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Missing Links Part 3

I know now, that my mission was to get the word out, and even before i did this thread, it is showing that many conscious brothers and sisters have heeded the warning, and understood, and have taken some drastic steps towards Black Nationalism, i want you brothers and sisters to support and donate, and take action with this brother and sister here:


The Official EE Video

See that living off Black business is a wondrous sacrifice and has nothing to do with exclusion... it is about love, pride and intelligence. In 2009, we spent money in ways that can contribute to our community's improvement. We brought the issues facing Black business and the economic crises caused by the lack of Black-owned businesses in Black communities back into the national dialogue.

The Experiment

We conducted this experiment not just to give back to our community and increase awareness about the need for more Americans to support Black businesses. The experiment was first and foremost an academic exercise.

The goal is to bear out - with science, not rhetoric - the theory that leakage is the source of many socioeconomic problems for Black Americans living in underserved areas... and that uplifting and proactively supporting Black businesses can resolve these crises by restoring a sense of pride and hope in our culture, and infusing more of our own wealth back into the neighborhoods that need it the most.

We spent over $90K with Black businesses in 2009, over 90% of expenditures we made that year. Most went directly to underserved Black neighborhoods.

Everyone always reports on Black problems. We wanted people to start talking about Black solutions.

Thus, EE is not about exclusion. It is about accountability, fairness, respect and pride. It is strategy. It is common sense. It only makes sense that a community with as much buying power as ours should work together to use our talents and resources toward solving our community's problems.

^^Very Nice Find, I'm signed on as well, and plan on donating, i've been working with and patronizing black businesses, my whole life, just now we have to spread the word,me and my wife planning on working with the website design team with EE, now that i've found one.


There's a lot of things brothers and sisters don't know, or it is purposely hidden from them regarding black empowerment foundations and business, there is even an online black shopping channel, bet you all didn't know that huh?

You gotta research brothers and sisters and begin to get with the program, and support, uplift, and financially and socially empower our communities in all aspects, start with the above links, as a starting point to network with!


-216 Elite


Bm and Bw have the highest intra-racial marriages of all races and there is no reason for us to ponder divorce rates of inter-racial marriages when we have the highest rate of intra-racial marriages of all the races bw marry bm 98% of the time when they marry highest by far of all races of women marrying inside there own those are stats are people should know


you need to put that crystal meth down. white boys try to flirt with black women all the time. they often flirt when there aren't any black men or other black people around. several black women have told me white men tried to flirt with them all the time. a girlfriend of mine told me about several white men try to come onto her. a white woman got upset at me on my job. she got upset, because i said i only like dark skin black women. she was truly upset. she told me i should like a woman for her personality. i told her i like dark skin black women and i do not care what she thought. you have white boys like white women , because they are blonde. wanting someone because the color of their hair is whacked. but that is another subject. do you white people take responsibility for anything. like the environment and this planet.

-black man1

Word! I actually saw Scarface on B.E.T. about a month ago & there R no Black people in it! When R we gonna realize the media is designed 2 stupify us like the curriculum of the schools "teaching" our children? This sh___ started with slavery when it was illegal 4 us 2 learn 2 read & upgraded 2 now where they decide what we learn. The only way 2 fight it as individuals is 2 seek specialized knowledge which 4 us usually doesn't start until college! Welcome 2 the real-life matrix.

That's actual footage of Ronald Reagan, the chief fascist himself. A man who funded right-wing governments in El Salvador and Guatemala, both of whom were responsible for the murder of thousands of their respective countrymen. Unsurprisingly, Ronald Reagan called one of these butchers --- Guatemala's Rios Montt -- a "man who had the best interests of the Guatemalan people at heart."
This is what fascists do: Murder. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, Reagan: The fascist scum cadre.





*Kem Feat.Maurissa Rose - If It's Love


-The Moor


LLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE being a black women. I would hope that all races feel the same about their own. But I have to say, when it boils down to the gravy, black women are the strongest, loyalist, and realist at they come.



crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
at 12:11 pm

@ _A_
i thought his monniker was XL_611, not XS_611…?
(you know he’s gonna get u for that…lol)
i know I posted a lot, didn’t mean to bog down this board, but I thought it was important to put it out there — even if it was off topic — because I hear BLACK folks saying the same thing some white folks say about Africans selling us into slavery.

Africans did not just “sell” us into slavery, they usually sold the people they defeated during a war – which is something ALL RACES did at one time or another, including EUROPEANS. That’s the way wars were conducted then

Also, many times Europeans kidnapped Africans without ANY help from Africans, also, European slave KIDNAPPERS/Traders took advantage of the political instability in Africa at the time, most of it CREATED by Europeans, much the way it is in Africa RIGHT NOW, with Europeans arming rival factions and helping them to rape and slaughter each other, so the Europeans TODAY can go in and take over and steal the land and natural resources

This is why i keep telling black folks NOTHING HAS CHANGED, it’s the same old GAME, and all these “we are the world” black folks who think because they can sit next to white folks on a train or in a restaurant OR have a white folk in their beds — makes them EQUAL to white folks — are in for a RUDE & PAINFUL awakening, cause the GAME is changing and black folks are getting PUSHED OFF the educational AND employment train right the hell now…and don’t see it what is happening…

because they are so in love with their oppression, they are DEAD asleep..and the sleeping pill is named Obama…with his election, they are convinced that white america has finally “seen the light” and now accepts black folks as equals and everything is about to be “a-ok”…

the black folks who fought and died for OUR so-called civil rights, are turning over in their graves to see how passive and unwilling today’s black folks have become…losing everything and won’t even stand up and ADMIT that it is’s a damn shame…sorry for the rant…peace out!

@ _A_
what’s interesting is whites never talk about HOW they sold other white folk into slavery…they have a very selective memory, only remembering those historical tidbits that paint them as HEROES…

here’s more from Mr. Beard:

“In reality, slavery is an human institution. Every ethnic group has sold members of the same ethnic group into slavery. It becomes a kind of racism; that, while all ethnic groups have sold its own ethnic group into slavery, Blacks can’t do it. When Eastern Europeans fight each other it is not called tribalism. Ethnic cleansing is intended to make what is happening to sound more sanitary. What it really is, is White Tribalism pure and simple.

Every notice, _A_ that whites never refer to themselves as “tribes”?..

The fact of African resistance to European Imperialism and Colonialism is not well known, though it is well doc**ented. Read, for instance, Michael Crowder (ed.), West African Resistance, Africana Publishing Corporation, New York, 1971.

Europeans entered Africa in the mid 1400 s and early 1500 s during a time of socio-political transition. Europeans chose a favorite side to win between African nations at a war and supplied that side with guns, a superior war instrument.

In its victory, the African side with guns rounded up captives of war who were sold to the Europeans in exchange for more guns or other barter. Whites used these captives in their own slave raids.

These captives often held pre-existing grudges against groups they were ordered to raid, having formerly been sold into slavery themselves by these same groups as captives in inter-African territorial wars. In investigating our history and capture, a much more completed picture emerges than simply that we sold each other into slavery.

The Ashanti, who resisted British Imperialism in a Hundred Years War, sold their African captives of war and criminals to other Europeans, the Portuguese, Spanish, French, in order to buy guns to maintain their military resistance against British Imperialism (Michael Crowder, ed., West African Resistance).

In 1652, knowing that the indigenous South Africans were no pushovers, Van Riebeeck didn’t waste any time. As soon as the Khoi Khoi returned from hunting, Van Riebeeck accused them of stealing Dutch cattle.

Simply over that assertion, war broke out, and the superior arms of the Dutch won. South African Historian J. Congress Mbata best explains this dynamic in his lectures, available at the Cornell University Africana Studies Department. Mbata provides three steps: 1) provocation by the Whites, 2) warfare and, 3) the success of a superior war machinery.

There are several instances in which Cecil Rhodes, towards the end of the 19th Century, simply demonstrated the superiority of the Maxim Machine Gun by mowing down a corn field in a matter of minutes.

