Saturday, August 20, 2011

Missing Links Part 2


Knoxxie wrote:

See, it's real easy to sit on the Internet and play tough guy. But, I'm not impressed with your pseudo knowledge, or your wannabe gangsta act. You do not hold the authority on BLACKNESS. Brotha PLEASE!!!
Nobody is playing gangster here....been there done that years ago,
I grew up in BIRMINGHAM, HANDSWORTH which was originally an all black ghetto, google handsworth riots or burger bar boys or johnson crew birmingham, then you will understand a little about my former mentality and background, I have to stop there.

I have never needed to play a tough guy, being born and raised in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in England gaves me that personna naturaly, but I lifted myself up and changed my life, now I help others who grew up like me or are still in that lifestyle.

So do not try to match me for mental strength MY SUBURBIAN SISTER, you have been spoon fed compared to me, I am coming from a lot lower down than you are and had to deal with a hell of a lot more than you did, growing up whithin gangs in the hood, so I have picked up more character and mind strenghening experiences than you have on the way up to reach where I am now, a good neighbourhood, studying for a masters degree at a good university,(comprehend).

What I have seen with my own eyes or done in my younger days you could not stomach, not with your feeble suburbian mindset.

I have no interest in Impressing you whatsoever (already have a strong black women by my side of 9yrs and two daughters thanks) and if you have seen my post you will notice I am not here to make friends, but wake-up the lazy white worshipping black man who will fight tooth and nail to protect the white system that has been proven time and time again to work against people of colour but won't even fart on his own people.

If you are down with black nationalism and black business improvement then we are on the same side.

But I have noticed whenever I come onto a site that is supposed to be about blacks standing on their own two feet, I get more fight from black people stating we cannot do it, when we did it many times before in the past, even here in England we have Areas in London that are controlled totally by Africans.

What is wrong with some of you American blacks, when did you blacks get so weak minded and feeble, the system has turned your race upside down for 500 years some of you are still fighting for the system and all most of you want is a job and a car!!!

As for pseudo knowledge, that is all you will get, as I'm not wasting my time posting real detailed knowledge concerning systemaical corruption and institutionalised racism, also governmental corruption and cover-ups concerning black and so on as when I have done in the past the post is deleted by the moderators.
This forum is really a joke and must not be taken too seriously.

-The Revolutionist


The Revolutionist wrote:

In the white community, the father, after a divorce is granted visiting rights and pays child maintenance so has a relationship with his children and is still very much a part of their life most of the time, so he can offer at least some level of teaching and protection to his children.
This isn't really true, Rev. I grew up with a LOT of white kids who didn't have their dads around - some didn't even know their real fathers - and their mothers were dependent on the Social because their fathers were either untraceable, or just outright refused to pay maintenance. This was why the CSA was introduced, mostly for the benefit of the white single mothers, rather than black ones. I hear what you're saying though.




This video is controversial and you don't have to agree with all of it. I agree with its major point that the establishment does want the black family to be destroyed basically long term. We should be careful and not take the bait from sellouts or racists (and we should respect and promote the black family). I don't believe in hating anyone of any ethnicity (for a human being is a human being), but it's fine to promote the interests of black people.

By Timothy


menessa wrote:

Yes and they hate bm who love bw as I know this loving black couple as the man would pick up his wife everyday, bring her lunch, etc. Well who else other than a ww made a comment about how they seem to be happy and wonder if it was fake. It wasn't long before she started trying to hit on the bm. This was a REAL BM, the type that I love and he turn her ass down and she became bitter against his wife.
THese women think all races of men should want them first and other races should get what the ww don't want. Damn why are bm so blindsided by ww?
My husband and father (I know other BM like this as well) were/are the same way. my parents took a trip to Israel...they always be and walk together. These white women tried desperately to separate them while they were on that trip ...but got embarressed because my father ignored them. I could tell many more stories like this about my late husband and father.



BLACK PEOPLE where born leaders. No one is suppose to rule over blacks period. As long as people are ruling over us, many of us will be miserable. It does not make sense for a group to rule over another group anyway.


I love the way they try to compare us to the Nazis, LMBAO!!! I have yet to see a black person calling for any races to be exterminated, yet just because we want our people to love themselves and not idolise whites (or anyone else for that matter), we are now racist? Lol, just because we don't want our race to be bred out, we suddenly hate mixed people? I have nothing against Biracial people, I just don't want to see my own race being pushed aside in favour of a new race created to be used against us. They really make me laugh.

Why do people always use the "Africa" argument when we talk about this? So it's OK for blacks to be systematically bred out of Western countries because "there will always be blacks in Africa." Look, African-Americans and British Caribbeans have formed our own culture, which is unique to us, and I happen to love my culture, why should I want to see it being diluted down just because, oh, well, there are still blacks in Africa?? So my ancestors went through absolute hell, for what, exactly? For us to breed ourselves, and our culture away, and become white? I think not!!

-TruthbknownLDN (A Sister from the UK)


C/S...You should never have to change your appearance (if you are happy with yourself) just to attract a partner, the person with you should accept you for who you are MORE than what you look like, or it will be a very superficial relationship that is doomed from the start...Black folks, or shall I say westernised black people (in general) seem to place far too much emphasis on the physical when it comes to finding partners, more than any other race, and that goes for men and women...

That is why too many of our sisters end up with bad boys and our brothers chase certain women who have big booty, neither of these relationships usually stand the test of time, they are doomed from the start, relationships that are heavily centred on the physical, are a waste of time and never last.
In many other cultures, there are requirements that people have to meet to attract a partner, but looks are usually way down the list, looks are considered a bonus rather than a standard.

You should always be yourself; when you meet someone, they will be better able to asses more accurately, whether you are the right person for them or not, if you are pretending to be a bad-boy who oozes confidence, when actually you are not, it will be revealed at some point in the relationship, or you will go crazy trying to keep up the facade.
I believe black people are hooking up with the wrong partners, that is why so many of our relationships fall apart quickly.

I mostly agree with you here, we should start teaching our children many things from an early age, though I think there are many things that obviously need to wait until the child gets to an age where they can comprehend what is being said to them, for instance, i would have a hard job explaining boys to my six year old daughter, the other day my daughter came home and said she hates boys because they are noisy and break things, I wasn't sure what to say to her about boys and made a joke about her screaming in the garden.

knowing what to teach a child and when seems to be a skill that we have yet to master as a people because our children are in the worse state they have ever been in throughout history, when a young boy is saying he wants to be a "rapper" when he grows up, then a major cultural overhaul is needed ASAP.

