaming in agony, dying in the mud and on barbed wire, being torn by bullets and destroyed by poison gas, the Jesuits were busy planning World War II. Unknown to the German people, the Jesuits had already sacrificed Catholic Germany, the Kaiser and his government, in order to bring about a new inquisition.
First World War Losses: [New Illustrated Encyclopedia of World History" by Lancer]
Known dead 10,000,000 men
Wounded: 20,000,000 men
Estimated overall cost world-wide $332,112,500,00.00
Thanks to Satan and the Vatican!Protestant England and Protestant America had beaten them. The Jesuits are still trying to destroy us for that. Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln: "The Jesuits never forgive nor forsake (give up). [Fifty Years on the Church of Rome, by Chiniquy]
[NOTE: Where did the money for the war come from? The Jesuits through their front organizations (like the Masons, the Illuminati., etc.) controlled the banks of the world!! Satan earned much interest by loaning money to the nations to build up for the war, sustain the war effort, and to rebuild after the war. Was it different during World War II?? It has been proven that the Illuminati are controlled at the very top of this Secret Society by the Jesuit Order. It was founded by the Jesuits, after all. They start the wars, sustain the wars, rebuild after the wars....and make interest on all of it. War is a very profitable business for the devil. The face of Europe and the world changed greatly through the Two Word Wars....What had been primarily a Protestant and Republican face had now been rearranged to create new features, those of Communism, Socialism, and governments under Vatican control. Think about it!]
In Russia, Czar Nicholas, who was the protector of the Russian Orthodox Church, and his wife, the empress Alexandra, had a son named Alexis, who was heir to the throne. The little boy suffered from a disease called hemophilia. His blood would not clot when he got a cut. If he fell when playing, the slightest bruise could cause internal bleeding. His mother’s heart was breaking. The doctors couldn’t help. The little boy suffered terribly.
Rasputin, called the Mad Monk, was a man who had a strange give of healing (just like many priests of today who claim to have these same powers)..["Rasputin, by M. Rasputin and Barham, pub. by Warner Books 1977] Rasputin had visions of God and the Virgin. [ibid.] When he came near the little boy, the bleeding stopped. Rasputin was involved in Satanic sexual worship. [ibid.] He controlled the Czariina (empress). He had many enemies in high places. Many believed Rasputin was a demon-possessed monster [ibid.] who ruled Russia from behind the scenes. Even the Czar was afraid of him and his strange powers. ["Black Night, White Snow", by Salisbury, pub. by Doubleday 1977]
Augustin Cardinal Bea told us that in a weak moment, the empress told Rasputin where the Czar had hidden his gold. Rasputin passed this valuable information on to the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, just before Rasputin was assassinated."
At Augustin Cardinal Bea’s periodic briefings he covered the past, present and future goals of the Vatican’s temporal power (earthly power). This was the time the constitution was being updated, as a result of the Vatican II Council.
Bea stated, "In our long and careful preparation for the Russian revolution, Jesuits worked closely with Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin. We secretly moved our gold into Russia through Germany using our key men. [Von Bergen and Parvus, "Germany and the Revolution in Russia 1915-1918", pub. by London Oxford Univ.; Also "The Sealed Train" by Michael Pearson 1975, pub. by G. P., Putnam’s Sons, N. Y.] We believed that soon our enemy would be destroyed and Communism would rise up as a new strong daughter of the Vatican!"
Lenin was in Switzerland when he heard the news of the revolution starting in Russia. To help the revolution destroy their enemy, the German High Command and others, secretly prepared a train to transport Lenin and his revolutionaries through Germany. In April 1917, Lenin and some of his key men made a trip in the famous "Sealed Train". ["Black Night, White Snow]
The man most responsible for arranging this journey was Diego Bergen, a devout German Roman Catholic, trained in Jesuit schools ["Life and Death of Lenin", by R. Payne, 1964, Simon and Schuster, N. Y.] later to become the German Ambassador to the Vatican during the Weimar Republic and Hitler’s regime. [ Germany and the Revolution in Russia, Oxford Univ. Press , N. Y.] If the Revolution was successful, it would mean death to millions of people, including the Czar and his family.
B the time Lenin arrived in Russia in April of 1917, Lenin’s competitors were controlling the revolution. The Czar had been forced to abdicate (give up his throne). He and his family had been placed under house arrest. His government had collapsed and most of his army had deserted him.
Confusion was everywhere. The troops still loyal to the Czar were called ‘White Russians’. The revolutionists were called ‘Reds.’ They were deadly enemies, fighting to survive. Lenin gained control of the revolutionary government and moved it to Moscow on March 10, 1918.
In July, the royal family was moved for security reasons to Yekaterinburg i the Urals. And army of Czechs (White Army) was moving towards the town where the family was staying. There was a chance they could be rescued. July 17,1918, a group called the Ural Soviets, (others called them an unknown band of marauders) [Black Night, White Snow, etc.] held a quick trial, and found the royal family guilty.