Upon such demonstrations the King and Queen of the village, after consulting the elders, signed over their land to the Whites. These scenarios are quite different from the Hollywood version, and well doc**ented.
It has been important to present the matters above to dispel the notion of an African slave trade that involved mutuality as a generalized dynamic on the part of Africans. If we can accept the doc**ented facts of our history above and beyond propaganda, we can begin to heal. We can begin to love one another again and go on to regain our liberties on Earth.” — Oscar L. Beard

sorry about the long posts, but it paints a more accurate and entirely different picture that whites have painted of how slavery began..
The FACT is all races of people have sold their prisoners of war into slavery, this is VASTLY different than Africans selling their neighbors, sisters, aunts, or fathers and mothers…


Many times we feel entitled to "the best" partners & when we don't get that, we blame the other person who isn't interested. That's bogus. Finding any kind of good partner in life is a combination of factors, incl. timing and place. Finding someone is just plain HARD. Unless you're well-traveled, stop judging all Blk men & women based on a cross-section of the ones you've met. There are 14 mill of us. Even if you've met 100 Blk women who date thugs, that's still not statistically generalizable.


crammastersJan. 7th, 2010
at 4:03 pm

i respect Mr. Smiley but it is time to move on to REAL SOLUTIONS, that require more than holding symposiums, meetings, marches, picket lines, protests, and other media-intense dog and pony shows where people clap and cheer and go home to repeat the same patterns.
It is time for the REAL HARD WORK AND SACRIFICES: (1) create more stable families by NOT having children outside of marriage; staying at home and out of nightclubs; being faithful to our spouses; putting our children first, which means going to school events, doing homework with them; stop using TV and material things to keep them busy so WE don’t have to spend time with them.(2) stop relying on showcase blacks and politicians and other black “role models” to solve our problems and be “role models” for black children and BE OUR CHILDREN’S ROLE MODELS. (3)stop building mega-churches and start building MEGA-BUSINESSES to employ our people (or accept future 50% plus black unemployment rates). We have too much work to do to listen to any more speeches..

SoularFlarez Jul. 29th, 2010 at 1:55 pm
shout out to the black fathers who are active in their childrens lives !
much respect


crammasters Jul. 29th, 2010 at 2:01 pm
@ jazzpast
not sure if I misread your post but the effeminization of black males is being done by the white-male dominated system that USES females and all non-whites to carry out their agendas. I agree that “feminist” ideology was largely to “free” white females from sexism BUT not to eliminate white racism. White feminists used black females for their own agenda but have NO INTEREST in eliminating white privilege.

however, black females have been degraded more than any other group, and we BM must take SOME responsibility for our role in degrading our women in music (calling them bytches and h*s) and in movies (playing ignorant and homely black females).

BW are angry at us BECAUSE of our disrespect toward them, our abandonment of our children, and uplifting of white females, NOT just because white feminists have been whispering in their ears.

I think most BW are smart enough to know the white female is NOT their ally or friend, not when the white female is invading their lives, taking black men and buying black babies, sleeping with married BM, and breaking up black families. Besides, when’s the last time you heard a BW describe herself as a “feminist?”

of course, BW have been misled and used, the same as the BM when the white male whispered in our ears and told us that BW were “emasculating us” and taking away our black manhood

while the white male was depriving US of jobs, rights, respect, freedom, putting us in prison and allowing the cops to murder unarmed BM. Certainly, we can’t blame that on the BW, brother.
we must all be aware of the WAR that being waged against our families, against the concept of black male/black female love, to get us to blame each other for what white racism is doing to us, and stop falling in the trap of divide and conquer.
this is the result of the effiminization of our brothers, and feminist ideology pushing and forcing through within the sistahs. resulting in her hatred to the manhood of the true black men. Hurt people hurt people, and misery loves company.



This crammasters' reply to some of the sellout BM bashing BW in a wicked way:

Here's some truth for ya, bro:

You dudes are about to put the KKK out of bizness with this BW-bashing bulls___. The white supremacists all over the country are clapping their hands and chuckling -- "look at them BM, fighting BW, while we white men are the ones giving them hell. Guess they scared of tangling with us. Let's sit back and let these black boys do our got-damn work for us..."

Once again the WM has bamboozled the gullible, over-emotional, ILLOGICAL BM & BW -- except for those of US that don't fall for the hype of hating our own. Even when a BM said the WW ain't all sweetness and light her d___ self, some fool azz defended the WHITE MAN'S WOMAN! Yet, the same BM complains when a WW grabs her purses cause he steps onto the elevator....

Or we shake our heads in disgust when a WW marries a BM pro-baller and then divorces him four years later and takes 60% of his fortune OR we hear about the BM pro-baller who found out that his WW wife had been having abortions behind his back because she didn't want any black babies...

see, i figured this sh___ out a while ago. That the main reason some BM pretend the WW is all that is so we can use her as a "threat" to beat BW over the head with it....

Neely Fuller, Jr. the creator of the counter-racism code described this phenomena as the "BM's inability to tell himself the truth due to ego". His theory is being played out right on this thread...

I know all kinds of BM & BW, some good, some bad, most in-between. I know BW who are holding down the fort, raising the kids--alone, working two jobs and if it WASN'T for them, half the BMs on this thread wouldn't have had food on the damn table when they was shorties. And I know BM who LOVE their BW and kids, work hard, and handle their business, which means they ain't got time to spend on line putting other black folks down just for being black...

am it safe to assume y'all feel this way about your black mommas? Or are you going to pull that lame bull___ that white folks use when they stereotype and degrade black folks -- "You're (momma) not like other blacks (BW)..."

Bottom line, ain't none of us saints. ANY black person who blanketly stereotypes other black people has definite self-hatred issues and would be better served laying on a therapist's couch than tapping a keyboard...


Keep your third eye open. Like I said,they're crafty. And the media is real slick. I don't believe half the mess the news pus out. They have an agenda to deceive the public and divide blacks,latinos and asians. While the white man stays in control. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book. And some people are still falling for it. But I know what's going n.

-Fly Filipino


Have to re-post.. Enough with this Bashing

If you are done with Black Men well move on and I wish you the best. But how dare you create a thread and tell other Black Women we should follow behind you because of your bad experience with the black male. Yes as a woman I’ve been hurt by MAN… what WOMAN hasn’t. White MEN has hurt white women too.

Now look around do you see white women creating threads telling their peers to jump ship and leave the white MAN… NO you do not and you will not. This mess you are spreading that black men are bad is just another LIE. See I’m a grown a** woman and as I grew I learned the difference between what is good for me and what is not. I promise you I’ve been blessed with more good BLACK men then your so call bad. You on the other hand continue to pick from the same barrel. A good man searches for a good woman, maybe this is why they always find me... Understand. If you continue to encounter bad MEN, well maybe you need to check yourself. Don’t come on an AAF to put down black men and try to uplift the white man as if they are better for a Sista.

If that man is black, white, green or purple, that man is still a MAN. You are not promise a “perfect” relationship. All relationships have problems and are given choices. You can stay and make it work or move on. The strong, loving and respectable couples can outlast them all. If it doesn’t work out, well at least I hope you learned something from it so you won't take that mistake over to the next one with a bitter attitude.

Now that I’ve shared this with you and others, I stand by my previous comment… YOU are a TROLL on a fail mission to divide. BE GONE!!

Oh yeah! Repeating… I LOVE BLACK MEN and BLACK MEN LOVES ME!!!

-MsNewNew (A Great sister)

“Learn Me ”

Since: Nov 10

2 Know Me



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted August 17, 2010

@ Cali who said to easy_one: "Just WHO is making you think that IR marriage is so successful OR anymore successful than any other marriage between the same parties of race?

Contrary to popular belief, black men are not running in droves to marry other races of women. Those are the relationships that the MEDIA highlights because they want us DIVIDED
ME: Right, most BM IR relationships don't end in marriage, even if babies come into the picture. In fact, the marriage for BM is the lowest it's ever been, even lower than during the Great Depression!

which is one reason -- in my opinion -- that the black community is so fragile: unparented children, breakdown of the black family, fewer and fewer stable, two-parent households

The FAMILY is the foundation for all human societies. And when the family is damaged, the kids, the community, the nation is damaged.

What has happened, Cali, is the media has worked overtime degrading the image of BW, from music, to movies, to comedy, to BM wearing dresses in roles designed to degrade BW, that some weak-minded BM have fallen for the hype of seeking a "better" woman aka one that the white folk will approve of...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted August 17, 2010

I want to make this important point

whenever I've been involved in a grassroot black organization, for some reason, these white females start coming out of the woodwork, often brought in by some clueless black female...

After a while, i started noticing a pattern...most of them wound sexing a BM in the organization. I have been cornered, propositioned, groped, goo-goo-eyed, etc by these "socially conscious" white females and I finally figured out the real deal

There's something about an "angry BM" that makes some WW's panties bunch, because they figure we're going take out that "righteous anger" on them in the bed aka hot, nasty, angry sex...

