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Politics in August 2011

Was thi;nking about that this AM during DemNow

One of the two British guests noted the one hundred plus people who have died recently in police custody. Averages two a month. Since NYC keeps it as secret as possible, not sure how many for comparison. (The Oct. 22 Coalition keeps tabs on police brutality and murders by police, in NYC and around the U.S.)
I was wondering if insurrection had happened in NYC, what would the cops response be. NYC and London have such similar stop and frisk by police, it seems like they are "twins".
NPR was awful on some show today: still using old London police bs about the shooting instead of the update info on DemNow: there is no confusion about whether the man who was shot by the London police after shooting at the police. The bullet the police said (embedded in some police item) was shot at them, was found to be police issue. And no gun found. Even the bs is similar to NYPD.
I liked the sound bite of a protester in England, who was asked about violence and press/media coverage, who pointed out that large demonstrrations recently (tens of thousands) in protest of police brutality received zero mention but with violence, there's coverage. Albeit distorted.


Um, Glen - they've changed their minds...

"But authorities were reluctant to impose curfews, and rejected the use of rubber bullets or water cannon. British Home Secretary Theresa May explained: “The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon. The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities."
That may have been the case that day, but seems upon his return, Cameron has authorized BOTH water cannons and rubber bullets:
Brits might not be in the same league as the US, but he's certainly sounding like his American cousins in this video {smdh}:


08:24 PM on 8/11/2011
Sick. That is the only word that I can come up with to describe how I've felt the past few years after watching African American intellectu­als and entertaine­rs attack each other because of the present administra­tion. When did African Americans become a group of people who no longer held the President and Congress accountabl­e? When did it become the norm to sit quietly on our hands and not question or criticize the administra­tion? When was poverty never the issue? I ask- when is a good time to address the ever widening gap between the have and have nots? I am a fan of Steve Harvey's and will continue to be a fan, however, I hope that he and others will take that self inventory and ask- is the administra­tion doing everything possible to help EVERY American? Dr. West and Mr. Smiley are bringing attention to the the disparity between the rich and poor- it is a subject that needs examining. It is not an attempt to humiliate anyone. It is an attempt to create the conversati­on that is crucial for Congress and the President and the rest of America. No one should be entitled to a "Free Pass" if he/she is not doing the job that he/she has been elected to perform. We are all entitled to our opinions and if necessary we all must stand up for those who can not stand up on their own.

Donald Edmond3 hours agoin reply to Savinmyself
Exactly what did we "get" from the Obama presidency? In his book, "Dreams From My Father" Barack Obama openly admits that he struggled and resented having a Black identity. Mr. Obama's self loathing led to admitted cocaine and marijuana use. Dr. Cornel West, the most esteemed and accomplished Black intellectual in American history, said that Obama harbors a resentment of Black people and that his actions show it.

I agree.

Prior to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary in South Carolina, President Obama trailed Senator Hillary Clinton by double digits among BLACK voters. Only then did Obama embrace (exploit) race and identify with gain political legitimacy and realize his OWN dream of becoming President.

Obama never felt popular, or that he fit in socially. Becoming President closed that chapter in his life. Now Obama struts around VIP style as President of the United States, no longer shackled to struggles with his racial identity. No matter what Obama or his children do from now on, they're all set.

What about the rest of Black America? Are we "all set" thanks to Obama? Yes. We're all set to see a generation of Black children under the age of 10 grow up to never attend college and struggle against a 30% chance of completing high school. We're all set to see 50% unemployment in Black America by Nov. 2012. We are all set to see Black men and women over the age of 65 die of preventable causes because they are living below America's poverty line.

I ask you again. What has the Obama presidency "gotten" us? It's clear what it "got" Barack Obama. What it did for Black America is equally clear...nothing worth celebrating.


Well if there is an American city with local transportation as safe, efficient and comfortahle as the one I experienced in Paris, I can assure Baltimore is NOT that city. Just had some hellish experiences with it yesterday, and problems with it has finally appeared in today's local newspaper, THE BALTIMORE SUN.
It's enough to make on nostalgic about being abroad. Probably the nearest thing we have to Barcelona or Paris would be New York, and even that city's transportation doesn't really match that of Paris---I've traveled a bit in both cities (naturally more in NYC than Paris) to know.