Bea stated that come of them were Jesuits posing as Communists. At last the moment the Pope had waited for came. The protector of the Orthodox Church was at long last facing the Jesuits of Rome, and without mercy, they blasted the poor, frightened, little family into eternity. Later that night, the bodies were loaded into a truck, taken to a lonely mine called "The Four Brothers." There, they were chopped up (a Jesuit signature), burned, drenched with acid, and thrown down an abandoned mine shaft. [Black Night, White Snow]
The Jesuits had moved so fast, the Central Communist Party wasn’t even aware of the trial or killing of the Czar and his family until it was all over. [Black Night, White Snow] It was a tremendous victory for the Vatican.
We were told that the hunt for the Patriarchs (the religious leaders), the priests, nuns and monks of the Orthodox Church, began in earnest. The Vatican was anxiously waiting for news of the destruction of their religious competitors. The Soviets attacked the monasteries and convents, and the killing began. Only a strange twist of fate saved the Russian church...the old Patriarch had an ace up his sleeve. (Dr. Rivera claims this was a test case. If the Russian church was destroyed, the next target would be the Church of England, which was still reeling from the false conversion of the great Jesuit, Cardinal Newman. But since this case failed, the Church of England was pulled into the hands of the Vatican about 60 years later through their ecumenical movement.)
Dr. Rivera said, We were told the when the Red Army was closing in to kill the old chief Patriarch, he greeted them with open arms, and said that the Patriarchs had been holding the Czar’s gold for them.. The Communists were stunned at what he said. They put down their weapons and accepted the gold, the Patriarch’s friendship and ordering the killing of the Orthodox priests, nuns and monks stopped immediately. The Orthodox Church was saved. The Communists not only got the Czar’s gold, but kept the Pope’s gold, too! The Pope’s gold, which passed into Russia through Germany, was estimated to be worth $666,000,000. [Leon Trotsky, by Joel Carmichael, pub. by St. Martin’s Press]
When the Pope found out, he almost had a heart attack. He had been betrayed by his own communists. The Vatican went wild with anger. They had been double-crossed. The communists would pay for this crime, no matter what it would cost. God has periodically blocked the Vatican through the centuries. This pattern will continue until she’s finally destroyed.
The Holy Office would soon be back in operation, like it was during the Spanish inquisition, inflicting torture, death and revenge on it’s victims. Only this time, along with Jews and Protestants , the victims would include the Orthodox Church and the Communists of Russia. The Jesuits knew they could pull it off with another world war.
Dr. Rivera stated, We learned in these sessions that because of her tremendous wealth, the Vatican can sway the economy of the world. She can bring nations to their knees with planned depressions. Even the U. S.? Of course! She did it in the past, and she’ll do it again in the future. (Many think that the Illuminati was responsible for this.) The Illuminati, working in conjunction with the Opus Dei [LA Times, 10-7-68] along with key Masons, is the financial arm of the Vatican. Through them, the Vatican controls the wealth of the world.
Rome has cleverly gotten those who are suspicious of a world-wide conspiracy going in all different directions. It’s a tremendous smoke screen to keep the attention away from the Vatican. This is why so many books have been published exposing communism, the Trilateral Commission, the C.F.R., the Rockefeller empire, Zionism, The Illuminati, Opus Dei, the Club of Rome, etc. The tragic part is that most of the writers and their followers are blind to the fact that Rome has created most of these organizations as well as the organizations fighting them. It’s a big game.
The Bible says: "For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." (Rev 18:3)
(Dr. Rivera now directs our attention to the period prior to World War II.)
Let’s go back to the preparations for World War II. Just after the first world war, Germany was in a terrible depression. Certain pro-Catholic Jews were ordered by the Vatican to buy up the land from the broke and hungry Germans. The money was supplied by the Vatican and the pro-Catholic Jews bought the land dirt cheap. The Germans were desperate. At the right time, the Jesuits would use this incident to stir up hatred against the Orthodox Jews. The battle cry would be that the Jews showed no mercy to the Germans when they stole their lands during the depression. And now it was time to pay them back! It was well planned. At the end of World War I ...when the allies signed the Treaty of Versailles in July, 1919...They were so mad at the Vatican for starting the war that they refused to recognize them as a political power any more and kept them away from the conference table. [Secret History of the Jesuits]
Even though Europe was in shambles, neither France was broken nor was the Orthodox Church in Serbia (Yugoslavia). Young people in Germany and Italy didn’t know which way to turn. They were rebellious. Inflation was ruining the country. Communists were organizing revolutionary groups. The Jesuits moved on three fronts (Spain, Germany, and Italy). Pope Benedict XV died of poisoning in 1922, and Pope Pius XI took over.