I was listening to a black internet radio station last week where the BM host was interviewing this young white female who claimed to be an "anti-racist" fighting racism

and then a BM caller asked her this question: "Have u ever been sexually involved with a BM?"

Well, she didn't want to answer it (understandable) but her non-answer turned into this:

"Well, I got very attached to this black man, and I was very interested in having a relationship with him but he said he couldn't get involved with a white woman."

I could hear it in her voice that she was still angry and disappointed when she said "I didn't understand his reaction, why should race have anything to do with two people getting together?"

And i said to myself -- "BINGO"
Once again, a white person reveals their attempt to sexualize every encounter with a black person. Here she is supposedly fighting racism, and she refuses to see that this conscious BM knew he couldn't fight racism while he's boning a white female.

She couldn't respect that, because she had a different agenda than fighting "racism,"

In fact, I'll go further and say she INSTINCTIVELY knew that fugging BM would allow white females like herself to have her cake and eat it, too.

because once that BM gets into bed with her, his head is messed up, and he will NOT be able to fight white supremacy as effectively as before he got into her bed and threaten her white privileges.

so maybe, on some deep instinctive level, she was trying to derail and distract this BM's attempt to fight white supremacy

like RedAlert7 said, this IR SEX and RACE s___ is DEEP, much deeper than most black folks will ever go and that's the reason white folks are WINNING and why we are still behind the eight ball...

they have an agenda and don't care how they accomplish

while black folk are too busy worrying about "offending" whites to have one....

just food for thought...

Female, 38, Bedford, OH
Posted August 17, 2010

Cramm,I know the full definition of stockholmes and i know it explains alot,as it relates to blacks behavior and actions towards whites.Its still shocking to see or hear it taking place.I dont understand why black women allow ww to befriend them for the sole purpose of catching a bm.I recently had to float to another floor @ the hospital,im employed and a white nurse who dates bm,stalked me for 12hrs,trying to get me to hook her up with a bm.She was showing me all these pictures of her an random black men,saying' wHERE DO YOU LIVE"wE HAVE TO GET TOGETHER AN GO OUT' all shift i put up with this nonsense an her motives were clear.I finally told her i dont know any blackmen that dates ww and she finally left me alone .Now when i see her she does not even speak,lol.She has now moved on to one of the bw housekeepers,who avoids her an complains about her,but doesnt have the guts to tell her to leave me the hell alone.I deal mainly with ww @work,their are afew that i like but never to the extent that i would hang out with them outside of work or am i interested in hanging out with ww who only date bm an act black.Some black women need to get a clue an realize these ww are only hanging around them to get bm.


crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
at 9:54 pm

@ all the BM on this thread
brothers, do you know what is happening out here? That the BM is under severe attack? Do you really think you can afford to pretend race doesn’t matter?

how can the BM say he wants to build a community, and have any power, or build an economic base — LIKE EVER RACE OF MAN ON THE PLANET EXCEPT THE BLACK MAN — and then turn around and say you don’t need to be with the women of your race?

the cardinal rule of building a power base is: FORMING STRONG ALLIANCES WITH THE WOMEN OF YOUR RACE.
the white man knows this
the Arab man knows this
the Hispanic man knows this
the Asian man knows this
the Indian man knows this

the ONLY man who doesn’t seem to understand this principle is the black man who descended from SLAVES. This is why so many of us do not understand why the white man, the Asian man, the Arab and the Indian man is making money off the BM and has the BM in the position of an economic SLAVE.

even the non-white immigrant who JUST GOT OFF THE BOAT — is doing better in OUR BLACK COMMUNITY than the black man is, and NO, it is not because the bank won’t give us a loan, it is because we refuse to respect, provide for, unite with, and protect our women.

we are still on the plantation, thinking like slaves, dependent on every other race of men, letting our women and children fend for themselves, and wasting time talking about “it don’t matter what race a woman is” yet we endlessly complain about the white man and what he is doing TO us, forgetting that the white female is his PARTNER IN THE CRIME OF PRACTICING RACISM

the only way the BM will be able to get off his knees, is to take our knee out of the back of our women and uplift them the same way the white man uplifts his — which is WHY he has power and we have NONE. (don’t get it twisted, money is not power, money is a piece of paper that buys more S)


Dec 12, 2009 07:16 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 12, 2009 04:42 PM Link Back

The females who receive the spoils of the war (against the black family and black nation) understand their role in the scheme of things. And they will do whatever is necessary -- SLEEP WITH THE ENEMY, even marry and breed with the enemy -- if it will further the cause of their (white) nation.

That's what we (BM) do not understand

The white supremacists know we are ego-driven because they devasted our manhood and self-esteem. The BM is so flattered by the WW's attention (her white validation), and easy sexual favors, that he doesn't ask himself one important question:

Why does the white female (who is the co-conspirator of AND the MOTHER of the racist white man), who aids the WM in oppressing the black nation, pursue the BM?

BECAUSE once the BM becomes denatured, and is trained to prefer white flesh, he is COMPLETELY NEUTRALIZED, devoid of self respect, and will NEVER have the will or the courage to fight his oppression.

one more thing

For all the BM who claim the WW is easier to get along with and less demanding, let me clue you brothas to one thing

In my limited experience and observation, the white female's expectations of a BM are much lower than the ones she has for a WM. A WW is NEVER surprised that a BM does not have his sh___t together. She doesn't expect him to measure up to a WM. She won't tell you that, but of course, that's what she is thinking...It's too much trouble to hassle a BM, especially when you don't think he'll measure up anyway -- and if you're just going through a spell of jungle fever and plan on returning to your own community. That's why a WW might APPEAR to be easier to get along with than a BW, because it's easier just to let a BM do whatever, than to invest time and energy in a lost cause or a short term jungle love fix...

All this is just my opinion (not science). Not saying all IR couples are like this, but in my experience, MOST are hung up on race, skin color and racial (racist) stereotypes. But this is my personal litmus test for a GOOD or a BAD WOMAN:

A woman who does not hold you accountable for your sh___t does NOT HAVE YOUR BACK.

A woman who has low (or no) expectations of a man DOES NOT RESPECT THAT MAN.

A woman who does not check a man's azz once in a while, does NOT LOVE THAT MAN.

A GOOD WOMAN will tell you the truth, will want (and expect) you to be the best man you can be, and will HAVE YOUR BACK. (not talking about material things).

A GOOD WOMAN will lay some tough love on your a___ when necessary (we all need correction now and then). And the same goes for a GOOD MAN.

A GOOD PARENT loves a child by setting limits When a parent doesn't discipline, set limits, or offer correction; that's not love; that's INDIFFERENCE. When a woman (or man) can't be bothered, they don't love you, they're taking the EASY WAY OUT.

That's why I see so many BM, after they've been involved with a lot of WW, become MORE dysfunctional, more spoiled, and unable to deal with a sister, because they are used to getting away with murder with a WW who either couldn't handle him OR didn't care enough to set limits.

If you don't get where I'm coming from, let me give this example.

Try to imagine a black child in a classroom full of white students, and the white teacher says, "Don't worry about your grade, Johnny, I don't expect as much of you as I do the other students."

Is that a compliment or an insult?


CaliFemme23Feb. 6th, 2011
at 1:40 pm

Bite your tongue off please…Seeing this black woman with a white man will NEVER happen. That is NOT a sign of the times, it’s an ill decision on YOUR behalf. And there is no shortage of black men. I meet, see, observe, flirt with etc…black men all the d___ time. I can’t stand when an ignorant person tries to speak for all of us….


crammastersFeb. 6th, 2011
at 12:06 am

@ tc2ewra
right, right. it’s interesting how both black folk in IR, male and female, went to OTHER white people to deal with racist white people and got shot down. you think there’d be a lesson in all that for black folk…

crammastersFeb. 9th, 2011
at 7:50 pm


i agree, they have always been my choice, just like the white female is the preference of most white males, and Asian females are the preference of most Asian males. It’s the most NORMAL thing in the world to prefer your own, and that has NOTHING to do with “hating” another group.

back to the point, if so many non-black females are getting lip implants, butt implants, breast implants, plastic surgery, hair weaves (the first ones were made for WW), curly perms, skin tans, and is always trying to sing, dance, etc like the BW — how can the BW be inferior?
the white media refuses to give the BW credit, so they pretend Angelina Jolie’s lips are brand new or super special OR J-Lo and Kim Kardashian invented round butts,

when in reality, neither of these ladies have the best lips or butts, not compared to the BW i see (and have known personally, if u hear what i’m saying :-)

not to say that BW don’t imitate white beauty BUT they have been taught (programmed) from cradle to grave to believe that white beauty is superior, so they have an excuse to be brainwashed.