-The Revolutionist

People still choose their jobs before justice. And if we're simply "enjoying" our rights and not putting our jobs on the line for justice still not won; we don't deserve them.

Chelsea Handler's crude, racist, shrill, mean-spirited, and NOT funny routine had me cringing from start to finish. Her jokes were flat, unoriginal, and had no relevance at all--Mel Gibson? Kicks in the groin? Tossing around "balls" and "vagina" as if the mere utterance would have everyone screaming with laughter? Tired references to drug abuse? This was supposed to be funny? She was the most low-brow and obnoxious host I've ever seen .


thetimekeeper 3 months ago

I agree with you, Skegeeace, even though she is old, Joan Rivers would put most of these hosts to shame. Lisa, you also have a very vlaid point. Black people have never been in a position of domination and/or authority which changes the whole dynamic of these jokes. I believe MTV knew exatcly what they were getting when they hired Chelsea Handler, although being a gentleman, I wont say what that is.



  • This complacency is still existent... our priorities have become strikingly more materialistic as our sensitivity to racial animosity and ignorance as it concerns minority ethnic group's problems has dampened.

  • kemi8 wrote:

    I totally agree, it was a common stereotype that intelligent, educated men only went for white women and it was something I heard when I was growing up. Because of this a lot of women don't even consider educated men as an option because we've always been told that they are only interested in white women and not in black women. Which is why the thugs come in and take advantage of this misunderstanding...



    2 months ago

    if your a good man, please stay that way. THERE IS a good women out there for you. stay cool :-)


    once apon a child 9:25 am - Sep 25, '10

    chelsea is an

    chelsea is an undercover-racist straight up, that's my opinion....she's the new 2010 model, tho. she knows that, to alienate us completely would be damaging to the #'s....instead, she let's rappers and other unsuspecting (won't call anyone "dumb") brothers feel like they take part in her jokes somehow, but i agree with an earlier post that some just don't realize that they are being laughed AT not WITH. if you notice, she stays completely away from black female stars with her "off-color-humor." she stays on our men because.....well, let's face it, sometimes they are suckers for white girls.....not all, ya'll know.....and some are just glad to hear their name anywhere. carlos mencia tried it (making black folks the butt of every damn joke) with his show/material and got away with it for a while until people stopped laughing........BUT, he ain't a white girl.............just sayin

    Blacqberry 10/16/10, 05:35:PM
    I co sign 100%. I used to watch her show, but I noticed when she had black comedians on her show the jokes would get really mean-spirited and even downright hateful – especially when it came to black women. She was really easy on all other races.


    crammasters Jun. 30th, 2010 at 10:31 pm
    @ MisterUnderstood425
    unfortunately, brother, some black folk have elevated these black entertainers into gods, and the racist media KNOWS this because they have created EVERY BLACK ROLE MODEL we have from the pimp house, preacher house, all the way to the White House. We got to recognize that FACT, that whoever pays the cost is most certainly THE BOSS
    don’t underestimate the programming that takes place over a 20 to 45 year period (the average ages of the folk who come to this site). Most black folks were raised with a TV blaring at least 8 hours a day. Many of us have set our personal values and standards by what we see on TV.

    who is pretty, who is not. Who is sexy, who is not. What is the best alcoholic drink, car, clothing, luggage, jewelry, hell, where did we learn it? From our paycheck to paycheck parents? From our neighbors? From our rich relatives? Or from the TV set?
    Some black folks will admire ANYONE with money and fame, because we have been hypnotized by it, and don’t even recognize anybody as a so-called “role model” unless they have it

    brother, I know GROWN FOLKS who should know better who get MAD if you criticize Oprah, or some other black “entertainer”, who defended R. Kelly for messing with underage girls because they “like his music.” who swore up and down that a rich BM ballplayer wouldn’t rape anybody, who will defend a rich black entertainer just because they are rich AND black… what can they be teaching their kids?

    we got young folks (and not so young folk) running around with pants hanging off the a___ (cause they saw a rich rapper doing it), or walking around with blond, red, orange, and mutlicolored hair weaves that cannot be found in nature (cause they saw a famous BW wearing it), or putting tattoos all over their bodies, forgetting that they can’t get a job with a big a___ tattoo on their forehead (cause they saw a rich BM doing it), or wearing two big fake ice cubes, one in each ear, like a FEMALE (cause they saw a BM pro baller doing it)

    look at the movies, and TV shows, and buffoon-medies, and Def Comedy Jam, and the rap videos and rap songs that DEGRADE black people, and how popular they are, and it is hard to make the case that most of us understand that we are being poisoned…

    I am relieved there are BM like u who do understand and see through the hype and madness, but my position is the battle must be waged continuously — take NOTHING for granted — and keep spreading the message of BLACK SELF-RESPECT,

    or accept the certain reality that we will lose the war AND possibly the next black generation…

    please excuse the long post


    Revolutionist, you have to understand that Blacks like Knoxxie have lived in an integrated country their entire lives, they've become so used to buying from Whites and other races that buying from Black businesses is alien to them.

    I call this DND(Dissociative Negro Disorder). DND is a psychological ailment characterized by a resistance to buying from and unifying with your own people. Blacks from all walks of life suffer from DND, but the Blacks who are most likely to suffer from this condition are token Blacks who spend too much time working around Whites.

    Due to the extensive amount of time that they spend around Whites, token Blacks begin to "disassociate" from their own people and cultural identity. Blacks who suffer from DND my subconsciously think they are White; these Blacks may also hold their fellow Blacks in contempt because when they see other Blacks, these Blacks are a reflection of themselves and since they hate themselves they associate their hate with other Blacks.

    Blacks who suffer from Dissociative Negro Disorder are often involved in Interracial relationships, and they will also be hesitant to shop from Black businesses or do anything which contributes to Black unity, in fact, Blacks who suffer from DND may attempt to tear down any attempts at Black unity.

    All Blacks who spend too much time around Whites are at risk of developing DND, there are currently no medications which can assist in treating this disorder.



