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Malcolm X explaining Black Nationalism in interview

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Malcolm X speaking in interview about allegations that he is on the lunatic fringe of the American Negro Movement




More of the Same

Does anybody else find it absurd that the democrats and republicans are not fighting over how the wars should end; when Guantanamo should be closed down; whether the Wall Street trillion dollar giveaway was a mistake; or why the most 'powerful' nation doesn't have universal health care? Of course, why fight if they are in agreement about those issues.
What are they fighting over? They are fighting over which party wants to cut more from Social Security, Medicare, and school programs. Both parties want to show how strong they are by publicly declaring how brutal they can be to our fellow citizens as they yank these vital life support mechanisms out from under the most fragile of us.
If you still think that the democratic or republican party is looking out for your interests, you better hope that you are a member of the corporate elite, because that is the only entity that is benefiting from these proposed policy changes. Vote third party. So it goes.
PS - Is the president smart? If your only consideration is how much money it will make for you, it is far easier to act decisively then if you had to consider the ramifications of your decision and its effect on the general welfare of the people, the environment, or future generations. The question shouldn't be how smart is the president. It should be, 'how right and just is the president?'
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Excellent article.

Right on the money with this article. Obama is just the new face on the same old greed and exploitation. Imagine the furor if Bush had tried to privatize public housing. But the Obama administration has made it plain, as reported on a page buried in the middle of the A section of the Washington Post several months ago, that they would like to do just that. He's followed the Bush plan to the letter on Iraq and has escalated the war in Afghanistan. If Bush had doubled the amount of troops in Afghanistan in a vain attempt to pacify the country enough to allow construction of the natural gas pipeline the left would have been up in arms but because he has a meaningless "D" next to his name it's like it was with Clinton's bombing of Serbia, not much reaction.
Obama is transparently a puppet of the big corporations and billionaire ruling elite, can carry out policies that would evoke outrage if a Republican attempted it and has the added bonus to the bourgeoisie of being an African-American face on the government if the shit really hits the fan, the dollar loses its status as the world's reserve currency and has to be valued in the same way every other country's currency is valued or if the country's credit rating gets downgraded and it gets more expensive to borrow money, or for whatever reason the whole house of cards falls apart if it is on his watch it won't have a white face on the person behind the desk where the buck supposedly stops.
But playing the "first black president card" is something that can only be done once, as even if there are twenty more African-American presidents after him they won't be the first. By the fact that the ruling elite felt that it was necessary to lay the First Black President Card down on the table in 2008 shows just how desperate they have become to reinflate public support for the phony Republicrat two-headed puppet show. But it will backfire as, being a puppet, he can only do what his puppetmasters want him to do and before too long it starts to become painfully apparent that the "change" candidate is just Bush-Cheney 2.0. New packaging but same bullshit. So nothing will disillusion young voters more than voting for a "change" candidate who turns out to be just another puppet president answering to Wall Street and the rest of the exploiter class.
Again, great article.



Postscript: Amidst all the sadness and horror surrounding the massacre in Norway, we should not lose sight of the fact that "peaceful little Norway" participated in the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999; has deployed troops in Iraq; has troops in Afghanistan; and has supplied warplanes for NATO's bombing of Libya. The teenagers of those countries who lost their lives to the US/NATO killing machine wanted to live to adulthood and old age as much as the teenagers in Norway. With all the condemnation of "extremism" we now hear in Norway and around the world we must ask if this behavior of the Norwegian government, as well as that of the United States and NATO, is not "extremist".


Placing blame on immigrants

The media also wasted no time in implicating immigrants in this whole mess. Not through acts of terror but by their very existence. They created excuses by implying that immigration policy that was not endorsed by the masses caused this to happen.
It seems amazing that the West can deploy military bases around the world, station their navies off the coasts of their enemies, invade foreign countries, attack "allied" civilians with drones, create and support armed rebel groups, gave them air support when they deploy against a sovereign nation, support economic hit men, destroy third world food economies, test drugs on brown folk without their consent, etc, etc., but can't understand why anyone would use violence against them.
But let this right winger get a burr up his a___ about some brown people in his neighborhood and his insanity is "understandable". Wrong maybe, but understandable.
Is there any doubt that if Westerners were subjected to the same treatment and conditions that third worlders endure on a daily basis that they would blow this world to pieces.


Life for blacks and poor whites is about to get.....

A hell of a lot more brutish and short, in my opinion.
Folks think they've got it bad now, ain't seen nothing yet.
Look around, in socal at least; I am seeing more homeless now, including families, mobile homeless living in their cars, dilapidated old rv's being moved on by the cops, night after night.
Food pantries running out all across the country, safety net so frayed by design as the political hacks try to solve the "deficit problem,"folks ain't falling through the cracks anymore, there is no bottom left in that safety net.
As a 57 year old white man, a son of the south, I saw first hand how it used to be in the good old days back home, and I fear those days are coming back- difference being that this time it will not only be the blacks but poor whites and browns etc that will be-
forgive me- the new (racial epithet.)
It just boggles my mind that this black man, elected with so much hope by such a diverse electorate, has blown this last great chance to right the ship of state of this country, to renew the "New Deal" and let the recovery come to all of us, instead of just the few on Wall Street. A bold start with a different set of characters implementing a "people first" instead of a "banker's first" strategy, might have resulted in a different outcome.
But of course, that would have meant having a FDR like leader in the White House, which sadly we do not have, we got HOOVER instead.
Even if he had failed, people would have benefitted and would have stood by the man, knowing that he tried and that he was one of them.
Alas, that was not the case, and now the people, us the poor folks, are about to reap the whirlwind.
Better set a shopping cart aside, we made need it to put our belongings in soon.


Excellent article, as usual!

Margaret Kimberely, your work is always of high excellence.
Amy Goodman would do well to have you on her show. You make very good points about having few advocates for emprisoned people besides emprisoned people themselves. This seems like the same mindset about homeless people - the system created it, taught you that they are not you and to stay away from them, and made it extremely difficult (if not impossible) to get out of homelessness. Some who have gotten out said they did so by staying away from other homeless people, so they wouldn't be associated with them.
There are so many police on the streets , everywhere in America, even in small mountain towns. When I escape to National Forest to hike and camp and 'get away from it all', there's a cop car. This is just like a dictatorship, but with different players. After ten years back in this country I now have a better understanding of why we don't rise up en masse - the risk of prison time is too great, and everyone knows that.


There are a lot of black couples,in long term,happy,healthy relationships,just look at all the old black grandma's and grand dad's,great grandma's and great grand dad's together,and the one's who are no longer living but stayed together till the end!!!
(God Bless Black Love)

-Blanket Jackson


Being a strong person will heal the spirit. A body rich in minerals from the Universe will offer good health & being creative & unique is all the spice added. We have all of this in abundance. Be grateful & recognize your blessings. I'm all for BLACK LOVE because it's Beautiful like we are!!!





Big Time wrote:
could you be playing the victim card?
A lot of people are not even aware that they are living life like a victim.
Well, I can assure you that black people or ethnic minorities living in the west are definitely aware that they have been and still are victims of a racist system, even if they are successful "individually" they are still disrespected as a group of people, but as a white man, you have no fck,ng clue what we are talking about, how could you?...

