Sunday, May 18, 2008


During a business trip to the Philippines, I had my first encounter with the ultra-blasphemous EWTN (The Eternal World Television Network). It is an all-catholic all the time cable channel. Due to the 12 hour time difference, I had a lot of time at night when I couldn't do business and couldn't sleep forcing me to turn on the old hotel cable TV. Since I am always looking to study catholicism further, I put in my time further learning catholicism's teachings with the worldwide(?) catholic network. Frankly, to all the catholics who have sent me messages telling me of how I misrepresent their faith, I spend much time studying catholicism and I study it directly from the source. I receive many messages of how catholics do read their Bibles and are so accurate! As evidenced by the EWTN, anyone remaining in the catholic cult could not possibly have read the Bible except for isolated verses. The fact is that I learn catholicism far more accurately than the catholics who respond to my site and that they misrepresent their personal and church's use of the Bible. In 6 years of attending catholic church as a child, I do not remember seeing even 1 Bible. Anyway, on to EWTN

I thought I pretty much knew all the things taught by the catholic cult, however, the following is a new one to me. On a catholic teaching show, the host, who was a catholic priest, said that "As Jesus BEGGED for mercy on the cross, Mary strengthened Him with her mercies" Of all the blasphemies of the catholic gospel, this new doctrine I've found contends for most heretical catholic doctrine of them all. Not only is Jesus not the mercy giver, according to the catholic gospel, but Jesus is a MERCY SEEKER, seeking mercy from man and finding it in Mary. This right here should cause every Bible believer to correct their lists and move catholics from the "brothers in Christ" column over to the "need to be evangelized" column. Catholics have not even had a close enough encounter with their Bible to know that Jesus presented Himself as a VOLUNTARY sacrifice! According to this program, Jesus was FORCED to become our sacrifice for sin, and Jesus begged for His life because He couldn't handle it. According to the program, Mary is the god and she is the one concerned for our souls! 

Another program was a ½ hour program dedicated to saying the rosary. The hail mary was repeatedly spoken over and over and over and over and over(I'm short a lot of 'over's here but you get the point). Another program along the same vein had one monk listing off saints for ½ hour with a group of monks repeatedly replying "Pray for us". Yes, these are real shows!!! Praise Jesus, my Bible says God does not want vain repetitious prayer!!! Catholic prayer boils down to the same thing as a having to write lines in elementary school for being naughty. Catholics reading this, God wants to hear from you praying to Him in your own words in Jesus' name. A broken record doesn't sound any better to Him than it does to us! This is not to mention the blasphemy to pray to someone other than God alone! 

EWTN also has a popular little talk show program with a nun named 'mother' Angelica. She answers questions from telephone viewers. One caller was concerned because someone she knew married a catholic but promised to his concerned mother never to become catholic. The cult's practice of twisting arms to destroy the marriage, unless the non-catholic converts, was causing him extreme pressure and she wanted to know what advise to give her married friend. 'Mother' Angelica explained that he had no authority to promise such a thing and told her to advise he come fully under the authority of the church. 

'Mother' Angelica also explained to beware of all the different Bibles out there because they changed the scripture that says "Mary is full of grace" to "Mary being highly favored!" She explained that this is how people are able to deny the essential mary doctrines! Excuse me, but even making the absurdly wrong view that the catholic 'bible' is the correct translation, how does that verse talk about Mary's sinlessness, assumption into heaven, perpetual virginity, etc., etc.???? However, incredibly elaborate stories nowhere found in the Bible are, in catholicism's view, justified by this tiny little scripture. Catholics reading this, your church's mary doctrines are entirely read into the text!!! There is no support for them whatsoever!!! 

Then we get into a little prophesy program concerning Revelations! The priest explains Revelations for us! I was very surprised to hear a catholic acknowledge that there is the book of Revelations and I was extremely interested in seeing this!!! Unfortunately, it wasn't the week to cover the Whore of Babylon! I think I would consider paying money to hear his explanation of these scriptures!! However, we were on the subject of the antichrist. The priest basically said we can't know who the antichrist is, but that there are many antichrists that came into the world. He listed off HITLER as one of the antichrists!!! Is he ignorant that Hitler was catholic and that the popes fully supported Hitler and were Hitler's vehicle to power???

Also, there are a supply of children's shows to indoctrinate the children into heresy. The puppet "Lamb Chop" and his lady ventriloquist are catholic and have their own EWTN show! I don't remember much about that show. Another show has a lady talking from a picture book about worshipping the ACTUAL jesus in the form of the Eucharist and how important it is. And the importance of mary who cares for us.

Another program talked about muslims and their similarity to catholicism. It seems that they forget every once in a while that they teach that they are the one true church. The program explains that muslims also worship and honor mary, so basically muslim is a good religion. 

Eternal Word? Absolutely not! The Bible and Jesus are the Eternal Word!!!







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