    CaliFemme23Oct. 23rd, 2010
    at 1:23 pm

    Crammasters, Brother you have done it again on these blogs. You should have posted days ago to shut this one DOWN as well…you know how YOU do it….lol
    It’s funny though, I see BM especially putting BW down for other races, (namely whites), BUT you NEVER see whites do that to themselves. You NEVER see whites come in these forums and defend or stand together with the blacks that beat up each other for whites…
    Blacks won’t discount this madness and finger pointing as if these videos represent each and every one of us, but, I notice the few whites that have commented simply say…”This is stupid” and they move on….lol. That is quite funny to me….


    @ Nikchocolate

    Sis, it seems BM are proud of airing BW’s “dirty laundry” and BW are almost as proud to air BM’s and their own.

    the reason i say “almost” is I don’t see BW doing it as much as we do — but to make up for that, racist white Hollywood and the showcase negroes (Tyler Perry and Oprah) who pander to negative black stereotypes will produce YET another movie bashing us BM—-
    For Colored Girls

    check it, white Hollywood SELDOM promote anything that shows BM and BW having loving relationships, so this new Tyler Perry flick (which i will not be seeing) will bash BM again by showing us in the worst possible light

    and BM will get mad at BW (even though a BW did not make this flick) for showing another negative stereotype of BM to the world — and they will win another battle in dividing and conquering the BM and BW.
    how many BM will watch “For Colored Girls” and say “Hey, it makes BM look bad but there’s some truth to that movie” ? bet u the SAME BM who praised this video because it had “some truth” will be up in arms about that movie…

    why are we so EAGER to bash each other PUBLICLY? all races have relationship and marriage problems — big time — but they don’t go out of their way to tell black folks how fugged up they are….

    it’s a strange mentality we have — when we should be standing up and saying “If you put BW down, you put ME (BM) down because I CAME FROM A BW. And if they put us (BM) down, BW should stand up and say, “if you put BM down, you put ME down because I CAME FROM A BM.

    Understanding our HISTORY, means we’d see that the same forces that destroyed the SLAVE FAMILY are still attacking our families and relationships today.

    Think of how POWERFUL BLACK UNITY would be if we started standing up for each other. The next thing you know, we’d start LIKING each other again. And then something really radical would happen
    we’d start loving each other again, like we did before we lied eyes on the first Europeans…


    I don't agree with Kashta bashing AAW, but these words here are pretty much accurate.

    By Timothy

    What happen didn't happen 400 years ago, it lasted for 400 years. My mother grew up in segregation. I am 1 generation removed. Blacks have always been successful in america regardless of racism. I'm not blaming, I'm pointing out facts. Research black wall street in Oklahoma that whites destroyed. What about the black leaders in Africa that were assassinated. Whites falsely believe that blacks have never tried to play by the rules, and yet, have systematically been undermined.

    There are more than three times as many black men (aged 18-24) in college than there are in jail. Meaning the statistics you quote are twisted, because the jail census is counting black men from the young to the elderly. Don't confuse rate, proportional percentage and total number. There are still more white men in prison than black, because whites are the majority ethnic group. There are many other factors I could GO IN about! Do you want more?!



    There are many factors contributing to bw/wm and bm/ww. Both bw AND bm are involved in IRR dating and it is impossible to say one is doing it more than the other.

    There are two factors that I believe should be addressed.

    1. Manipulation by comparison. They do it, why can't we do it

    Bm are saying or accusing bw of IRR and thus, use that as justification to become involved in IRR dating, etc.

    Bw are saying or accusing bm of IRR and thus, use that as justification to become involved in IRR dating, etc.

    2. Stockholm syndrome. The oppressed falls in love with the oppressor.

    Maybe people should take the time to google Stockholm Syndrome and see how it works.


    Finally, I'm a bm and after hearing Dr. Laura hollering N, N, N, I be damn if I'm going to cross over and put my happiness at 50%. What's 50%? 50% is sometimes it's okay to be black and sometimes I'm catching hell for being black.

    If I'm with a bw, atleast I'm 100% black and don't have to subject myself to racial slurs.

    -Moses 1

    No-one is promoting the "extermination" of anyone for a start, so you can forget about the "Hitler" comparisons, he (unlike me) was willing to kill other races to reach the purpose of German supremacy. Hitler even sanctioned the Eugenics program, which was all about breeding out certain types of people and preserving others.

    Hitler= Physical and Genetic extermination of Jews and the rest of societies undesirables.

    The Revolutionist=(Suggesting) that we blacks concentrate more on
    self love, rather than this IRR drive, we can see IRR is being shoved in our faces through the media and even here on this site.

    I haven't suggested exterminating anyone, I haven't even suggested a ban on IRR, so WTF are you talking about, "Hitler ideology"?

    I'm proposing self defense, by not allowing ourselves to get carried away with IRR, we seem to be the only race that IRR with whites is being pushed on in this subtle but aggresive way, so this in itself is suspicious.

    What happened in Brazil is fact, yes, the white man is capable of this,(this is nothing compared to his most wicked crimes against humanity) he did the same with the Australian Aboriginese also, do your own research if you want to know what the truth is, even if it was referenced on wikipedia, that doesn't matter, it is what happened and has been documented throughout history.
    When Blacks stand up for ourselves, we always seems to cause offense to whites as if to say, we have no right not to want ourselves to be bred out of a country!!!

    The Neo Nazi extermination of Jews, has absolutley nothing to do with black people not wishing to be bred out of a country Via Interbreeding with whites who massively outnumber us as it is!!!

    -The Revolutionist








    -The Moor


    dragonpat wrote:

    but if you don't even feel as if you belong to the black collective, what is there to do?
    where i come from in detroit, we had a small community that opperated on a level of unity i have never witnessed anywhere else before; we knew were the local black farmers market was, the book store, tea shot, boutique, eatery, co-opt, etc.. etc..
    we would have seminars/lectures and advertise to our small community that we were looking for people to rent booth space to sell their products. we advocated entreprenuership and just about everybody in our small community developed some kind of business that they could earn extra money from or outright work exclusively for themselves.
    thats why i began to develop my own hair products; they influenced me but i was a willing participant.
    in detroit my pharmacist was black, gyno was black, dermatologist was black, dentist was black, primary physician was black and so on...
    i know no other way to live but down here in louisiana i have not found it like this... but im still searching..
    and that is what we need to build a small self-supporting community...people who are searching for us and our way of life.
    we need no other type of black person: but once they see our success then that alone can get others interested but unless they have a certain type of consciousness they can only be our consumers.