what is the excuse of the non-black female — who have been taught that white is better — but choose to imitate BW?

regardless, what i found is as much as some non-black folk (and some sick black folk) put BW down, they usually have some other issues, like ENVY, or they have been rejected by a beautiful BW women they wanted and are just bitter. Maybe some BM had an abusive mother and dislike BW in general because of it, or maybe the BM is on the D/L and dislikes women in general because he’s afraid to come out the closet…

because what kind of “sexually normal” man or a BM who loves his black momma would spend all that time putting down BW? and that goes for a white male, Hispanic, etc who dislikes his own group of women..

it makes no d___ sense


While all these BW basher believe the hype that all BW have attitudes and our problems seem to be different from other races like children out of wed lock being abusive. The Media shows us everyday that white people have the same issues ever watch 16 and pregnant and snapped majority of the shows are about White Woman as a matter of fact White Woman and White Men lead by landslide on murdering thier spouse but BW are so vindictive according to the black woman bashers SMDH.

cont.. I read in like 2007 that you are least likely to be killed by a BW. BW are least likely to commit suicide but we are bad woman. I don't date interacially, but I can see the a push for BW to date outside thier race. Brainwashing is coming from both sides but the Media has the upper hand. I see these mean spirted BW bashers on youtube use this manipulation tactic on BW that want to date outside thier race.

They belittle them and make them think no body wants them while the media has a different agenda. One thing blacks don't pay attention to is White America first priority is MONEY it comes first, while black care about appearance. Thier is a push to brainwash the on point college educated BW and BM on their side. Not just for dating but also to keep them from being so visible so they can inspire the blacks in the inner city to do something different.

While these bitter basher sit around trying to convice themselves and everybody else that we are no good the white race will continue to pick up the good ones and that includes BLACK WOMAN who bring revenue to white owned corportation.

While the black community is left with nothing but the same recycled bad stereotypes not enough on point people come back to hood to show young kids that they can be more than a rapper drug dealers but the drug dealers and rappers and whatever else are very present and visible and thats no accident because black are the only race targeted and put on spot light for problems that every person have.



the funny thing is that the same w/women that these brothas marry to "escape" usually take their a_____ straight to the bank are not really dating outside of their race it is just too a word if its pink its raw and i dont want it!!! bm please think about what you are doing wake the f___k up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



10:05 PM on February 11, 2010

I'd like to add one thing that may be overlooked. The black female -- who, despite tremendous obstacles, despite sexism, racism AND colorism, has excelled in every field and has often been the "first" woman in so many categories before the white female, that it is NOW necessary to cut her down to a smaller size.

What's the most likely spot the media uses to demoralize (all) females?

By making it appear that they are undesirable as women. What is the "proof" that a woman is desirable as a woman?

A wedding ring on her finger. It doesn't matter if she's happy, or is marrying a man who is compatible; all that matters is some man has validated her worth as a desirable female.

By making it appear (or creating social/economic conditions) that the professional, educated BW cannot get a man, all her other qualities and accomplishments are automatically NEGATED.

I don't fall for the hype, my wife is a BW, and no other is more desirable to me. In other words, there is NOTHING the white media can say about BW that I accept as truth. Do not trust the same ones who have been assassinating your image to tell you a damn thing about who you are. And there are BM who also peep the mind games that are being played, because we are also fighting our own mental warfare with the system.

Always, my beautiful black sisters, always, always consider the source
before you embrace the message...


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted March 11, 2010

@ tc2ewra

It IS very interesting how folks don't understand the power of media EVEN as it sucks them into the numbness of having NO survival instincts to protect their own images. They STILL trust white Hollywood DESPITE all the obvious RACISM and RACIST images and DESPITE the history of white Hollywood regarding black folks...,

Most have completely glossed over the ORIGINAL TOPIC -- the story about how white Hollywood bigwigs actually think about black people (which was confirmed for me by some folks who ACTUALLY WORK in Hollywood and television) -- I suspect, because it's easier to ignore it -- just like every other unpleasant black fact of life. It appears that black folks are SO numb, so apathetic, that nothing can stir us from this coma but something that offers....more pleasure...

Naw, I'm not holding my breath

I don't expect to get an answer to my question on any of the three or four blogs I've posted it to...perhaps for OBVIOUS reasons. Nor has ANYONE told me what THEY plan on doing, now that "Precious" has opened their eyes to the reality of child abuse...something they'd never heard of before this movie

If I sound sarcastic, I don't mean to be, but it's disturbing to me to hear people talk about this movie like the topic of abuse is brand new -- when i know DAMN well, most of us have seen it, some of us have DONE it, and some of us have been victims of it

and nary said a word

Now, I'm the a____ because I dare to criticize this blaxploitation mess that won't do a d___ thing for any d___ body but CONFIRM the dysfunctional ways of those poor ignorant black folks in America...and if folks don't understand how SERIOUSLY other folks take images, then they should ask themselves WHY corporate America spends BILLIONS of dollars creating positive WHITE images that show white folks have done and invented and created everything of value in the worldWHY?

because a picture is worth a thousand words
words fade, but images last a lifetime

No, there seems to be almost NO concern for the black children who are devastated by racism and white supremacy, and the legacy of the images WE ARE ALLOWING in our homes and minds as the adults that are SUPPOSED to be protecting our children...

And most of us KNOW we were damaged by racism and racist images as children -- either our skin, nose, hair, bodies, intelligence, or what we thought about our possibilities in life...
so we can't pretend we don't know what I'm talking about...

i guess white folks got to get some black folks to make a movie about it first...before we think something's important...


CaliFemme23 Oct. 23rd, 2010 at 2:12 pm

I do think more blacks are noticing the agenda. This world has gotten extremely blatant with the PUSH of IR dating AMONGST BLACKS, black division and black male homosexuality….
You’re right, sad aint the word for it…More like crucial, tragic, SERIOUS….


NYChoney wrote:

BINGO! So the only reason you went to BW is because WW rejected you. So the reason you bash WW & date BW exclusively is because WW rejected you. I knew that there was something off about you & hence the reason I'm cautious of many of you WM & other BW should be cautious about you as well. If WW had gave you the time of day you would have never even been into BW you just like BW because you could not get a WW & BW paid you some attention. How sad!
My fellow BW, you should be OFFENDED by this. Once again, proving my point....
many whites who get rejected by their own kind RUN TO BLACKS BECAUSE THEY FEEL BLACKS WILL ACCEPT THEM WITH OPEN ARMS.
& sadly many do!
Again proving my other point.
If whites can spare a few of their own that they don't want, they will throw them to black folks...because they can "whiten up" the black race while getting rid of the trash they don't want!
Exactly!!! I couldn't have put this better myself. Damn baby girl you are far more intelligent than I thought. You should be an attorney. LOL Yes all blacks should be offended that white rejects know they can be welcomed with open arms within our communities. 98% of the time those whites are rejects and can't get a white person to date them. Had ww or wm who date blacks had been able to get someone of their own race then they more than likely would have never dated anybody in the black race. He obviously wanted a white woman first but settled for black women. He probably still can't get a white woman so he hate white women and now wants to bash them while praising those women who praise him.



White November wrote:

that is rude and that doesn't really sound like something a bw would say to me, but a bm or ww.'oh bw can only get rejects'
LOL, You are crazy & delusional! I never said BW can only get rejects. The only WM who ever expressed interest in me were the top of the line attractive ones, with goods jobs, or good education. Usually Italians. But that's here nor there.

I never said BW can only get rejects STOP twisting my words. Top of the line women can get almost any man they want regardless of race. BUT! White rejects, without fail always run to blacks because you ASSUME blacks will take you in!



Lol! T/y babes & you are not the only one who told me I could be an attorney ;)

But yeah that is a good word you used he "Settled" for BW, not to say there is anything wrong with us because I usually get approached by all kinds of men but many of them are cream of the crop. Like I said men will be attracted top of the notch women regardless. However, any white or other non BP who only goes to blacks after being rejected by their own, blacks should be offended. I think whites figure "Oh I'm white so even if I'm rejected by my own blacks will accept me, because I'm white so why wouldn't they accept me".

Dec 09, 2009 05:44 PM
REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 09, 2009 07:28 AM Link Back


once a rich/famous BM marries a WW (who is broke when he met her), and they divorce, the next man she gets is USUALLY -- if not always -- a WHITE MAN.

