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Gadhafi regime appears on verge of collapse as fighters reach Tripoli



Indigenous Africans, African Americans, black Brazilians, Panamanians and blacks from the Caribbean are part of the African family we are all kin and we should all celebrate and embrace our African heritage with pride, unity is strength, racist whites would love to and are trying their best to divide us don't let them.

I shall be attending an African pride, identity and heritage event in a few weeks time I hope to some African Americans there along with African Caribbean people.



Am I the only one that gets a little teary eyed and deep when I hear Martin luthur kings voice in his speach? Ever since I was a kid I would always feel his speach in the depths of my soul, but I feel like Im the only one.
what do you think about his speach brothas and sistas? and how does it affect you?(positively I hope) or does it affect you as a Black person at all?:)

-Caribbean girl


Wondering wrote:
The way to radically reduce poverty, is for all those that are in poverty to GO TO WORK.Too many people that are able to work are relying on welfare to support them.
The problem is that many people in poverty can't go to work, because the resources aren't there. I can work, so I work. Others don't have that opportunity not because of laziness (for there are tons of poor folks that have tried application after application and they still can't get a job). It is because of a bad job market at this moment and other reasons. Poverty is complex not simplistic, so you need a comprehensive solution to get folks to work like a jobs bill, investments in infrastructure, and incentives given to companies to grow jobs here in the USA excluding outsourcing. I believe in welfare used for those that need it (since I believe in compassion). I don't need it, so I don't use it. Although, there ought to be an adequate social safety net in order to help citizens during a raining day and this social safety net is even respected by your buddy Rep. Paul Ryan.

-By Timothy


zZZzz wrote:

"Rep. Maxine Waters has four words for the tea party: Go straight to Hell."
The Tea Party is composed of common people fighting back against an oppressive federal government. Typical leftist distortion of reality from you.

No examples of class warfare by the rich from you, comrade. Just bluster.

The fact is that the rich are the only people that create jobs and sign paychecks.

Who cares what motivates someone to get rich or how they spend their money? Someone engaging in class warfare, that is who.

It is just fine with me if someone that refuses to work starves to death.
The Tea Party is a rightwing CORPORATE movement, probably fascistic in its inclinations. They seek oppressive contral of government to suppress working people--the real ordinary people-- unlike those upper middle class nearly lilly white actors of the Tea Party. Like classic fascists, the Tea Partiers (a corporate orfanized movement)are backing right wing efforts to crush trade unions and snuff out the rights of the poor.
They, like YOU, are reactionaries engaging in class warfare against the American people on behalf or the corporate plutocracy.
Death to he plutocracy. Prison or exile for the plutocrats.



Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted January 13

@ phazex_f...

absolutely, sister

and that is what we will have to deal with when the deal goes down

the two camps of blacks:

camp #1 will be the black folks who love whites and hate themselves, and who will gladly betray black folk to get an extra crumb of praise or material things. Those are the folks who are hooked on IR, who want mulatto offspring, and who belittle and degrade other black people.

Camp #1 also includes the exploited black masses who do not understand white supremacy and are easily fooled by the false illusion of inclusion into white society even while they are being greatly mistreated (?!?)

camp #2 will be the conscious black folk who will try to fight against their oppression and they will be in the minority fighting against the unconscious, self-hating, mentally sick black majority and the white system


crammasters8 months ago
@ AfricanS who said, "Why would one try to make it behind enemy lines? If you are behind enemy lines, you fight your way out, retreat and regroup and then attack the enemy…

A black man making it in America can have it all taken away in a blink of an eye… Just ask the rich black folks that are now in trouble with the IRS, government, banks, etc…"



