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Missing Links Part 4

Note by Me: You know I had to do it, it's a part of my DNA.

By Timothy

crammasters Feb. 7th, 2011 at 8:40 pm

@ SimplyComplex_87
absolutely agree. Like u said, everything starts with the individual and how that person feels about themselves. the more self-esteem u have, the better u treat yourself, and other folks.

a young black male with high-self-esteem would NEVER kill another BM because he stepped on his shoe, because his self-esteem would not allow him to ruin his OWN life or take the life of someone who looked just like him over something so petty

but if a young black male hates his own reflection, he will hate the world, and will especially hate those who remind him of himself, and he will kill without a second thought because he has no value for his own life or what happens to him, or anyone who looks like him…

we see this scenario play out every day, it is TIME for us to put on our thinking caps and stop participating in the psychological SLAUGHTER of our young folks (by ridiculing each other)

OR get used to more low-self-esteemed black folk killing other black folk
(sorry about these long posts :-)


crammasters8 months ago
@ Jazzwatch
like u said, FEAR is the number one motivation of racists
if they didn't fear us, they wouldn't have burned down 'Black Wall Street'
or created the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws right after slavery (so-called) ended
or castrated BM (destroying the black pe___)
or made sure in every state in the nation that black kids get an inferior education
and the list is too long so i'll end with this:
if blacks really were inferior, there would be no need to create a system to keep us inferior

Guess those who LOVE to keep others(especially US) from succeeding hides a factor that proves their motives to stay on top: F-E-A-R…….


crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
at 9:44 pm

@ Cali and all the beautiful black ladies on this thread

Most BM prefer BW, so don’t fall for the hype. Even BM who venture into white land, usually return with their tails and p*enises between their legs.

I can’t tell u how many BM found out their white wives were stone racists, or called them a “N___A” or after the breakup, started teaching their half-black kids to hate black people, and especially their black daddies. And i have heard this from BM in the US and in the UK.
The media and these websites are playing a game of divide and conquer, but you can BET they don’t play that game with white folks, in magazines and websites aimed at white folk.

Why? Because white folk don’t play that, they would not tolerate the kind of IR brainwashing that negroes think is a compliment — even while black folks have gone steadily down hill ever since integration and IR-mating.

In FACT, whites are the LEAST LIKELY to marry outside their race (less than NINE PERCENT) and the race they are the LEAST LIKELY to marry are BLACK PEOPLE,

when whites marry outside their race their TOP PICK is Asian and Hispanic — NOT BLACK — the same black people who are fussing and fighting over them (talk about low self-esteem! If anyone wants the link to these stats, shoot me a note because i cannot post a link on this thread).

we are losing homes and jobs and our freedom faster than any time in history, racism is on the rise, and the biggest thing some black folk are worried about is whether they can date the same people who are victimizing them????

brainwashed is too mild a word for the insanity that has been bred into black minds today.

Any BM who doesn’t see race (but complains endlessly about the “racist white man” who won’t give him a break, — you don’t need in your life so let the WHITE GIRLS have him…


Most black people are together and desire black children/family...too much focus is on those who do not have a preference for the black preservation .. Instead of focusing on SHOWING black love..but we should all respect each other regardless....
on yahoo btw
Good Thread

-Proud Sis


crammasters Oct. 23rd, 2010 at 12:36 am
@ Nikchocolate
wanted to add..
there seems to be some kind of envy or resentment toward educated sisters, and some of us — male and female — seemed determined to cut the “uppity” aka educated BW down to a manageable size
of competing with the rest of the American population — where WHITE FEMALES are becoming more educated on average than white males. Asian, Hispanic, and white females moving up the ladder, and gaining ahead of blacks in EVERY category — especially BM.

yet, we as a community control NOTHING, can’t provide a damn thing for ourselves but are so crazy we knock folks who are educated — instead of knocking a bad personality — which, hello, is JUST AS COMMON in UNEDUCATED BW and BM….
somehow, we have linked “education” to “a bad personality”
now that’s some crazy sh____

we can’t build a nation with rappers, gangsters, musicians, comedians or folks without real skills and education. The BM and BW who have put in the sweat equity to get a skill or an education should be our role models NOT our punching bags

the ONLY way the BM is going to get the white foot off our necks is to PROMOTE AS MUCH EDUCATION for black boys AND black girls, instead of holding on to that plantation, slave mentality that puts other blacks down for the wrong reasons.