The list is long, but here's a few: Nicole Simpson (OJ's ex-wife) and Montel Williams' ex-stripper, ex-wife...

The white female -- once she gets the rich BM's loot, never looks back and NEVER marries/dates another BM. Why? Because she doesn't need a rich BM's loot anymore, and wants to rejoin respectable white society.

She will NEVER pull up a poor BM, like the rich BM pulled her up. She will NEVER marry a BM gardener, waiter, stripper, or high school dropout...

And you can be damn sure that if Tiger's wife divorces him
that will be the LAST BM she lays down with

which explains why there is so little black generational wealth
despite the HUNDREDS of rich BM and BW that have come and gone

and it explains why the black community is financially POORER than every community in America, including the illegal community

because INTELLIGENT, SELF-RESPECTING MEN enrich their own communties, not the communities of their oppressors

It is also proof that the white man uses his females to keep that black wealth
out of the hands of the next black generation

because even if that white female has children with that rich BM
those black kids will be white-identified and will marry white
because they will be white-identified, with a white female instilling values
and a missing BM father who is already white-identified


sammy wrote:

Just Keeping It Real Is..........B(L)ACK
Show me where that I stated that some whites DID not help BLACKS..........It will be IGNORANT on my part to say all WHITES.
I stated many times If WHITES did not INTERVENED in AFRICA How would AFRICA turn ITSELF. Please spare me the crap about Zimbabwe.....I HATE it when whites (most)forgets the CRIME committed by white man to a black CONTINENT in the PAST but all of sudden looks what happen in the PRESENT (BLACKS crime on whites).........
You are telling me if someone beat, rape, lynch,(think of the most horrible crime) you or your family that you are going to forget..........please be REAL about LIFE
AFRICA is still the wealthiest resource continent in the world after so much ROBBERY.....they did an episode on diamonds back in the 90's about how much the SOVIET UNION dig up (STOLE) from AFRICA.
Imagine this a warehouse with nothing but DIAMONDS and the SOviet officer said that this was nothing compare what is still out there.
The Robbery..........give me an example with proof that BLACKS commits serious CRIMES that lasted over 100 years on whites..........don't talk crap (opinions are just that OPINIONS) proof or evidence
I can go very DEEP when it comes to HISTORY....
Just Keeping it Real For..........ever

The problem these whites that come to converstions such as these have, is that they will always try and measure the cruelty in a way, that it always makes them look as if the actual historical truths of what they've done does not have an impact on the present day conditions of this society, and the very people they've oppressed!

Brother i want you to go through this article here, and you will be horrified at the amount of raping done to the average african and the continent, yet they will today contest the events of the past and try and throw the "personal responsibility tag unto the continent of africa and the africans here displaced throughout the amerikkka's, as if their past pillage and rape did nothing to effect today in the very 2009, they keep drumming!



-216 Elite


crammastersMay. 1st, 2010
at 2:28 am

@ dontdeserveme
your post seems to contradict itself. first, you label folks (like me) “hate-filled” for talking about racial conspiracies and in the next breath, you talk about political “conspiracies” and how they’re distracting us from the truth,

but when the same media that is lying to us, also tells you that Sandra says she didn’t pick a black child, and u assume it must be true….

the elites use the entertainment and news media, the movies, TV, to brainwash and confuse the population. Did you know that many of our most famous entertainers’ are used by the very elite that you speak about? That many attend the meetings that you and I never hear about? That their names are on the guest lists as attendees of the same elites you are talking about?—-
There is a big picture that you are missing, I guarantee you that, and there are many great black scholars and historians who have written about this very thing — breeding and using mul____s and black advocates to promote the cause of the white elite…to keep the black masses divided by skin color and loyalties so they could control them, and exploit their labor and natural resources..

this tactic is nothing new, and was used by the British in Africa during the slave trade, and by Europeans who conquered Haiti and in fact, has been written about extensively… if you’re interested, I’d be happy to supply the links to some of the articles

it’s been a long night, but before I go, i’d advise you not to call something “dumb” BEFORE you’ve done your own serious scholarship aka homework…


Faithful_and_FavoredMay. 2nd, 2010
at 6:49 am
@ Crammaster…Replying to your question as to if I think Sandra is racist, for some reason I’m thinking that when those photos came out about him, I think this may be what put it over the top for her. Remember, most of what this dude did was hidden to her. So no, I don’t think the kid is in danger with her as a person. I do however, feel that he would be better off with his own ppl.
I’m tired of hearing about how black ppl don’t want to adopt their own kind but I grew up with two friends, who’s parents were foster care parents and were outright refused when they went to court to actually adopt them. So our ppl are good enough to babysit, but not good enough to adopt?
And to those that think that because a person is racist for thinking so look at how we as a ppl were and still are treated. We are the only race that doesn’t know our own language. Even the school systems are trying to “bleach” our ppl, if it wasn’t for civil rights activist we wouldn’t have it in our schools let alone a pitiful 28 days to observe our heritage. How can your race dictate anything to you if you know little to zip about it?


crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
at 9:09 pm
@ winter410H
I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared…lol
You summed it up. That’s the feeling I get, too…

i see these IR ads all over the place, encouraging us to divide and conquer ourselves…when i suspect that most of you want what God created for you: US

and most of us want what God created for us: YOU

i don’t give a d____ what integrators on this board think. You and I have traveled the sands of time, survived slavery together, built Black Wall Street together, raised our babies together even when I couldn’t get a job, and you had to wash the white woman’s floors and nurse her the family could eat…

I could no more forget you, than forget my own history…

we BM want you, too, but all the voices inside our heads from the media, keep telling us that white ice is colder, but the truth is black ice is hotter… and the only thing that truly nourishes my black soul

so i’m telling you ladies, STAND UP and FIGHT for what belongs to you, don’t let nobody put you in the dark, in the corner, while they shine with a false light, and try to be you and take your place. Fight like it’s another civil rights movement, because if you’re not careful…we may wind up sitting in the back of the bus..again…
And don’t let the media convince you that you have to imitate anyone else to be beautiful…or allow them to take your place as the woman, wife, lover and raiser of the black man…with those natural black kinks in your head that match the ones on mine…—-
the only way the black man can become the proud African men we were born to be… is with our beautiful black queens by our sides…
who has let the media make her feel she must imitate the white female to be desirable…when the truth is…

the black woman is the most imitated woman on earth…


crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
at 1:10 am

@ proBlackfist
right on, brother, racist white hollywood eats black folks like Halle for breakfast, then picks its teeth with their bones.

I’d like to add…

this sister was raised in confusion (by a white mom, no black father) and she got involved in show business, which is brutal enough for a white person, let alone a black male or female,

and then she becomes a “star” but is still a N*GGER in white Hollywood — even in the eyes of the BM she dated/married who mistreated her,

and now her entire life (and failures) are on public display, and folks are hating on her like she killed their baby (??)

i doubt ANY of us would be able to withstand public scrutiny of all OUR romantic failures, and any cheating, adultery, sleeping w married folks, folks of the same sex, threesomes, booty calls, that we have done (and some are still doing)

after we finish trashing this sister, and picking her bones, maybe, we could have just a little compassion.

and not forget that Halle didn’t do what MOST black folk — especially us BM — do when we get a little fame: run out and marry the first white receptionist, stripper, or waitress we can find.

At least Halle TRIED to make it work with BM AFTER she became famous, so all this animosity over ONE white dude doesn’t make any damn sense.

We should be relieved that she will be forced to take a good look at this IR BS, since she found out what ALL black-loving black folk knew all along:



I realise everybody is responsible for their own actions/choices in life, and I know you're not downgrading black people. That wasn't what I meant. What I mean is, that there are issues in our community which we have to address. How can we build strong black families, and businesses if we keep running to other races all the time? As it is, we have well over 50% of British born black men, and 30% of British born black women in relationships with white people. Now, I have nothing against people being with who they want to be with, but over the last 10-15 years, I have seen less and less black couples around. I even hear some black people saying they wouldn't date a black person, I mean, what the hell is that about? How can you intentionally exclude your own when it comes to looking for a partner? That just reeks of self hatred to me. And of these relationships, come mixed race children, who 9 times out of 10, grow up and marry white people. Again, I have nothing against this, but the offspring of a mixed race person and a white person rarely identify with black culture, or the black experience at all.