Unfortunately, too many black folk refuse to believe we are at war -- or at least, that war is being waged against us, cause we damn sure ain't fighting back, but we'll beat the hell out of each other -- because that's EASY and not too scary.
I have watched famous BM and BM i know who have played the WM's game to perfection, did everything they were told to do, and still got SMASHED, and all their stuff SNATCHED, and we still don't get it.
I just posted some interesting info about the TRUE financial status of black people in America (which can't be judged by how many luxury cars and fancy homes and designer clothing we rent -- NOT OWN -- since we're still paying on it)

and the one big highlight was the AVERAGE WHITE PERSON IS FIVE TIMES RICHER THAN THE AVERAGE BLACK PERSON -- even when that black person is at the upper end of education and income.
that's the way the SYSTEM is rigged, to make sure that whites stay on top. We can't win playing another man's game, especialy when that "man" can change the rules anytime we start winning a few hands...
at some point in time, we will be faced with the hard truth. We will have to get out of his game and create our own if we want to get out from under the boot. that's the bottom line.


crammasters8 months ago
@ easy_one

brother, that is the NATURE of a black-hating, white supremacy system. The system is based on keeping whites on top and blacks on the bottom, and until we really understand the permanency of that MENTALITY, we will keep on playing into their traps.
Like attacking each other, dividing and conquering ourselves, trying to OUTDO the WM when it comes to materialism, buying things, trying to use things to build up our self-esteem, chasing after his women (or men), etc.

Educating ourselves about this system THEN changing our response to it -- is the KEY to finding a way OUT OF IT.


crammasters says:
the PROBLEM, brother, is the FIRST thing u did was blame BW. How many sisters are dealing with BM who are just ordinary black men? THE VAST MAJORITY. See, this is what the white system has done, it has mistreated US, and taught us to blame each other INSTEAD of seeing the truth — that we are all being victimized. It is this kind of “easy out” that keeps us from our TRUE MANHOOD, because a REAL MAN would never put the entire burden on his women for keeping the family together


Can't say I'm surprised by what you posted but it's still chilling, man. I heard something in the news about NY subways. There's a lot going on now. Global positioning satellites, tracking devices built into all new cars (that nobody told us were there), spying on message boards and emails and phone calls and blogs.
The Military Commissions Act Bush just signed into law gives Bush (and his cronys) almost unlimited power. They can try you (any citizen) by a military tribunals and deny you the constitutional right to a trial by a judge or a jury of your "peers". Scary shyt...

You're right, the BM is gonna experience the brunt of these new police powers. The handwriting's on the wall, man. That's why BM need to question ANYTHING the media pushes on us, like this IR shyt. (BW need to do the same thing) The powers that be know there is power in UNITY. They want to separate us to divide and conquer. We need to ask why these media images are showing BM & BW in such negative terms, showing us separated from each other. It kinda reminds me of what happens in corporate America. First they get the managers to fire the workers and then they fire the managers. Bottom line the top guys didn't want either one of them around.



Dear Selfguided,

No, I am not from and where would you get that idea? I haven't said anything to give the impression that I am anti-black man.

I am against the constant portrayal of black men/black women being the bain of the opposite genders existence. I don't remember a tyler perry movie portraying all black men as dirt or all black women as no good nags who don't deserve to be loved. I didn't approve of waiting to exhale, or the brothers. I don't roll my eyes and mumble sell out when I see a black man with a white woman. I don't call a black man dressed preppy an uncle tom. I don't subscribe to the stereotypes that have been associated with being a black man or black women. That's stupid and judging from the movie preview that is exactly what this movie is doing.

I'm not an angry or "Mad" black woman, I don't think all black men are worthless and black woman are innocent victims. I just don't like movies that depict black men or black women as one dimensional characters who lack any substance. Your response to my post gives me the impression that you are man who believes that the women in that preview are a truthful depiction of all black women and they are not. I am not like those women. Do I know black women who are like that? Yes. Do they represent the majority of black women I know?No. If your a black women who only meets no good brothers then you really need to re-evaluate your judgment. If your a black man who only meets no good sisters they you need to re-evaluate your judgement. Why are you tired of black women, you should be tired of making poor choices.