LookingToEscape wrote:

1) This was done with common agreement, not forced on them as the left wingers do today. One should never, ever use Christ's preachings as a justification for socialism, for Christ did not force compliance nor was he the socialist some Progessive Christians try to promote as. Christ was about free choice.
2) If the workers "built", why aren't they building today?
Yes, it was by "common agreement" which is the only way communism can actually work.
And as far as I know, even Karl Marx didn't think you could "force" the workers to be communistic. He believed that this would develop as a part of the labor movement itself.
Hence the famous statment in the Manifesto: "In the place of the old bourgeois society with its classes and clasa antagonisms, we shall have an ASSOCIATION, in which the FREE DEVELOPMENT of EACH is the condition for the FREED DEVELOPMENT of ALL." The problem, of course, is how to get their. Marx thought that FORCE would be ncessary in some countries, though probably not in the USA or England. But if force is required this means war, the need for military organization, and thus the dangers of a dictatorship and a new ruling class. A problem, however, whose solution he thought he saw in the working class uprising known as the Paris Commune, where insurgent workers and poor not only sought to end the tyranny of the privileged classes, but to limited power within their own ranks, to prevent a new elite from emerging.
And there are, of course,democratic & libertarain socialists and communists like Peter Kropotkin, Martin Buber, Martin Luther King, Jr., Erich Fromm, Rosa Luxembburg, Emma Goldmann, etc.
But the original point with Z was his FALSE claim that Marists or Leninists (which is what he means by communist) started the labor movment even though American labor movement goes back to the 1820s (Marx was born in 1818! Lenin, I believe, was born about bout 1869!), and labor movement in Europe may even go back to the late 1700s!!!
I mentioned Christian and other non-Marxist forms of communism and socialism since you commented, apparently in support of Z (or so it seemed in context) that other communists existed before Marx. True. But they influence in early American labor ranged for negligible to zilch.
We ought to at least try to get basic facts right.
Workers still create and produce, but far less that before. Thanks to de-industrialization, the displacement from a manufacturing to a service economy, and corporate outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to poorer countries where they can pay peanuts, and in which people often lack civil liberties needed to protest corporate abuse and exploitation.



bozino wrote:

Lord Savant,
If you had said those things I would agree with your post, but I have been listening to Lord Barros Serrano disparage the United States for years now. So have you. He genuinely hates the people in the United States with a passion. He has made that abundantly clear on innumerable occasions. I am shocked that you are coming to his defense on this because I rarely detect hatred or condescension in your posts.
Anyway, it is not a fair comparison to look at small and populated countries like Japan or those found in Western Europe. The distances are just too great ouside of the Atlantic seaboard for the United States to construct a comparble raail transportationsystem. My computer is acting up so I will chat with you later sire.
Barros is at times given to overheated rhetoric. However, his posts seem to reveal a considerable deal of education--from his lexicon I suspect it is in within the social sciences. And he seems to have travelled extensively as well as having learned pretty well at least two foreign languages.
Now keep in mind that if you were to say to a HIGH SCHOOL drop in Appalachia or the east Baltimore ghetto where I grew up that America was LITERALLY a Third world nation---literally at about the level of Burma or Malawi, they'd LAUGH and ask you what you've been drinking or smoking.
My mother, who never REACHED (let alone finished) high school knows better than that.
So, when AHYONE (whom I have no reason to believe to be retarded) says that America is Third World or backward, I take it they mean this only in a relative sense with hyperbole added for emphasis.
As for the American people.....well, I will let Barros himself address how he feels about the American people.
i don't think the relative backwardness is simply due to the stupidity of the American people, though we (like all nations) have our share of dolts and dittoheads as Barros calls them.
I think that the political and social consciousness of the USA, largely because of racism and the so-caled Protestant ethic (and excessive religiosity)is UNDERDEVELOPED.
For example, I think we should have had universal health care establixhed DECADES ago. But our corporate elite has bemused the masses, who might exert social pressure for the nation to move toward reforms if their eyes were opened.
And, I'm sorry, but the argument that other nations are smaller or less ethnically diverse, doesn't strike me as a good reason why America--which easily dwarfs even other rich nations in her wealth and resources---has to have public schools, a health care system, public transportation, AVERAGE literacy (basic and cultural) well below that of many other nations.
If the USA were really a North American Brazil, I should ber more lenient. But America is the wealthiest nation in history! And she has a Republic. We cannot claim either economic underdevelopment nor a totalitarian dictatorship as an excuse.
At some point one must ask: Has America the WILL to do justice and set her house in order--even if it means challenging the privileges of the corporate oligarchy, and many of the nations deep-seated values and attitudes popular among the masses themselves?