The first front was Italy. At this time, and unknown man appeared, strutting around, saying he was the new Caesar destined to rebuild the Roman Empire. His name was Benito Mussolini. He was arrogant, ruthless and vicious. His little army of black shirts were nothing more than a group of thugs who beat all opponents into submission. "The Black Pope" (the Jesuit General at that time was Halke Von Ledochowski) assigned a top Jesuit to work with Mussolini. His priest and father confessor was a Jesuit named Venturi. The Catholic vote, directed by the Vatican, swept Mussolini into power. Pius XI called Mussolini "The man whom providence allowed us to meet." [Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmond Paris, Chick Publications]
To pay off the Vatican , Mussolini signed a concordat [ A compact between a national government and a religious group establishing terms of agreement concerning matters of mutual interest. Webster’s Dictionary], making Roman Catholicism the ONLY religion allowed in Italy and it’s territories. Mussolini re-established the temporal power [worldly and political power] of the Pope, and gave the clergy complete power over the life of the nation. [Secret History of the Jesuits, pg. 126] Italy became a major power under their Catholic fascist dictator, Mussolini. He built a powerful modern army and flexed his muscles by attacking Ethiopia. Italy needed more land. The poor, bewildered Ethiopians didn’t have a chance. They fought valiantly with their spears and shields but Mussolini’s air force cut them to shreds with machine guns, bombs and poisoned gas. [The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of World History, pg 995]
The Pope blessed Mussolini’s troops and Cardinal-Archbishop of Milan, Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster (Jesuit), called this massacre of the blacks in Ethiopia, a Catholic Crusade. [Secret History of the Jesuits, pgs. 130-131]
By 1923 [Western World, by Major], Germany was in a mess. Inflation was sky high [ibid] and money was worthless. The German people were sick of war with all it’s death and misery. They blamed the Kaiser for the whole thing and had him and his government thrown out of office. The communists were fighting to take over. The new government was very weak. Some men wanted the German people to run their own government like they did in France, and were attempting to make Germany a Republic. The Pope was outraged. The Republic was doomed to failure. Two things the Vatican despises are Protestantism [Secret History of the Jesuits, pg 127] and Democracy. The Jesuits moved to stop this new Weimar Republic. Two men destroyed it. One was Franz Von Papan. The other was Pacelli [ibid., 128-129] who later became Pope Pius XII.
The stage was being set for Germany’s new Roman Catholic star. His name...Adolf Hitler. A priest was busy writing a book for Hitler called "Mein Kamphf". The writer was the Jesuit father, Staempfle [Secret History of the Jesuits, pg. 138]. This book was the master plan of the Jesuits for Hitler’s take-over of Germany. Another great inquisition was about to begin. Instead of wearing Dominican robes, they were wearing Nazi uniforms. Hitler’s Brown Shirts (called the Nazis), backed by the Vatican, used the same tactics of Mussolini, beating and bullying all opposition into submission, including Roman Catholics! Bloody street battles between Roman Catholics who were Nazis and Roman Catholics who were Communists took place. The prize was Germany.
NOTE: This political action by Roman Catholics is going on today: in Poland as an experiment also in Canada, El Salvador, Chili, and has been planned for the United States.
Germany became the second front for the Jesuits. They built the Third Reich. The symbol for this coming new inquisition was the Swastika (a good old Masonic symbol).
Hitler was the Vatican’s choice. He was destined to triumph. Hitler and his associates all had something in common. [Secret History of the Jesuits, pg. 128] They were all Roman Catholics and Dr. Rivera states that they all had Jewish blood in their veins, including Pacelli, the man who later became Pope Pius XII.
When it became known that Pope Pius XI supported Hitler, the Roman Catholic vote swept Hitler into power in 1933. The world now faced a terrible machine called the Third Reich, in which the Roman Catholics would become the masters. [ibid. pg. 129] Like Italy, Germany signed a concordat with Rome, in 1933. Some of those present at the signing of this concordat were Cardinal Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII), who was at that time the Vatican Secretary of State. Another noted personality was Franz Von Papen, a sinister Nazi and devout Roman Catholic who was Hitler’s ace diplomat ant the Vatican’s agent in helping to bring Hitler to power.
Von Papen boasted to the world, "The Third Reich is the first power, which not only recognizes, but puts into practice, the high principles of the Papacy." (Der Modlkischer Beobachter, Jan. 14, 1934).
Also present at the signing of the concordat was the little-known prelate, Montini, later to become Pope Paul VI.
Spain became the third front. Three presidents of the Spanish Republic, Niceto Alcala’ Zamera, Manuel Azana, and Juan Negrin (all Jesuit trained) had demanded five laws be passed in Spain to block the Vatican’s interference in the Spanish republic.
1) All Roman Cathoic property to be nationalized.
2) All Roman Catholic Churches to be taxed.
3) No more schools in the hand of the priests.
4) All schools, convents and monastaries to be under the control of Spain.