I hate to bring up the media, but haven't you noticed on adverts, billboards, shows on telly, films, whenever there is a black person, 99 times out of 100, they are shown with a non-black partner, usually white? And have you noticed that they almost never show a black couple? When they do, the relationship is shown as dysfunctional, whereas an IR couple will be shown as idyllic and happy. But the crux is: Why do they not do this with other ethnic groups? Other races are shown in healthy relationships with each other, so why isn't ours? Now, call me a conspiracy theorist, whatever you like, but as far as I'm concerned, there is a sinister agenda behind this.

This is why I say we need to wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. \



crammasters Oct. 23rd, 2010 at 2:07 pm

@ Cali
sis, i think more and more black folk are catching on to these divide and conquer tactics on these “black” websites and in the media and many are starting to ask what’s up with all this negativity being directed at black love nonstop?

i doubt you’ll see this kind of crap being directed at white people about their relationships, most of it is probably about how to fix it, all they do is tell us that it’s jacked up, but this site and others like encourage us to do something positive about it

just negative so-called entertainment — and stereotypes — and putdowns

unfortunately, so many of us are so used to being degraded (especially BW) that they think it’s NORMAL to be stereotyped and will actually cosign and crack up when somebody labels them b___s, h*os, and educated freaks

sad ain’t the word for it


crammasters May. 3rd, 2010 at 10:08 pm
@ tc2ewra
sho u right…

see, what is usually left unsaid is — it ain’t about the white female, she’s just the TOOL for the BM to get the WM’s attention…it’s really a thing between the men, the BM and the WM, with the BM trying to impress, fugg with, win over, or prove something to the WM…

the white female could be green with purple hair, and we’d still be chasing her a___, because the WM is our role model and whatever he has, that’s what some of us got to have….

the problem is, it’s the WM’s gameboard, he makes the rules, pulls the strings, and got US jumping through his hoops, playing stud for his perverted entertainment and at the end of the day we are still n____s to him — and his female…

once that white traffic cop in our skulls gives an order, we are like the energizer bunny, we keep getting tricked, and tricked, and tricked…

stopping right here…nuff said…



I value education very much, and I believe alot of other blacks do too. I believe when a black man or woman gets an education they should still be themselves. Alot of black men and women who become wealthy and start to mingle with different nationalities such as white they somehow change. Meaning they start to sound like somebody they are not. Acting white to me means you are trying to sound and dress like someone you are not and that to me is becoming white washed. If you came from the hood and you are now wealthy why change yourself to fit in with a bunch of people who would care less about you if you weren't wealthy. Thats just my personal opinion.

To me acting white means to completely forget were you come from. To leave your real friends and partner behind. To try and talk different to fit in. Dressing different to fit in. That is what is considered acting white to me. I have friends of different nationality but Im not trying to act or dress like them. I will never change myself to fit in with a group of people.


Information from Refined:

Mansa Equity Partners, Inc. draws its name from the medieval-era Moorish title “mansa” meaning “king of kings” or “emperor”. Mansa Kankou Musa – most widely known as Mansa Musa -- was the 10th Mansa of the Mali Empire during its zenith in the 14th century. He reigned from 1312 to 1337. Timbuktu, the empire’s commercial capital, dominated the gold and salt trade as the hub for the caravans which connected the Mediterranean economies north of the city with the rich gold and salt mines south of the city. Similarly, Timbuktu was the center of trade for silks and spices from Arabia and The East and for agricultural products from the Atlantic coastal regions from the west. To support the thriving commercial economy, Timbuktu became home to a well developed center for banking and trade finance with corresponding branches as far north as Al-Andaluz (Andalucia,Spain) and as far east as Cairo. Also well documented is Mansa Musa’s establishment of a great university and library at Sankore in Timbuktu. The university became the region’s primary center of learning for scholars of all faiths for more than a century. Mansa Musa is most remembered today for his opulent display of wealth and civility. On his famous journey to Arabia in 1324, he and his court flooded Cairo with so much gold that the gold market was depressed for ten years after his departure. Other records indicate that Mansa Musa commissioned a fleet of ships to explore the Great Sea to the West (the Atlantic). Artifacts found in Mexico, Panama and Colombia suggests that some of these ships found their way to the New World more than a century before Columbus. Since the middle ages, the name Mansa Musa and the city of Timbuktu have become synonymous with wealth, scholarship, faith and discovery.

Mansa Equity Partners, Inc. was founded in 2004 by its Chairman and CEO Ruben Jose King-Shaw Jr., a dual citizen of the United States of America and the Republic of Panama. Since its founding, the firm has focused on the intersection of health care policy, clinical research, technological development and demographic trends to discover extraordinary investment opportunities in the healthcare industry. Like the man for whom the firm is named, Mansa Equity Partners, Inc, is committed to the cause of scholarship and economic development. Through its Corporate Affairs office, the firm funds community-based initiatives in education and healthcare throughout the world.

An African emperor who ruled Mali in the 14th century discovered America nearly 200 years before Christopher Columbus, according to a book to be launched this month.

Abubakari II ruled what was arguably the richest and largest empire on earth - covering nearly all of West Africa.

There are probably more white scholars who say Africans where in The Americas before Columbus. Plus there is even more documentation by the Arabs. If you visit an Islam site, they even have timeline where it states West Africans traveled across the Atlantic ocean during the 13th Century.


I'm not surprised. A few years ago two white Harvard history proffessors stated that most of the history books are wrong and that if the truth were to be told in the worlds history books in essence what you would have would be black history and everyone elses history would be nothing but a mere footnote compared to the history of the blacks. This came from two white Harvard history professors. They stated that the history books are corrupted and very exclusive when it comes to the truth of the accomplishments of the black race in the world.

I'm sure this admission by these two white Harvard prof's pissed off quite a few people.



@AishaSekhmet Word up...Im tired of people disrespecting MOTHER AFRICA...AFRICA ALL DAY BAY BAY!


This post is directed to the man who posted the first post and all of the other poor souls that fed into it :)

My heart breaks for so many of you that feel this way about black women. You have disrespected your mothers, sisters, grandmothers and so on. Please dont forget that until the day you yourelf are black. Dont make BLANKET statements abour BLACK WOMEN because all black women do not behave the way you described. I personally believe it goes back to upbringing. We must stop tearing each other down. There are other races of women: black, white etc. that behave this way.
I am a successful, beautiful black woman. Told by many I resemble Halle Berry and Nia Long (just to give you a visual of my looks). I am married to a wonderful, successful black man. I encourage my husband, I am his biggest fan. I am happy, when I can make him smile. I dont fuss at my husband, I dont nag him....i love him with every grain of my soul. We are BFF's and our relationship is envied by others. It is all about finding your soul mate, but stop putting your race down, stop disrespecting the women in your family. Yes, there are women that behave the way you described, but NOT ALL. One day you may have a daughter, if you dont already, and she will have BLACK blood running through her veins....what will you tell her about this post when she reads your feelings about black women one day? You will be, in essence, speaking negatively about your own daughter. Telling her not to love herself, and to be ashamed that she is a black or partially black woman. She will not be able to disown that part of herself, and who says she will want to? I pity you.....

-Beautiful Black Woman
-beautiful black woman


Anti-Chaos wrote:
I co-sign, and wish that we would make it a new year resolution to stop bashing and start loving the other black person and getting this new year on the right foot ..lets look forward to the future and stop trying to take it away??
Sounds like a greattttttttttttttttttttt resolution to me :)

-Proud sis



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted December 17, 2009


ME: Life is about to get a lot ROUGHER for the black nation if we don't learn some lessons REAL QUICK.

#1 -- a man who builds nothing in America, got nothing coming.

#2 -- a man who doesn't take care of his OWN, gets no respect from his women OR the MEN who know what a real man is and what a real man does

#3 -- a man who sleeps with the women of his oppressor, is his OWN worst enemy and perishes by his own hand (and foolishness).

#4 -- a man who does not appreciate the ones who were there for him, will wake up one day and NO ONE WILL BE THERE in his time of need. In other words, we will reap what we have sown

#5 -- any man who has to depend on ANOTHER MAN (or his enemy) for his basic needs will ALWAYS be oppressed and enslaved. (talking about JOBS, brother)

#6 -- The Universe (God) don't play, and is keeping score of all the players. If BM does not love, and support the ONLY women who have been there for us for the LAST 500 YEARS, we will pay a heavy Karmic price, make no mistake about it.

#7 -- the black woman is the black man's spiritual source and spiritual REDEMPTION and is necessary for the BM to keep himself from white oppression. The more the BM abandons the BW, the more bitter and dysfunctional she becomes, and the more black children are at risk. This is WHY the white system does its best to keep us divided and fighting each other -- so we will destroy each other.