Amilkar Carthago1 month agoin reply to BakkByPopularDemand
White people are on their job. They never let up, so we've got to do the same thing. This latest approach of SUDDEN "inter-race re-lation-ships" is akin to days when negroes were promoting "inter-gration"...and we see how that turned out!!!....(lol!).....

I don't care how much white people want to get along. Even if they apologized and gave reparations for past injustices, I still don't want to marry/date/p___ some white chick when we have more than enough Black women who deserve BETTER!

None of this sh__ works. You know that there's something really, really, really wrong when white folks start IMPOSING themselves onto you!!!
BakkByPopularDemand2 hours agoin reply to Donald Edmond
speak on it! great posts!
tzford10 hours ago
Ok Steve! Your not too big to get your a___ kicked! Now define Uncle Tom and how your putting Tavis Smiley in it?? I don't know about Cornel West since eveytime I've seen him he's arguing with Rev Al Sharpton lol. But back to Steve. Let's be honest. Just cause they don't act like a N_______ Like you Doesn't make them Uncle Tom's Far From it. Inteligent Black men that act inteligent are not black enough or something??? WTF Man? Why don't you watch Fox News sometime so you can actually see Uncle Tom's And Understand the Difference. Jerk!


You can laugh your a___ off til Jesus come, makes no difference. Aids, welfare, multiple bad kids and lazy fathers come in all colors, no need to assume that it is just black men. For the majority of black men society LET'S you see doing wrong, there are a multitude of black men and black fathers who are doing the right thing.
Black men will not always and seldom judge black women by white standards, that's media talking. T.V has hyped so many of you up to believe garbage until it's pathetic. many of you can't even form your own self made opinion about a situation because your too busy worrying about what "they" say.

And any black man that was or has been raised by a self respecting, hard working black woman will only grow up to love and appreciate her and also seek out to find a woman of the same strength, you have it backwards!

Any man who is weak, chooses to be weak, it's not something that is taught. A man who hates his own race of women, wants to hate them, nobody has taught him that. A man like that has only looked in the mirror and hated himself first. And if a man hates himself, how can he pretend to love something else. He'll only continue to fool himself.



attai1 wrote:

Or the present changes - I agree the system is constantly evolving - will generate more chaos and poverty in certain geographical areas, maybe new areas than today, and more financial elites rolling in money in different areas from today.
We have to consider that Somalia is still starving in 2011 for example.
I don't think indeed that brutally dismantling the present system could be a positive issue : we've seen the results in the past when some countries tried to go that way (USSR, Mao China, Castro Cuba and today Northern Korea).
Introducing more regulation worldwide is the key and that is exactly what Reps and Tea-partiers plus your false "dems" - our Brussels free trade maniac too - don't want at any cost, even a new 1929 collapsus.
a whiteboi
For me, a lot wil depend on how things evolve. I can imagine coopertive movments and communities developing which may become the basis for a transition away from capitalism. Perhaps, nonviolent revolutions is not off the table either.
I know that Dr. King (as I suggested in article emailed to you) thought that revolutionary nonviolence might be an option. The recent Arab Spring may indicated some possibilities.
But it does concern me that reactionary politicians in America, like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, are trying to strip workers of collective bargaining rights which were won by the labor movement during the 1930s. It concerns me that new methods are being devised to make it harder for people (surtout Blacks and other non-conservtive voters) to vote at all.
If growing repression can ber met by effective nonviolent resistance, then in the process we may work out a peaceful path to postcapitalist society that is cooperative and democratic in character.
If this repression has to be met by force, then I don't know how that will turn out. But to be perfectly honest, if it comes down to an ARMED confrotation with the ruling elites, and if we win, then I have few compunctions about forcitly expropriating them after they forced us intoa bloody confrontation. Yet I am concerned about where that may laad. An American Robspierre?
Well it is these concerns that has me thinking more and more about the option of nonviolent revolution, concerning hwich i started a thread some time ago. This is going to be a protracted struggle.