  1. To recognize the Protestant religion.
This was a result of discovering bodies of babies under the convents...(see Alberto, pg. 12, Chick Publications). It triggered a bloody Catholic war against the Vatican. The Pope hired several division of Moslem mercenaries to fight under Franco (a good Mason) to kill all Roman Catholics, Jews and Protestants who opposed them. Because a handful of communists backed the Republic, the world was led to believe it was a communist revolution, thanks to the Vatican controlled cover up the truth.
The Pope excommunicated the heads of the Spanish Republic and declared spiritual war between the Holy See and Madrid. A man named Franco eventually became the new Roman Catholic dictator of Spain. Franco’s government was recognized August 3, 1937 by the Vatican, just 20 months before the civil war ended.
So now the Jesuits had leaders for their three fronts. These men became "THE DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH". Now the blood was ready to flow world-wide in a new holy war. The inquisition was under way at last.
Dr. Rivera tells us: German Catholics under orders, started joining Protestant churches. This was critical to pull off the diabolical plot that would affect the thinking of the Jews for decades to come. These undercover Roman Catholics worked hard to gain the acceptance and trust of Protestant pastors and their church members. And when the anti-Jewish atrocities began these Catholic agents, pretending to be protestants, publicly accused the Jews and turned them in to the Gestapo for export to the death camps. And so, even today, the Jews believe the Protestants turned them in and that the true Christians are their enemies. The Jesuits are masters of deceit. The Vatican took over 1,000 Roman Catholic Jews, and hid them under the hills of the Vatican for the duration of the war. Why? Just in case Hitler lost. The Vatican always covered itself in case it’s plans should backfire. This way, they could proclaim to the world that they protected the Jews from Hitler. What a vicious dirty game!
While Germany was busy building her war machine, the Jesuits were busy in the countries scheduled for Hitler’s coming invasion. The Jesuits were building a 5th column in France, Belgium, etc. (A 5th column is a secret army within a country ready to lay down their arms and do all they can to help the enemy capture their own nation.) The organization called Catholic Action in these countries was the 5th Column.
In Belgium, the Jesuit priests, Picard, Arendt and Foucalt preached a fascist Hitlerite gospel, calling it a "Spiritual Renewal"....thus preparing for the German tanks. [Secret History of the Jesuits, pg. 132]
In France, Catholic Action became the 5th Column, working under the name of the National Catholic Federation. The Jesuits told the Catholics that the Pope was behind Hitler and so they were ready to serve the Catholic Nazi army when the time was right. When France was invaded by German tanks, she fell in about 30 days [New Encyclopedia of World History, pg. 1048], thanks to CATHOLIC ACTION.
In the United States, the Jesuit father Coughlin (Apostle of the Swastika) reached over 20 million followers by radio. [ibid., pg. 159]. He boldly declared "The German war is a battle for Christianity." He also looked after secret "commando cells" in the main urban centers, led according to the sons of Loyola’s methods and trained by Nazi agents. [ibid. pg.,137]. AND THAT WAS CATHOLIC ACTION IN THE U.S.A. BACK IN 1936-1942. [Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. III, Micropedia, pg 87]
Pius XI died Feb. 10, 1939. It was another mysterious death. [The Vatican Moscow Alliance, by Avro Manhattan, Chick Publications] Pius XII came into power praying for a Nazi victory. Hitler started his smashing attacks on Europe, and World War II exploded. Germany, Italy and Japan [The Vatican in World Politics, Manhattan, pub. by Gaer Assoc., Inc, N.Y. 1949]. fought the world, and millions were killed, wounded and maimed. For six long, bloody years, the war kept on.
Dr. Rivera (an ex-Jesuit priest) believes that one of Hitler’s greatest sources of military intelligence came through the Vatican via the Roman Catholic confessionals all over the world. The German Secret Service, or Gestapo, had been constituted by Heinrich Himmler, according to the principles of the Jesuit Order [The Psychopathic God Adolf Hitler, by Waite, 1977, pub. by Basic Books, Inc., N.Y.]. Hitler told his friends that he could see Heinrich Himmler as their Ignatius de Loyola. [Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmond Paris] Many Roman Catholic priests wore the black uniform of the Nazi Secret Service (Gestapo) [ibid. pg. 168]. The Jesuit father Himmler (Heinrich Himmler’s uncle) [ibid.]’ was one of the superior officers. It was mainly through this organization that the 6 ½ million Jews suffered torture and death. The inquisition was in full swing.
Bible believing Protestants, who prayed for the Jews and tried to help, also went into the concentration camps. In Yugoslavia, "The Separated Brethren", the Greek Orthodox Church members (called the Serbians), were slaughtered by the dreaded "Ustashis", a Catholic group lead by Jesuits. The monstrous tortures [Ravening Wolves", by Monica Farrell, pg 44, Protestant pub., Australia] and massacres they inflicted upon their victims were almost unprintable. Many priests were members of the Catholic "Ustashi" killer squads. After the war, Andrija Artukovic [Quoted from the video film, "Alive and Well in the USA", Viewed April 29,1981, Channel 5 KTLA, 8 P.M., Los Angeles, CA, produced by World in Action] fled to the U.S. A. after murdering almost one million people, (mostly Orthodox Church members).