ME: It was white enslavement, white imperialism, white colonialism, that destroyed African unity in the first place. The 500 years plus agenda of the white supremacists is to finish off the job they started: taking complete control of Africa's vast resources AND eliminating the African people.

It's the same forces (and games) that are at work in America's black communities. It is white supremacy, every day, all day long, make no mistake about it.

And unless the colonized African MAN and the slave-minded black man in America wake up to the game of DIVIDE AND CONQUER, we will face the same fate that the blacks in the movie "2012" faced: total extermination.


ME: Nobody's saying other races are bad, BUT they are handling their OWN business, looking out for their OWN interests, which is as it should be. NOBODY is going to look out for black folks, but black folks, so we must get off the tit of white dependency and learn how to DO FOR SELF. In the coming future, we will have no choice.

Read the book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" by Anon (the links are posted on my page) and you will understand just how critical it is for black folks to get our COLLECTIVE act together if we want to survive the coming economic situation.

Always good to dialogue with a good brother. Thanks for posting your comments.






Tony17 wrote:
I'm sure that statement about my not being well read in black history was an attempted insult. However,there are very few blacks that are "well read" in black history...yourself included. Anyone can look up black history facts on the internet and then pretend that they're black history scholars.
Be that as it may though but "MODERN HISTORY" has taught me not to do business with blacks. Black business people are not to be trusted and I could definitely cite you some glaring examples from my own experiences of doing business with black people.
Black business people are not to be trusted? Oh really? And who got arrested for the biggest Ponzi scheme in history Tony? Was it not a White guy by the name of Bernard Madoff? And what about Enron? Ever heard of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling?

Name one Black person that has committed fraud on the level of these guys, you won't find any. Here is your history lesson for the day Tony, the word "Ponzi" Scheme was named after a White guy, an Italian by the name of Charles Ponzi. See, White people invented these scams, yet you say Black business owners can't be trusted, you are full of sh*t. Whites are the ones who can't be trusted, and the history attests to that fact.

Tony, there are good and bad Black businesses, just like there are good and bad White businesses. I agree that you shouldn't do business with a Black person just because they're Black; if their service sucks then it just sucks.

But don't give up on all Black businesses, just seek out those which are noteworthy. And don't be afraid to leave negative feedback to Black business people that do a crappy job, if they really want to succeed, they will learn from your reviews.

A truly good business person understands that negative feedback is more valuable than positive feedback, because negative feedback tells you where you can improve. As much as I believe in Black unity and empowerment, if I only have two restaurants to choose from, a Black one and an Asian one, and the Asians provide better service, then I will eat at the Asian place. Blacks need to learn how to compete and offer top notch service.






Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted November 13

@ easy_one

brother, you said it all

which is a good reason not to live in all-white areas. Black folks are literally sitting ducks, and are too easily fooled by the surface friendliness and smiles but don't have a clue what is said or done behind closed doors

until a white folk is under pressure and pulls off their MASK

someone suggested that maybe the woman probably signed a card without thinking and found out she had a judgment or some other financial problem

then realized she had cooked her own sorry azz goose and wanted that card back.

bet it was a money related issue (or lack of money) that made her go snap, crackle and pop!

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted November 13

@ AfricanS

Brother, if you want to post this entire thing on another group, feel free.

I can't do it because i'm working on deadline (and shouldn't have stopped to write this blog but i couldn't help myself

that goes for anybody who wants to re-post this, the links, the whole damn thing

this is all about sharing info...

Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
Posted November 13

@ nodoubt

brother, you spoke some truth on this topic.

yea, she knows what time it is and so do most whites who know they are benefiting from racism and that a black person is being unfairly penalized., yeah, they know and if pressed hard enough, will spit it out,

like Michael Richards (Seinfeld's Kramer) who told the black males in his audience, "At least I ain't a n*__r!"

and then will claim in the next breath, "I'm not a racist." lol

When she said black women are turning against us, again, that's the trick of a devil, because, nodoubt, they are telling BW the same damn thing about us

and it's like a rumor that somebody starts, telling Friend 1 that Friend 2 hates him, and telling Friend 2 that Friend 1 hates him,

and the next thing you know Friend 1 and Friend 2 are enemies and they HATE EACH OTHER

when ALL ALONG, it was that "somebody" who STARTED THE LIE, and told it so long that the LIE became a reality

Brother, BW are NOT joining WW, they like WW less than they like us! lol

BW are hurt and disappoiinted in us because AS MEN we have not stood up for them like we should have. Men are supposed to PROTECT their women, and not let ANYONE put them down or make money by calling them "ho*s" and "bit*ches"
tell u what, go into a Muslim country with that ho-bi*tch rap about their women and see what happens....

she was planting a POISON SEED in the BM's head, something that a lot of white females do, I know because i've HEARD it, and that's the last time they try that sh*t with me

And white males will plant that POISON SEED in the BW's head, telling her how bad BM are..

they've been running this MIND GAME for a long time, brother, don't fall for the hype. If BW didn't want us, wouldn't be so many black babies running

The bottom line is we are a people who has been placed in a pressure cooker for over 400 years, we are going to have problems with each other UNTIL we are willing to address those problems, come hell what may, until we figure this sh___t out

but the LAST thing we want to do is listen to ANYTHING a white folk tells us about each other

I know BW love my black a___ (who wouldn't)

and I bet money you got a list of some that love u too

come on now...

-crammasters (Always dropping jewels like always)


Female, Age Private, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Posted January 03



crammasters May. 4th, 2010 at 9:54 pm
@ jazzwatch
got to drop these nuggets on this board…

1) MOST WW DO NOT WANT BW, most WW want WM, the same way most WM want WW. Stroking a negro (d___) is NOT the same as RESPECTING a Black man, too bad some of us don’t know the difference….

About four years ago, ABC’s 20-20 did a show about the kind of men women preferred. When they profiled WW, the majority wanted WM and said it would take $70,000 more for a BM to compete with a WM (that’s approx fig, if I remember right).

2) The white females BM usually get are the disposable white female population (average or below average looks & income & education) and most of the time, we get the lower-caste white females, the rejects (no disrespect intended, ladies), and those with genetic issues that show up in their bad skin, faces, bodies and hair..UNLESS…

the BM has something (like money and fame) that tips the scale of his false sense of social and racial inferiority, non-white status. Of course, there are exceptions, but in my experience, that’s the case…

3) No matter how much black d___ white females might like on occasion, they will NEVER TURN A BM INTO BLACK RICHARD GERES, TOM CRUISES, OR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKES…

white females PREFER their white male sex symbols, and while they might like or admire a BM entertainer, they will NEVER UPLIFT that BM over a WM, have never seen it happen…

Every UNKNOWN BM entertainer who became a BM SEX SYMBOL, was put there by BLACK WOMEN, and usually repays BW’s loyalty and financial support by marrying white females…

4) When a rich BM marries a WW, it’s the kind without a pot to p____ in, and when she divorces him (it’s usually her that wants a divorce) without exception,

it’s the white female who has been transformed from a stripper, nanny, or waitress into a RICH WHITE WOMAN, who will take that BM’s money and — marry a white man…she will never reach back and marry a BM who was as poor as she was when she met her rich BM sucker…



Female, 38, Bedford, OH

Posted November 14

I dont know any black women in interracial relationships,so i dont know what white men tell them?I do believe that alot of blackmen believe that we have become their enemy and the white women is their savior.I know i bring up my work situations alot,but thats my most intimate env with white women.Me and my black co worker friend,was just talking about how their are 4 ww that date blackmen and cramm,they are so rude,mean and insensitive to us.I just think these are the blackmen they are involved with these ww.Do they know how hateful they are to bw or do they care?I know sometimes i respond inappropiately on these blogs,but i read some of these comments by blackmen and it offends me as a bw.I am done with hb,ud and i visit news one sometimes,but its all the same divide and conquer,negative stats,blackwomen bashing and interracial promoting.Thats why i am so excited when you write a blog.I wish you could blog more,but i know you have a life.I am assuming you never checked out that song?.


@ venita

older female relatives in my family confirmed this, and i have BW friends who said WM will tell them how BM are bad news, so it happens, believe that.

what is happening between BM and BW started during slavery, sis, and the example I gave nodoubt about "somebody" spreading lies about Friend 1 and Friend 2 and the next thing you know the two BEST friends are fighting and hating each other


and will swear that "somebody" who started the whole thing is their "friend." without understanding that they didn't start fighting until that "somebody" came into the picture

Until BM and BW are willing to put our weapons down and put our hurt feelings to the side and really examine and analyze and dissect this divide from a HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE nothing will change

our enemies are winning the war and we can't even agree as black people that we are IN a war - and that's why we are LOSING as a black community big time

when I checked, that show wasn't coming on, i'll keep an eye out for it (u know i love me some Jill Scott).