How the hell is a white man going to tell a black man that he is not a victim of a racist society, do you know what we have experienced in this society?... Do you even know one thing about being black?... Have you tried being an ethnic minority in a white owned country?... Do you know what effects the black stereotypes have on the everyday treatment of blacks by society? E.G. do you know what it is like to go into a store and be followed around by a security guard all because of your skin colour?... or do you know what it feels like to see your people shown as Muggers, Drug dealers or entertainers in the Media, Can you even relate to "institutionalised racism" which every survey regarding racism in all sectors of society has "proven" does exist?...

Do you even understand what the psychological effects are on a people living in the same society that their forefathers were brutally enslaved, butchered, lynched and stripped of all their rights?...

This is a subject you know absolutely nothing about and have no knowledge of, so do not try to patronise me... concerning the subject of racism whites are "completely illiterate"
Big Time wrote:
This is not always a conscious choice; the circumstances may make you feel like a victim.
But when you say "I am Victim" the Universe perceives it as you saying, "Give me more reasons to feel like a victim".
This is just another patronising statement!... Like telling a rape victim that "it is all in her head"!

It is very easy to dish out advice on something you have never had to deal with yourself!

Pretty basic stuff that applies to everyone, however, it doesn't address the problem which is Black people are at the bottom of the race pile everywhere in the world, and as I have stated before, "THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE" ... I am not talking about an individual, I am addressing a problem that an entire group of people face due to their skin colour, we all know about individual success, I am successful "Individually"... But would like to see the "Black Nation" or black status as a whole be successful or better off, just like any other race would.

....Racism is stopping it from happening, neither you nor any other white person is going to deny that fact! Every time we talk about racism whites always assume that we are talking about our personal situation....No dude, some of us are very successful, this doesn't mean that we should now turn a blind eye to "Institutionalised racism" which affects millions of others!

-The Revolutionist

soultry-soul18 hours ago
Steven James Dixon...once again brutha you have laid it out and I very much appreciate it.

It's funny that a lot of things mentioned are simple common sense of establishing and maintaining your marriage (what works for you). Futhermore...a lot of things mentioned (I've stated) and have received some shyt from females that have no clue - yet holding pitty parties and girls Night In gathering wonder why the hell can't I find a Good BLACK MAN and not understanding what the word GOOD means.

As the Queen of my Palace...I runs it and my King Leads it. Just last week a female could not understand or found it weird that I refer to US as Queen and King (seriously!) oh, she was only 25 y o so much is forgiven (not for all 25 y o Sistahs). The one thing I will disagree and this is merely an individual stance...I do not allow my King to do any cleaning, washing nor folding clothes in my household (I got this).

I enjoyed this article immensly...keep them coming!
BakkByPopularDemand15 hours ago
Mr. Dixon, your entire first paragraph was pure foolishness at it's best.....BUT your bullet points were agreeable.

Nah I don't need anyone to respond to me, this is my opinion and I'm not in the mood today...

Carry on folks

Lynn C.2 days agoin reply to SimplyComplex_87
Issues out of nothing??? What if that was doll-eyed Laura Bush, or Mother Bush?? Oh, there'd be an uproar and an outcry!!!! The First Lady is NEVER, EVER to be called a "___" over a dress or anything else in the media!!

What is WRONG with you young people today? You have no respect for anything or anyone!!
soultry-soul6 days agoin reply to Iwillbfree
I agree...

yt society has a very difficult sight of separating Black Women from the Nikki Man's, Lil'Kim's, Trina's, Brat's and all the other female rappers that walk around donning themselves as the "Baddest ___".

And the worst...there are a lot of Black Women that work for E! Online that sat back and accepted this shyt.
While I have issues where I disagree with the NAACP's approach, there is nothing I like about the Tea Party. The current Tea Party governors throughout the country and the Tea Partiers in Congress have proven that they are not about everyday Americans of any color, but are tools of the Koch brothers who are about disenfranchising all of us who are not rich. They have no clue about how to govern, because they see compromise at any level as a dirty word. Their my-way-or-the-highway mentality is a huge turnoff. Beyond the racism that various Tea Partiers have shown, their agenda is also anti-woman, anti-worker, anti-poor, and slanted in favor of the wealthiest Americans. The actions of the Tea Party governors in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and Ohio since taking office in January should be a wake-up call to all of us. Everyday, I read about the effects of their toxic nonsense, and these effects are quite scary. No matter how many blacks of either sex, or women of any color, they include among their ranks, there is nothing that will ever persuade this black woman to embrace their destructive stupidity.


Fannie Lou Hamer came from a low income neighborhood. Chaney (the brother who died along with Goodman and Schwerner during the Movmement in Mississippi) was born in such neighborhood.
At least half or more AA are born in such places. And Dr. King noted that his most devoted supporters from Montgomery till the end came from precisely those sisters and brothers.

If you want to critique someone you'd better have more cogent criteria for doing so.

I grew up in a low income neighorhood in East Baltimore. I don't recall that we regarded whites as saviors. But many of us thought that affluent blacks held the same attitude of contempts for the masses of our people, as whites held for ALL of us.
While I am no lonter poor, I see little reason to dispute that perception on the part of brothers and sisters from the hood.
One other thing: As troubled as male/female relationships are in the hood, I don't think I ever saw a much toxic vitriol spewed between Black men and women in the ghetto as I've seen between "eduated" sisters and brothers.


bozino wrote:

They are also much more likely to be intelligent and therefore pass on this intelligence to the next generation. Why are we sibsidizing our own destruction by supporting the poor??? Poor people need to be taxed into oblivion and not be allowed to reproduce themselves. That is what the platform of the party that I will support will state.
The poor and middle class pay tons of taxes in the federal, state, and local levels. The rich pay significant income taxes (which is where you get that 50 percent from), but not more than those individuals who are non-rich. The Tea Party is made up of numerous reactionaries and many accept the neo-con agenda as it pertains to foreign policy matters. I don't know if they oppose the anti-civil liberty law of the Patriot Act, etc. There are political groups worse than the Tea Party, but the Tea Party aren't the magic bullet to solve the complications transpiring in our political affairs. All people deserve economic justice and a means for survival. This is a part of human compassion. All people might not receive the same income, but all people should be protected by equal rights. Welfare doesn't deal with sloth, which is a big lie. It deals with helping human beings suffering poverty or other debilitating circumstances (just like the government funded Homestead Act and the GI Bill which gave tax payer dollars to assist people as well). I don't agree with corruption in dealing with welfare, but not its totally elimination (that will radically grow the poverty rate). Poor bashing don't get you anywhere. It was the poor and middle class that built infrastructure in America. It was the poor that didn't outsource jobs overseas and the poor never orchestrated immoral wars that have caused death against mostly Third World peoples. Blaming the poor is an old trick that liars use to omit the rich in some cases paying no taxes, the rich having subsidies & loopholes, and the rich exploiting lives (to promote eugenics, population control, and divisive rhetoric in order to enhance Wall Street interests). The poor have the right to have children, go into college, and live life. It's the super rich having record low taxation in over 50 years, they have record corporate profits, and they have no right to moan and complain about a single thing that deals with economic realities. Historically, tons of the poor has risen up from extreme poverty to enrich society in grand ways. I will support egalitarian beliefs and true justice without poor scapegoating.