    Blacks will never divide. Some will be manipulated and conned into thinking less of their own race, but the vast majority will always be together. Good riddance to all the weak minded blacks.






    -The Moor


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    I hear you sis, Our culture is partly to blame, which is built off what we see on TV, I had no idea sisters were being taught professional black men do not want them and find that ludicrous.
    It is time that our people stop listening to the media and following what is on TV, it is a well known fact that the TV, exaggerates everything deliberately, and this is to keep the viewers interested.
    There was a psychological study done many years ago which had proved that Black people were the most easily influenced when it came to the media...At the time I was upset reading it but now I fully understand what it meant that is where we get our useless negative, culture from, in-fact there was a book written concerning the subject called "psychology and television"...
    Anyone teaching their daughter that professional men will not want them should take some parenting classes, this is a mild form of psychological abuse, I could never see myself being cruel enough to bring my daughters up thinking, no decent man will want them, a parent should teach their child that they deserve the best and must be the best they can to deserve it.
    And we as blacks must learn to disregard what we see in the media, the TV is the most dangerous weapon ever built, it can affect the mind and manipulate people to behave and think a certain way, it can and is often used in Social Engineering...It is starting to sound like there is a drive to keep professional black people from marrying each other.
    There is a you tube documentary that explains the black community has been used and manipulated
    at every step of the way since the Civil Rights, I will look for it and post the link, it is very informative but disturbing...The reason for most of the madness in our community is that we western blacks do not have a proper, deep rooted culture to give our people direction and guidelines to follow, so we do anything and everything at the same time we look like lost sheep, the fact that we take advice from the TV concerning our own people says it all...
    Professional black men and professional back women are supposed to be the ideal match, however they are the least likely to date each other, there is something wrong here!
    Absolutely, couldn't have said it better myself!!



    Its about the mental enslavement of African people in America Europe Africa and the rest of the world. Remember whites still control the media school and etc.They push their anti African and pro western/white European message on us daily.We are still at war with them and it will come a time when whites and Arabs if they aren't all ready team up against African people.That's why they fight against us having knowledge of self because we have that then we can't be mentally enslaved by them anymore.


    Why are Black folks asking these same silly questions about what should we do when Blueprint for Black Power by Dr. Amos Wilson has written in 1998? Read first, then ask questions. It's a 900 page plan that addresses, in a very real and practical manner beyond anything the NOI has ever offered. That's just the most detailed plan. Powernomics by Claude Anderson is another powerful plan. We have plans. We just need workers.


    It is a well known fact that our so called culture is killing our kids and encouraging stupidity and underachievement amongst them.
    This needs to be stopped now, we need to put pressure on the media to stop using us as entertainment and showing far too many negative stereotypes of us which are affecting our young, we have politicians who are supposed to be speaking up for us on these matters, what the hell are they doing?

    As long as our kids are being exposed to rappers and sportsmen as heroes, our kids will gravitate towards this naturally.
    When these idiotic rappers, who are being used to lead our youths astray start rapping about a load of crap (90% of the rap lyrics are simply moronic nonsense) we should boycott these bozos, and refuse to play their music.
    As a people we should be more active in our society and stop accepting the bull that we are fed, no other race on earth accepts their children listening to this mind rot...There are good rappers out there but they are usually ignored by the media so this tells me that this is a fix.

    As for children not being brought up properly, I agree, some black parents just do not care enough about the children they are raising...In the UK, a Childs parents can be put behind bars for a short time if the children miss too much school, and if it continues, the child can get put into care, this is the kind of wake-up call some of these parents need.
    I also think that in schools where there are mainly disadvantaged black youths, they should have mentors in the schools, especially for the boys.
    These mentors should be employed to speak to the children and offer some kind of extra support or a shoulder to lean on as children need an adult to look up to.

    -The Revolutionist

    The white woman does not have to be qualified, but the BLack woman does and she has to be "Good"?

    The problem with young Black girls is that their mothers have not told them that romance is sh__ and there is no Prince Charming or happily ever after. After a lifetime of being told and shown that they are without value, young girls believe guys that tell them that they love them and they will never leave them. Young Black girls believe in happily forever after, even when the guy abandons them, they believe he will return.

    Now I ask myself why doesn't some of you fine upstanding citizens teach your male relatives how not to steal the futures of these young girls? Why don't you teach your male relatives to play their emotion/sex games with other races and leave the young sisters for marriage after education? Teach them why it is important for young Black girls to be educated, so that they will be able to educate your children and give them an edge in life? Don't you think this little bit of effort is necessary in light of our current standing in the world? The only thing it will cost the brothers is a conversation. A conversation worth repeating every time you see them. Tell them that being a player hurts our communities and steals the dreams of young ladies of our race. Teach them to guard the futures of these young girls, by not sleeping with them and creating babies with them because she believes the lies being fed to her about happily ever after and the guy only means for this night. Oh. While you are at it, tell them Black women are beautiful and need their protection. The world has it in for Black women, because they defend their men against all odds. Bring Black love and pride back to the race.

    The same pride latins and asians take in their race, we could have if we talk to our youths. TALK. Train them from young to protect the females. Keep their sexual games to be played with other races and that Black females are beautiful and intended for marriage.

    Right now Black males are teaching youths how to play the game and the only loser is the young girl that believed the lie that he wanted a child with her and that they would be together forever. It is time to be honest and let's hammer this truth home -- leave our young girls alone and tell them everyday they are beautiful so that they do not fall for the first line of bullshit from some smooth talking jerk.

    Our race will recover in a generation.

    I do my part by telling every young Black American girl, you are beautiful followed immediately with, "What university will you be attending after high school?" If she had not been thinking about college, she is after. When they respond with, "I don't know", I pull out a list of the top schools in the city, which equates to free and the top five schools in the surrounding cities that equates to almost free with scholarships and the top five HBCUs that will be costly, but worth it, because of the sororities and connections to be made for life. Every Black person should have their list ready to hand to our youths. You will be amazed to learn that most of them never placed themselves in a position to believe they could attend university.

    Google your state to generate a list of colleges and universities. Do a little research on tuition and financing. Prepare your list and copy the h--- out of it. Pass it on with a little note of encouragement from you.