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted March 10

@ kenparvenu

ME: I think I know what YHWH means but I'm not sure. could you define it for me?

No doubt, the BW is far from perfect and she also has much to answer for, BUT, we BM are the missing links in our communities and families.

We are the main ones going to prison (where we can't financially or emotionally support our women and children)

We are the main ones chasing (being caught) by non-black females who have NO interest OR concern about the black community, racism, OR white supremacy.

Since 70 percent of black kids live in single-female households, and these kids were NOT conceived through immaculate conception, BUT by sex with the Black man,

then I'd say we BM have more work to do if we intend to do right by our women and kids and communities..


@ all
did it ever occur to us that we are doing what they WANT us to do?

We let the (white) media goad us into fighting each other over some(false) bullsh___ THEY CREATED FOR US

Look at all the reality shows where the black person ALWAYS picks the white person? HAven’t we caught on to this MIND GAME SCAM that is designed to pit BM against BW?

Who CREATES these shows?
Who SCRIPTS these shows?
Who CONTROLS what is said in the “black” articles we fight about?
Who PAYS all these silly male and female negroes to come on TV and clown for the cameras?
Black people?

Hasn’t anybody else noticed that the whites on white reality shows NEVER PICK A BLACK PERSON, But the black people ALWAYS PICK THE WHITE PERSON? Yet some folks are on this thread talking (crazy) about how this black dude with a wedge of wheat grass on his head has the “right” to like who he likes…

Does anybody believe this dude is looking for “true love” with a pack of pitiful, fame and money hungry groupies? Don’t we know these “couples” go their separate ways AFTER the cameras stop rolling (and the checks stop coming)?

Don’t we know he is being PAID to pick who they tell him to pick, the same way New York, Pepa, Chili, Flava Flav, Hot Sauce, Chicken Wing, BBQ Rib, and Mr. Catfish ALL PICKED the (white) folks those producers told them to pick…

instead of getting mad, we should be feeling sorry for these negroes who sell themselves for a TV show and a dollar, because they have NO regard for the POISONOUS images they are selling to black youth: WHITE IS SUPERIOR and NO RESPECT FOR SELF




crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
at 10:34 pm

@ Cali
in reality, I got no business slamming any BM who calls BW ‘b____’ and loves white girls. It’s a home-training (and home) problem, first of all. Second, i say let the white girls have BM like this, they serve NO useful purpose in a community that is under attack. let them go, and make their way in the white community and see how long they last…most will come crying back to some black women (like momma) so all that tough talk don’t mean a damn thing..


crammasters, Hmmmmm, you know you’re probably ‘in for it’ now from the fellas…
But it is a shame that some black men have taken to, like you said, simply repeating what they see and or hear, because it’s popular? Calling black women gold diggers and whatnot, when the black males that complain of gold diggers don’t even possess that kind of money! Again, they are just regurgitating…
Damn shame what our minds have allowed to soak in at the hands of a race who doesn’t respect us in the first place…
I don’t get it Cramm, and I don’t think I ever will. How do so many black people defend, fight for and embrace the same people who stood on their backs for hundreds of years? I defy anyone to point me to a person of Jewish culture that lingers in groups and on websites who will deliberately disrespect his/her own to defend a german!! It’s not happenin!
Blacks were asking, begging, telling whites to ‘go away, leave us alone’ for YEARS! Now all of a sudden, whites want BLACK FLESH, yes I said it, they only want BLACK FLESH, and negroes run to whites like they have been waiting patiently all of their lives to be ‘accepted’ by those people?



crammasters, Great points brother, as ALWAYS…
I have to point out or ask one more thing to go along with you…
Why is it, when black people do these ‘looking for love’ type shows, they are NEVER as ‘classy’ as the “Bachelor’ or the ‘Bachelorette’?
These c___s caught up in this ‘flavor of love’/'what chilli wants’ BS should really stop and think about WHY they have to look like absolute fools, when the SAME producers, (white ofcourse), don’t require this of their own…

Crammasters refuting Esco73's women bashing:

@ Esco73 who said, “I think people are making too big a fuss about this.”
ME: I agree, but for a different reason. We should looking at the SOURCE of these nonsense reality shows, instead of bashing each other over the head about it. That’s if we are SANE and RATIONAL people

On the other hand, it is a big deal because the white media is using reality shows like this to turn non-thinking black males and females against each other, in other words, their PLAN IS WORKING.

Esco73 said: i can see why he didn’t really pick any sista’s.

ME: Again, who PICKED the sisters who appeared on the show? Did you pick them? Did CaliFemme? Did Norangel? Did SoularFlarez? Peep the GAME, brother…it’s all about controlling our images and the way BLACKS see each other….we got to start using our brains, folks…
Esco73 said, “Sista’s are starting to look weak and tired. They’re under apprecative, over bitter, unsubmissive and complaining about anything and everything.”
ME: Are u serious, brother? what’s more “tired” than a BM with a mouthful of metal and a blonde Chia Pet on top of his head? Again, brother, the PLAN is working is YOU are judging real life sisters by what the white TV producers are showing you.

I don’t know where YOU grew up OR who raised you, but the sisters who raised me, the sisters who MARRIED my father, my brothers, uncles, nephews – and ME – are nowhere near “tired, unappreciative, or bitter.”
Know why, brother? Because WE respect, provide for, and protect our women. We MARRIED our women. We gave our shorties our LAST NAME.

after we degrade our women in music (calling them Bs and Hs) imitating them in movies, films, and comedy, and after we parade some 300 pound white female around like a prize, of course they don’t respect us, or feel like we respect them.

And brother, the WHOLE WORLD is watching as we clown like this, wondering what the hell is wrong with a BM who DOES NOT LIKE HIS OWN? Which is one reason, brother, the BM has to CONSTANTLY FIGHT to be respected, because it is CLEAR to the rest of the planet that ANY MAN who does NOT take care of his women and children DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT. Any man who PUTS the females of his OPPRESSORS above the women that gave BIRTH to him, DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT, and that is the bottom line…
The MEN are the ones who create the environment that shapes the character of the women, NOT the other way around. The same way the white female is shaped by the environment the white male created. The same way the Asian female is shaped by the environment the Asian male created.

The men are the LEADERS, the HEAD of the family and community. IF our women are out of order — then WE ARE OUT OF ORDER. Any community that has a lot of broken, and bitter females, the MEN are the most responsible for that bitterness. The white female is bitter because of the way white males treat them collectively. Now, if we are going to call ourselves “MEN” then we must accept the same responsibility that all men must accept.

we can’t be whining, dependent, living-off-mommma, or our girlfriend or some silly white female, then pound our chest about being a “man” It don’t work that way, brother…


crammastersFeb. 3rd, 2011
at 12:44 pm

if the allegations are true (that Halle’s white ex-boy is a racist), Halle’s experience is pretty common for blacks who are having sexual intercourse with whites. I have heard this complaint from many black folk who have been sexually involved with white folk, that sooner or later the racial slurs will be launched by the white person. Too many blacks think — in my opinion — that a white person CANNOT BE A RACIST if they are having sex with, or dating, or married to a black person.
Clearly, it’s a case of racial amnesia since whites have always sought sex with blacks even while practicing slavery, segregation and racism. Clearly, people abuse their sexual partners, husbands, wives, etc. so dating and marriage are NO guarantees that you are not dealing with a RACIST.
What I would warn sisters (and brothers) about is — DO NOT LOOK to white people as a solution to your relationship problems. It is ILLOGICAL to pretend that you can separate the racism you are experiencing in employment, law enforcement, getting a loan or a good education/schools — from the same white people you are trying to have sex with. It’s self-disrespecting to pursue the same people who are OPPRESSING YOU.
Over the last 12 months, they have begun to really push sisters to date WM (to divide and conquer the BM and BW), and most BW will find at the end of those relationships that they were dealing with a racist who used them in the same way WM have always sexually exploited BW.
The same is true for us (BM) who are dealing with white females who are clearly racist and who are opposed to black equality with whites in every place BUT the bedroom. We need to stop letting the white or black media turn our beautiful black bodies into sexual playthings for white people who will never allow blacks to be fully treated as human beings.

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