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Some wonderful essays have been produced by various conservative writers to whom we of the NCA refer as "Whigs." Rather than repeat their points of issue with the "Republicans," or the "Democrats," we are going to put here a list of points we feel are an indication that the Bush Presidency is no more Consitutionally oriented than the previous administration.

If these items are addressed, and changed, we will, indeed, have the return of the nation our Forefathers intended for us. If not, the


continues, unabated. There is some feeling amongst several of our group that this election was not a matter of Republicans versus Democrats, but, rather, a contest between the Chinese Communist interests, backing their representatives Clinton/Gore/Feinstein/Boxer, factions of the the NWO, who were backing their representatives, Bush,, and the EU.

We've compiled a list of actions we feel will be the bellweather to the direction this administration intends to go. If these problems are addressed, and changed, we will check them off on the list!! The more that are checked off, the more we will rejoice. The less, the more we will mourn our future, for if these things don't change, there can be no nation as planned by the Founding Fathers.

We are convinced, now that GWB and Ashcroft have decided to keep the Assault Weapon Ban, that the GWB Administration plays the same game as the ACLU , namely doing enough for the Constitution that the public is lulled to sleep. It is our concensus that the Bush faction of the NWO is bound to disarm the public via internal legislation, rather than using the force that the UN/Chinese Communist factions would prefer to be used.

It is our opinion that the United States Government, and the governments of the states, consider all Americans to be their enemy. They do not trust Americans at all. Please review our newest essay, We are the Enemy.

It is juncture that we have to disagree with Brian Puckett of Citizens of America. We feel that rather than threaten
to vote for a 3rd party, the gun owners of America should be notifying
their local, state and national leaders, media
and LEOs that they are preparing for the very worst occasion,
the assault upon their properties to take their firearms.
It is obvious that the disarmament that went on in "Oz," Britain, and Canada is going to happen
here, and we will resist it with whatever force is required, since the ballot box, legislators, and
courts have failed us.

That leaves us with but one option,

Civil Disobedience!!

We also take great issue with the NRA. That organization has become socialist in that it is willing to work with the Federal, State and local governments on enforcing existing unconstitutional and ex-post facto laws. That makes the NRA as much an enemy to the freedoms our Founding Fathers established as our governments. We tried to talk to the NRA and the results were, by way of their liberal and juvenile retorts to our comments, embarassing.

Discussion: NRA v. NCA


  • Eliminate Brady Bill

    Note - The House limited the FBI to holding registration for one day, rather than 90.

  • Eliminate the Assault Weapon Ban

    Note - McCain, whom we feel is a "mole," has joined Lieberman to author more draconian laws that go directly against the 2nd Amendment, including new legislation that will put cause all who take part in gun shows to be registered with the Federal Government (l2/01)

    Note - Bush and Ashcroft are backing the Assault Weapon Ban, rather than sueing for it's demise or waiting for it to "sunset."

  • Apply federal pressure to states that refuse to adhere to the 2nd Amendment

    Note - At least FOUR states are making laws that make a gun show out of any attempt at private fire-arms sales. EX-POST FACTO LAW, with no comments from the Administration.

  • Eliminate UN REGULATION of United States national parks
  • Keep our military in UN activities under direct US military leadership and distance ourselves from the UN

    Note - The last Administration (12/31/00) opted to deprive Americans the safety of their national justice system by agreeing to the United Nations establishment of a court, the "International Criminal Court". This court will be able reach INTO our nation and convict and imprison Americans without the protection of American Justice should our system attempt to take a stand..

  • Disavow and withdraw from the federal control of all public and private lands mandated and approved by the US and Communist nations, alike, in the UN in '76.

    Note - Congress is working in legislation to end unilateral Presidential military commitments.

    Note - Colin Powell, on the record as favoring gun registration across the nation (confiscation), is totally supportive of our existing position in the UN!!! (2/01)

    Note - Bush has extended the stay of our troops in Bosnia for seven more months.

    Note - Bush has given his support to ANNON as head of the UN for another 5 year term. This is far from distancing us from that body (3/24/01).

  • Immediately repudiate US participation in the UN International Criminal Court

    Note - The media reports that the Bush Administration is not going to participate in the ICC. (2/01)

  • Restore UMT to our youth, with minimum service level at 4 years of active reserves of their choice
  • RE-ARM OUR MILITARY, just take a moment and read our essay on our national disarmament, then return to this thread!!!

    Note - The Army has complained of "being out of ammunition," specifically hand-gun. The Administration is "waiting to see a full report before addressing shortages," a process that may "take a year." (2/01)

    Note - Bush is supporting ongoing base closures to ease defense budget difficulties. He now agrees with Clinton's stand on closing bases. McCain, our former REPUBLICAN candidate for President, is co-sponsoring a bill to close more bases.