By Timothy


bozino wrote:

What tons of taxes do poor people pay? LOL. The only tax that a poor person pays is sales tax. They can't afford to own a car or a house in the vast majority of cases. They receive the Earned Income Tax Credit if they work. What are you talking about? They need to be taxed on their income like everybody else. This system of having half the population support the other half is insane. I am not trying to keep poor people down, but they have to be held accountable like everyone else. They should be paid to not have children and paid well. Rich people should be given lavish tax breaks to reproduce themselves as much as possible. They are the people who are best equipped to mold the next generation. Not a bunch of White trashers and ghetto Negroes. Get a clue chief inspector.
Poor people pay various taxes in local and state governments like gas taxes, some land taxes, etc. Some poor folks recieve the tax credit as you mention. Compassion for the poor is my specialty. To place a hugely immoral burden on the poor isn’t in my vocabulary. I believe that the poor should be taxed fairly, but not on the same level as the super rich. This is the disagreement I have with you. As I have mentioned, income taxes is less than half of all federal taxes and only 1/5 of all levels of the government. Therefore, the poor and middle class pay their fair share of taxation. Also, the rest of your commentaries borders on eugenics. Poor people have the right to have children. Rich people shouldn’t have immoral tax breaks, immoral subsidies, and they shouldn’t be rewarded if they outsource jobs overseas. The super rich have been responsible for the Holocaust, wars, the international slave trade, and other evils in human history. Not all rich people are immoral nihilism, but moral, decent people exist across socioeconomic backgrounds. Also, many poor blacks and poor whites have risen up from poverty to make contributions in society. You conveniently omit that reality. People should be held accountable for bad choices without eugenics or anti-poor, poor scapegoating rhetoric (when it’s the super rich that are responsible for our present recession in the first place). Half the population? You do know that 1 percent of the population owns a very high number of wealth in America and that corporate profits are in records, yet no economic growth is happening (because many of these super rich people are outsourcing jobs and hoarding trillions of dollars of wealth in the USA).

-By Timothy



The vast majority of poor people do not pay taxes sir. They can't afford a car!!! The amount of money they would pay in gas taxes would be tiny even if they had a car. The vast majority of poor people do not pay property taxes either because they cannot afford a house!!! Where are you getting your information from??? It is incorrect. The rich (top 25 percent) pay 87 percent of income taxes. They also pay substantially more in property taxes because more expensive homes have astronomically higher property taxes. My statement that half of the people are paying for the other half is without a doubt true.

It most certainly does border on eugenics. I am not saying that poor people cannot reproduce though. I am saying that we should have incentives to keep them from reproducing. We should give incentives to those who are most capable of successfully raising children also. To be against this is to be for the present system where we are allowing slag to reproduce and rewarding them for their sloth. It is completely immoral and wrong what we are doing.

One percent of the population owns a great amount in every country my lord. What does that have to do with attempting to make poor people accountable just like everybody else???

-bonzino (A Reactionary that I disagree with)

My Response to him is the following:

Here is my response to you:

The vast majority of the poor and the middle class pay more taxes than the super rich. That’s a fact (as in both middle class and the poor not the poor alone). The poor may less taxes in the federal income level since they can’t afford those taxes simply put. Some of the poor have cars and some don’t Even people in low income neighborhoods have cars. We have a progressive tax system since a regressive tax system will harshly harm the poor and increase the risk of a higher poverty rate. In the past, there were much higher tax rates on the super rich. In that time ironically, economic prosperity came about from 1945 to 1980. Like I’ve said, federal income taxes are not all of total federal taxes. All federal taxes for the top 1 percent at 22.7 percent according to the Urban Institute/Brookings Institute Tax Policy Center for 2010 (or the top 1 percent of income earner pay about 40 percent of all taxes into the federal government). For instance, the top 20 percent paid 86 percent of the income tax, but 42.9 percent of the payroll tax. Also, the Social Security portion of payroll tax applies only up to $106,800 in income. Meanwhile, the middle 20 percent of earners paid 4.6 percent of federal income taxes in 2007, but 16.6 percent of payroll taxes. Also, the payroll tax applies only up to $106,800 in income, with no tax on earnings above that limit.

So, federal income taxes doesn’t equate into all taxes in the federal level or even all taxes in the state or local levels either. It should have noted that the income limit applies only to Social Security taxes. Some rich folks pay more in homes since we have a progressive system. That when those who have more wealth have great economic responsibility.

Also, you omit tax loopholes, some super rich paying no taxes, subsidies, and other economic kickbacks. Having incentives to the poor to not produce children is borderline eugenics. We both agree on that. A better solution would be to have unique programs to fight against poverty not the incentive plan. Also, historically many poor human beings have risen from poverty to contribute greatly to society (and we can have a jobs plan, radical solutions, and other means to fight against poverty without borderline eugenics incentives). Also, welfare should be reformed to give it to those who need it. Not everyone on it acquires sloth, but they are suffering. Poor scapegoating in our time is futile in developing a real solution. I know about immorality. It’s immoral to have illegal wars, it’s immoral for bankers to hoard bailout money, it’s immoral to have the crimes from super rich Wall Street, and it’s immoral for the super rich to cause the recession too. That’s immoral. Poor people are made accountable for their acts, but they are also made scapegoats for the crimes of the super rich. The crimes of the super rich include the recession, various wars, economic plunder, IMF corruption, spying, and various other scandals.

-By Timothy


Barros Serrano wrote:

Gullah culture is linked to W Africa, not the Caribbean.
Interesting that heavy AA dialect resembles so much the speech of workingclass white Southerners... and not Jamaicans.
Face it, you're an Afrowhitey Yank.
Dumbo all our.culture.goes west africa but the gulla are Caribbeans and and ebonics is similar to Jamaican ptwa fact.

Ebonics has been referred to as"Black English"and it is the language of many inner cities and until now has been thought of as slang'. Ebonics and Jamaican Patios are similar in that they both have the same roots and parts of the language came out as a result of people being taken from Africa for slavery (citation #3, WWW.) Also, the primary similarity in the debate on Ebonics and Jamaican Patios is the fact that Standard English is the language that must be mastered to conduct most businesses and to be successful in any traditional occupation (Pryce, 1997, p.241.)

Caribean migration since colonial times;j...

Like I said blk americas.have more in common with Afro caribs they along with blk Americas created blk music and culture.




Cosign sweety.. blk americans and caribeans have more in common then white Americas.
Isn't that the truth, I have Caribbean heritage on my mother's side.

The Caribbeans are great people.

Tons of musicians even in America have Caribbean blood and the Caribbeans make up a large portion of those fighting in the Civil Rights Movement. A revolutionary spirit and an intellectual mindset incorporates the culture of Caribbeans (beyond just dance and music). So, they are brothers and sisters in the struggle for black liberation.

-By Timothy


Timothy wrote:

We can't forget about Gullah. If you want to learn about black folks' history in the W. Hemisphere completely, you have to learn about the Gullah period.
Cosign sweety.. blk americans and caribeans have more in common then white Americas.



MrAnderson9 wrote:

Those women aren't new. Rihanna is the newest, and she's not really even new. Face the facts, this generation of black women have dedicated themselves to nothing but obsessing over IR and bashing bm, and now they are paying the cost for it by losing everything else they ever stood for.
And of course all human beings have equal value, which is why More and more successful black men are chosing to be with non black woman instead of with the modern day self hating black woman who white women have convinced that she was a slave, even though most have never worked a full days work in their lives.
Black women are least likely among black people to go IR. So, it's obvious that brothers more likely lust after non-black people than the sisters. I've seen this all of the time even in HBCUs. We brothers should treat all people as equal, but not think vanilla is superior to the original cholocate.