    Barros Serrano wrote:

    I am supporting science, no discrediting it. "white skin is sensitive to uV rays"? So is all skin. Lighter skin moreso.
    So what is your point? Fact is, black people get skin cancer.
    My point is this, us addressing the facts between skin color and UV rays isn't racist nor Afrocentric. You seem to get all defensive when we bring this subject up. UV rays, skin color and Melanin all happen to go hand in hand. No one is going to sugar coat because you can't handle the facts. As I said, Dark skin is a defense mechanism for direct DNA damage from UV rays which are potentially dangerous to human skin. Therefore the odds of BLACK PEOPLE getting skin cancer is very slim. It wouldn't make sense for humans to originate in Africa just to drop dead from the Sun.



    blackawakening wrote: x.php
    "I have to disagree, albeit respectfully. I personally do not believe you can call yourself a true advocate for the plight of your people while you are busy mixing and marrying with the race of people who have sought to oppress you or with races who are exploiting you.
    Am I saying that there are no "good" people of other races? Not at all! I have many friends of different races---as a matter of fact, most of my best friends are not even black people. But that does not mean that I need to mix and marry with them and have children? How can I advocate "black power", how can I advocate the upliftment of my people, how can I advocate the construction of a strong black community when I have a white woman on my arm? Its sort of hypocritical. If you want to marry a white woman, fine, but when you try to tell black people about uplifitng themselves they will refuse to hear you.
    Admixture is a tricky thing. Amongst African-Americans, most of us have some white admixture. But because of our dominant genes (and the fact that admixture was not as crazy as it was in, say, Brazil) most of us retain our features. But our appearance and physical features---aren't these inherently apart of our identity, who we are as black people? I mean, our skin color and facial features and hair textures...these are the very emblems of blackness that serve as scarlet letters in the eyes of our white oppressors. We do not necessarily need to adhere to the white definition of "black" but we should accept those who have noticeable strains of non-black admixture...not simply because it is most of us, because it is largely weak. But I will continue to say, is it really reasonable to consider Malcolm Gladwell and Eddie Murphy as apart of the same race? After all Malcolm Gladwell has a bit of black admixture but with his hair cut short he can pass for white easily. Eddie Murphy...his blackness is undeniable. Deciding these lines will always be a tricky and difficult endeavor, but we must stress that a certain exclusivity must come with blackness. Notice how whites, Asians, Hispanics...everyone practices a form of exclusivity to solidify their ethnic and racial solidarity. But with us blacks, its just whatever...we refuse to draw lines. If you have one drop, you're in. We must draw lines to firmly establish our race.
    I mean, if one can have blonde hair, blue eyes, a straight nose, and otherwise Nordic features...but because their great-great-great grandfather was black then they are one of us---that says a lot about our lack of boundaries and henceforth lack of solidarity.
    It is just my own opinion.
    Great Post!!

    I'll check on that site bro, and hopefully you and other brothers and sisters will come to the site i'm building, which will be ready soon....;)



    "To get away from this colonial racist system america, the black community needs to decolonize" So true! The world needs to decolonize and we need to over through the economic system that requires empirialism and colonization.
    -aotearoastu 1 year ago 3 aotearoastu 1 year ago 3


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    It is important that we teach our daughters to stay away from destructive men who clearly have no future and want to play the field, also those of us with sons must not encourage our sons to be players, we should forbid our children from gravitating towards such destructive nonsense, and if they fail to listen there should be consequences.
    All this has to be drummed into them from their early teens before they start to rebel, once they get over the rebellious stage and reach their early twenties, your teachings should start to kick in!
    We must teach them what is negative and positive concerning our so-called culture, and that there is more to being black than wearing bling and owning a fat ride, these things are worthless.
    We clearly need a culture change, as the one we have now is actually destroying anything good those blacks of the past fought for, in-fact I actually struggle to find anything good in popular black culture these days, in-fact we have a back to front culture...If you look at it carefully, you will see that whatever is bad is classed as good in our culture and whatever is good is bad...Even the word bad means good in black culture, that says it all...
    It may be too late for the adults to change, but we can make a difference for our children, we need to break the cycle of poverty and uselessness and teach our children to love each other...The culture of being a player, gangster or a b___ must stop as it is an evil culture, it hasn't made blacks look smart at all.
    I for one will be sending my children to the best schools, and have bank accounts ready for my kids education, i am currently studying a Masters Degree so will definitely be using this fact as a motivator for them to go into higher education...Even if I am not with the mother when they get older, I will still be influencing my daughters on many issues especially what men they date, and will vet their boyfriends... If they fail to take my advise they can't come running to daddy when things screw-up...Tough love...This is what we need to start doing to these kids before it is too late and we get another flop generation of blacks!


    Don't you see they are both one and the same? Women wants equal voice in the decision making process, so that when she cedes to her husband she knows he is going to make the best decision based on her input and his own beliefs. She wants him to lead. She wants his to be the final decision, but she wants to know that she has been heard.

    Baracks is the final voice in his relationship and his home. Long before he became the president he discussed everything with Michelle. He wanted to hear what she thought and what she had to say, then it was left to him to decide what they were going to do. He was the leader and where he lead she joyfully and trustingly followed him. She helped him to realize his visions and dreams. She was not happy about his decision to run for the Presidency, but he decided it was what was best and she followed because he had conviction and a plan. He does not fear her input or intelligence. He expected it and welcomes it.

    He is a man that is comfortable in his manhood and knows his value and strengths. A man that wanted the same qualities in his wife and never feels he is in competition with her because she has an opinion. He knows whatever decision he makes she will back his play.