-A Sister


@ _A_

right, right, the key is to repair our FOUNDATION -- the Black Family. The family is the cocoon that (should) nurture and protect our children until they are ready to stand on their own. That's not happening enough....
The black family is in trouble because our relationships (BM/BW) are in trouble. Repair one and you repair the other
which is why i will continue to sound like a broken record when i say we BM must uplift our women (instead of degrading them) because our WOMEN are the MOTHERS of the children, and if they are demoralized and degraded, the children -- including the MALE CHILDREN -- will be demoralized and low-self-esteemed.
By uplifting I don't mean making them vain or excusing their faults, I mean we should not allow the "system" to use US to degrade our women in music, film, movies, or on the street.
and the BM must stop degrading other BM, calling each other "n*ggas" and listening to music about killing each other for sport, etc.
the BM and BW should stop allowing the "system" to divide and conquer us by pushing the IR relationships on us -- because we know what time that is. We are doing MORE IR dating, breeding, and marrying -- and our communities are in MORE trouble than before, our unemployment is higher than it was before, our children are in MORE trouble than before
while UNIFIED non-white communities with STRONG ETHNIC FAMILIES are thriving, the DIVIDED and DISUNIFIED black community (that uses IR like a weapon against each other) is getting poorer and poorer.

if our kids see the BM and BW loving each other, standing up for each other, working together, cooperating together, supporting each other, and raising their children TOGETHER, there will be NOTHING on this earth that will shake the self-esteem of our boys and girls


Recap: Interestingly, upon revisiting Wood et al.(2005), it should be pointed out that paraphyletic clade of R*-M207 was detected amongst some "Afro-Asiatic" African groups, along with the paraphyletic clade R1*-M173 [it is worth noting that Wood et al. implicate the Egyptian sample here as something other than that of Semitic speakers (Arabic)], while some N-Congo groups — though in small frequencies [pooled]— tested positive for the paraphyletic R1b*, lacking the established downstream R1b markers. Henceforth, R*-M207, lacking downstream mutations have been identified in African groups via this study; and yes, the basic nodes of all presently known Hg R's downstream clades had been accounted for, which means that R*, as predicted above, is NOT relegated to the Indian sub-continent. All in all, this suggests that African Hg R pool is actually more diverse than many seem to think.
Putting aside the largely African-restricted V88 hg R chromosomes, that Cruciani "discovered", there are still R1*-M173 chromosomes that lack the P25 mutation which all of Cruciani's tested chromosomes carried! Phylogenetically, these chromosomes, unless otherwise discovered to have other downstream binary markers down the road, are more basal than either R-V88 chromosomes and much of European R1b sub-clades.
-On the other hand, within Eurasia there were samples who were P25+ P297- V88-.
Yet, again, African R1 chromosomes include those without even the P25. LOL
In Eurasia we also see P297+ as well as V88+ samples. This indicates that R1b1 was extant in Eurasia BEFORE part of the R-V88 subclade, spread into Africa.
See above, what I already said about V88 chromosomes. Apparently, word therein has not yet gotten to
And to remind you again, the African versions of the R1 markers at hand are not found outside of the continent, with almost all of V88 distribution in the world being focused on the African continent.-
"No downstream African V88 chromosomes was found in another population outside of Africa.
The R-P25* paragroup was only found in five subjects from Europe (3), western Asia (1), and eastern Asia (1)(Table 1).- Cruciani et al.
Even Europe has more paraphyletic V88 clades, with its mere 4 individuals from mostly southern Europe bearing the marker vs the just one individual in "western Asia".
Cruciani et al.
Also the relative greater diversity of the overall K-M9 family outside of Africa is an indication that R1*-M173 originated outside of Africa, i.e. West Asia, and brought back via migrations from Asia.
The relative diversity of K-M9 means little, when the ancestral nodes necessary to give rise to hg R are carefully examined. A lot of K derived non-R subclades actually found in Asia are not directly ancestral to hg R, save for the potential for such a role to be served by the within-hg R paraphyletic hg R markers themselves, noted above.
"R1* The Haplogroup R1* is very rare. Examples have been found in Turkey, Pakistan and India, but the highest frequency so far discovered is in Iran.[12]"



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