Rihanna is new and selling records. They are other new people like Stontelle, Dondria, and others. You may not heard of them. The white ones like Adele have talent, but they recieve huge coverage because of the rareity of their acts. Also, BW collectively aren't selling out like brothers are. You offer no stats to prove that point. The truth is that the biggest ally of a black man is the black woman period. Also, black women are making strides in education, fashion, business development, and other areans. There are problems in our community.

On the other hand, in a war, we should unite and not trash our own women in an attempt to fight. Trashing women in general doesn't equal victory, but social destruction since women produce children. More successful black men marry non-BW because of self hatred, living in a more different environment, embracing a slave mentality, and other reasons. The reasons aren't monolithic nor simplistic. Still, most BM (even so-called successful ones) are with BW. Typically, a BM goes out with an average, outcast, or typical non-BW (not the top in socioeconomic status unless that BM is upper middle class or rich). Also, you seem to be anti-feminist. If you're mad then you ahould be going into society publicly in order to demand solutions not showing bitter hatred against sisters.

-By Timothy


WandaLouise wrote:

Thank you Gina for calling me an Uncle Tom for the one hundredth time now. I am seriously beginning to wonder if I have male genitalia. I am no uncle tom or thomasina thank you very much. I am an accurate stereotype of a twenty first century Black Female. I will not be insulted by you or anyone else who views IR as a sin. I am therefore very representative of women who are like myself - of which in the U.K there are many. I don't think that you can speak for black women in general because you are only one black woman out of a possible what, 8 million?- I have no idea how many BW are residing in the states currently but I do know that not 100% of them would share your views or opinions all of the time.
I love myself enormously because I know the value of myself. I know who I am and I love the oppportunities that lay in store for me when I am able to move on and move forward in my life. You on the other hand are someone who preaches at people because it's something to do when you get out of bed; "What shall I do today? Oh!, I know, I'll go be rude to somebody I don't know because they don't share my lofty opinions about what a real black women should do, think and say." I don't want to be like you Gina. You are no more representative of a real black women than I am. We just both happen to have different attitudes to dating is all. Nothing wrong with that in the 'free' world.
First off! I stick to the fact that you are a Uncle Tom or "Thomasina" as you say. Thank you that's actually a better term for black women like you. I'll use that from now on.

Secondly, I do NOT view interracial dating as a sin and never have especially since I'm attracted to asian men and other races not just black men. I have an issue with any black man or black woman that denounce or belittle the opposite gender of their race and use whatever negative EXCUSES as to WHY they date other races. I'm very wary of people like you and my family said I should be especially in the workplace environment because many like you would trapple over others to get to the top.

Thirdly, I am VERY much aware that my opinions aren't representative of how every black woman think or feel but NEITHER ARE YOUR OPINIONS! LOL and you are NOT "an accurate stereotype of the 21st century black woman"! Don't delude yourself. You an accurate stereotype of the 21st century black sellout. And no not sellout because you like "white cockeral" or whatever the hell you said before but because of your outlook of black men in general.

Also I do not "preach" to anyone on here more than you or Capree do. You two have been on this site spewing your crap way before I ever joined Topix. I'm no more "rude" than you or anyone else in this forum. I call it how I see it on here just like you think you do. I see your comments alot. I see the debates you have and I mostly never agree with neither one of you (you, Capree, etc). You all would makes SOME points but the total outlook of your overall opinions are too negative and generalizing. Self haters are an irritation to me just like black men are a irritation to you. Nobody said you did not love yourself. Actually alot of blacks that think like you do are quite FULL OF THEMSELVES. The phrase "self hater" isn't only used against blacks that dislike being black but also against blacks that look down on other blacks kinda like a "honky in black skin" or an "oreo". Okay? Alright.

-Gina (from Chicago)


Desmond Sandiford wrote:
Yes, I have been to chicago. Chicago is chocolate city. There are many beautiful bw there. And in my experience, bw in chicago aren't generally interested in wm. Sometimes we do get caught up with the negative people like capree and wanda and dreams etc. But black love is still going strong. 93% of married bm are married to bw. Only 5% are married to ww. So I think that tells us a lot. And this may sound crazy, but if the economy continues to stagnate here in america, I think the number of black couples will go up.
Yes exactly! Interracial couples can be seen any and every where but they certainly aren't the majority in my city or america & the world for that matter. lol

Why do you think if the economy continues to stagnate black couples will increase? Does this mean blacks go back to each other only when they don't have money? Oh do you mean that nonblack people don't want us unless we have money? lol Explain?


To the black men on Topix:

Please ignore WandaLouise, Capree & SadButTrue. They are NOT representatives for "most" black women online or in real life. They are nothing but self hating uncle toms like ALOT of black folk (man or woman) on the internet apparently. Do not confuse them with real black women or even use them as proof that many black women share these opinions of black men because we don't. I for one sure don't.

Anytime a black woman has nothing but negative things to say about the men of her race and only praise for another race then she is a self hater indeed. This goes for the reverse as well. Real black people don't do this. "Real" as in problack. "Real" as in self loving.



Gina responds to the sellout Capree in this fashion:

Ridiculous! Old minded?! I'm 21 sweetheart. There's nothing "old" here. I don't bend over backwards for anyone nor do I praise white women. You have YET to see a damn comment from me uplifting anyone from the white community unlike yourself! You are all a bunch of silly ass black folk! Do you realize that?? As if bashing black men will solve any fucking thing. In the community I live in. In MY neighborhood ALL the married couples are BLACK. In the Freemason Lodge parties that my grandfather has taken me to all of the black men had black wifes and girlfriends EXCEPT for ONE guy with a white woman. My best friend who I absolutely adore his girlfriend who he LOVES is BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL!! And his fine ass close friends love black women as well. Even in Hollywood there are alot of black couples that you won't ever SEE unless you look them up!! The media promotes interracial with black men using these ridiculous statistics against us! The black women in my family marry black men! Even my cousin who have a biracial son (black/white) is dating black women again! MY freakin' uncles are all married to black women with beautiful black children that I BRAGGED about in another post on Topix! One of them even said before that all the gorgeous black women are with white men which I don't agree with that anyway because they aren't!


You wanna know why I think and talk the way I do?? Well because my grandfather raised me to be a very problack woman. He raised me to be aware of black people like the ones here on Topix. He even told me to STOP going on these forums reading these comments and clouding my reality with this garbage. I think I should listen to him because trying to encourage a bunch of mean spirited black people is a serious waste of time. You all are very determined in hating! I should leave you be but I can't help responding. I read these comments and it's always something! Anyone who says ANYTHING positive or defend blackness is written off as delusional. How fucking backwards is that?! Throwing statistics in my face which are nothing but numbers without explanation! Numbers manipulated and used as media tools AGAINST black people to distract us from reality. The reality that other communities in America have the same problems as Black America but the media makes them look exclusive to us when they are not! Black people are the only idiots who go on television airing their dirty laundry and bashing each other! It's sickening really!



crammasters2 months ago
I have read study after study that says BW are more confident than women of all other races. As a man, I can cosign that. I have personally seen non-black females act threatened whenever an attractive sister enters their space. I have had non-black females attempt to poison me against BW, by saying negative things about BW, but I don't play that and let them know that UPFRONT.

