Saturday, August 20, 2011

Missing Links

Note by Me: A lot of people can't see the Malcolm X words, so here are some of people's words here. Some of these commentaries are some of the realest words on various issues that I've heard. It has a resonance among people.

By Timothy


Words of Wisdom from other people:

Like I said....get a grip on reality....YOUR KIND, MY KIND, all are being screwed, not because of skin color, but for lack of intelligence and the ability to see beyond skin color.
The Rich get richer and the poor suffer and die...ALL SKIN COLORS!!

The problem here is every one thinks they are something other than what they truly are...even you with your passed down the line, AGE 'OLDE' fake analytical reasoning in order to 'WHITE WASH' the TRUTH!!!!

Give me a break with the hyperbole....please!!!!



Redefined wrote:

Of course. If you read through this posts. Camile says the media was used to upstage WM image. However the same has been done to WW as well. Therefore WW just like WM will both have upstanding images in society and this how she will be constantly viewed compared to other women while the media continues to trash BW's image.
we're on the same page with this...Bfs are still constantly being trashed in the media...young Bfs are being portrayed in mainstream media as gold diggers, not marriage material..and too many of our sons are being indocrinated by this poison.


Just as many of our women have been indoctrinate to believe their men where players, goons, hood dudes, etc. You have both sexes who carry negative stereotypes embracing each other.



L-des wrote:

You make a good point Nzingha!!
Keep posting your positive comments, because some of us BW & BM love your posts! Well, I know I do!!!
Why thank you. I would like to encourage even more unity for us . I am even willing, at some point to call a truce to our people who are on the sideline. It may take some time, and even me being a little more humbled when I call the truce. But, I really maybe willing to help bring more of us, on the same side as a united front, but this will take some time:)



1 month ago

@EbonyLoveAndMarriage u're right, all of what U said does bring on stress. But there come a point in time where we just have to rise above, N outsmart stresss. Let start with your user name: Ebony= reflection of the black race which is BEAUTIFUL. Love= loving oneself, find things U love about yourself. Marriage=A wonderful connection God has made happen. U can even take it further. Pray, excercise, eat healthy, create/invent N profit etc. Focus on these things, N YOU'LL RISE ABOVE STRESS.

1 month ago
True That.Black men we need to stand up.Black women you are Queen.

7 months ago 3
the black man and woman united is such a powerful force remember this and reality will come to you

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