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JFK information

The Ronald Reagen/JFK connection.
Mon Sep 20, 2004 09:33

Note by Me: I paid this info no mind until I've seen it from Sherman Skolnick who has been fighting against the New World Order since 1958. So here it is:



In 1960, Richard M. Nixon was running against John F. Kennedy for President. Ronnie sent a hand-written letter to Nixon, signed Ronald Reagan, Democrats for Nixon. It has to be understood that Reagan equated "Marxist" as identical to "Communist".

Ronnie informs Nixon, that were Kennedy, a dangerous Marxist, to be elected, that Kennedy had to be eliminated. In other words, assassinated, as did occur a little over three years after Nixon received Ronnie's note.

[Before the Nixon Library, at San Clemente, California, was closed, we obtained a copy of Ronnie's hand-written note together with the typed transcript of it made by Nixon's secretary.]

In plain language, Ronnie set the basis for the JFK Death Warrant. As the plot against JFK was referred to by the great assassination researcher, Penn Jones, Jr., who lived in a Dallas suburb; the plotters, according to Jones included Nixon, together with FBI dictator J. Edgar Hoover, and various Admirals and Generals, who together met at oil cartel captain Murchison's ranch, several days before the Dallas murder. With the aid of fellow oily George Herbert Walker Bush, on behalf of the British royals, actually German royalty on the British throne, they went over the last-minute details of the public execution of JFK.

[Earlier in this series we tell how the British benefitted from 1841 to 1963, from the political assassination of seven U.S. Presidents. As to the public execution of JFK, see part 42 of this series.]

JFK won a historically-slim plurality on the popular vote against Nixon. On the Electoral College vote, JFK needed to carry Illinois. JFK's father, Joseph P. Kennedy, arranged with gangsters in Chicago to steal eight thousand ballots, putting JFK in the Oval Office. These were the same hoodlums who assisted the Kennedys, reportedly by way of the Kennedy firm, Somerset Importers, Ltd., to distribute many booze labels in the U.S. The firm mysteriously changed hands at the time of the Dallas murder.

[Visit our website series about JFK, Jr.,murder, "What Happened to America's Golden Boy".]

Relatives of the gangsters put the accurate details in a book how they were later double-crossed and some of them assassinated or jailed to benefit the Kennedys. "Double Cross: The Story of the Man Who Controlled America" by Sam Giancana, Chuck Giancana.

JFK, Jr., as editor of "George Magazine" forthrightly admitted hiis father was elected by the theft of the ballots. ["George Magazine" was owned by Hachette, the principal owner of which has been Saddam Hussein.]

In the late 1960s, New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, started a highly-controversial investigation, turning on the New Orleans and other links to the JFK murder plot. A key witness was needed from California. Ronald Reagan, at the time Governor of California, blocked the Garrison probe by refusing to extradict that important witness.

During the years of Reagan as Governor was the Anti-Viet Nam War period. Ronnie and his State cabinet members, such as Edwin Meece, who later became U.S. Attorney General when Reagan was President, formed a then secret plan to assassinate Peace-niks, called "Operation Garden Plot", that is to put dissidents in the cemetery. [Check it out through search engines.]..."

Here's some other info from Dan Perez:


Date: September 18, 2004 at 21:48:03
From: Dan Perez,
Subject: Kennedy's Killers - A Synopsis

Lyndon Johnson attended a meeting at oil billionaire Clint Murchison's
house in Dallas, Texas on the night of November 21st, 1963, according
to the eyewitness account of LBJ's mistress Madeline Duncan Brown,
where he and several other conspirators laid the final groundwork for
Kennedy's murder.

The Attendees
Lyndon Johnson - Vice President who privately hated Kennedy and
faced the prospect of being dumped from the 1964 Kennedy campaign
due to an investigation being carried out by Attorney General Robert

Allen Dulles - ex-CIA director fired by Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs.
Later appointed to the Warren Commission by Johnson. Was a good
friend of Prescott Bush who was George H.W. Bush's father and
George W. Bush's grandfather.

John J. McCloy - executive for Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller
front. Later appointed to the Warren Commission by Johnson.

Clint Murchison - Texas Oil Billionarie, friend of Prescott Bush.

George Brown - Co-owner of Kellog Brown&Root(presently known as
Halliburton). Brown&Root ran a joint-venture with Zapata Oil to build
oil platforms. Zapata Oil was owned by Prescott Bush.

H.L. Hunt - owner of Hunt Oil

J. Edgar Hoover - FBI Director. Got lots of investing tips from several
Texas oil men including Prescott Bush.

Richard Nixon - lost to Kennedy in 1960, elected President in 1968.
His first congressional campaign in 1946 was financed by Prescott

Henry Kissinger - Nixon's future Secretary of State. Kissinger was a
protoge of Allen Dulles as well as the Rockefeller Family.

George Herbert Walker Bush - was a CIA agent in 1963 who was
involved in "Operation Mongoose" which trained Anti-Castro Cuban
Exiles. Later became a congressman, ambassador to the United
Nations, CIA director in the 1970s, Vice-President during the Reagan
administration and elected President in 1988. His father, Prescott
Bush, was good friends of Allen Dulles, who helped George H.W. Bush
get in the CIA in the first place. George H.W. Bush was good friends
of George DeMohrenschild which was proven by the presence of
Bush's name in DeMohrenschild's address book along with the
nickname "Poppy". DeMohrenschild was Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA
handler in Dallas.

The Most Secret Point Of The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy

If you notice, most of the conspirators who met at Clint Murchisons
house are connected to one person;

Prescott Bush.

As the "Mr. X" character(based on real life source Fletcher Prouty) in
the movie JFK explained, most of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy would
be known at it's most secret point. The most secret point consisted of
two parts; a secret society and banking families.

The multiple connections to Prescott Bush will reveal the connection of
a secret society to the murder of John F. Kennedy.

The presence of Rockefeller protoges like John J. McCloy and Henry
Kissinger will reveal the connection of banking families to the murder of
John F. Kennedy.

The Secret Society And The Murder Of Kennedy

One portion of the secret point within the conspiracy to kill John F.
Kennedy was the involvement of a secret society. That society was
Skull&Bones, an offshoot of Germanic secret societies connected to the
Bavarian Illuminati. Skull&Bones was founded at Yale University in
1832 by William Russell who made his fortune off of Chinese opuim

The same Bavarian Illuminati-connected secret societies in Germany
that helped create Skull&Bones would later create the Thule Society in
the early 1900's and put Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party into power in
Germany in the 1930's. Members of Skull&Bones like Prescott Bush
would finance Hitler during World War II via Thyssen Steel and the
bank Brown Brothers Harriman.

Membership in Skull&Bones during the time period of the Kennedy
Assassination included Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush as
well as Kennedy's National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy and his
brother William Bundy who worked at the Pentagon. The Bundy
Brothers were the Skull&Bones "moles" in the Kennedy Administration
who reported everything to the senior members of Skull&Bones.

Banking Families And the Murder Of Kennedy

Another portion of the secret point was American and European Banks
owned by aristocratic families.

The American Banks, including Chase Manhattan, whose interests
were represented by John J. McCloy during the meeting at Clint
Murchisons house on the night of November 21st, 1963 in Dallas, are
owned by the Rockefeller Family.

The European Banks, connected to Chase Manhattan, are owned by
the Rothschild Family in England.


So who ultimately killed Kennedy? Aristocratic banking families,
including the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, as well as members of
Nazi-esque/Illuminati Secret Societies like Skull&Bones who saw
Kennedy as a threat to the New World Order.

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