Yugoslavia almost got Artukovic back to pay for his crimes, but thanks to the Roman Catholic Institution (Cardinal Spellman), the Catholic controlled U.S. Immigration Service and U.S. Intelligence Services, they blocked his extradition back to Yugoslavia.
The Godfather, Pius XII was very pleased.. These enemies of the Vatican were paying a terrible price for not bowing down to "his holiness".
In the Vatican, Augustin Cardinal Bea gave this briefing of what happened before, during and after World War II. As the war was coming to a close, the Soviet army (supplied with weapons by America), hit from the East while the allies had pushed into Germany, crushing Hitler’s army.
(NOTE: Hitler’s Army was largely comprised of PROTESTANTS, by the way. The Catholic SS were smuggled out of Germany through the Vatican "Ratlines". Much of Hitler’s Protestant Army was being systematically destroyed throughout the war, by the way. This is what was behind "blunders" on the Eastern Front.)
In response to a secret request by Hitler, General Franco (Roman Catholic Fascist Dictator of Spain) sent his famous Blue Army, made up mostly of Basque soldiers to Germany. An entire division was moved by train through the allied lines. It had Vatican flags. The allies were told it’s mission was to save nuns, priests and monks from being killed. The Blue Army fought with the Germans, defending Berlin. When Adolf Hitler knew he had lost, he committed suicide and Admiral Karl Doenitz (a good Roman Catholic), took command of Nazi Germany.
[NOTE: There is good reason to believe Hitler was ferreted out of Germany through the "Ratlines" to South America and that his "suicide" was faked by the SS.]
Instead of returning the Blue Army to Spain as the Nazis had promised, Admiral Doenitz put Germany’s gold on that train and sent it to Switzerland to be put in the Swiss banks for the Vatican. The Blue Army had been betrayed. Most of the survivors ended up in Russian prisons. Americans were told the gold train passing through their lines was a "MERCY TRAIN" from the Pope, carrying medical supplies for the wounded. When they saw the Pope’s flags, it passed without inspection. The very few ragged Blue Army survivors who got back to Spain were either shot or placed in insane asylums to make sure the true story about Germany’s gold was kept secret from the world. But the special officers in the Blue Army who were part of this conspiracy returned in glory and were well rewarded for their effort.
Germany surrendered May 8, 1945. Europe was in ruins. The Whore of Revelation 17 was in trouble again. Her one child (The Nazi Party), which Pope Pius XII backed, had fallen. Her other child (Communism), that she hated, was the winner. The Jesuits, always prepared for reversals, had set up the following precautionary measures in case they lost World War II.
  1. Make everybody believe the Vatican had nothing to do with the war, and in time convince the world the Holocaust never happened.
  2. Make sure that rebellious priests, nuns and monks were interned in concentration camps, so they could convince the world that they, too, were persecuted.
3) They ordered Catholic families and priests to protect Jews in their homes, so in the future it could make good public relations material for films, books etc. NOTE: Those Jews had already been converted to Catholicism.
4) Put on a new face by setting up Vatican II Council.
5) Set up a Communist Pope from behind the Iron Curtain to please the Communists and try to convert them to fulfill their prophecy of "Fatima" in which Pope Pius XII was so deeply involved.
AND ROME IS RIGHT ON SCHEDULE TO THE DAY OF THIS PRINTING (1981).The Following is a Quote from the Spanish Press Published on the Day Hitler "Died".....
"Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of victory."
This funeral oration of the Nazi chief, a challenge to the victorious allies, is voiced by the Holy See itself, under the cover of Franco’s press. It is a communique of the Vatican via Madrid. [The Secret History of the Jesuits, Edmond Paris]
Did the MOTHER OF HARLOTS apologize to the world, or to the Jews for this atrocity? Of course not! And she never will. She still hates the Jews. The Vatican never recognized Israel as a nation! The price of recognition is when Israel lets the Vatican have Jerusalem. God help us if the United States ever signs a concordat with the Vatican. Catholicism would be the only recognized religion in the U.S. and it would be you and your children appearing in the pictures above (Showing masses of Jews being machine gunned and dumped into enormous body-filled trenches.) Dr. Rivera claims negotiations are currently under way to bring this to pass.