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    I hear you sis, Our culture is partly to blame, which is built off what we see on TV, I had no idea sisters were being taught professional black men do not want them and find that ludicrous.
    It is time that our people stop listening to the media and following what is on TV, it is a well known fact that the TV, exaggerates everything deliberately, and this is to keep the viewers interested.
    There was a psychological study done many years ago which had proved that Black people were the most easily influenced when it came to the media...At the time I was upset reading it but now I fully understand what it meant that is where we get our useless negative, culture from, in-fact there was a book written concerning the subject called "psychology and television"...
    Anyone teaching their daughter that professional men will not want them should take some parenting classes, this is a mild form of psychological abuse, I could never see myself being cruel enough to bring my daughters up thinking, no decent man will want them, a parent should teach their child that they deserve the best and must be the best they can to deserve it.
    And we as blacks must learn to disregard what we see in the media, the TV is the most dangerous weapon ever built, it can affect the mind and manipulate people to behave and think a certain way, it can and is often used in Social Engineering...It is starting to sound like there is a drive to keep professional black people from marrying each other.
    There is a you tube documentary that explains the black community has been used and manipulated
    at every step of the way since the Civil Rights, I will look for it and post the link, it is very informative but disturbing...The reason for most of the madness in our community is that we western blacks do not have a proper, deep rooted culture to give our people direction and guidelines to follow, so we do anything and everything at the same time we look like lost sheep, the fact that we take advice from the TV concerning our own people says it all...
    Professional black men and professional back women are supposed to be the ideal match, however they are the least likely to date each other, there is something wrong here!

    I see this everyday. I work with elementary kids. I ask them, what do you want to do when you get older?

    Of course a few of them say, I want to go to college. But, they are the kids that have parental involvement.

    The others will say, I want to be a rapper, a football player. These are the kids that literally fail everything and their report cards come back signed with no note asking to speak to the teacher or anything. The teacher will request a conference, and they don't even show up.

    These are the same kids that will do the "jerk" the "dougie" and chant rap songs all day...But they can barely read or do math.These kids are being brainwashed by the media.

    I try my best to get through to these kids because I know how they will be when they get older. But, these kids need their parents. The tv is raising them.

    I saw a parent pull up in his Lexus with huge rims, music blasting, smoking a black-n-mild with his pants sagging...I just shook my head...

    -What (from Richmond, VA)


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    Excellent discovery....We have a black owned shopping channel, DAMN!!!
    I wonder what other treasures we have hidden around the world that we are being told we are not capable of setting up and running.
    It goes to show that all the seeds of self sufficiency are already there they just need to be aware of each others existence and black nationalism maybe even closer than we think.
    These House negroes knocking about here denying that we even have businesses, what fools they are who are also completely afraid to let go of the white mans apron strings as they feel weak and hopless themselves, but we are not proposing that blacks should move into the hills and live off the land far away from whites.
    just that we are able to stand on our own two feet if the white man turned against us.
    I will be making my donations to the black organisation myself soon and will keep patronizing them as long as I can.
    WOW!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much they hide from us!



    kemi8 wrote:

    Yes, lets! Lets all become immoral, deceitful, materialistic with no regard for the welfare of others and the rules of the law. Thats the BEST way to rebuild the black community.
    Good wholesome family values! make it SO easy.
    Lay the wood to that rascal. Machiavelli is seen by many to be satan incarnate.

    People yap about Willie Lynch teaching slave masters how to subdue slaves. That is the biggest lie of the 20th century. Every since America was discovered or colonized, Machiavelli was the bases of everything from politics, military strategy, foreign or domestic policy and the treatment of slaves.

    Today, america still use Machiavellian ideology.. We can see it in the Iraq-s war. Machiavelli said one must eliminate the leaders in case the people become disenchanted, they can not go back to the old administration. We killed Saddam, his sons and anyone in authority.

    Hmmmm sounds familiar? Kennedy's, Malcolm and Martin, huh?

    You're 100% correct.



    This needs to get out to as many people as possible. Not once has Farra-Con put Obama in check for making disrespectful statement towards the black community. He was just in Ghana, and he ask Africa to give up its resources for a interconnected world. Obama also said that Africa should stop blaming the west for colonialism. Not once has Farra-Con said anything to this trader about this.

    Kashta_Bureh wrote:

    Knowledge, these are the type of Black men who are the greatest threat to the White man's system. It isn't the thugs, gangsters, or drug dealers that the White man fears, because he knows these men are destructive to our community and will drive it into the ground.
    The White man's greatest nightmare are men like Isadore Banks and Frank Morris. Isadore Banks was buying up land in Arkansas and land ownership = power and on top of that, he was employing other Blacks and providing services to his community like electricity.
    To the White man, men like Banks are a great threat, because men like this can uplift our people and overthrow White supremacy. The White man doesn't care about the ballers and thugs, because he knows they are too stupid to pose a threat to him. But he does not want good Black men with Black women so he uses his BET, VH1, and MTV to shove Nelly, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne down the throats of these young Black women while Black men like Frank Morris and Isadore Banks are de-emphasized.
    I'm already writing one book for the Black community, and I think I could write a second one just based on the dynamic between Black men and women and why these Black women take bad Black men over the good ones. I think I can write a 200 page book on this one idea, and this is totally different from the book I'm currently writing.

    Note by Me: I don't agree with Kastha bashing of AAW, but he's right on most of the previous post (except for the lie of BW mostly going out with bad BM). Everyone knows that a savage or a thug is not real threat to the white supremacist system. The white supremacists laugh at them since they make them money from them (or the nihilists) promoting poison against their own race. The establisment hates a BM and a BW doing the right thing and contributing to their community in real ways of social uplift.

    By Timothy


    Kashta_Bureh wrote:

    Can you believe the Anderson couple has actually received death threats because of their decision to buy from only Black businesses? Can you believe that? The wife said before her church at the end of the video that they've received hate mail and threats because of this.
    This just goes to show all these house negroes here on Topix that nothing has changed between Blacks and Whites, they are happy to be "integrated" with us now because they get the $1 trillion per year the Black community generates and if Blacks start buying from each other Whites and other races will lose billions.
    I was suspicious when I first saw this couple being featured on MSNBC because I know the Whites and Jews own this television network and they don't want Black unity, but near the end of the video it all made since, they basically put them on TV so that they could turn around and accuse them of racism.
    Nothing scares the White man more than Blacks being unified, he loves it when we kill and fight each other, but he gets scared as sh*t the moment Black folks try to break their dependency on him.
    C/S 100%

    A racist white man on this very site has already admitted to me that the biggest fear whites have is black social mobility!!!...This explains why white people will come on a site such as this and discourage us from supporting each other, however it makes me even more determined to achieve this, the same whites will then turn around and call us useless negroes who cannot achieve anything, and some black fools join in with them.

    Throughout history they have destroyed all black attempts to become socially mobile and even discredit or kill our leaders who dared suggest we do such a thing, remember what the KKK did to TULSA a shinning example of black Nationalism?
    They are aware that we excell very fast as a people if they step aside.