THE MOOR wrote:

LOL...Good post...

But you can say..." The more they say things change, the more they say the same...."

Thats what the demokrats and republican slave drivers do to our communities, always poppin up around election talkin that "kumbaya" change sh____, when they ain't got a changin bone in they body...

Once a beast always a beast....


-216 Elite

100% absolutely positively agree with that guy. And you can see it all over the media with their refusal to promote any kind of black love. Every AAM and AAW has to be involved in an IRR on film and TV. Sure, like any form of propaganda this will eventually breakdown the oneness between BM and BW and erode and divide the AA community. And the sudden use of "biracial" and "mixed". Colorism is coming to AA in a way that it had never been there, before.
I glad that more people are talking about, because it does represent a great threat to us.

-Disaster Looms

They've been doing this with blacks in the UK for quite a few years now. The good thing is, a lot of us are waking up to what's going on, because I've noticed a few UK blacks talking about it here and on other sites. Also, IR marriage among blacks here has gone down in the last few years.



Garrig - finance without morality, principles equals slavery too. Therefore, ones financial successes does not equal true citizenry.

Name a judge from our ethnicity who is challenging the system; refusing to allow the officers of the court to violate one's guarantees in the Constitution? Name a mayor from our ethnicity who is challenging the system; refusing to allow governmental workers to benefit while the people are exploited? The president? Do you honestly believe the president is like you or I? Many foolishly asked the question is the president black enough in 2006/2007. They should had asked was the president Caucasian enough to get the money to compete.

Excuse my slick talk now, do you honestly believe inclusion into something rotten equals progress? Therefore, the problem is justice and true citizenry.

You asked, "is there someone holding down the disenfranchised?" Yes, the disenfranchised by mechanisms governed by the majority group. However, I think IT IS ALL OUR FAULT. Caucasians have been consistent from the beginning; it is Africans in America who refuse to embrace the truth.

The main weapon - ignorance, lack of a proper education. The issue is not Caucasians; the issue is and always had been Africans in America. If Africans in America, my people change our mentality, we immediately change our reality.

What are your complaints about America? If Garrig had the position, what would Garrig implement to address those complaints?

-Jermaine Malik Floyd

The material thats in here is all thats needed, and it needs to be re-read forever by the african man and woman any and everywhere.....

Brother X laid down a fine historical outline of what the truth of our PEOPLE really is, and thats all there is to it!

Yes it will continue to be brought forth!

SEE kip i deal in reality, i deal in truth, based on my experiences, and the experiences I SEE and FEEL everyday from my brothers and sisters facing this mess, so when i see this taking place with the genocidal advocating, i know whats REALLY UP KIP, I KNOW THE TRUTH, and i'm trying to wake the masses up, anyway possible, because in the end, if you don't wake up, you die KIP.....

You think you know what hate is now kip......naaaa you don't know the half of it....

Hate and Evil is when a man, is able to strip your language, name, culture, homeland, mind, and last but not least, LOVE FOR SELF, to get you to LOVE him!

THATS REAL HATE, to teach someone, a race of people to hate themselves, and produce what is being resulted in TODAY!!



crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
at 3:34 pm

@ Splash_of_Trini
sis, we gotta stop celebrating our “dependence” on the goodness of random white folk and start planning and strategizing our “independence” from oppression

we have become too comfortable in being weak and powerless, forgetting that anything someone “gives” you, they can take away from you…and we see that happening all over america, with our schools, our jobs, our homes, our land, and now, even our babies…

Being passive and grateful for crumbs someone throws our way was NOT in God’s plan for the first people on earth…


So there are a lot of self-hating black men (particularly on Topix) and misinformed black women, who have been pushing these lies about black women for various agendas.
But yeah, regardless of all that, I've compiled a list of stereotypes that I find most tiresome when continually touted by self-hating black men for why they worship non-black women, or ignorant black women for why they feel justified in being horrid individuals because they think that its "part of who we are".

The Five Myths About Black Women I Will Be Debunking In This Thread Are:
1.) We’re the fattest in America
2.) ALL of us are single baby mamas
3.)½ of us have Herpes and it’s because we’re f____ EVERYBODY
4.) Black women can’t grow natural long hair unless they are mixed
5.) We’re jealous of non-black women and desire white men.