The religious machine of today is very, very old. It started right after Noah’s flood. Satan used two key people, Nimrod and his mother, Semiramis, to originate this world-wide occult religion in the city of Babylon. Nimrod married his mother, and after his death, Semiramis claimed he had become the sun god "Baal". Some of the names given him were Sol, Tammuz, etc. The system made her into a goddess. Semiramis also ended up with many names throughout the centuries, like Isis (in Egypt), Venus and The Queen of Heaven. Just like the religious system of today, it was linked to politics world wide. [See pg. 15 of the Crusaders, Vol. 9, Angel of Light. See also Hislop, The Two Babylons, available through Chick Publications]
Here is the link today: It is found in the ‘obelisk’ which is a four sided pillar facing the 4 corners of the earth. At it’s peak is a pyramid. It represents a combination of both religious and political power worldwide. It appears in Egypt, in the U.S. (Washington’s Monument) and in the Vatican. To the Jesuits, Masons, and the Illuminati it secretly stands for the one world government. The ‘obelisk’ is occult. It represents the sun god ‘Baal’. It also represents life through sex. It is a phallic symbol (a symbol of the male sexual organ).
Dr. Rivera explained that when he was under the extreme oath of the Jesuits, he was told that a secret sign was to be given to the Jesuits world-wide when the ecumenical movement had successfully wiped out Protestantism, in preparation for the signing of a concordat between the Vatican and the U.S. The sign was to be when a President of the U.S. took his oath of office facing an ‘obelisk’. For the first time in U.S. history the swearing in ceremonies were moved to the West front of the Capitol, and President Reagan faced the Washington Monument. This happened January 20, 1981. Was the President aware of this? We don’t know.
Let’s go back in history to the time of Jesus. Satan had a death grip on humanity. Baal worship had covered the world and even infiltrated the Jewish religion. It was at this time in history that the Creator of the universe left heaven to come to this planet and be born in Bethlehem...
God the Holy Spirit, came upon the virgin Mary and she conceived. God had taken the form of flesh and was born on this planet as a baby boy. (Mat 1:18-20) Mary was the instrument for this tremendous miracle. The Bible says: "He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not." (John 1:10)
But Satan knew who He was, and was outraged. (Luke 4:41) Jesus was his deadliest enemy, because it was Jesus Christ who threw Satan out of heaven. (Luke 10:18, Isaiah 14:12,15,16) The earth became a gigantic battlefield between light and darkness for the souls of men.
When Jesus was about two years old, He was rushed away to Egypt just hours before King Herod’s troops stormed into Bethlehem and murdered all baby boys. (Mat 2:13-16) Satan had declared this plan, but it failed. This was a fulfillment of prophecy. (Jeremiah 31:15)
When Jesus was 30 years old, just before He began His public ministry, He was introduced to the world in a very strange way, by a prophet of God named John the Baptist. John said, "Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world!" Why was He called the Lamb of God? We have to go back in Bible history to the time of Moses to find out. (Exodus 12:1-15)
Back when the Israelites had become the slaves of Egypt and were building their pyramids and cities under Egyptian whips....God brought Moses up as His great prophet to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt into the promised land. Moses asked Pharoah to let his people go. Pharoah refused! So God sent plagues against Egypt to destroy it’s power. The last plague was the hardest hitting of all...the firstborn in every home in Egypt was to die. The ONLY way to save the firstborn was to kill a lamb and put it’s blood on the door posts. (Exodus 12:22) When the destroyer saw the blood on the door posts, he would pass over and not kill the firstborn in that house. (Exodus 12:23) All the children of Israel put the blood of the lamb on their door posts. That night, the destroying angel passed through Egypt. (Exodus 12:23) When he saw the blood on the house, he passed over it. But the others he killed without mercy, from the firstborn of Pharoah down to the poorest Egyptian family. The Egyptians were scared to death of Moses and his God. Pharoah ordered Moses to take the children of Israel out of Egypt. This event is called THE PASSOVER. When the children of Israel left Egypt, God gave Moses instructions on how to set up a way of life for His people. The Lord instituted that a lamb must be sacrificed to cover the sins of individuals. For centuries, animal sacrifices were part of Jewish religious services.
The Bible says that without the shedding of blood there is no remission (no release from the guilt or penalty) of sins. (Hebrews 9:22)
God makes it clear that it is appointed to men once to die, but after death, the judgment. (Hebrews 9:27)
As it is written, there is none righteous, no, not one. (Romans 3:10)
So Jesus came to earth for three major reasons: ONE: To make a way for us to go to heaven. (Hebrews 9:12,24,28) Our sins can be forgiven because of His gift of love (Romans 5:5,8) TWO: To destroy the works of darkness in the form of a religious system (1 John 3:8) THREE: To fulfill prophecy, He came as Israel’s Messiah, and the Saviour of the world. (John 1:11-13)
No one trusted anybody. Israel hated the Romans who controlled their country, but Jesus taught them a new way of life. (John 14:6)
Bless them that curse you. Do good to them that hate you. And love your neighbor as yourself. (Luke 6:27-28)
Jesus astonished the multitudes with His teaching. Thousands heard His message, but only a handful followed Him. (Matthew 7:28-29; John 8:30-31)
The religious leaders controlled the people and had become rich. They ALL professed to love God. It was a very profitable business.
Jesus Said: You make my Father’s house a house of merchandise!When Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the great temple in Jerusalem, it was war with the religious leaders. Jesus always confronted the enemy. He never sat down and had friendly dialogue with them.