    Do you know we have gone from lynchings in 1981 to the presidency in 2009?....Barely thirty years, we are a potential threat to white supremacy and that is why the Institutionalised racism was set up in the first place if you study the history of it, even the KKK was set up to stop blacks from taking over the South and again after world war one to control the numbers of blacks in the country, but I see there are some boot licking, tap dancing house negroes here who fail to understand these things and side with racists while the racists turn around laughing at them.

    -The Revolutionist


    Rich Girl wrote:
    Black Women are not going extinct and never will. We need to get together as a people and deal with the issues instead of runnning to other races.
    C/S. IF we could come together and stop pointing the finger at everyone else but ourselves we may come to an understanding. It is a perpetrating cycle that affects everyone because we refuse to take responsibility for our actions.

    It is easy for BM to say that BW are the root of all problems in the black community.

    It is also easy for BW to say that BM are the root of all problems in the black community.

    This solves nothing. We are too busy blaming and not solving.

    BM and BW need to come together to come up with progressive and realistic solutions to help our community.

    We need our own businesses to employ our people.

    I am quoting this off the top of my head but I believe it
    1 in every 10 asians owns a business. 1 in every 20 white people owns a business. 1 in every 34 hispanics own a business. 1 in every 101 black person owns a business!!

    If we can get our unemployment rate down and encourage education, less of our people have to resort to gang banging and dealing to stay alive. These gang bangers raise kids that grow up in this environment and some don't break the cycle. It just repeats itself.

    WE need more positive role models for our children. When 3rd graders are chanting the lyrics to young jeezy instead of learning their multiplication tables it is easy to blame the kid. But where are they learning this from? Thier parents! They are allowing the media to unconsciously brainwash them into thinking this is acceptable behavior.

    I could go on and on, but I'm going to end this here. I'm hungry lol.

    -What (from Richmond, VA)


    crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
    at 1:20 pm

    @ _A_
    I want to add one more black bone to the white soup regarding black reparations….

    If the JEWS can get reparations for 12 years, the descendants of slavery DESERVE reparations for 400 YEARS. And let’s not forget that MY TAX DOLLARS, and my parents and grandparents tax dollars went to pay for the reparations of Jews and the Japanese. Hell, my folks didn’t have anything to do with putting Jews and Japanese into concentration camps BUT BLACK folks still had to pay, right?

    So what if some Africans participated in the slave trade? Slavery didn’t make Africa one of the richest nations on earth BUT it certainly made Europe AND America super rich. In fact, neither nation would be as powerful right now, had it NOT been for the slave labor of MILLIONS of enslaved AFRICANS…

    AIG, Aetna, Lloyd’s of London, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, are just a FEW of the huge corporations that STILL exist to this day — benefited from slavery.

    Now name me ONE African multi-national corporation that benefited from slavery OR one corporation owned by black Africans that began during slavery and is STILL STANDING…

    There were Jews who profited from the Holocaust, but do the Jews bring that up and say, “hey, since some Jews did the wrong thing, let the Nazis off the hook?”

    Don’t fall for the hype of these black lackeys, like Harvard Professor Gates, who is paid to do his white masters’ dirty work. Funny thing, for all the loyalty he has shown them over the years, if I remember correctly, the police handcuffed you like a common criminal, didn’t they, Professor Gates?


    "...The social philosophy of black nationalism only means that we have to get together and remove the evils, the vices, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other evils that are destroying the moral fiber of our community. We our selves have to lift the level of our community, the standard of our community to a higher level, make our own society beautiful so that we will be satisfied in our own social circles and won't be running around here trying to knock our way into a social circle where we're not wanted.

    So I say, in spreading a gospel such as black nationalism, it is not designed to make the black man re-evaluate the white man -- you know him already -- but to make the black man re-evaluate himself. Don't change the white man's mind -- you can't change his mind, and that whole thing about appealing to the moral conscience of America -- America's conscience is bankrupt. She lost all conscience a long time ago. Uncle Sam has no conscience.

    They don't know what morals are. They don't try and eliminate an evil because it's evil, or because it's illegal, or because it's immoral; they eliminate it only when it threatens their existence. So you're wasting your time appealing to the moral conscience of a bankrupt man like Uncle Sam. If he had a conscience, he'd straighten this thing out with no more pressure being put upon him. So it is not necessary to change the white man's mind.

    We have to change our own mind. You can't change his mind about us. We've got to change our own minds about each other. We have to see each other with new eyes. We have to see each other as brothers and sisters. We have to come together with warmth so we can develop unity and harmony that's necessary to get this problem solved ourselves. How can we do this? How can we avoid jealousy? How can we avoid the suspicion and the divisions that exist in the community? I'll tell you how..... Join any organization that has a gospel that's for the uplift of the black man. And when you get into it and see them pussyfooting or compromising, pull out of it because that's not black nationalism. We'll find another one.
    And in this manner, the organizations will increase in number and in quantity and in quality, and by August, it is then our intention to have a black nationalist convention which will consist of delegates from all over the country who are interested in the political, economic and social philosophy of black nationalism. After these delegates convene, we will hold a seminar; we will hold discussions; we will listen to everyone. We want to hear new ideas and new solutions and new answers. And at that time, if we see fit then to form a black nationalist party, we'll form a black nationalist party...Let me explain what I mean. A segregated district or community is a community in which people live, but outsiders control the politics and the economy of that community. They never refer to the white section as a segregated community. It's the all-Negro section that's a segregated community. Why? The white man controls his own school, his own bank, his own economy, his own politics, his own everything, his own community; but he also controls yours. When you're under someone else's control, you're segregated. They'll always give you the lowest or the worst that there is to offer, but it doesn't mean you're segregated just because you have your own. You've got to control your own. Just like the white man has control of his, you need to control yours..."

    -Malcolm X


    TruthbknownLDN wrote:

    Hi Rev. Just want to ask your opinion on something a friend and I were discussing the other day. We were talking about the very topic of this thread, essentially, and why so many blacks are reluctant to support black businesses, or even donate blood. Anyway, my friend said that the biggest mistake West Indians made, when we came to this country, was that we integrated into British society too quickly, too busy trying to be accepted, and now we are paying the price. I happen to agree, and think we should have done as the Indians and Asians did. What do you think? Do you believe we would be in a better position now had we kept ourselves to ourselves?
    Hi sis, you are partialy right with this one, we as black people did integrate with white folks fairly quick and fought for integration as soon as we got off the windrush in 1948 after the second world war.