I'll be back. Research and sources from others are welcomed as well, as always with me. And if my sources are inaccurate or out of date, then please give me updated information. The goal of this thread is NOT to paint black women as being perfect, as I believe we have MUCH to work on. Nor is this about me being right vs. wrong. Rather the goal is to show blacks that we need to take a closer look at research done on us before we stupidly believe every negative thing that falls out of white culture's mouths about us. If it turns out that the stuff is true then, let's improve ourselves. But if not, then we need accurate information about our community before we can embark on self-improvement.
But enough from me. I'll just let the the key tidbits from scholarly sources, speak for themselves in the posts that follow...
See you soon!

Myth #1
1.) We're the fattest in the U.S.
Key points:“Our study shows that the currently used BMI cutoff value for obesity recommended by the NIH (BMI 30 kg/m2 or greater) may be too high and does not reflect actual body fatness by race or ethnicity among reproductive-aged women. Use of this definition resulted in the misclassification of many obese women when compared with use of WHO criteria despite having
very good specificity.
...The difference between actual and observed obesity rates in whites (59% compared with 28%) and
Hispanic (69% compared with 38%) women could be
a threat to the success of obesity awareness and
programs in the United States. The NIH-based obesity rate calculations, which show that black women have the highest obesity rate, were not supported by percent body fat data in this study. In contrast, Hispanic women had the highest obesity rates based on percent body fat classified obesity.

In layman’s terms what is being said by research is this: obesity studies done on women in the U.S. based on BMI measurements concluded that America is an OBESE nation, but that black women were the fattest.“70% of black women are overweight”...yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well, recent studies show that the BMI measurements used in nearly ALL of that research are NOT an accurate indication of obesity PARTICULARLY among different ethnic groups and when other measures of obesity were done it was found that Hispanic women, not black women, have the highest obesity rates. This does not mean that black women DON’T need to work on their weight, because obviously that isn’t the case, as most Americans do. What these studies DO show is that once again, blacks have been duped into believing that black women are the worse based off research standards that cater primarily to Caucasians and are projected onto us.

What this also means is that black people need to STOP stupidly accepting all the bull___ that is produced about us and start thinking critically about our own race because as previously noted, many in our race readily accept and use lies and generalizations and false info to justify some of our self-hating ways. I mean, seriously, how many times has a kooning negro used that whole,“dem black women bees fat, I’s gotta get with Becky” cop out excuse.
Meanwhile, how many black women are sitting around being unhealthy because they’ve accepted the Aunt Jeminah stereotypes about us being fat and happy based off flawed research done on blacks in the U.S.? I honestly don’t blame whites for producing lies about us. Instead, I blame US for believing them and, even worse, acting on them without looking at them critically first.
And once again, this isn’t a HALLELUJAH moment. Because blacks have many health concerns relating to the types of foods we eat in our community and our weight. However, the lie that black women are the fattest in America needs to be laid to rest. BTW does anyone ever wonder why we saw the whole “70% of black women are fat” studies ALL over the place, but the media is all hush, hush about studies debunking the bull___? Black people…let’s all wake up k? SMH

Other articles for your reference:

I’ll be back cover the other myths about black women and deal with usual suspects and crazy a___ comments.
Meanwhile, would an intelligent poster on the AA forum consider making a “5 Myths About Black Men Debunked” thread? When I’m finished with this one, I have LOTS of research to contribute to debunking a lot of bull_____ we believe about black males due to our ignorance and self-hate too. Particularly bull____ like deadbeat dads and rape statistics and the like.

See you soon!




We shouldn't even be talking about it much.. because overall there is BLACK LOVE.. This love is strong.. We can't live our-lives based on what is said here or the media portrays. Because wfter we shut off these electronic devices, there is a reality check and thigns are not what it is..

So strong black men, good black men, educated black men, the black male role models, the good black fathers, the positive black males thinkers, shouldn't be worried.

We must uplift one another. Statistics show a great number of brothers are in prison.. We must try to help those brothers when they are through and be their keeper..

Our sisters would always rather be with us..but sometimes she has no choice but to stray outside of the pack.. This is when sometimes, we have to question why.. And we have to point the finger at us..

We must do the right thing, for our strong sisters.. LOVE AND PROTECT HER..