What the H would I look like, letting a white or Asian female tell me some negative S about the same women who represent my mother, my grandma, my aunts, nieces, sisters, friends, etc? What kind of BLACK MAN would that make me??

As far as I'm concerned, speaking bad about BW in general means those non-black females are jealous of sisters PLUS they can't respect ME if they think I have so little intelligence that I don't know I'm being insulted (and manipulated).

years ago, before I got married, I had an Asian female coworker tell me, "You should leave BW alone and let me introduce you to an Asian woman." (i forget what country she was from).

That made me wonder, now if she felt this way about BW, why was she was cheesing in this our black female co-worker's face? of course, she waited until that black female walked away to tell me to leave BW alone.

Once I put two and two together, the lightbulb came on. I realized she felt insecure around the black female coworker, who had more education, was very intelligent, adn seriously fine (yea, i tried to get with her).

I have also seenthe kind of dirty looks my wife gets from non-black females when we go out together. My wife is dark-skinned, wears her hair in a natural, and has a sexy body and a beautiful face (yeah, i'm bragging :-)

Dark skin dominates the room and a lot of pale-skinned folks immediately feel intimidated or feel over-powered, or under MELANATED when in the presence of dark folks. Some know we are special in ways they are NOT
. Some even know who we are, but in a system of white supremacy, they have to conform to the doctrine of white superiority/black inferiority.

That's why white Hollywood won't put beautiful dark skinned sisters in movies and TV shows because they make white females look washed out -- and they draw the eye because they have MORE COLOR.

That's why white folks get tans so they can get some COLOR, look HEALTHIER, STRONGER, AND SEXIER.

Check out Dr. Welsing's book -- "Isis Papers: The Keys To Color" -- and you will understand why the lack of skin color created white racism (and envy).

Bottom line, non-blacks KNOW sisters got it going on, that's why they're always imitating them and trying to get their features -- the lips, breasts, and butts. They know having long, straight hair don't make the woman, and that there is much more to beauty than hair.

They know that BW are the most fertile female on the planet and that white females are the LEAST fertile, and that in EVERY human culture, female FERTILITY is KEY to femininity, desirability, and attractiveness of the FEMALE for the human and animal male population.
So they have to knock BW every chance they get, to hide the TRUTH. Which is why there so many articles knocking BW. It's simple once we understand the motivation.


crammasters2 months agoin reply to nodoubt10

The way the media has been ragging on BW, would make anybody suspicious. If BW are so jacked up, why do you have to convince other folks by printing the same BS over and over and over and over and over again?

At best it's cruel; at worst, it's folks revealing a mass media conspiracy against BW, meaning the system via the media has a political AGENDA that has NOTHING to do with BW being inferior.

Bottom line, they want to drive the BW and BM apart so we BM will breed ourselves OUT OF EXISTENCE and won't keep producing any more black babies with a black Moms and a black POPS

Well, i got news for them. I got three all-black, black-identified, know their history shorties and might have a few more, so I can have my own d___ black liberation army lol


MrAnderson9 wrote:

Good for you. These women have made it more than clear that they subscribe to the thought process of the typical racist white male. Read that link i provided to Noplum's thread. She show's that typical mindset.
I've met many white women that were more pro black than these women, and the truth is, the average ww is more pro black than the average bw.
I suggest to all successful intelligent black men to marry a non black woman and adopt black children. That way our way will proceed on stronger and without self hate. These white women won't preach self hatred to their black children like black women do.
Black women have 1500 abortions a day, and give up many of their children for adoption, so that they can continue to live the care free club live style.
I love the label. I'm a sucker for love, truth, and justice. That's me. Now, it's obvious that the women who disgaree with you potently don't have the mentality of white racist males. The reason is that these females don't advocate black inferiority, don't demonize black people in extreme offensive terminology, and don't want divisive rhetoric to poison the discussion about black people. I've meet white women who are mean, vindicative, and straight up evil. So, evil people exist in every race of people.

That's really some house Negro stuff to believe that average WW are more pro-black than average BW. Jesse Lee Peterson would be proud of you. Now, the truth is that black women were with us brothers even in Jena Six driving hundreds of miles to promote justice.

I advise intelligent Black Men to live their lives, don't betray black women, be strong, stand up to anti-women "brotherhood" types, and be a great example for their own people.

You worshipping white women is sick. That's your angel. White women aren't superior to sisters period. Some white women preach self hatred and don't even want racial issues to be discussed publicly. With brothers like you want it hard for real brothers in many times. We brothers have got to do better. Selling out isn't a solutions. Being strong, doing the right thing, and stand up for ourselves are real solutions. I believe in black people adopting black children. The sisters will always be here and they are Queens.

-By Timothy


crammasters2 months agoin reply to Harvette Ellington
they know who we USED to be, and what we still represent


which is why they are doing their damnedest to destroy our confidence, self-esteem, intellectual potential and our ability and desire to come together and UNIFY


don't fall for the IR HYPE

because the people who now run the world are not teaching THEIR CHILDREN that IR crap.

who did "Prince" William marry? A WHITE FEMALE

we have all kinds of examples of how powerful people maintain their power and they don't do it by dividing and conquering themselves.

check out this youtube video
I can't give the link because this post might not show up
just search (on youtube) for


Breakfuss1 day ago
NEWSFLASH: When grown men have what ostensibly amounts to an intellectual disagreement (Harvey prevents the *intellectual* part), it doesn't mean the race is "divided". It's that same monolithic thinking that keeps kneegros filing down to eddie long's church, or blindly voting for "da democratz cuz thats what mah mamma n'dem do". The idea that all white or asian or jewish (uh, hello, orthodox?) people walk in lockstep is daft.

Now, with that said, Steve Harvey is a coontrified, shuck and jiving, pious imbecile. Writes sophomoric books about "how to get a man", but has been married & divorced three times. Least articulate man on the radio, but he plays gospel and talks with a twang so it's aiiight. And suckers eat it right up. So again, it's ok that he doesn't see eye to eye with West & Smiley, but that he resorts to name calling should speak volumes about the type of character this "man of Gawdt" possesses.


see the light wrote:
Everyone pays taxes of all kinds. Poor and middle class get a tax refund-which is usually more than they put in. It's really called Welfare. It is the so-called rich people who are paying the most but, you want them to pay more? You Liberals want to spend other people's money but won't contribute your own.
The poor pay tons of taxes, but not lots of federal income taxes. The reason is that the poor don’t make enough to owe income taxes. Yet, the poor pay plenty of other taxes like federal payroll taxes, gas taxes, sales, utility taxes, and other taxes. No one is tax free in America if they work. In state and local taxes, the poor bear a heavier burden than the rich in every state except Vermont. It’s true that the top 1 percent of wage earners paid 38 percent of the federal income taxes in 2008 (the most recent year for which data is available). But people forget that the income tax is less than half of federal taxes and only one-fifth of taxes at all levels of government.

Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance taxes (known as payroll taxes) are paid mostly by the bottom 90 percent of wage earners. That’s because, once you reach $106,800 of income, you pay no more for Social Security, though the much smaller Medicare tax applies to all wages. Warren Buffett pays the exact same amount of Social Security taxes as someone who earns $106,800. The wealthy are paying record local tax in over 50 years. That’s a fact. So, the numbers are there, the truth will prevail, and reactionary rhetoric will die in the end. Compare that to the vast majority of Americans, whose share of their income going to federal taxes increased from 13.1 percent in 1961 to 22.5 percent in 2007. You omit a lot of things. You omit that some rich folks pay no income taxes, some rich have tax loopholes, and the disparity between the rich and the poor have radically widen in the past decades. The concentration of wealth is heavily in the hands of the super rich. The poor and the middle class have contributed greatly to this nation. They have shed blood sometimes at the expense of degenerate, hypocritical, and nefarious lifestyles of many of the rich folks. Also, using taxation to fund services is apart of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution that gives Congress the precise right to tax people. I'm not a liberal. I'm independent. I'm more progressive on economic issues though.

-By Timothy

Timothy wrote:

I'm not naive. Both genders aren't perfect, BUT
I"m not dogging sisters out in a war. We live in a war against white supremacists. So, yes, you show battle cries for reform and propose solutions. Yet, I'm not going to show stereotypes and dehumanize sisters that gave me my life. I'm not into that. Also, I reject stereotypes. I know tons of sisters with real intelligent conversations, and love black men. You should go out to meet sisters in a wider spectrum of locations. Most black women don't care about IR, WW, WM, or whiteness at all. Sisters are just trying to live their own lives. Black women don't fit in the same mold since sisters are not all monolithic. Viewing sisters as monolithic in negative terminology is no different than a bigot demonizing BM in offensive designations.
If we want solutions, then we men should be men and stand up to promote our interests, communicate with sisters on how we feel, and believe in just respect for our ethnicity. We have to promote more unity among both genders and both genders should be honest to incorporate authentic solutions without malice. Malice doesn't solve a thing to our social straits.
Preach! I bet you he doesn't like when people stereotype BM, but look how he stereotypes BW. It's a shame.



I'm disgusted by the fact that so many idiots like yourself put your own people down. Read! Stop talking politics and society when you have no knowledge to speak from in the first damn place!! Do NOT demean the black man's signifcance and contributions to this country and to the world throughout history since the beginning of time. If you would read African & African American history books by black historians and anthropologists then you'll understand the condition of black people better. You're just another self hating black idolizing the white world. That's one of the main problems with Black America now. Self Hate and wanting to be like "massa"...


Another problem is alot of these ppl are only considering brothas like these silly celebrities ochocino, R kelly, lil wayne ect as an example of BM overall. But completely disregard Brothas That are actually helping the black community, D___!what about the doctors, the lawyers,Professors, Motivational speakers ect Ya'll just need to get out more!

-Caribbean girl





crammasters2 months agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
Amen, Sis.

we know it ain't black folks that need or want to read this S

so it must be "somebody else" who desperately needs to believe it

I'm glad so many sisters and brothers are peeping this CON GAME

Now, check this, on this same page, there's a link to an article that says, "Women waiting longer to get married, divorce rates drop."

now wait a sec, I thought I just read that the Census said BW have a higher divorce rate....? and before that they said...ah forget it! LOL


koulpeeplz1 day ago
WOW...not surprised though because I've ALWAYS felt Steve Harvey's whole act was C___-ING at its finest! I was forced to go see him at Radio City with my lady last year and he pitched a b___, when the people weren't laughing at his tired act.

First off hosting a nationally black syndicated talk show, he should be aware of the true story of Uncle Tom before he makes such a statement. Second, he is known to say anything that HE THINKS is popular within his audience...(his first book proved that).

We must remember "his show" don't just grab a random letter and read it on air. The whole thing is prepared for so he can get his lines together. He's not naturally funny by any means (like Ced or Bernie).

Someone got on the horn and told him to speak about this. Many mentally programmed black people are upset with Tavis and West because they feel Obama should get a break based on what he inherited into office. And I think he would "get a break" IF he didn't have the time to focus on minority groups because of the economy. But the FACT is HE HAS made it a point to address every other minority class in the country EXCEPT THE BLACK MINORITY ISSUES!

Black people complaining about Tavis and West are the same ones who are worried about him getting a second term or the country ever having another "black" president. They live in fear and don't even see it.



About-Dat22 hours agoin reply to cocoa09
Brother, it is the critics on here who don't take them into account at all! Think about it, we're dividing against the first black president while white middle America watched George Bush Jr. start 2 unfunded wars, pass 2 careless tax cuts, start an unfunded Rx program for seniors, cooked the books on countless things and the economy, now heavily weighted toward the financial sector nearly collapsed due to speculation and yet these same Republicans are back in power in Congress and may take back the White House in 2 years! Talk about forgiveness! Ask them that come on here, they don't care about jobs, Wall St. they care that we don't get our share of America. If these blacks are complaining now, wait until they get Mr. Venture Capitalist Mormon "Who let the dogs out" Romney! Guess they'll move to Ghana.


koulpeeplz16 hours agoin reply to About-Dat
"We own nothing, we don't vote and you folks really think other people lie awake at night thinking about us? Rich people are worshipped in this country! Turn your TV on, flip the channel!"

HOW IS THIS NOT BRAINWASHED RHETORIC? The problem is the TV! Everything you stated is media propaganda and white-supremacist brainwashing. I'm in Newark and trust they don't feel the same about the president as you do.

There are a lot of black PhDs here in NJ and many live in the urban areas and commute to their respective schools. Don't dismiss Dr. West's love for black people with your perception or Sharpton's perception of the Ivy League. Barack and Michelle Obama are Ivy Leaguers too...don't forget that fact in your argument.

GorillaBlack wrote:
It seems like so many good Black Men are now making the upgrade from Black Women to White Women.
Were trading in bigger bellies and bigger bootys for smaller midsections and more appealing atheletic bodies in the white woman.
We're trading in women with masculine faces like Geradine played by flip wilson, women with faces like Madea played by Tyler Perry, women with faces like Wanda played by Jamie Fox on In Living Color, Women with faces like Big Momma Played by Martin Lawerence, Women with mugs like Aunt Esther from Good Times, Women with mugs like the African Girl who played in the movie Precious.. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture in a nut shell we're trading in black women for women who actually do look and act like women.
I think a lot of anti-BW haters like you are trolls. You know full well that there is nothing like a black sister. If sisters were nothing to you sellouts, why do you obsess with demonizing them and hating on them. People hated on like that must be people certainly that's on your mind and heart. Now, your argument is false, because beauty isn't found in one skinny cookie cutter image. There is beauty in skinny sisters like Ciara, medium sized sisters like Lela Rochon, and bigger sisters like Queen Latifah, Monique, Kimberly Coles, and others. These women don't look like the characters by Flip Wilson, Jamie Foxx, or Tyler Perry. That slander doesn't work on real brothers since real brothers know the difference between fantasy and reality. Fantasy is about believing in the lie that all BW are one way, they hate decent men, over aggressive, etc.