  • Eliminate Clinton's illegal executive orders

    Note - The Bush Adminisration has announced that it will NOT reverse any of Clinton's "land grab" Executive Orders. It will, instead, adjust the borders where necessary. (Washington Post - 2/21/01) This means the Riady Coal Fields will continue to be protected in the SE Asian energy market from our superior coal supplies.

    Note - The Bush Adminisration has, by using the September 11 attack as an excuse, expanded Federal Controls, via more executive orders, more than any time in history. This includes creating a "Home Security" office, a copy of the Nazi Gestapo (federal police powers).

    Note - GOP Won't Try to Halt Last Rules By Clinton . They claim they don't have the political clout to make the reversals. Regardless, they are actually ignoring the "directions" the recent election was indicating to them, for they could at least fight for the reversals on the floors of their legislative bodies.

  • Quit using Executive Orders

    Note - Congress is legislating "Fast Track" for Bush so that he can bypass Congress in treaty negotiations.

  • Not pardon Clinton, Bush, Reno, or any Clinton-Gore administrators should they be indicted for any of their crimes.
  • Replace activist Federal judges

    Note - Bush trimmed the remaining Clinton Judicial Nominees, including a number of activists. (3/20/01)

    Note - The Bush Administration has announced it will no longer accept recommendations for the Bench from the liberal Bar Association. A step in the right direction.

  • Eliminate "Rowe v. Wade"
  • Leave NAFTA and GATT

    Note - Kissinger was quoted in the LA Times in 1993 as saying NAFTA is the first step to the New World Order - to which many in our government and media subscribe.

  • Avoid attempts to eliminate the electoral system
  • Eliminate the Social Security system, allowing people to regulate their own retirement systems
  • Remove Federal control of the medical system

    Note - We have traded Hillary's interest in Health Care, as member of the board of a Pharmaceutical Company, for 5 members of the Bush Cabinet being directly tied to Monsanto Corporation. It would appear that the Bush administration thinks food is a better commodity to control, than "drugs."

  • Eliminate the Education Department

    Note - The Bush Administration is going to INCREASE spending in the Department of Education, another UN-constitutional abrogation of the Sovereignty of the States,"

  • Return the IRS to collecting only monies needed for national defense and Constitutional functions
  • Eliminate Federal Police forces such as BATF, FBI "hostage rescue team," Federal Swat Teams
  • Eliminate asset forfeiture laws, Federal and State
  • Eliminate federal welfare systems of all types, returning welfare administration to the various states
  • Leave campaign contribution system alone

    Note - Bush now BACKS limits on soft money, putting him AGAINST the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

    Note - McCain, our REPUBLICAN candidate for President, is running full bore in an attempt to get campaign reform accomplished, a direct attack upon the 1st Amendment!! (Which he swore to uphold not only as a Senator, but as an officer in the Navy. His motto, though not a Marine, should be: NOLO Fidelis)

  • Remove favorite nation status from China
  • Eliminate "Drug War," by legalizing drugs (totally destroy drug cartels)
  • Restore control of immigration quotas
  • Eliminate special interests in the Administration operation

    Note - Unconscionable action was taken By Colin Powell's son, head of the FCC, in favor of his Daddy's special interests.




NINETEEN to FIVE against the Republic. That is NOT progress! The North Caucus feels that the Bush Administration represents the NWO goals and that there will be NO attempt at returning to the Republic. The NWO is willing to play along with the Chinese Communists for the business interests, and the mutual need for disarming the public.

The North Caucus now asserts, by way of the exponentially escalating Federal Controls, that the whole American Public is now considered by the government as the Enemy.

WE are the ENEMY

Bush Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao , has close relationships to Communist Chinese leadership. Business setups are acceptable to the NWO.

As we said in the introduction, token changes will be made to pacify the critics and smoke-screen the "thinking idiots." These are the same proceedures as those used by the ACLU , as the Republic is systematically dismantled.

Once again we say, Americans must arm themselves and tell their governments that they are prepared for the very worst case in that it now seems its occasion is all but inevitable.

These are but a few things we've shared amongst ourselves. If you have any more that should be on this list, please forward your suggestions to:

Tom Boylston, and Dr. Sam Prescott
North Caucus of America

If you are a Whig, and interested in taking part in the North Caucus, write:

Steve Walker
or check Who is the North Caucus?








Once again, the North Caucus choses not to do a lengthy re-hash of the multitude of arguments against Rowe V. Wade.