-Black Famous


Kashta_Bureh wrote:

Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Suriname, Colombia, Honduras, Belize, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Cuba, etc. There are millions of loyal Black women south of the equator.
I keep telling Black men to stop messing with these Black American women or White tramps. Both of them suck. Black American women can't act like ladies and marrying Whites girls just creates more mulattoes.
I swear, when my son graduates from high school I'm taking him to South America as a graduation present. I want my boy to know what real women are like and after he has tasted some of that brown sugar south of the equator he won't touch a White or Black American woman with a ten foot pole.
I think it's great for black men to marry black people from South America and the Caribbean if they want to. I agree with you on that basic principle. Yet, that love should be for sincere reasons and without the scapegoating of African American women in the process. What I disagree with you is of course your views on AAW in general. No human is perfect, so evil, degenerate people exist in every background. Today, there are still plenty of black sisters in America that will treat a black man with dignity and respect. There are even millions of black women in the USA and I'm not going to give up on them because of any reason. All human beings have gone through bad experiences in life. Yet, the lesson is what do we do about it? Do we give up on AAW and just praise foreign BW alone.

Or we can praise AAW on equal terms as the foreign BW and fight for solutions for black people in general. A man must communicate and express his feelings to a woman. A lot of these anti-women types have low self confidence, so a man should be instilled confidence. A real man with self confidence wouldn't scapegaot women for romantic issues in his life period. Also, many BM using these stereotypical perceptions about AAW aren't boy scouts themselves. Some of these men overexaggerate incidents (or try to go out with a woman they know full know will not work out) and then falsely blame most AAW for their own insecure issues. Scorn, malice, and insecurity around AAW are not real solutions to our problems. A real solution is for a man with full confidence to stand up for ourselves, communicate with our people in desiring reforms, and being active to fight for changes. Life is about overcoming obstacles and even if you marry a foreign BW (which I have no problems with), then problems will still come. AAW exist in a great diversity of personalities, interests, tastes, appearances, and dispositions. If a woman rejects you, a man shouldn't take it personally without scapegoating. A man should just move on and find a woman that treats them with respect. Tons of respectable black women are in America as well like Angie Stone, Donna Richardson, Raven Symone, Lt. JG La'Shanda Holmes', Terri Sewell, Monica Haslip, people I know all of the time, and others. These AAW aren't stuck up nor billigerent. They are decent sisters from the USA.
So, I'm not hating on sisters in America or in foreign lands. I'm not into that.

I love a warning shot. This is it. That's me. I'm a baiter. I'm an intelligent man. Brother, this is chess not checkers.

-By Timothy (Me)

Well I'd say it starts with what we can offer each other outside of our genetic material-thats a given almost. But but is it that is truly unique between a Black Man and a Black Woman.
For me it boils down to a few things and I'll share them here.

Legacy building: Being able to pass something onto to the generation of black men and women (your children) is something that has a deep meaning. Something that a person of another race couldn't fully appreciate or at least view with the same pride.

Cultural integrity: Being able to pass down the story of Brer Rabbit and John Henry, having a broom specially made for weddings in the family, passing down recipes (healthier versions and traditional) and tell the significance and history of each dish, etc and not compromising it to accomodate another.

A little cache in the community: Sounds silly but I get excited when I see a black couple and a black family.

I don't focus too much on the asthetic appeal-this community as a lot of physical variety so I don't this image of what a black man should look like in my head. Not saying there isn't a preference or two I check for but thats about it.

It shouldn't be just Black Love- it needs another name for something that is more than just a relationship, it's an institution in a way.

-Dual Marauder


Some of you are the bashers not because of constructive criticism. Both genders deserve legitimate constructive criticism or checking once and a while in life since we're aren't perfect. Some brothers (and non-brothers. We know who they are) are bashers when they collectively view BW in one way in offensive terms, lust after whiteness in viewing non-black women as superior asthetically, use slander against most BW, and express unjust hatred of BW in general. That is what many black people have an issue with. This slander against BW and BM is shown by racists and self hating in this forum a lot of times. Real black people do their best to oppose this bashing of sisters as distracting. We should be discussing solutions to our issues beyond these distractions.

Also, it takes 2 to tango. We brothers need to clean up our own house too. Both men and women should step our game up and improve our own lives plus morality if we want to take things into another level.

-By Timothy

*claps* once again I agree with your words timothy there is too much generalizing going on anyway. Not all of us are pregnant on welfare, slapping around and cussing out our men. It does take two to tango so I think its best to just work on ourselves and set an example, we cant be caught up in worrying about what everyone else is doing wrong.

-Caribbean girl



-216 Elite


COSIGNS....1000%...EXACTLY!... .


-The Moor




bumpin for the sisters who have self-respect,conscious-minded, natural and balanced in all aspects of life.

Black Love,Unity And Power


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