The reality is that black women made us BM and we have succint responsibility to respect and show dignity to any black female. There are plenty of sisters nationwide and worldwide that have intellectual curiousity, maturity, strength, and understanding. Black women are Queens and a great anchor in our communities for tons of reasons (like birthing us in the first place). There are tons of good black men that aren't selling out and they aren't finding something new to seek white supremacist acceptance like Bill Cosby, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Rodney Pete, Smokey Robinson, Ashford, Vincent Hughes, Grant Hill, and most Black marriages. So, this goal of getting more brothers to demonize sisters will never work since forever most BM will always respect Black women. Why are you talking about althetic women like black women don't work out. Tons of sisters work out all of the time. There are tons of attractive, althetic sisters worldwide like Mocha Lee, Jennette Jenkins, Laura Bailey, Klaudia Kinska (which puts people to shame), Essence Monet, Christina Watson, Tamron Hall,  Carmelita Jeter, Veronica Campbell Brown, Bianca Knight, The Barber Twins, Alison Felix, Serena and Venus Williams, Nicole Coleman, the 70+ year old sister Ernestine Sherpherd (who looks more attractive than any white women of equal age), Natalie Benson, and I can list more and more. Tons of black women work out that I now personally all of the time. You need to keep it real.

Sellouts like you can reject sisters, but I will not. No woman can know my cultural mores, culture in general, and personal insight on political matters like a black woman can. Black unity will not cease and real truth will prevail. The slander against black woman will forever become refuted by real brothers and real sisters dedicated to renewal, social growth, and a harboring of BLACK LOVE. BLACK LOVE is more powerful than slander, demonization, and any evil. No evil will prosper and truth will remain as hard as stone.

I'm not into the anti-women "brotherhood," but the pro-women and pro-men unity coalition. I won't keep hope in the women hating "brotherhood" but harmony among both genders.

-By Timothy (Me)

  • I like your points. As for black women, stand up and take a bow. Sisters scrubbed toilets, cooked meals and bore sexual oppression to feed their kids while many black men gave in to the humiliation, strain and abandoned their families. Black women are in college, professions in significant numbers. I'm not attacking black men, alot of brothers are holding strong but we can do better. I honor black women for filling in the shoes of leadership when we were emasculated by white men.

    The only difference I have on the "illegals" issue is that it's nothing new and blacks (believe it or not) have more to GAIN than to lose. (I know I'm asking for it, LOL). Historical fact, wave upon wave of European immigration constantly displaced black employment, undercut national wages and even educated blacks were relegated to menial service. To add insult to injury, when those jobs were scarce they gave maid/butler jobs to the Irish, not blacks! I won't go into socio-economics, but my sources are DuBois and Dr.King.

    The critical difference is that the new immigrants they flood in now to displace poor blacks, whites are people of color and as a result, white America is in a fix because namely the Hispanics are moving into traditional Southern, Western white strongholds and changing the political calculus. Yes, Hispanics, Asians, others have been and can be prejudiced, yes the Hispanics are direct competitors with blacks for labor jobs. However, these groups have more reason to unite with us politically if no more than for their own ambitions. Whites have never been so disposed to do this since this has always been a 90% "white" country and 90% rarely needed 10%. The Civil Rights era 1965 immigration reform changed this. These groups are a buffer against white majorities.

    In my opinion, what blacks must do is become a merchant class. We should be combining into investment clubs, pushing ALL of our children to go to college and out the gangster culture, learn tech, business skills, replicate the Jewish community in our approach to politics: disown wealthy blacks that don't invest in our institutions, communities through boycott. These tactics will ensure our survival here in the 21st century. Take care.

  • ___________

    soultry-soul2 months agoin reply to crammasters a Sistah - I love and appreciate to hear a man openly place an abundance of compliments coming from love, admiration, respect and appreciation towards his wife. I thank you for it:)

    crammasters2 months agoin reply to soultry-soul
    she deserves -- as do all my beautiful black sisters. No man can be better than the place he comes from and if we all understood that, we'd know that putting BW (or BM) down is the same as DISSING ourselves.


    Teyla wrote:

    So you think they didn't arrest these killers? Ignored what happened? Two of them are charged with murder and they indicated more would be charged too. As they all should be. As far as I'm concerned, if they have evidence on camera and/or DNA match, then we need to start executing these killers - both black and white.
    Frankly, I'm tired of supporting animals in prison that can't cut in society.
    And if you don't like bs drug charges, then don't do drugs. It's easy. Stay away from the life that is going to get you arrested.
    Let me make myself crystal-clear Teyla! It was seven individuals that took part in the beating of Mr. Anderson, why then is only two individuals being convicted? one of the individuals(John Aaron Rice)is charged with simple assault, how do you explain that? What about the other five individuals that took part in the beating and killing of Mr. Anderson? According to CNN all seven of the individuals were captured on video as they beat Mr. Anderson. Why then are the other five teens getting a white pass? Consider this Teyla, had those teens been ((Black)) and Mr. Anderson ((White)) every last one of those teens would be facing a capital murder charge!

    Why can't white people just be honest about America's to tier justice system?

    -Louisville Panther


    BakkByPopularDemand23 hours agoin reply to vernmm
    Just how are they 'bashing' the president? Were any of you up in arms when people were dogging Bush? And we all know he got dogged repeatedly, it's just that all this digital media wasn't available so it wasn't in our faces every few seconds like it is now.

    And how is telling the absolute TRUTH, considered bashing? The two men have only spoken on Obama's actions, tactics and policies. I mean anyone who votes, rallies, took their time out to help Obama's campaign etc, and they are displeased has every RIGHT to speak on any and all issues.....

    I mean, if YOU went to a restaurant, and you paid your money and the food was horrible in your opinion and based on how it was prepared, (fact), wouldn't you take issue with that and voice your opinion no matter what the race of the chef was? Would you give a d___ about the chef's skintone if he f____ up food that you paid for? OR would you EXPECT him to do the JOB which he applied for and assured EVERYONE he was qualified to do?


    Afreekan wrote:

    This is the purpose of the thread , clownella, PAN AFRICAN ancient egypt NEVER existed, its all fantasies!
    There is NO anhtropological, historical and Genetical evidences that supports the pan african ancient egypt.
    its a myth created by negro "trying to pass as intelligent "scholars.
    And you have no evidence that that there wasn't ancient Egyptians were again dominated by different people including Nilo Saharan who they are also closely related to the only thing that you have stated is your opinion, the problem with you claims is you fail to dispute the similarities in language symbols and architecture that some west-central Africans have built.
    Afreekan wrote:

    Beja are the closest whether by the apparence, the culture, the language.
    Beja and the cushitic speakers have an unique apparence that the west Africans dont have.
    AE didnt looked physically like the AE, not the same facial features, bone structures, skintone(common to east africa and southern india), HAIRSTYLE.
    Wrong everything that is found in east africa as for as appearance can be found in west-central-south africans and even more the Egyptians copts who speak a modern day Egyptian language are suppose to be the true descendents are did you forget that?
    Afreekan wrote:

    The culture & language of the egyptian is CUSHITIC.
    yes thank you, you said it yourself Beja and Somali look the same ! they share the same ancestries
    Ok? Whats your point they were closely related this is it and all this doesn't mean Beja were ancient Egyptian. If west african similarities and east african similarities doesn't mean some west african groups were in Egypt then it is the same for you.
    Afreekan wrote:

    Ironically they look the same just like the Ancient egyptians looked the same with the puntites!
    The Ancient Egyptian claimed to be from Punt which is between Eritrea and Northern Somalia.
    LOOOOOL THE Puntites= Somalis/oromo
    West africa? NO
    Yes some of them look the same but you still couldn't explain away Narmar who is not even common in your population, but is very common in Nilo Saharan and south african population.