May we quote the Declaration of Independence?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Declaration of Independence
of the United States of America


Our stand is very simple, and concise. Unborn babies, be they Americans or otherwise, are "men." In the case of unborn American "men," we are, by ANY form of abortion, denying them their right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We are taking to ourselves the right of the Creator in the matter of life and death, and the abrogation of the rights of an American Citizen to that which was deemed, by the Founding Fathers,



It is our stand that the People, and the government, by way of the infiltration of such folk as the Bolsheviks and the NWO, has forgotten and neglected the importance of the word,



The North Caucus feels that as long as the nation refuses to adhere to the concept of "unalienable rights," it will continue to slide into tyranny, and eventual disolution. The disolution will be in the form of a dictatorship, be it Chinese or NWO founded.

We wait, we watch, we warn.

Tom Melville
North Caucus of America
Mississippi Section









We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are Considered by their Governments, Local, State, and Federal, as their Sworn, Intransigent Enemy!

Please stop and consider: WHO is being searched at airports? Who is being listened to on their phones and computers? Whose bank accounts are now being monitored? Who is being deprived of their ability to defend themselves by means of their firearms? Who is suspect when they buy a firearm? Not Arabian appearing people!

E V E R Y O N E.

Look at the steps the government is taking to control the people of America in their every activity. You and I are now subjected to arrest depending upon our THOUGHTS, much less what we SAY.

Read these articles. You are totally blind if you don't notice that YOU are considered to be the terrorist. You, your family, your children. Tell us if your children dare draw war pictures in school as I did when I was in school during the Second World War? Tell us if your children dare play with guns? In Ann Arbor an eight year old boy was arrested for pointing a toy gun. Tell us if you feel safe when your child goes to school with a black eye or a bruise on his or her body encountered during typical childs play?

Finally, remember that over 50 percent of the people in this nation actually feel safer living under the scrutiny of their government. That same majority of Americans is willing to spy on one another and encouraged to do so. They TRUST their government, even if it pokes around in their banking activities or listens to their phone and computer conversations. Once you finish these articles, read our conclusion, and be prepared for the very worst.

At this point, you might just want to transfer to our page describing the parallels between what the Administration and Congress are doing to our nation and the Federal Police various totalitarian governments had in the past:


I will interject a few threads to show you just how much you are feared by the government.

Constitutionalists, like this site, RKBA, COA, JPFO, TRT, and CCOPS are "terrorists" any time they assert that it it absolute. A recent FBI brochure circulated in Arizona says: "If you encounter any of the following, Call the Joint Terrorism Task Force:"

  • "defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN"
  • "Make numerous references to the US Constitution"

Constitutional Terrorist literature and article

As I said above, gun owners are terrorists. So are, according to New York, hunters.

NY - Hunters are terrorists

Under the definitions of "terrorism" in Section 411 of the newly signed USA-PATRIOT Act (HR 3162, now Public Law 107-56), you may be a terrorist when you go to church, or to the Boy Scouts, or to your local rifle range to practice with your friends -- depending on what some future bureaucrat decides.

You can be a terrorist if you Belong to any "group of two or more individuals, whether organized or not" that commits acts that are *arbitrarily and unilaterally* defined by the U.S. Secretary of State as terrorist. Give that some thought. That automatically clears WACO, Ruby Ridge and many other travesties by the Government from any legal question.

Extremists use the Internet all the time. So, the FBI plans on routing all Internet traffic through servers so that all mail is monitored. Ergo: ALL Americans are the enemy.

FBI to monitor Internet Mail

Extremists and terrorists use money, so we will have to monitor everyones spending habits by using "a technology that analyses and learns an individual's spending patterns and reports any discrepancies to the account holder's bank."

Forget iris identification, think financial behavioural analysis...

People work for banks, and American People can't be trusted, so "New anti-terrorism law imposes stiffer fines on banks not reporting 'suspicious activity.'(Insight Magazine)

Since you and I do other business, like planning our bike or bowling ball attack on some building: "Ordinary businesses, from bicycle shops to bookstores to bowling alleys, are being pressed into service on the home front in the war on terrorism. Under the USA Patriot Act, signed into law by President Bush late last month, they soon will be required to monitor their customers and report "suspicious transactions" to the Treasury Department -- though most businesses may not be aware of this."

Needless to say, having retailers and banks report you for suspicious activites, like learning to aim your bowling ball correctly, might not be successful in aprehending you, the non-Arabian average American Terrorist Citizen, so:

*Illegal Searches Allowed under passed legislation--for any type of criminal investigation--not just Terrorist

Of course, you sputter, they have to have a search warrant obtained from a local court. Of course not! Sorry!! Our government, under Carter, instituted our version of the hated Star Chamber tossed out by the Brits. It appears Carter, et. al., didn't learn from history.