Jesus said: You hypocrites! You generation of vipers (snakes)...
He knew Satan controlled these religious leaders, and that they were destroying people instead of bringing them closer to God.
They set Him up on phony charges and had Lord Jesus arrested. The religious machine found Him guilty. (They violated 18 Jewish laws to do it.) He was abused, cut to shreds by a "cat-o-nine tails", cursed, and had His beard plucked off. He was spit upon and laughed at, and sentenced to die. He was executed by one of the most painful deaths known to man...CRUCIFIXION.
Who was Jesus Christ? The Bible tells us He is the Creator of the universe. He is the God of the Old Testament, the Lamb of God. He is the Great God Almighty who will judge all who die in their sins, at the terrible "Great White Throne Judgment" (Revelation 20:11-15). He will also judge Christians at the Judgment Seat of Christ. (II Corinthians 5:10) He was the only perfect man to ever walk this earth. He is the Saviour of the world. (especially those who believe His testimony...those who do not are condemned already John 3:16-18)
Satan was thrilled to death to see this enemy tortured and crucified. The angels of heaven were horrified to see what was happening to their leader and Creator.
The Bible says that the blood of bulls, goats and lambs couldn’t wash away the sins of man. All mankind was lost. The Son (being God Himself) came to earth to become the one great sacrifice for mankind. This awesome act was to be don ONLY ONCE in history. (Hebrews 10:4,9,14; I Timothy 3:16)
For God (the Father) so loved the world (that’s you), that He gave His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son (God manifested in the flesh), that whosoever (that’s you) believeth in (trusts or clings to His testimony) Him should not perish (in Hell, eternal judgment), but have everlasting life (in heaven). John 3:16
This terrible sacrifice was the ONLY ONE ACCEPTABLE to God, the Father...NEVER AGAIN TO BE REPEATED!
Jesus became the Passover Lamb. He shed His precious blood for you. Those who commit their lives to Him and follow His teachings are covered with that blood, and on the day of judgment, God will see that blood and not their sins. They will miss the wrath of God and enter into Heaven (in resurrection glory).
As soon as He died, the great veil in the Jewish temple was ripped from top to bottom. (Matthew 27:51) God showed Israel that the system of the sacrifice of animals had ended. Christ had fulfilled the law. Jesus was the perfect and FINAL sacrifice. Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by over 500 witnesses. He was then caught up into heaven to sit next to God, the Father. (I Corinthians 15:3-8)
Satan used religious leaders to push the political leaders and the children of Israel to reject their Messiah and Saviour. (Matthew 27:1,2,20) (Luke 23:12)
The sacrificing of animals continued, which was blasphemy in the eyes of God and an insult to Christ. Titus, the Roman general, attacked Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and destroyed the great Jewish temple. The sacrifices ceased. The Jews were scattered across the earth. Satan was quick to form the Roman Catholic Institution out of Baal worship. He would see to it that a deadlier type of sacrifice would be invented in order to put millions into hell. THIS IS STILL HAPPENING TODAY!!
Satan, using a combination of Jewish and pagan religious rites, developed the Roman Catholic mass, which keeps repeating Christ’s sacrifice on the cross over and over again. The Lord’s supper was replaced by a deadly counterfeit. During the mass, the priest magically turns the wafer into the body, blood and deity of Christ. Who gave him this power? The boys in religious costumes in the Vatican. Then Roman Catholics are ordered to worship this wafer because it has become God Himself. Failing to do so means the Catholic is damned. Big Joke? They are deadly serious!
Canon 1, Council of Trent, 1536:"If any one shalt deny that the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore entire Christ, are truly, really and substantially contained in the sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist; and say that He is only in it as a sign, or in a figure - let him be accursed! (DAMNED)". (This has been ratified by the recent Vatican II Council, 1963). IT IS STILL IN EFFECT!!
So we choose: Satan’s religious system.....or Christ.
Dr. Rivera said: After World War II, Pope Pius XII refused to embrace the Vatican’s other "child", Communism, and was removed. Pope John XXIII came to power and established the Vatican II Council, which almost destroyed Protestantism in the U.S. and Europe, by winning everyone over through love and kisses. And to make points with the communists Pope John XXIII backed and protected his favorite boy in the Western Hemisphere. He is Fidel Castro, champion of the down-trodden masses, a faithful Catholic, and a well trained Jesuit under oath."
Woe to anyone who messes with Fidel. The Godfathers back him 100%...including the beloved communist pope from Poland.
The Ku Klux Klan, formed by Roman Catholic Confederate Army officers after the Civil War, and let by Jesuits, is growing stronger every day. This branch of Masonry was established for three main reasons.
  1. Because the KKK calls itself Protestant and claims to hate Jews, Catholics and blacks, it destroys the image of true Bible-believing Christians who are trying to win these people through love.