Harvey333 days agoin reply to SACK
First thing..You can refer to The President as Mr,Sir and Mr.President. I never called him "Boy" or Obama. Alot of you defend him but don't follow politics if you did you would know that the Dems stoood by while Acorn was lied on By Fox Klan and The Repubs and Big Business. Where was Mr.Obama at when that was going on? But the Dems and Mr.Obama are B___ and Moaning about the Tea Party. I called Clinton and Bush Mister as well. Alot of us within the black community seem to have forgot that President Obama when running for office did not come in our community to speak to us,but went into neighborhoods that blacks did not live hug and kiss whites who did not vote for him or who did vote but now attack him because he not jumping when they say jump.We seem to forget that every black person who spoke up defended him were dumped when white attacked him because they were worried that blacks might get something. He can go on Fox News and look at how they dissed him.Where were you and those blacks at when those at Fox attacked him and our community? When John Stewart called him dude,did you and others get pissed? How many blacks been dumped by this brother. Hell he even dissed his own Father,based on what his Mom and GrandParents said.Look how fast Rev.Wright was dissed when all he did was speak truth. He called Farrakhan anti-Jewish when he knew Farrakhan when infact he used the N.O.I to help get the vote out when he was running for office here in IL. When white Hollywood attack him mock him do we boycott the Movies Tvshows etc. Remember how he dissed black Hollywood who defend him against Racist attacks.Look how White women attack this man call him weak,talking about him not having balls etc. Harry Reid talking about him not having a black tone. Joe Wilson saying he lied and he forgave each and everyone. Hillary used racism to attack him and us. She's part of his team. He didn't even want Jesse Jackson Jr. to have his old senate sit. When Jesse Jr.diss his own dad for Mr.Obama. But you wanna attack me and those who call his a__ out. Alot of you are gonna by really pissed when he leaves office.Have we not learned about not holding Blacks in office to a high standard.


Yosha Poetry5 days ago
Obama doesn't speak for Blacks or even THE PEOPLE in general. He speaks for RICH, money hungry, Wall Street thugs. I promise you, our dear President Obama, will be ok if he doesn't get re-elected (He is Rich) and will get richer after he leaves office. But THE PEOPLE on the other hand, will remain, unemployed, underemployed, and stressed the h___ out.

Thanks Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, for having the courage to shine a light on the suffering of the poor people, regardless of the backlash from your OWN people.


A_4 days agoin reply to BrotherMan84
Is this a joke? Have you heard of the State of the Black Union? Come on now, lets at least keep the debate honest. Smiley and West and a whole host of black leaders kept Bush to the fire including AL SHARPTON from day one.

But one thing I want you to help me out with. About .0000001% of Black people even voted for Bush, but then 99.99999% of the black population wanted him to give blacks JOBS, HOMES, GOOD SCHOOLS, STOP BLACK ON BLACK CRIME in 4 years! FF to 2008 and 99.9999% of Blacks vote for Obama but as soon as anyone asks him to improve conditions that eliminates poverty (Notice, not one of these brothers have asked for Jobs, HOMES, GOOD SCHOOLS or even Stop black on black crime) they are now pariahs? This sh___ is so comical.

A Bunch of brothers in New Orleans get caught out by a NATURAL disaster that they don't prepare for and blacks jump all over Bush because he went down 3 days later and not right away and was asking why he didn't come with keys to new houses and cars for every black person displaced, but Obama allows crooked ass bankers to continue to exploit black, white, red, brown and yellow people, and as soon as someone asks, what's going on, ya'll want to put them in a corner and stone them? Some of you have absolutely lost your minds!
TimeToRuleNow2 days agoin reply to BrotherMan84
Google the "State of Black Union" hosted by Tavis Smiley. Look at one in early 2008 BEFORE Obama was elected. Then look at one AFTER Obama was elected you will learn quite a lot about these and other Black leaders.

You have so many replies to your post for some reason. You can 1) Assume all who disagree with you are ignorant and uninformed and that you are 100% right. 2) Educate yourself a little more with facts, not feelings, so you can explain to all who disagree with you EXACTLY why they are wrong.

The choice is yours.

Peace & blessings
buickjazz3 days ago
Typical. But I'm not surprised that "C___" Harvey would go down that road. I lost all respect for him when he said he only voted for Obama because he was black. That shows how out of touch he was. Im not saying any of the other candidates were any better choices but he could at least have backed up his statements with his knowledge of BO's platform issues and political stance. But he essentially said, he would only pick "the black guy" and expected all of us to follow suit. Which is something a racist would say if the tables were turned. And in typical racist fashion, Harvey resorts to name-calling and calls anyone who disagrees with Obama "uncle toms" (read: "N-lovers" if the shoe was on the other foot) because he's not smart enough to reinforce his opposition with a common sense argument. This is why I don't listen to his show in the morning and why I no longer endorse his comedy. The fact that he spews such hatred for any black person who dares to have a different opinion from his or a particular segment of popular black thinking is narrow-minded and dare I say "racist". I voted for BO but I will vigorously defend anyone's right to agree or disagree with him if they have a valid point other than his race.
Shoutout135 days ago
What is most offensive is that it is yet another "embellishment" of the racist past.
I was lucky growing up to have parents who pointed out these "reinventions" on television and in movies (at the time, it sounded like angry ranting but as I grew older, I could see for myself) and
told me how they and others were actually treated.