Secretive U.S. court may add to power Bush wants to use terrorism panel in criminal probes

Just how paranoid is our government about the average NON-Arabian appearing American? Here is a good example, one that lays waste to several amendments to the Bill of Rights: On October 10th, 2001, A Sacramento journalist was taken into custody by police and forced to destroy photos by an over-zealous National Guardsman:

More recently we find a man being arrested for using the airline restroom during that 30 minutes period where its use is forbidden by the new "Olympic Rules." He is suddenly a terrorist because his bowels are misbehaving. Everyone has to sit with their hands over their heads for at least 30 minutes including the 80 year old grandmother who has bursitis and rheumatoid arthritis, regardless of the pain:

It has been public knowledge for a long time that our government is reserving a number of National Guard camps across the country for use in detaining people. This question arose when the matter of detaining members of gun organizations arose, and, since gun owners are terrorists, you can see where, if you are one, you could eventually end up should you hesitate in registering or giving up your firearms. The following article should make your neck hair stand on end:

AG: "Arrest persons whom I deem dangerous to the public peace and safety"

Interest in Federal or National ID cards has been negative on the part of the Bush Administration. Consider, first, that we already have them in the form of Driver Licenses. Now that the public is comfortable with drivers license identification, you will find the states going for a national plan on a state by state basis:

States Devising Plan for High-Tech National Identification Cards

If that doesn't suffice to make the hair on the back of your neck stand at "attention," there is now an effort to replace the High-Tech National ID cards with implanted micro-chips. Now you say, "aw, you have been seeing black helicopters, too." Before you start questioning the sanity of this writer, check these two or three citations. Then you might start seriously praying for your safety and that of this nation, should you be inclined to pray to a higher power:

U.S. to Weigh Computer Chip Implant

U.S. to Weigh Computer Chip Implant

Of course, you protest, this is just voluntary. Read carefully, though, about the concern of "function creep." Function Creep is quite like the increased heat upon the frog, as it slowly boils to death. People get used to things. They accept more and more incursions into their lives.

For quite a long time, Federal Troops have been practicing attacks upon American Urban settings. It just happens that the USMC Urban Warfare practice facility is a copy of an American, not Arabian, or Bosnian, or Chinese, American Town. Why would that be? Are they still planning attacks upon Americans?

'Helicopter assault' startles East St. Louis Special Forces; urban warfare drill unannounced to public

More recently we find the Marine Corps in full fledged practice of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist war. Oh, would that be why they are practicing, now, in Boise Idaho, and North Little Rock Arkansas:

Marines will play war games in Boise
and the public is encouraged to play along with them

Oh, you have an idea. Lets appeal these things to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Unfortunately, the Court no longer believes the Constitution is an absolute document. Not only that, but in 1803, creating the doctrine of Judicial Review, the Supreme Court destroyed the fundamental use of the Jury by taking to itself the sole authority to DECIDE WHAT IS AND ISN'T CONSTITUTIONAL. For a WONDERFUL legal treatise on YOUR LIBERTY, to which the North Caucus and MANY other patriots had opportunity to contribute, you should look at:


As I said before, those who would assert that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are our founding documents, and being deliberately ignored, are, according to the FBI, "terrorists."

As you are aware, Justice O'Connor opted, 29 Sept., to trash the Constitution:

Justice O'Connor: "we're likely to experience more restrictions on our personal freedom than has ever been the case in our country"

Supreme Court Justice Breyer

That leads us to the recent comments by our government that these losses of liberty will only last as long as the (LONG) war against terrorism. Oops, there seems to be a contracition:

Cheney Says Many Changes Of Past Six Weeks Are Permanent


  • Your Wife is the Enemy!
  • Your Child is the enemy!
  • Your Grandmother is the enemy!
  • Your World War II Veteran Grandfather is the enemy!
  • Your Grandchild is the enemy!
  • EVERYONE is the enemy!!!
  • Your CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS is the enemy


Over fifty percent of America is acting as if it is our enemy! Our government has become, by its actions, our enemy!! The majority of America would have many of us dead or "In Prison" (Rosie O'Donnell) for the protection of their feeling of safety"

What NOW?

Marty Brimmer
Maryland Section

We are pleased to note that Brian Puckett of the Citizens of America has written a similar article to ours, entitled Americans, you are the enemy, a fact that we of the NCA have been hammering our legislators, executive and the media about for a number of years.


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