    The thing is we didn't have anything else in place to aid us as we had practically no money and barely anywhere to live when we first arrived here, there was plenty demenial work available but our grandparents first clashed with the natives over accommodation which lasted pretty much for the next twenty years and we ended up living bunched together in innercity areas like London,Birmingham, Manchester and liverpool.

    We were largely excluded from much of the social and economic life around us, this was our best oportunity for Black nationalism in Britain, However we began to fight for integration just like the blacks did in America (oportunity missed).

    We did bring with us some institutions of our own though like our style of churches, and a co-operative method of saving called the 'pardner' system, But At the same time, we began to participate in institutions to which we did have access, e.g: trade unions, local councils, and professional and staff associations rather than formulate our own, we fought to join in with white society at the detriment of our own.

    Every other race of people came here to formulate and advance their people, we as blacks always seem to be in a hurry to be integrated with whites and this always proves to be our down fall.

    Personally I think many of us blacks lack any self respect, self worth, self value and pride (we do not value anything from blacks)which clearly is a by-product of slavery as these were the very principles that were beaten out of us in slavery so we would accept our new position of being lower than pigs and horses.

    This beleif is passed from generation to generation via our silently destructive culture, which has destroyed our confidence as people and causes us to see ourselves as inferior to others subconciously.

    However, each and everyone can combat this way of thinking.
    We have to change the negative selfish way we think about ourselves and our people.
    We stop focusing on what is going wrong in our communities and focus on what is going right, celebrate good parenting, good black marriages or relationships, good black music, black business, celebrate our bright youths, encourage our youths to lust for education, celebrate black babies being born and so on. We focus on the negative, we will become more and more negative this is a natural phenomenon that we are a victim of.

    To see change we have to Revolutionise the way we think, because the way we think now is barely working wonders for us.

    Excellent discovery....We have a black owned shopping channel, D____!!!

    I wonder what other treasures we have hidden around the world that we are being told we are not capable of setting up and running.
    It goes to show that all the seeds of self sufficiency are already there they just need to be aware of each others existence and black nationalism maybe even closer than we think.

    These House negroes knocking about here denying that we even have businesses, what fools they are who are also completely afraid to let go of the white mans apron strings as they feel weak and hopless themselves, but we are not proposing that blacks should move into the hills and live off the land far away from whites.
    just that we are able to stand on our own two feet if the white man turned against us.

    I will be making my donations to the black organisation myself soon and will keep patronizing them as long as I can.

    -The Revolutionist


    crammastersMay. 1st, 2010
    at 7:30 pm
    @ _A_ who said,”Cram, you stated it correctly about this dime store psychological analysis, except I bought my dime in, and I need for him to give me my 8 cents in change.”

    LOL — I think he owes you 9 and a half cents…but I don’t want to talk about him behind his back, but then again, he won’t hear us, he only talks in 3rd person, to that imaginary support group…

    awww, come on XL-611, i’m just kidding, couldn’t resist, hope u have a sense of humor…moving on..
    _A_ said: “Whites do that today with the standard, “I had nothing to do with slavery” while they sit around enjoying all the spoils from it.”

    ABSOLUTELY. Neither Europe or America would have become super powers without 400 years of FREE SLAVE LABOR in America and the Caribbean, and this is not just my opinion, those who understand the reason for and the scope of slavery, will see that there would have been NO EXPANSION of European power, wealth, and influence without slavery.

    I suspect that the majority of whites trolling BP and other black websites have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in eliminating racism, discussing racism, or with creating a more just planet free of white racism.

    from what I see, they are here to work out their personal issues of hostility with black folks OR they are trolling for black d___ or p____…
    note that you never see them join in on serious discussions of any kind…why is that — if i’m wrong?


    crammasters1 month ago
    It is useless AND deceptive to attempt to answer such an important question by calling some whites "dumb." The SMARTEST and MOST POWERFUL white people on the planet practice racism/white supremacy 24-7/365 days a year.

    That is the ONLY way 9 percent of the population could control and oppress the other 91%, and DUMBNESS has nothing to do with it.

    To help blacks understand how MOST whites practice racism -- or assist other racist whites in practicing racism, here's an excerpt from the book, 'Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" by Anon

    (www_trojanhorse1_com (couldn't post this as a real link)


    Q: How can a non-white person determine if a white person is a racist?
    A: Non-whites cannot always determine who is a racist, and who is not, because it is impossible to monitor (or judge) all the individual actions and words of any white person at all times.

    It is the crime of commission AND omission that allows the system of racism/white supremacy to function so effectively. The system does not require all whites to practice racism at all times, but it does require that the majority of whites say and do nothing when racism is occurring andallow themselves to benefit from the victimization of non-whites.

    Those benefits include better jobs, housing, food, medical care, education, police protection, justice, etc., than non-whites. If the majority of whites were opposed to racism/white supremacy, it would NOT be the most powerful social, economic, and political system on the planet.

    It is LOGICAL to assume that the majority (or possibly all) white people have made a DELIBERATE DECISION to do one or all of the following:

    • practice racism
    • do nothing and say nothing to stop others from practicing racism
    • deny racism is being practiced even when they know it is happening
    • refuse to help the victims of racism with the information they have

    That’s why simple-minded thinking is useless when determining which white person is a racist and which one is not. It cannot be determined by a white person’s sexual behavior. White slave owners had sexual relations with male and female slaves but they were still white supremacists (racists).

    Whites have engaged in sexual relations with black people, but that doesn’t mean they are not racists. Whites who have black friends, wives, husbands, or children are still “racist” if they are practicing racism against non-whites.

    It cannot be determined by observing the words or the actions of a particular white person, who may or may not be practicing racism at that particular time. It be determined by a random (or deliberate) act or acts of kindness toward a non-white person.

    Mass child-murderer John Gacy was “kind” to children when he performed in his clown costume. There were slave-owners who were “kind” to their slaves, but not kind enough to stop selling human beings.


    It is LOGICAL in a white supremacist society (like America) to assume the majority of whites are either practicing racism (the act of commission), or are cooperating with those who are, by saying and doing nothing to stop them, refusing to help the victims of racism with the information they have (the act of omission), and are benefiting from the practice of racism.


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