Sadly, although there are young people who see through the lies, there are many young people who accept theses inaccurate depictions as historical fact and have nobody to tell them otherwise. We need to continue to educate our next generation so they don't get caught up in the time tested racist snares and mindgames that I guarantee racists are educating their children about.

Ironic that when racists remember the "good old days" they choose to forget they weren't good for everyone.

Mommache5 days ago
My Daughter tried talking me into reading the book, but I just can't. As a 'child of the '60's, I accompanied my Mother to do her 'day work'. This was before she went back to school and got her degree at Northeastern University. Here are her words: "I'm taking you here today so that YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK!" I watched as little tow-headed blond kids called my Mother 'Betty', while I had to call their mother 'Mrs. Shapiro'. This still leaves a bad taste in my mouth some fifty years later...not seeing the movie either...


Jamac wrote:
I'm still waiting on marriage. Why do people think it is weird to be a virgin until marriage?
Now that I'm finished with my studies, I'm ready to marry. I'll be going back to Africa to find a woman as I find the Western Women to be a little crazy, no offense.
I think it's admirable that you are saving yourself for that special one. In this sex-crazed society we live in, it is very rare to see a self preserved man who LOVES his TEMPLE.

Keep in mind that diseases are mutating to the extent penicillin isn't curing the problem! Also, it isn't wise to have children all over the place by multiple women. YOU ROCK and don't lose that. Remember, it's YOUR body and you have a say in how you want to treat it.

Awesome & great job.

BM are the greatest but hard headed!!!

Yes I love'em but sometimes they get on ya d____ nerves! >:-(

But then again, I can't live w/o my Brothers b/c they are so smart and crazy at the same time.

I agree w/you Sister. Nice thread.



10:28 PM on 8/11/2011
I totally disagree with you. I believe West and Smiley are doing a wonderful thing. They are trying to open peoples minds and hearts to what is occurring in America. Yes, we've heard 1 in 6 people are on food stamps and people are losing everything - but there is no face on the statistics­.

I saw a program on Remote Area Medical some time ago. It is a non-profit which was establish to help people in remote areas get medical attention, they now do work in the US. The lines of people, in the US, who had driven hundreds of miles for medical attention and the interviews were heart wrenching.

You worry about embarrassi­ng the President? I don't worry about embarrassi­ng the President or the Congress. Do you think these people should be protected no matter what they do? They are waging war against sovereign nations, the environmen­t and our own citizens. They are raiding the public treasures and printing money to reward financial firms who almost brought down the world with their greed and corruption­. We need an honest conversati­on about what is going on in this country. We don't need coverups and politics as usual. We need people like West and Smiley, who can start us on that conversati­on.           
crammasters1 year ago

It makes a BM wonder, "Do the white magazines, ads, shows, movies, and media promote IR dating for white folks as much as they promote it for black folks?

No, they don't. So why are they literally begging us to seek mates outside our race? Because they care about our happiness, even though the powers that be are ignoring our sky-high unemployment and foreclosure rate? So the question is WHY do we trust their motives when we KNOW they do not care about us?
There is one big reason the media promotes IR for BM and BW:

divide and conquer.

Love is NOT color-blind, unless you're LEGALLY BLIND. White folks aren't color blind when it comes to their survival. They STICK TOGETHER.

But we are being encouraged to separate. Are you peeping a little of the game right now..?

I won't beat this wild bucking horse on this forum, I've posted the reasons on my blog, so check it out if you choose, at your convenience...     

TimeToRuleNow2 days agoin reply to KIR10
The U.S. Government gives YOUR TAX MONEY to Israel, $3 BILLION dollars FREE each year. I dare you to google that. Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq & now Libya (thanks Pres. Obama) $1 TRILLION dollars so far.

Foreign aid to Pakistan OVER $900 million each year.
Aid to other countries not listed above--BILLIONS EACH YEAR.

Who among us can justify giving away all that money while cutting Social Security?

The focus about this country is not about Obama's critics. The focus is the U.S. Governments policies at home & around the world.

I await your response.
BakkByPopularDemand5 days ago
I don't see what's the problem with these men speaking their minds according to what's evidently going in with the government/world etc. The only difference between them and one of us that seem to say the same exact things is, they have a microphone and we don't......It's called 'freedom of speech' in case any of you forgot that part of the 'rules' of your lovely America....

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