    And by the way I researched what you said no where did I find the Egyptian claiming to be from punt.



    Aceman521 day ago
    Harvey called them Uncle Toms for the same reason people on this site use the term. Anyone who does not fall down and worship at the altar of Obama is an uncle tom. Anyone who dares to disagree with the elected messiah is an uncle tom in their eyes.


    Static_Shock14 hours ago
    107 comments on this??? Okay I'll bite.

    How about black people focus on their OWN COMMUNITIES FIRST???!!!

    Why blame Obama??? He is a politician that is controlled by the powers that be. They ALL are.

    We should be taking control of our OWN COMMUNITIES. How??

    1) Starting our own businesses.

    2) Taking on the drug dealers on the corner. I have no love for them. Remember bullets have no addresses on them. Anyone could get hit.

    3) Stop covering for our children when they break the law.

    4) Yeah, no one wants to be a snitch but when you see someone doing wrong you can't look the other way.If you keeping the other way the next target may be you.

    5) Invest in your community. Buy office buildings, buy a mom and pop shop, set-up your own clothing store, etc. Keep your money in a tight circle.

    This is just for starters but you get the idea. Let these guys fight it out to see who has the biggest microphone. These guys are rich and they don't lay down with bullets whizzing over their head at night. They are pretty safe in their white neighborhoods.....until they say something against them.


    buickjazz5 hours ago
    Typical. But I'm not surprised that "C___" Harvey would go down that road. I lost all respect for him when he said he only voted for Obama because he was black. That shows how out of touch he was. Im not saying any of the other candidates were any better choices but he could at least have backed up his statements with his knowledge of BO's platform issues and political stance. But he essentially said, he would only pick "the black guy" and expected all of us to follow suit. Which is something a racist would say if the tables were turned. And in typical racist fashion, Harvey resorts to name-calling and calls anyone who disagrees with Obama "uncle toms" (read: "N-lovers" if the shoe was on the other foot) because he's not smart enough to reinforce his opposition with a common sense argument. This is why I don't listen to his show in the morning and why I no longer endorse his comedy. The fact that he spews such hatred for any black person who dares to have a different opinion from his or a particular segment of popular black thinking is narrow-minded and dare I say "racist". I voted for BO but I will vigorously defend anyone's right to agree or disagree with him if they have a valid point other than his race.


    Timothy wrote:
    It's sad since almost 100 percent of these white women that these slave minded brothers praise wouldn't give them the time of day even if the brother was not super rich (or even in a lot of circumstances). Also, these women aren't more beautiful than Meagan Good, Bria Myles, Dorothy Dandridge, Sade, Pam Grier, Diana Ross, Laila Ali, Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson, Erkyah Badu, Tina Turner, Flo Jo, Susan L. Taylor, Gabrielle Union, Alicia Harris (fitness woman), Jill Scott, Jessica White, Mocha Lee, and I can list 30 more sisters beyond that.

    There is no comparison.

    You don't have to bet on black since being BLACK is always strong, potent, and with reliable track record of overcoming obstacles, and standing up for real justice among the confines of society.
    You could've stopped at Megan Good and the argument is over.White women can't compete with that fine sista.

    -A Brother

    Note by Me: I believe tons of black people are political inclined, but these are interesting words filled with wisdom.

    By Timothy

    About-Dat2 hours agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
    No. I respect dissent that's like saying Malcolm was wrong for disagreeing with King, yet I think we honor both men now for their sincerity. And that's the issue, that's what makes one "black". It's funny because I love definition "mind behind the skin." That is the issue because there are alot of people who are "black" but to them black isn't "African", or it's "hood" culture or it's NOI style nationalism, but there's no consensus on what is "black." I suspect you and I are closer to the same definition, I take the Malcolm X view. As for the vote, I think you remember the late, great Dr.Ron Walters, he believed in the vote. The numerous blacks who were killed for almost 100 years onward for daring to exercise the "vote" meant something to me, far more to me than the people getting shot daily selling drugs. It meant something to Malcolm X when he told how suppression of the black vote kept the very Southern Senators blocking civil rights laws in power. The vote meant enough to our enemies that they still seek to disenfranchise us at every turn (you know about felony disenfranchisement laws?)

    In this society, you have the will to pay or the will to act. The rich man has the former, we only have the latter through our vote, protests, etc. Like some fool said to me, 'blacks don't care about politics..." and that is the bigger problem. You say 90% of blacks voted for Obama yet we're still 12% of pop. and our voting numbers are tiny. Without money to offfset this, our greatest potential vote power is within the heavily black districts where we live.The ONLY white voting bloc that Obama won was the 18-29 bloc. Those are the young. 2Pac once said that the young whites listening to him would be more receptive to dealing with blacks as something other than a stereotype. You underestimate the power of perception. DuBois, Malcolm X, Randall Robinson in his great book, "The Debt" talk about this power. If the elementary age black youth can grow up interested in politics, believing that they can take control of their 'hoods and become more like you and me because of Obama, then that's priceless, that will help slow the flow from school to prison. That has to be priority number one.

    If you read his first book, he stated that he was for "black nationalism." However, Obama stated that the pro-blacks were so turned off from making alliances with others outside the 'hood that they couldn't hope to be successful selling black power toothpaste for $5 while People's Drug selling the same for 99 cents. You know which one poor people will buy, that's why sorry ass Wal-Mart is the richest, biggest employer in America. Obama is one of those blacks who feel we have to get entangled in the system. I agree only because (for argument's sake) you can't shut down "The Matrix" unless you get inside of it.

    If we could multiply you and I by a few million, we'd have a cultural revolution going on but sadly, most of our people aren't politicized. You say "some real climactic ish" is starting. You're right. The mass of poor whites, unlike us, don't vote for social programs. They vote to keep guns, money, property (and the vote) out our hands whether they personally benefit or not. The definition of white for them is supremacy over us.
    It doesn't matter to them whether he's Booker T. or Marcus Garvey. Skin color is all that matters.


    soultry-soul6 days agoin reply to koulpeeplz

    I previously stated, I viewed the movie weeks ago and labeled it a "Good Sunday Female Movie". however, my overall review - it's nothing more than a yt woman using Blacks for her own gain. In the real 1960's if maids were to act in such a way they would be labeled by the entire Black Community and potentially killed - or shall we say their Husbands and male family members would have caught the brash end of it all. While the yt woman obtain all she needed and not lift a hand to help the "HELP" that helped her.

    The author, Kathryn Stockett of this book is being sued by Ablene Cooper who worked as her maid and states the contents are similar to her story. Kathryn has yet to provide Ablene with any proceeds from the book and we know she will not receive any from the movie.
    nebsen5 days ago
    Dr. Boyce makes some very salient points about why he he want be seeing "The Help". But like he stated in his closing paragraph about" controlling our destiny, & financing & ownership of Black Cinema," is what is, the most important, as far as I'm concerned !

    It just amazes me, that at this time in our collective history, we don't have ownership of our own studio's other than" Tyler Perry". I'm sure it is way more complicated than one knows . But, it's not like we don't have the talent & the "Black mover & shakers" in Hollywood to make it happen.Why it doe's not even have to be in the states, it could be in South Africa,Brazil, or even Canada. One has the whole African diaspora as a source of talent both in front of the camera, as well as behind to pull from.

    I believe like Dr. Boyce, that " Black Cinema," is the only way we can really tell our collective stories.

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