  2. The KKK pulls the Catholics together for their own protection.
3) It makes the black suspicious of the Protestants and drives them into the arms of the Vatican, and the new army of black Jesuits who are recruiting them across the U.S.
The KKK is another masterpiece of the Jesuits.
And so, for the last 1600 years, Satan has almost destroyed everybody through the Roman Catholic Institution. Millions of Catholics and others died in World Wars I and II, for what? Just to give more power to the Vatican. They play games, and millions die for it.
The NAZIS : The poor Nazis have been betrayed. This group, growing in the U.S., is nothing more than Catholic Action, led by the Jesuits. NOTE: As incredible as it seems, some Jews who converted to Catholicism have actually joined the American Nazi Party.
The ORTHODOX: The poor Orthodox Church goers, slaughtered by the Crusaders and the Pope’s killer squads, the Ustachi, have now bowed to the new communist pope and are in his camp. They too, have been betrayed.
THE ISRAELITES: Israel had also been betrayed. They are now making friends with their deadliest enemy, the Vatican, who slaughtered them in the past and will almost completely annihilate them before the Lord returns. (See Zech 13:8)
The KKK: The poor Ku Klux Klanners have been betrayed, not realizing they have played into the hands of the Jesuits. And this is one of the minor children of the Whore.
The MASONS: The poor Masons have been betrayed. They didn’t even know Pope Pius XII was a good Mason. They will never believe they too, are children of the Whore, and are controlled at the top by the Black Pope.
The PROTESTANTS: Thanks to their leaders, the poor Protestants now love the Pope, and many more are in fellowship with the Whore of Rev. 17. The Bible says, "What? Know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? For two, saith he, shall be one flesh." (I Corinthians 6:16) No wonder they don’t speak out against the Vatican. (Eph 5:11-12)
The COMMUNISTS: The poor Communists have been betrayed. They are simply a branch of the Roman Catholic Institution - the bully for the Vatican. They are the muscle, looking for a utopia on earth. But they’ll be destroyed by Christ when they attack Israel, on orders from the Pope.
The ROMAN CATHOLICS: And worst of all, the precious Roman Catholics have been betrayed by a slick presentation of Baal worship dressed up to look like Christianity. Their popes are only men. Their priests and nuns are only people, and the Vatican is only a temple of Satan, taking millions into hell by giving them a false Gospel, a false Christ and another Spirit. May God help them to have strength to come out of her. (Galatians 1:8-9; II Corinthians 11:1-4)
Not long ago, great men of God believed the Pope was an Antichrist [Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary 1974]. They were Wycliff, Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Knox, Sir Isaac Newton, Fox, Wesley, Finney, Moody, Spurgeon. could they be right?
Let’s see what Pope Boniface VIII said about himself….."The Roman Pontiff (the Pope) judges all men, but is judged by no one."
"We declare, assert, define and pronounce: to be subject to the Roman Pontiff (the Pope) is to every human creature altogether necessary for salvation...."
"That which was spoken of Christ...’Thou hast subdued all things under His feet,’ may well seem verified in me. I have the authority of the King of kings."
"I am all in all and above all, so that God, Himself and I, The Vicar of God, have but one consistory, and I am able to do ALMOST ALL THAT GOD CAN DO."
"What therefore can you make of me but God?"
There you have it! Pope Boniface VIII admitted he was an antichrist. NOW...WHO WILL YOU SERVE? YOU MUST CHOOSE...CHRIST? OR THE VATICAN? [God, or the devil?]
You have just examined the political, economic and military sides of THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS of Revelation 17 and 18.
You have seen the corruption, lies deception, death, heartache and suffering she has caused. The Roman Catholic System had been judged by the Lord Jesus and found guilty.
The cry given in Revelation 18:4 is: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." But notice the instruction to those who come out of her in verse 6: "Reward her even as she rewarded you , and double unto her double according to her works." In other words, you pay her back. We are ordered to be on the offensive: not in physical violence, but in spiritual warfare by exposing her scripturally to win souls.
With the Lord’s help, we can weaken this hellish system as we win those precious Roman Catholics to the living Christ. The Bible tells us the gates of hell shall not prevail (stand) against us.
THE LORD JESUS WANTS YOU TO COME TO HIM.Jesus said, "I AM THE WAY, the Truth and the Life: NO MAN cometh unto the Father (God), BUT BY ME." (John 14:6)
RELIGION DOESN’T SAVE. ONLY JESUS CAN!God’s cry to the Roman Catholics, the Communists, the Nazi’s, the Masons, KKK, the Protestants and people of the Orthodox Churches is:
"COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE." (Revelation 18:4)You precious Roman Catholic have two enemies: your priests - and those protestant pastors who tell you to stay in the Roman Catholic Institution.
Jesus calls you OUT! Who will you follow? The Pope? Or the Lord Jesus Christ?
Find a Bible-believing church where the King James Bible is honored, the pastor is sold out to Christ and His doctrines, and is not afraid to speak out against the Vatican.

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